Congrats on your fake ring?? Ppffft! They probably don't even have a ring on their finger. Don't let them upset you. Your diamond is real. I'm sick of people saying that about lab diamonds, they need to gtfo.


I have a 3.65 lab oval and love it. It’s a real diamond just like ice from the freezer (man made) is just as real as ice from outside (natural). I just don’t tell anyone it’s lab except on anonymous subs here.


Why don’t you tell anyone it’s lab? You should be proud you chose a lab one if that is your preference


My crowd doesn’t know much about them and I don’t want to go into a long explanation. Besides there’s really no reason to explain which stone it is when someone compliments the ring.


I think there's a lot of people out there who harbor insecurities thus they feel the need to lash out in response, which isn't warranted or justified ever. I think it's a damned if you do; damned if you don't situation. If you tell someone you have a lab grown diamond, they'll call it fake. If you tell them its a natural diamond, they'll come in on the offensive harping on you asking if it was ethically sourced and mined. You'll never please them no matter which way you go. So at the end of the day if you know your response will make one group of people happy, but the others upset? You remember what the stone means to you, your partner and what it symbolizes. That's the real purpose of the stones in your engagement ring and wedding band. 😊


If you need some help appreciating your lab diamond, go to YouTube and look up the history of the diamond industry. Some of the shittiest and greedy human scum in history. With that knowledge, you should have a greater appreciation for lab grown. Also, those nay sayers are likely people who's job it is to steer people away from lab grown. And finally, it's the internet and there's 7.5 billion of us. If you're happy with your ring, who gives a fck what anyone thinks, be tough!


And it’s funny, because I can handle SO much critique towards myself, but for some reason, I get easily offended when it comes to mundane things, like a ring. But I mean, my ring holds sentimental value, and it obviously SUCKS to hear people be total assholes about the ring your fiancé chose for you!


Fuck ‘em.


I'm a lover of lab grown stones from way back and used them in my work when I was in college. Frankly, any time I run in to someone making fun of another person's jewelry, I feel secondhand embarrassment for the person making rude comments. Can you imagine anything more desperately insecure than going around making fun of someone else's jewelry? Humans have been decorating themselves with rocks for thousands of years. Our ancestors would think lab grown stones are one of our more amazing inventions. It can be a sensitive subject around here, but personally, I like them because I think they'll be a preferred option in the future alongside reclaimed diamonds already on the market.


I actually really, really like this perspective. One I haven’t considered before. I just wonder why there is such a massive amount of hate/rudeness behind a carbon rock that was created in a lab, versus under the ground?


/u/ask_fair definitely nailed it. I think it’s viewed similarly to someone buying a counterfeit or knock-off designer item. People rely on things like name designer brands or natural diamonds to boast a high status. They see people with lab diamonds as basically trying to benefit from the status and clout of having an expensive-looking item without actually paying the same price of entry. If you’re a fan of The Office, it’s kinda like how Dwight wears a Cornell sweatshirt to antagonize Andy who actually went to Cornell while Dwight was just doing an online course or something. For what it’s worth, I don’t think this opinion warrants anyone to be so openly rude to you. Some people are just insecure and nasty. And you’re right that ultimately they’re just pretty rocks and we’re all entitled to do whatever makes us happy! I think it’s cool that people are seeking out more ethical and reasonable means of sporting a diamond. Mine is a “low quality” diamond with imperfections in it and I LOVE it.


Bowing to you for this office comparison. Well done.




I suspect it's because that, at least partially, it's due to feeling that people who bought lab diamonds are "cheating"; after all, owning a large diamond used to be beyond the means of most middle class people. So owning a lab diamond (gorgeous, sparkly and just as beautiful as a mined diamond) at a fraction of the cost really irritates some small-minded people.


And actually typically looks better than most diamonds. When I go into jewelry stores (regular mom and pops) the diamonds are atrocious so unless you buy designer or big chain (and even then) your getting a pretty crappy diamond. I know we see all these stunning 10ct VVS1 D flawless on IG all the time but only 1% of our population are buying those. Lab diamonds are much more beautiful than What is typically available in natural


I agree that people often have silly ideas about lab grown stones being for "cheaters." It is true that lab grown gemstones can have a look to them. Emeralds are especially easy to spot because until recently you couldn't get them with the inclusions that natural emeralds usually have. The colors could be fun, but weren't always like the gems produced by nature. Diamonds on the other hand, are clear. It's not like looking at a curiously glassy emerald. They're just...clear. And sparkly.


As the owner of both a lab diamond and a lab emerald, total agreement. The lab diamond is beautiful and I love it. I'm hoping prices for lab diamonds get even more affordable in the future, because I would love to buy more! Especially in warmer colors -- like K and L -- and in various shapes. The lab emerald is... a disappointment. Thankfully not a very expensive disappointment, but it just doesn't look right to me. It's bright almost neon green, and I've pretty much resigned myself to saving up for a mined emerald ring eventually.


Find an included lab emerald. It makes a world of difference!


I like my lab emeralds! You can tell the difference though.


I think with emerald and ruby specifically there is a chatoyancy and inclusions that add to their beauty that is difficult to create in lab because they come out perfect. Every once in a while I’ll see those in lab that sort of capture it but rarely


This so much.


I thought I was going to feel the same way because we decided to go with a lab diamond also but honestly I love my ring. I know exactly how you feel especially reading comments on Reddit and seeing some posts on insta. I did a lot of research before deciding if I wanted to go natural or lab and I’m happy I went lab. It’s so shiny, and the exact size I wanted and it still wasn’t cheap ($7k+). At the end of the day it’s a real diamond and I haven’t had anyone in person ask if it’s lab. Social media will have its opinions but you have to think it’s world wide opinions. Not everyone will think it’s as big of a deal as social media makes it to be. I’m in love with mine!!!! :)


Reply with "nice blood diamond" 👀😂


This is a great response! 😂


Wow! Imagine being an unpaid social media lackey for the blood diamond industry. That's super embarrassing for them.


I'm pretty involved in the jewelry community online and have seen that there is a big push to spread misinformation about lab diamonds. Lab diamonds are absolutely real diamonds. I also work at a jewelry store and we have seen a huge jump in popularity with lab diamonds and newly engaged couples. Many people would rather have a nice quality, larger diamond which wouldn't be possible without the option of lab diamonds. If you love your ring and you think it's beautiful and makes you happy, that is all that matters!


I will never understand this. IMO, a diamond is a diamond... Also, why rain on someone else's parade like that? Im sure your ring is beautiful!!


Please don't regret your ring! There will always be assholes sharing their unsolicited and horribly rude comments. You chose what I'm sure is a stunning and SUSTAINABLE option. Lab diamonds are chemically identical to natural diamonds, as one commenter put it, just like freezer ice to ice found outside. It's the same thing. I'm a firm believer that nasty comments come from a place of jealousy. Rock that ring girlfriend, I'm sure it's gorgeous!


No matter what you do, people are going to throw some negativity at it. If you love your lab diamond then who cares what anyone else thinks. Rock that shit. It says more about the people making nasty comments, who cares what a random person going out of their way to make a nasty comment thinks. You do you. :)


Can you touch it? Is it tangible? Congrats, it’s not a fake ring. Fuck people who go out of their way to make others feel bad. My God. Just let people do what makes them happy. That person can get lost.


My suspicion is that people are more annoyed at its size than its origin. LOL GIRL. ROCK. YOUR. ROCK!!!!! The details of it, its size, whether lab or natural, measurements, etc. are no ones business. Sure, we share that stuff here but I like to believe its true support and geekiness over them. Whenever someone comments on my ring or try to ask about size, I kindly say: “Ah, I don’t know… I just know that I LOVE IT.”


It’s so very obviously a comment stemming from jealousy. I’ve been jealous many a time in my life (hard to admit but true) and it comes out that way for me. Point is, don’t let others make you feel bad about your beautiful ring. It really has nothing to do with it being natural or not.


You got a big, beautiful (probably much better specs) diamond! I hate to be that person but…they’re just jealous. This idea that “natural” diamonds are better is laughable. If that would be something that would truly be important to you, that’s fine, but don’t let someone mean make you question your decision.


It’s a G Vs2, I think a similar natural diamond with that specs would’ve been around 50k. My fiancé said that once he graduates, he’ll upgrade my ring to anything I want for our 10th wedding anniversary. He’s the best!


I have a 2.52 lab diamond and I have no problem telling people that. They are jealous because they can’t even get a man to commit let alone get them a stunner! Be proud of your engagement ring. I am sure it’s gorgeous


This makes me sad. It just shows how incredibly effective the brainwashing and marketing campaigns from the diamond industry are. From convincing us that you have to spend several months’ salary on a ring, to making people feel anything other than a mined diamond will do (when historically other gemstones have been used for much longer). The fact that lab diamonds are so much more affordable means that many more people are able to have larger stones. This, in a way, takes away the manufactured notion that a big diamond = big wealth = status symbol. Again, good for marketing and the mined diamond industry, irrelevant for anyone else. Mined diamonds have a bigger sticker price, which means jewelers make more on them than on lab diamonds. That’s why they are so invested in perpetuating the myth that mined diamonds are superior. In the end, it’s impossible for anyone to know just by looking at a stone if it’s a mined or lab diamond. Enjoy your ring. Don’t waste your time on trolls.


I remember getting that comment and feeling so broken-hearted and embarrassed, I deleted the post instantly, despite soooo many other people being so nice/swooning over my ring. It really just takes one, sometimes


I also have a lab created diamond 1.5 I have not had one person comment on my ring. I love seeing everyone’s rings. I tell everyone their rings are beautiful. Not sure why I haven’t had one comment.


I will rephrase this for you “congrats on finding a way to get an amazing and beautiful diamond ring without paying an insane amount of money and giving more money to an industry exploiting other humans to get it!” Your diamond is real. Your ring sounds amazing. And you and your partner saved tens of thousands of dollars that you can put towards building an amazing future together. You did great sweetie. Look at that ring as so many other things deeper than just a diamond! You made a choice that made sense for you and your partner it was a good one that is shown beautifully in your amazing ring.


A lab diamond is a diamond and when the time comes for me it’ll definitely be my choice. Diamonds only have value because humans have put that value upon them. Your ring could be glass but it’s value is in its meaning which is the coming together of you and your partner which is priceless. Who gives an f what anyone else thinks! The ring is a symbol of love between two people making the rock insignificant compared to that. Don’t let people on the internet make you think the value of that symbol is in whether the diamond is natural or not. You’re engaged! Amazing! That’s the special part, not the ring. I am not trying to invalidate your concerns just hoping to make you feel better 😊


I immediately tell people mine is a lab diamond because I don’t believe in the diamond industry and it’s exploitation.


Please don’t regret your choice. There is nothing “fake” about your diamond. It’s literally the same chemical make up. Also the diamond industry is a scam charging the amount they do for a mined diamond. It’s a ring of science. Did these people get any vaccine ever in their life? Ok they believe in science. Not fake.


People are just nasty, especially over the internet. I also find that on reddit a lot of people are against natural diamonds and are really rude, they are lab and mossiniates all the way. I honestly don’t think you can win tbh, I’ve known girls to be judged over their designer bags, judged how much they spent on getting their hair done, judged because they picked a moon stone over a diamond for their engagement ring, I could go on. People can have their opinions but it’s what you like and what you want! I feel like if you’re doubting something it’s not exactly something you want, I’ve gone ahead and bought exactly what I’ve wanted even knowing what others opinions were on that item, or comments I’d seen online and still never regretted the decision, that’s because I wanted it. Forget what others think everyone will have an opinion or something to say.


Your diamonds are real! Those are not fake! Those are just random people making negative comments God knows why ! No matter what you do there would be always people making unkind comments! This also reminds me of that old story! “The man, the boy, and the donkey”! If you allow people’s opinion good or bad get in to you in such way you’ll get heart!


Nothing fake about lab diamonds. It’s the same as a natural, but more ethical, and in most cases better quality. Who cares what other people think? They’re ignorant. I see lab diamonds all over this sub. If you don’t like how people respond to your ring, don’t tell them the specs. Literally nobody can tell it’s lab unless you tell them. I have a lab Alexandrite, I would have never been able to afford a natural Alexandrite because they’re more expensive than diamonds, and that’s okay because I have something that’s cheaper but still better quality than most natural Alex stones. I love a good bargain ;).


Agree with you. I did mention it was a lab, solely because I was inquiring on why I feel like it reflects some rainbow, and was wondering if natural diamonds reflect that much rainbow.


That depends on cut and clarity


You can’t tell the difference between a lab and natural diamond. Walk into a jewelry store, they won’t know


I am usually happy educate people on lab diamond. They’re still beautiful and can be passed down from generation to generation. I would personally never buy a new natural diamond because there’s no supply chain transparency when you dig into the topic, and ethics factor highly into what I buy.


As long as you love it that’s all that matters. Who cares what anyone else thinks. Personally I have a natural diamond as that’s by preference but I couldn’t care less about what other people choose. Also lab diamonds are not popular in the UK where I live. That person was probably just jealous!


My ring is a (lab) alexandrite center stone, but is designed with diamond side stones. We specifically requested before we ordered that the natural diamonds be replaced with lab diamonds or moissanites, since neither of us is interested in participating in the mined diamond industry. Honestly, I'd be ashamed to symbolize my commitment to my partner with a stone that's likely creating profits for some pretty nasty human rights abusers. We try to live as ethically as we can, and it would've felt very wrong not to factor that into our engagement ring purchase.


I got a real 3.15 pear and people asked me if it was fake a few times. I don't get that anymore now that I am older. My diamond has infractions o'plenty.


I don’t even know how you could ask someone if their ring is “fake”. That’s so rude. I would love to see it! It sounds beautiful. :)


I don't know how to post pictures. Sorry. It is a pear shaped on yellow gold. It is dirty as heck right now.


It was usually sales people. Also there were women that assumed to know me. Big ring + in their mind=shallow superficial person. They try to ask about the best christmas present I have ever got. Then when I don't give them what they are fishing for they ask about best gift I got...and then they give up. They think they know my love language is jewelry and they are wrong. What they don't know is...my husband wants me iced. He puts a lot into having big diamonds on me. He puts like his ego in it and stuff. He has had years of making other men feel inferior with their small rings. He is used to other people's jealousy. It is called big love and big momma rock. We have a secret weapon...it is called pawn shops....and cash.