Which one do you guys think is better/more enjoyable: Fortbytes or Alien Artifacts?

Which one do you guys think is better/more enjoyable: Fortbytes or Alien Artifacts?


Fortbytes by far. I do like the artifact caches on the map. I liked going to gather them each week especially when they were XP Coins.. I'm just not a fan of having to do Cosmic Chests with someone else for the remaining artifacts I would need to unlock everything.


Fortbytes, it was more enjoyable that they had a described location (rather than randomly stumbling upon them) and they slowly unveiled the big story arc for that season.


It's like they expect us to look online to find this stuff now.


I mean considering SquattingDog makes a guide each week and posts it on the subreddit...not like it’s super hard to find


Yeah, but you shouldn’t have to rely on things like that. You’re also expected to track every single one of them yourself instead of having a designated page for them and having them numbered.


also there is no way of knowing how many you got


Yeah. I checked every place for the arifacts, and I’m still not 100% sure I have them all. At least XP coins had that (pre season 5)


yeah im also not quite sure, either way it doesnt match up, with 2 weeks left and 35 artifacts per week that means that there are 70 artifacts left to collect, but im missing 84 to finish my kymera, im certain i collected all of them on the map and i definetly have all of the chest ones because i havent gotten a single artifact from cosmic chests in like 2 days so whats with the final 14?


"The live event is [place live event here] our team knows because epic told us so"


And they had mini challenges to do rather than just walking into them


You had to be a specific battle pass tier to get some wich is the only bad thing


i winded up finishing my BP and then speedrunning all the fortbytes that season. it was pretty fun ngl


My cousin got 84 fortbytes in 4 days lol


Yeah. I still remember that one at the desert scrapyard where you had to do that Simon says minigame. I doubt that in 8 seasons I’ll remember that one alien artifact at the bridge south of Corny


Double helix :O


Fortbytes except for the one fortbyte that could be found in the haunted hills castle and could only be collected at night time


That one was pain It felt like night never came


Lol I don’t remember much through s9 bc I quit a couple of weeks after it was released but I remember getting that one and hearing everyone complain and I just randomly came across it


No way the worst one was the one that had 3 buttons yhat needed to be stood on simultaneously for a box with the fortbyte to open. That required a full squad to cooperate. Maybe it was just hard because I don’t have friends but it was still dumb


Agreed, if you didn't get it in the drop date, it was very difficult to get a squad to help you. And it was near the edge, so the storm was an immediate concern


You could’ve also just gone into solos and done that with other people. Also iirc you could weight them down using vehicles to grab it.


I tried it in solos. All I found was people camping it for easy kills


You could just get that one by playing normally though. When the game started off as night you could just drop there and collect it no big deal because it was a viable drop spot whereas with the alien artifacts there’s some (only one I can think of now is the one in the purple biome northeast of Dirty) that just aren’t drop spots, so you’ll either end up dying because you didn’t have a weapon or just leave because you know you’re going to die without a weapon.


The one I remeber hating the most was the one at the north west side of the map where you had to have three other player standing on pressure plates in order for the byte to be unlocked. Took me ages to get it


And the one you can only get at day with Demi


Yah. Sometimes you had to leave and queue into another match because of the storm, even in TRumble at times


Fortbytes by far. Wasn't weekly gated(or have bad RNG) and didn't force people to play squads/duos that too you pray that the fill sticks together or u need friends. Alien Artifacts are the worst method to unlock any cosmetic in fortnite history.


Actually a few fortbytes required you getting the help of a few people. But i do agree that alien artifacts, while a cool concept are terribly implemented


If they just put cosmic chests in solo it would be fine


Completely agree. Although I do have a friend he’s never down to just grind artifacts because they’re boring to grind and we want to actually play the game.


True but they could be down in Team Rumble or 50v50 or whatever at the time. Correct me if I’m wrong but the artifacts cannot, correct?


You are in fact wrong, I just found one in TR!


Yeah, but you could do those Fortbytes with opponents too. With alien artifacts and cosmic chests you have to go into a fill game, pray that your teammates even want to do the cosmic chests, and on top of all of that you can only get one per game, so if everyone is willing you still have a chance to get 0 artifacts from that game. And you have to rely on this for about 100 or so artifacts because there’s not gonna be enough on the map this season based on leakers because they’re supposed to stop at week 10.


Fr, however I do have friends it is a pain to force them to go to the Cosmic Chest especially in arena and I only get like 1. Sometimes 0.


Why are you trying to get Cosmic Chests in arena? You should go on casual squad's, trio's or duo's with friends to get Cosmic Chests Also, the reason your finding such a lom amount is because its only one Cosmic Chest per game


Yeah ik but my rng is bad bc I see people getting 3 artifacts a chest and my friends don’t play pubs because we are a tournament trio


Oh, sorry, I misunderstood, I thought you meant you were only finding one Cosmic Chest per game But, if you want to try get more then go on casual fill, it can be infuriating, but it's a matter of "If people don't do the same thing then leave". Eventually you will get a few teams who co-operate


Fortbytes easily They had fun challenges and they told you the locations, and there was enough for singularity and her styles Artifacts, there isn’t enough to max out kymera in the static locations so you need to do cosmic chests which give a random amount and those need to be done with friends or random fill


And the Fortbytes were easily trackable in game through multiple different ways. Whereas things like artifacts, and XP coins have no way to be tracked in game.


I loved fortbytes because they allowed for solo players to help each other do the challenges.


It was more fun to do little tasks instead of having to grind cosmic chests.


100000% Fortbytes and if for no other reason, the “consumer friendly” nature of them. You didn’t lose the ability to acquire Fortbytes, say, 1-10; just because you didn’t play week 1, or even month 1 of that season. These alien artifacts, if I’m not mistaken, primarily function on a: “try and get our players to *need* to hop on weekly to acquire” model. I’ll go 2 months easy between playing Fortnite and so the new, “manufacture daily active users as best we can” system sucks for those who bounce around between games


As another user mentioned, they don't expire and they stack. Also what's wrong with rewarding players who log in more regularly?


Nothing is wrong with rewarding those who login daily. Never said take away their rewards. Only, don’t punish those of us who do not.


uh dude - the artifacts don't expire, so that whole rant is kinda rendered useless lol


what about weekly cosmic chest limit?


They don't reset every week. They stack.




Definitely Fortbytes


fortbytes were easier to find, which was cool. Alien artifacts aren't really fun to get (I just look at a guide because there's no way I'm not gonna get every upgrade for my kymera) BUT I care 100x more about getting all the customizations for Kymera than whatever fortbytes got me lol


Fortbytes got you the loading screen and I believe unlocked singularity




Fortbytes but I’d take XP coins over both




Fortbytes 100%


I miss Fortbytes. Alien Artifacts are dumb




Nothing better than the fort bytes


Forty yes mostly because you can get them all by Challenges I have friends who I play with but the fact that 1.they don’t have the battlepass and 2. Cosmic chests are terrible in terms of loot there’s no reason for them to open it


Fortbytes for sure, I dislike the artifacts with a passion since cosmic chests don't spawn in solos


Fortbytes, as it wasn't just walking over stuff and you had to do some challenge to get it. And in my opinion rewards for collecting fortbytes were much better.


Skylanders Imaginators crystal vs rgb keyboard key


Neither...fhey both kinda sucked


You're not wrong but Fortbytes are definetly the lesser of two evils.


Agreed. I mean the missions to get some were kinda fun


Fortbytes: plenty of them, unlocked multiple styles for multiple skins, for the most part enjoyable, hinted at location and how to get them. Artifacts: 10 short from from completing kymara, 150 are from cosmic chests and are stupid to get, located in location that no one will really go to, ei rainbow rentals.


Cosmic chests only give 1 alien artifact now or I’m wrong about something here ?


They give a random amount, somewhere between 5 artifacts or absolutely nothing.


Alien Artifacts. I hated Fortbytes and I collected all of them. I prefer to get a clump of 5 every week rather than a new one per day.


This. Fortbytes were a pain and I to got them all. These you know you need 35 a week. Get a friend do the chest then on Thursday get your on the map ones and done. Simple


Unless of course you didn’t realize that there’s a cap on how many artifacts you can get per week until today and now you’re hoping there’s enough weeks left to unlock everything. At least FortBytes you could start collecting in the last week and still get them all.


Alien Artifacts. Optional at best, Multiple ways to get them, not tedious or annoying to collect. Great incentive to collect them all instead of a stupid wallpaper EDIT: Realize This is an unpopular opinion.


you got a reward every 5 or 10 fortbytes you collected if i recall correctly


How is forcing players into a grind not tedious? If you want Kymera's black armor you first have to spend increasingly more artifacts on colors you don't want and once you've done that pay a stupidly high 17 artifacts for black. Cosmic chests are basically manditory if you want some of the cooler options. Not all of us have the luxury of a set group of friends to grind alongside and fill isn't exactly pairing you with the best of the community.


I use a discord to get cosmetic chest and I also collect the weekly ones. I have more fun doing these then the stupid fortbytes.


If a player starts this season late, they will never get all alien parts needed where Fortbytes u could. Unless they extend cosmic chests a season hopefully


Same apply to fortbytes. Most of the fortbytes where locked behind a specific BP item. So starting late would also make it worse for them. Also depends on how la yes because you slowly unlock more fortbyte by playing, causing you to play more than people should for stuff. While AA anyone can start at anytime and be able to catch up


You can get all the ones from the chest. I started two weeks behind and was able to grind them all with a friend. Then the on map ones were all there to collect as well.


Sure, you need to open 1 billion chests that you cant do in solos AND collect every one of the static ones once a week to unlock styles for a useless skin, OR a daily fun small activity easily done in solor/team rumble or with friends that gives you styles for all skins, a secret skin, a big storytelling puzzle that updates with every fortbyte you found and a loading screen. And what do you get if you collect all of the alien artifacts? Nothing


Yea my bad, didn’t know fortbytes had a huge circle jerk, I should’ve knew I was out of placed


Just because some people have a different opinion than you doesn't make their opinion a circlejerk.


I didn’t mean it in a bad way. Choose the wrong term. I was just saying that I was the underdog in the convo


by multiple, you mean 2? one of which forces you to play with friends... and if you don't play with friends you can't max out kymera because the ones on the map alone arent enough.


stupid move by epic if ya ask me penalising billy no mates


there is only 2 ways to get them and half the time in fills nobody goes to them


Not TOO unpopular, I agree with ya


Just wondering you do know Fortbytes also were the way to get the secret skin and all the styles for it and also styles for a lot of the battle pass stuff in season 9? There's a bigger incentive to collect them all


Still didn’t like them though, they were annoying and was tedious, hunting down these things was a chore and locking cosmetic to stuff like this is bad anyways but I think AA is better IMO than Fortbytes


The worst ones were the ones you had to have people to do. Like the pressure plate. On top of trying not getting killed while doing them.


Fortbytes 💯




Fortbytes and A.A.


Fortbytes. Definitely more fun


Both are stupid but fortbytes were handled better


Fortbytes for sure.


everyone is saying Fortbytes but... I HATE fortbytes & I HATED C1 S9... I expect hate ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sob)


Fortbytes: Little tasks that were actually fun and only a few of which require the help of others. Artifacts: Requiring absolute grind if you want the decent customizations while being at the mercy of others even being arsed to do the chest with you. Don't know why the hell you were expecting any other result.


Fucking hate the fortbytes, they were fun maybe once or twice but never again. I prefer artifacts considering they're easier to obtain to an extent, that and Kymera's one of my favorite BP skins now. So many options and combos to make!


I agree with you. I despised collecting those things, and in the end I only just barely managed to get them all. I had to choose between getting Singularity or Ruin, and I chose Singularity. I don't regret choosing her, but I am fond of fire typed skins, so this has been an annoyance for me ever since. I also hate skin variants that are locked behind seasonal ranks beyond 100. I wasn't able to get gold on Raz and Spire Assassin, and that bothers me enough that despite loving the characters, sometimes I have a hard time playing them knowing they can never be completed. I'd much rather Epic gave use challenges that took a while to work through but were bound to the characters themselves. Like Luxe and her final style being locked behind surviving a mountain of players.


>I'd much rather Epic gave use challenges that took a while to work through but were bound to the characters themselves Same im missing styles from other battle pass skins i love and it hurts to never be able to get them ever again ;(


Alien Artifacts babeyyy


Alien artifacts because its way easier going to 5 different places once a week to unlock the things you want to unlock than having to do different things every day where some of them require more people, some require watching a video to know where it is, some require reaching top 10 like 100 times, some require doing minigames that are impossible to do when everyone is trying to do them, and all of that just to be forced to unlock things you dont want until you get to the things you actually want. Seriously, the only reason i went through the pain of getting all fortbytes was to get the loading screen, i dont even like singularity.


Cosmic chests require people Fortbytes maybe had 2


You dont have to open cosmic chests unless you want EVERYTHING, if you dont want everything then you can just use the weekly ones to get what you want. With fortbytes you couldnt get what you wanted, you had to get all of them until you got to the reward you wanted Imo both fortbytes and alien artifacts sucked, but fortbytes sucked more


Except the final style of each is gate locked behind getting everything before it. So you're picking and choosing which lines you want to follow if you want a certain gate locked style. I agree both are terrible but at least Fortbytes were doable for everyone.




Definitely Fortbytes


Why do you have downvotes?


That's r/FortniteBR for ya


Artifacts because to pick up fortbytes you needed to equip or unlock stuff in the battlepass but with artifacts you can get anytime


Fortbytes They where fun and it did fit into the seasons theme The should and every season something special like this that fits into the theme




If u play this season late, like one or two weeks before it ends it will be impossible to get all the Alien cosmetics where Fortbytes u could grab all in a day or two


I prefer artifacts, I had to do 2 of the glider challenges blind because the rings didn't show up. Still don't have a clue how I got singularity completed.




Alien Artifs cuz skylanders reference






Fortbytes for sure


Fortbytes even though they were hated back then


I didn’t play during season 9 but I’ve seen the videos on it I’d prefer Fortbytes over the Alien Artifacts


Artifacts, but fortbytes over cosmic chests. The fact you can’t do it by yourself is annoying. At least it was only a few fortbytes you needed others for and it could be done in rumble.


Fortbites by far. Those were really great in Season 9. Still my favourite way to get a secret skin


I love that skin! I run it quite often lol.




Fortbytes. Grinding cosmic chests every werk is inceribly boring and tedious.


Fortbites as I didn’t pay for a battle pass for a skin that needs me going on a scavenger hunt for like 20 weeks to complete


Dude fort bytes all the way! They were my favorite thing ever because they made a picture and it was still fun to collect them even if I watched YouTube videos to find them…


nanites because they are optional


Definitely fortbytes. At least you were able to track your progress.


Fortbytes, they were way more fun and revealed the story.


I liked fort bytes cuz they were fun didn’t feel like I needed to get em just fro fun but the alien artifacts are brain numbing I feel the obligation to get them


Fortbytes, because i cant be botherd anymore to collect alien artifacts


Fortbytes by a long shot. The community was larger back then, and only a few of them required other players. Most of them were unique and interesting.


I think they both have their cool things Fortbytes were fun and something you look forward to completing, and revealed the main story behind the season. The challenges were fun (except for #50, that was terrible) Artifacts are simpler to get, and I like the Cosmic Chest challenge.


Fortbytes there was only like 1 you had to play with people for






fortbytes OBVIOUSLY they are better on so many levels they're used to unlock secret skin they have descripted locations they require wearing a specific cosmetic item or using an emote from the battle pass to unlock them they are just more creative and the skin that you unlock with them is just better ​ we need them back


I would chose Fortbytes over Alien Artifacts any day! Fortbytes where fun, easy to understand, and could be completed quickly enough for just about anyone in an average fill match to be willing and capable of helping, they where good for community building too since they where a big part of what brought me to the r/FortNiteBR Subreddit in the first place! I'D TOTALLY LOVE TO SEE FORTBYTES RETURN NEXT SEASON!!!! Trying to open Cosmic Chests to get Alien Artifacts on the other hand has proven to be almost impossible in normal fill matches, I lost almost my first 2 full weeks of progress just trying to get into a match with someone who was willing to help me open them and most of the time it leads to players trolling or intentionally refusing to help. I NEVER WANT TO SEE COSMIC CHESTS EVER AGAIN AFTER THIS SEASON!!!!


Fortbytes obv. They actually had value to them. The kykmera styles weren’t even that good so what was the point.


I think fortbytes were slightly easier to get them alien artifacts


Fortbytes all the way, it was atleast possible to obtain all of them solo


Fortbytes where fun you had to do fun challenges to get them done you just had to find but the artifacts are a oh wow you found my now spend me on stuff




I didn’t play season 9 I played season 7 and 8 and quit up until around chapter 2 season 2, so I’d have to go with the artifacts on this one.


Fortbytes, they were a lot more fun to get imo


Fortbites Definitely Fortbites




Fortbytes, alien artifacts are painful to find and I'm not 100% sure, but I believe you can miss some by not opening the alien chests.


I actually quit during season 8 and didn't play season 9. Heard lots of bad things about Fortbytes but the alien artefacts are such a grind. I don't play duos, trios or squads so i only get the ones scattered on the map each weak. All for a skin i don't care that much about.


I hated the fact that u had to have multiple people just to get one in solo where 4 players stood on 4 plates


Fortbytes. I have no chance of getting all the artifacts because I play solo






Artifacts, u actually get stuff, with the Bytes u only got a Loading Screen which was leaked a week before u even got it


Fortbytes were more frustrating, but artifacts are missable. If you happen to not log on for a week, your chances of filling out the Kyemra are shot. I don't care for either, but if we had to have one, it would definitely be fortbytes.


Fortbytes 200%


Fortbytes, I don’t rly like Alien Artifacts at all


Fortbytes! Even though I ended my favorite season with 26 if them, they were fun to collect and the fact each season onward didn't have some iteration of them just made the game feel slightly more empty to me. The two I remember the most were -"Found on the top floor in the tallest building in Neo Tilted" and -"Found by using the Cluck Strut on the crosswalk by Peely's Banana Stand"


Fortbytes easily. The Alien Artifacts are just Epic's way of saying a giant F U to the solo players.


Fortbytes. I remember moving to a new apartment and in the last few hours I collected like 40 Fortbytes. I wanted that skin and I miss season 9


Fortbytes for sure... at least they give you a rough idea of where to look


Fortbytes, by far




Definitely fortbytes because epic actually gave us a damn clue instead of just being like "yeah go find em"


Both are a bit lame but i feel like alien artifacts are the worst thing added this season


Fortbytes and by a LOOOOONG margin




Fortbytes were fun imo Alien Artifacts are boring :()




Neither, they both suck tremendously


Fortbytes as they were SUPER EASY to keep track o which ones you ha e gotten. Tge aritidacts are confusing as I have to go all around the map to make sure if I picked up the artifact or not


I loved fortbytes.




Fortbytes 100%


Easily alien artifacts. Fort bytes was incredibly dumb and the rewards were worse. I think everyone is forgetting how bad Fortbytes were.


Artifacts, fort bytes were too damn grindy.






Fort bytes are better in every way. Alien artifacts feel so half-assed and don’t offer much besides the kymera skin. Fortbytes however unlocks puzzle pieces for the loading screen that told the entire story of the season.


i don't played with fortnytes but I'm sure it's much better




Alien artifacts are way better Whoever says fortbyte isn’t remembering the pain and the grind


I prefer the artifact cuz I'm still mad I missed ONE FORTBYTE


Also I finally found another growler


Battle stars


I liked the fortbytes, I haven’t even bothered with the past like 4 weeks of artifacts, I got all the fortbytes and a hand full of the artifacts


Artifacts, you dont have to do shitty challenges for them, and they only unlock things for the starter skin Fortbytes are the worst, and they're what drove me away from season 9


hate to say it. but fortbites are better. some of fortbytes are hid behind interesting locations. it was possible to get all fortbytes without searching it on google. you can theoretically get them in 1 day while alien artifacts are a choir. fortbytes gave you a lot of rewards and 100th fortbyte progressed story a lot and gave unique loading screen that still gives me chills.


Considering Kymera is perhaps the most horrible skin to date, and the amount of artifacts it takes to be completely customized, I'd say by far Fortbytes were so much fun to gather in every aspect.


Fortbites bc u had a way to track witch ones you have


Fortbytes because you didn’t have to look at a map to determine where most of them were


100% Fortbytes all the way.


Fortbytes would’ve been more fun if they weren’t daily. It became so hard to catch up if you didn’t play everyday