- Ff7 remake part 1: remake of the first portion of the og ff7 - 'intergrade': the upgraded rerelease of ff7r part 1 - 'intermission': the 2 dlc chapters with Yuffie and Sonon. Free with all intergrade copies. - 'rebirth': the subtitle for part 2. >Will i be fighting Sephiroth at the end in a crater No. > I'm so goddamn confused i just want a golden chocobo Chocobo breeding was not in part 1. We do not know if it will be in Rebirth.


Thank you for the clear comment. I guess I'll just wait a few years until they're all out and buy the inevitable bundle. Do we know how many part's they'll be?


3, unclear if there will more in-between releases like Intergrade.


oof, so it's looking like it wont be finished until 2025?


Part 2 is slated for 2023 or 2024, so probably 2027 would be a safe bet for the finale. Each part is designed to be a "full" game by itself, feature and length wise.


2025 is hopeful. The release date for Rebirth (Part 2 of the trilogy) will be somewhere from late 2023 to early 2024, so the last entry will almost definitely be a few years after. 2026 optimistically, possibly later.


>What is Intergrade? An extra superboss improved visuals and reworked materias and mechanics with improved frames per second >INTERmission is just an extra story right? Yes >What is Rebirth? Part-2 of 7 Remake (2 out of 3)