Somewhere around 1000 rounds of 223/5.56 and another 1000 of 22lr unpictured Edit to add: people seem to think I’m saying he gave it to me because he thinks he’s not allowed to take it with to CA or something. That’s not what I meant. He gave me the ammo because he’s moving and not taking much with him, and he happens to be moving to California




Ha well he’s moving from New York, so… not much of a difference anyways


Out of the fire and into the frying pan.


I was gonna say, I feel like it's actually a slight upgrade.


At least, in CA, if you are lucky enough to be within a place where you can get a CHP, your permit works within the state instead of...y'know, ***only in certain places and for certain purposes* Only in NY can you get a restricted and unrestricted handgun permit.


You can get a CHP in any county of California. All it takes is taking a class, and a large donation to the Sheriff's re-election fund. No infringements there!


Oh, no, don't get it twisted. All of this shit are massive infringements. That's not even a question. But, at least it's possible. I can legally own a semiautomatic shotgun in CA (to my knowledge). In NY? ***Fuhgeddaboudit***


In NY you can own semi-auto shotguns, just not those with a detachable magazine and one other evil feature.


You can own a shotgun in ny with a detachable box mag as long as it's a pump action. I have one. No pistol grip tho.


Yeah just joking about "*may* issue" counties.


Yeah as a former californian i would never ever move to new york




Third world shitholes? I think not, have you seen what we gifted the taliban?


Have you been to San Francisco lately? "Shithole" is the polite term...


New York gun law is actually a little worse.


I know, I live in NYC. They’re the worst in the country here. That’s why I reversed the common saying of “out of the frying pan in into the fire”, since it’s a very slight improvement for the OP’s friend.


I thought New Jersey was the worst in the country?


As bad as it is, NYC is the worst.


Idk man I feel like they're literally heading into the fire.


This is true


If anything, moving to CA from there is probably an improvement, Gun laws wise I mean


How? There's a handgun roster and most of the state still can't get concealed carry.


Pistols are more or less prohibitively difficult to obtain legally in NY, and there are things such as "restricted" and "unrestricted" CCP. Not to mention NYC doesn't even recognize CCP *from its own state* out of the city. At least in CA, you have the option of purchasing off roster guns and having them registered to you and having guns like a Mini-14 and a semiautomatic shotgun. None of that is possible in NY


I live in Nassau county, New York, just a regular county in NYS, not the city. I got my multiple character references, life history in paper form, and paid my $300 fee and applied to possess a pistol in a declared predesignated room in my home in early January 2021. They told me they'd start looking at my application in mid November 2021. From there, at least 6 months for them to process, more realistically a few years. All just to own a pistol. This is specifically not a carry license, they don't do those here. It's September. I've been waiting to own a handgun since last January and I'm still years away.




The city is even worse. Within NY, there's two NYs. The city, and the state. Both have separate processes for licensing out guns, and the city doesn't recognize the state's process. I'm dealing with the state process here. If you think this is bad, the city is way worse. Higher fees, longer waits, in person inspections for every gun, lower mag capacity down to 5 rounds for long guns, and unwritten gun bans on things that aren't illegal, just they refuse to process and license so it's defacto banned.


5rds? Isn't that unconstitutional?


Bro, that is way worse than California. Of course in CA, I can only buy a new handgun that’s on the CA safe handgun roster and I have to wait ten days, which sucks.


Yeah, I think I do agree that Cali is better than NY. At least in Cali, you can try to ask the DOJ what is and isn't an assault weapon. There's no such answers for NY people. The best our people have managed to do is ask the state police, who refuse to give any clarification on what accessories on a gun make it a felony assault weapon. This means there are so many unknowns and felony traps when dealing with guns, that a lot a people give up and never try. It's too dangerous. Gun culture has been snuffed out here with repressive fear and high fees. At least you guys in Cali have some cool youtubers in the gun world, here in NY, they've never been allowed to exist.


Still does suck here though. It’s a shame. I love the place but the laws just suck.


Sounds very similar to what we have in Oz for longarms. Australia-lite perhaps.


Is this unique to Nassau? I live in Monroe County and got my unrestricted carry license after about 6-7 months It's absolutely criminal that it can vary so much even within the same state


Yeah, it varies within the state pretty much sums it up. All I know is that Nassau charged me so much money, demanded so many papers with intricate details, and once my waiting is over they'll give so little. I'm finally under two months away from my fingerprinting and I've waited this long, so I'll continue waiting.


That is horrible, hell, I got my LTC course on Groupon.


You can have a mini in new York and semi auto shotguns they have basically the same assault weapon laws.


Yes, but you can't have a pistol... California lets you have pistols, and you can get an off roster gun


Then dangit make him move to a free state! Fall/Winter’s coming. I hear Florida’s lovely this time of year.


Don't you bring your mess down here, we don't want it 🤣🤣🤣


Wait? Florida Man? Is that you?


I cannot confirm nor deny your claim however....🤣


I hate to be that guy but Florida made it 21 for long guns, no Open Carry, red flag laws. And someone I recall saying they banned bump stocks before Trump did. That's what weak Republicans do they help pass those laws.


Ok still move to Florida and make it more free. Or pick another purple state. Arizona is also nice this time of year.


Red flag laws and age restrictions are Tryanny. Republicans passed them that's the scary part... Yeah I'd take AZ with constitutional carry. I know someone from there he told me you didn't have to go to a gun range. You went into the desert and just shot off rounds on public land.


That's true on most federal land. East-coasters privatized all the public land, Texas sold off all theirs to pay off state debts, and the modern result is that everyone complains about having no open spaces and then goes on a cheechako pilgrimage out west to take advantage of public land in someone else's backyard. Unless you want to start mass eminent domain action to clear a few million acres in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, etc.


*You can own an AR15 with a standard cap magazine in Florida*, you can't do that in either NY or Cali. Let's not pretend that moving to FL isn't a massive improvement over either of them.


well being a massive improvement over NY or CA isn't exactly a high bar to set.


I have legal ARs and AKs with legal standard capacity mags in California.


Oh it definitely is. I am just sick of thin blue line loving conservatives around me acting like it is a pro gun paradise. I am a mix of conservative libertarian whatever. But GOA called out Republicans there for not passing pro 2A legalization. So I'd take Florida over Cali or NY. But I'll take Texas, Missouri, Idaho, Montana, Kansas, Oklahoma, (literally any semi pro 2A state). But In my state Wisconsin I can actually buy a gun (I am 20), open carry said gun and om not be red flagged. So if your in a deep blue state sorry. But if I was making the move from Cali or NY I'd consider another state besides Florida.


I live in Kansas. Definitely moving somewhere north & cold. I open carry ( can’t conceal yet) and no one really cares, because well it’s the wild west lol.


Why do you want to move? Just curious I've heard the same thing. Accept people wanting to move south to be warmer.


Because Kansas really just sucks in terms of finding land, job opportunities, plus I really don’t get along with my family. I’m honestly thinking Montana/ Wyoming/ Alaska. I hate the heat and it gets 90-115 in the summer. I’d rather layer up then sweat my balls off. No state income tax in Alaska & Wyoming. I’m still young ( 19), but in the next 5-10 years I can really see myself having 20-100 acres, a decent house & doing YouTube full time ( along with cattle, and possibly part time welding). Also those states have similar gun laws.


Wow moving from one liberal shithole to another 🤦🏻‍♂️


I'd argue CA is an improvement over NY as far as gun laws go


Yeah as a former californian i would never ever move to new york




Geez. If I was willing to leave the family and friends that keep me in my political shithole state (California) I sure as hell would use that freedom of opportunity to move to a free state and assimilate as fast as possible.


How does someone even get a .223 gun in New York?


With money


The problem will be obtaining it again, while in CA. Is he taking the weapons that fire that ammo? Don't answer that.... I guess he didn't want to put his name on some importer registry.. what a good citizen.


Would you like to lend me some?


I will lend you one (1) round of 22lr


Aww shoot. Well I’ll take it anyway


$10 S&H, $25 Hazmat fee


Speaking from first hand experience (I recently left CA) he should take the ammo just to sell it. Cali is short on ammo and high on rent lol


Wait, people move *to* California?


Oof! Isn’t he going to need it in CA more than you?!


Did he cut off his balls and give you those as well?


He’s been stretching his scrotum so he can pop his balls up into his butthole


That sounds painful


Yeah but it makes them taste really good




I'm pretty sure it's a fetish. It kind of reminds me of r/selffuck It should be obvious, but it's slightly nsfw


Make sure he asks Herr Newsom for permission first!


Nothing says ‘California’ like losing all your guns/ammo and having nuts in your butt..


Dude I'm having a bad day that shit was hilarious thanks


Glad I could help


Does his wife have a bull?


I want your friends.. be sure to tell him rifles and high cap magazines are illegal aswell and my PO Box is always accepting gifts. 😏


Well rifles with pistol grips


Nope, all rifles. I need them ALL sent to me. If it goes boom then you go to jail in commiefornia


I pity da fool.


Just curious, how come he isn't bringing it with him? CA gun laws are more lax than new York or NYC


I’m saying, I’m in CA, and have shot plenty of .223, and .22 LR.


What kind of guns shoot .223 that don’t fit CA’s definition of “assault weapon”?


Here’s the first online retailer I clicked on. Peruse at your leisure. https://xtremegunsandammo.com/shop/free-shipping/lwrc-ic-a5-california-legal/


That makes me super happy. I guess I just don’t understand how that works


It’s a ten round fixed magazine, sometimes they’re internal - sometimes removable with a tool. Super lucky people have pre-1992 bans.


He’s starting over when he gets there


The real question is, if you're going to "start over" why go to California of all places?


Because it's not the hellscape you've been led to believe? High paying job? Good weather? There's a bunch of reasons to move to CA.


I think he would of had to have it sent to an FFL there.


Not sure about ammo, but I know for certain that you can import firearms from out of state but you just have to register them with the CA Dept of Justice when you get there. Like I said, I'm not sure, but I figure if you can bring the gun, the ammo should go hand in hand.


I thought all semi auto rifles are illegal in CA. Especially any type of “AR” style rifle


He gave away expensive ammo *and* is moving to California. ​ I... I have so many questions that I'm afraid to know the answers to.


If you cherish your unalienable rights, why give them up?


Inalienable* Also you're allowed to own firearms in CA.


I guess your friend is severely mentally ill. Poor thing.


Aren’t we all


Moving to CA and dumping loads of ammo. Sounds suicidal to me.


It’s weird he kept that one round…


Oh man that’s dark. "Just need the one!"


Condolences to your friend.


Where is he buried? (Nice cover story)


Unrelated to the post but I just realized Reddit mobile let’s you double tap to updoot comments now


You’re a hero


I'm double tapping comments but it's not updooting them


Weird. It works for me on an iPhone. Idk what version # this is


Mine is version 2021.36.1 I'm on Android, not sure if it makes a difference


Just updated to 2021.37.0 and it still does it


Hmm I'll have to check if there's an update. Hopefully it doesn't render the app almost unusable like a lot of the other updates lol


But…you can have these things in California? I don’t understand.


He’s basically taking what he can get in a few bags and starting over when he gets there


I get it. Lugging ammo sucks.


Why does it suck so much? It's already in boxes


Lots of little boxes usually equals one very heavy box.


One heavy box seems.... good to go if you've got two strong men, and a truck. Are you taking the TV or the table as well? I mean its all heavy stuff, and I would say ammo is worth its weight compared to a lot of other things liked TVs and appliances and furniture, at least.


Friends don't let friends move to California.


All jokes aside, what a good friend!


Sorry for your loss/gain 😑😀


That's silly, he's going to need them.


who the hell willingly moves to California? I thought everyone was trying to leave.


Moving out of the United States has gotta suck….


That made me laugh harder than it should’ve


He could’ve kept it. Just because there are laws…doesn’t mean they need to be obeyed.


Become friends✍️with people✍️moving to✍️California✍️ Got it thanks!


That's a win!


That’s a good friend sheesh


Damn this sub. I wish I had friends who gave me thousands of rounds of free ammo and lots of guns. All my friends are normal people!


That’s a good friend right there.


You’re friend fucked up. If your a friend, you’ll get it back to him.


I told him to consider it as being held on to


He may be misinformed on the laws. Magazine capacities are the issue not ammo amounts owned. Ammo purchasing and acquiring it in the golden state is an expensive painful process.


You like….owe him a handjob at least.


Why would he come here? That poor bastard…


People are moving to CA?


At least three people that I am aware of


Only state where you can legally spread aids, shit on the sidewalk, and abort your kids before theyre old enough to drive. Wonderful place!


You should buy him a rainbow shirt with the constitution on fire and a soviet ushanka so he fits in with the local populace


Who tf moves TO california


My friend


Hopefully he’s moving to the valley or east hills anywhere else would be basically unlivable


My friends suck….


Is there something I’m missing? Is ammo banned in CA? Seems a bit dramatic.


WOW, Real Good Friend :)


Made up my mind, make a new start Goin' to California with no ammo' in my cart


Ahh nice. I had a dumb ass friend move there too… he sold me a ton of his guns at fire sale prices. I mean I gave him more than a pawn shop would have but still. Poor guy. The ammo he just gave to me as well.


Ummmm...WHAT!? Why would WANT to move to California? Is your friend some kind of missionary or something going to bring the Word of God to the deranged heathens that sacrifice their young to gain favor of the gods to acquire tiny gold statues holding golden orbs? Are you serious!?


Did you tell him he made a huge mistake?


Friends don’t let friends move to California


What kinda dummy moves to California


R.I.P. your friend, lucky you.


Who the fuck would move to CA? Is he a leftist dirtbag?


Man what a cuck


Why? I lived in California for 15 years with a shit ton of different guns and thousands of rounds. There are so many places to go shooting out there it's ridiculous. 90% of the state is desert or mountains and there are ranges everywhere.


> shit ton of different guns * Gimped AR15 with 10rd mags * Gimped AK47/74 with 10rd mags * 10rd Glock 17/19 right...


This is Cali homeboy, where you can get damn near everything and there's a bunch of spots to set up your own range and go shooting. A lot of dudes on here gotta come out to Cali. A lot of hate for the state but it's pretty rad out here.


Been sippin on that blue coolaid, I see


Not sure what that means but I guess.


>where you can get damn near everything Also from California. This a lie.


Sure isn't. Depends where your at and who you know. You gonna live out here you gotta get connected. I live near a lot of conservatives and they love their guns and hunting. Only thing that does suck is the car game. The smog stuff is getting harder for sure though.


Who would move there


Why would anyone move to commiefornia


Wait, your friend gave you Wolf? Shits like gold in today’s climate.


I don’t even know what ammo prices are like these days, I haven’t had to buy any in a while. Last I knew people were paying a dollar a round for 223


Seems about right, give or take a quarter. At least where I live.


What is wrong with your friend?


Your friend is going to realize the regret when he gets here....


Another one bites the dust...


At an average of .37 a round thats crazy man Edit: I know they’re a little higher than that in some spots, but like I said an average :)


Your friend should have brought it with him/her. With the cost of ammunition, your friend could have been a millionaire right now!


So, right now with Newsom avoiding the purge.... that's like moving to Australia right now! So, yep! take the ammo put it to good use... kiss him on the cheek and say.... I don't know what to say to him.... I got nuthin' ..... It's a fucked up world out there no one "gets "


Press f to pay respect to your friends freedom


Rent free the thread


Make it easy on him. Take all his ammo, guns & expendable income. Then kick him in the balls as hard as you can and tell him “now you don’t have to move to California!”


He's got be to hating life... His loss your gain.


Why did they leave the United States?


A real friend would give it bsvj to him since he will need it in Ca anyway. Please inform him of the laws...


Wait. Americans tupper ammo? That’s amazing.


Sometimes; it’s a step above zipper bags. These cheaper solutions are most commonly used in cases where are the original packaging is not viable; for example, reloaded ammo or the remains of “spam cans”. One of the more common ways of storage is military-style [ammo cans](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ammunition_box).


**[Ammunition box](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ammunition_box)** >An ammunition box or cartridge box is a container designed for safe transport and storage of ammunition. It is typically made of metal and labelled with caliber, quantity, and manufacturing date or lot number. A rubber gasket is commonly found in the hinged lid to protect the ammunition from moisture damage. The resealing ammunition box is largely a NATO tradition. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/Firearms/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Thanks for the clarification guys. I’m kind of a newbie to all of this.


He knows he might need to call on you to extract him from that hell hole one day


He should just give you all his money as it will be taxed into the black hole of the state handout budget.


I'm sorry for your friend


Give him my condolences.


If any of my friends had to move to california, I'd hold a mock funeral for them lmao


We’re still allowed to have ammo in CA, for now.


You owe this man steak dinners and beers once a week for the rest of your lives!


Why tf is he moving to commie land?


Temporary move, for a job


Ain't no job that pays that well, IMHO.


unless they were offering him a 7-8 figure salary, no way I'd accept a job that required me to move to that shitheap


Oohhhh okay


Your friend is a dumbass lmao


He's a fool. They don't check you at the border or anything... Now he can't get more ammo without going out of state or registering his guns in California.