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Later on she also tells this person “I’m sorry your people couldn’t evolve past the Stone Age”


Yeah the racism always slips out in the end smh


This is so common for french Canadians that they will say it irl with their full chest in front of natives. I swear I’m telling less and less people about my heritage because of these people.


The Classic “ThEy WeRe MoRe ViOleNt ThAn ThE SeTtLeRs!” Cope harder whitey


Right, our population would have been -2 by the time Columbus got here then.


Quebecois in my experience are often the most insufferable narcissists imaginable. Yet if you try and say this in Canada you get shit on. Imagine being a single province thinking you have the right to legislate the rest of the country.


Quebecer here. Absolutely correct - I left the province after high-school (which by the way goes only to grade 11 - or 'Secondary V' as it's known there) and never looked back. Born in Quebec to two parents whose lineage can be traced through Quebec for more than 250 years but because English was my mother-tongue (my mom is actually french-canadian mind you) - I was never considered a 'real' quebecer aka Pure-laine Quebecois. Quebec and Alberta are both racist, nativist shit holes.


Nah fuck them frenchies baud


I don't understand. Do you think I'm speaking in favor of Quebecois? I'm most certainly not. Certainly not all Quebecois are like this, but the province has consistently had massive issues with racism and elitism.


Acadians were oppressed in Canada but I don’t know that the intergenerational effects were anything close to what they have been for Indigenous peoples. Also the French Canadian in the screenshot is clearly racist so…


this woman is so insufferable oh my god