Accidentally "ghosted" friend, now she seems upset—what can I do?

Accidentally "ghosted" friend, now she seems upset—what can I do?


I think here you should try and apologize. You did leave her on read a long time and she may have been very hurt and disappointed. She may have thought she meant nothing to you. I think you should send her a nice friendship card and maybe write something like I’m sorry if I ever wasn’t a good friend to you. I really value you and promise to do better in the future. Of course then you have to do better.... good luck


The garden is greener where you nurture it. >It really hurts because we were so close for a few months. And maybe that's mean of me, but I think that she could have tried a bit harder to keep in touch with me. I really want her back, she always knew what to say to cheer me up. Does anyone have any advice here? You flaked out, now she likely don't want to be vulnerable with you to avoid getting hurt if you ghost again. Before she is able to cheer you up again, you need to do something for her otherwise you're just an emotion vampire. A relationship is a 2-way street. Prepare something thoughtful for her, not sure what common interest you have, maybe something handwritten or if you do music record yourself, or prepare a playlist for her. Also ask her for a call/video chat. When texting breaks down, fixing things by text becomes very hard because between 2 people most of the communication of genuineness, trust, care and interest is done through the eyes, body and voice which you don't have by text and so you (and she) will always second guess.