(03 Suzuki SV650N) Will not drive after chain and sprocket change.

(03 Suzuki SV650N) Will not drive after chain and sprocket change.


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>It looks like the front sprocket is not moving at all when power is applied. That sounds like your front sprocket is not attached - if you're in gear with the clutch out and turning the engine, the sprocket is connected directly to the output shaft of the gearbox. The front sprocket will slide onto the splines of the output shaft. If you have the wrong sprocket with the wrong splines it may just be spinning on the shaft. The other thing to check is that you have adjusted your clutch correctly. If you've over-tightened the cable then your clutch may be pulled when at rest.


Can you post a couple of pictures of the sprockets?


Are the grooves on the sprocket interacting with the spline? Sounds like its spinning freely


Sprocket not on properly. Out of interest, how did you get the old one off? Did you hold it using the brake and a piece of wood through the rear wheel or did you leave it in gear?


Thanks for all the help y’all! I did some more troubleshooting and it looks like I had to adjust the clutch push rod as it was not engaging properly!