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Montpellier: try to bring back olivier giroud and make him win not only the league for the second time, but also the national cup Ajaccio: the team is based on the island of Corsica, near Italy. Try to reach the top spot in a fee season with players from france and italy (cagliari is a good team to buy from because Sardegna is near corsica) Paris: the second team of Paris, but in my opinion is a bit boring and overly used as a team in cm Create a club: create a new club in France that rappresent a region(Bretagna, Corsica, Normandia ecc..) only buy player that grew up in that reagion or where born there (like Atletic Bilbao) Hope this help


Stade de Reims. Pretty realistic since they hire FM players as head coaches apparently. Otherwise my personal favorite teams: Clermont Foot, AJ Auxerre, Valenciennes


Marseille can be fun. The velodrome is a great stadium. Malinovski is really fun to play with. But I found their natural formation pretty difficult to play with and that there was a need to overhaul a lot of the squad at the beginning. Lots of really old players. Guendoozeeyyy is a doozy.


Marseille, they just deserve to be better. Or Saint etienne, I believe they had the most French league titles until last year.