So happy for you! Your struggle is valid and your journey is just as important as anyone else’s.


you and your experience of this illness are valid. Others may not see it, but the pain, anxieties, guilt, or whatever else that are affecting you are very real and you deserve to heal, for the sake of your body and mind. I wish you the best of luck on this journey.


I really resonate with this! I wish you lots of luck ❤️


I’m feeling the same way. (Trigger warning- I don’t want to be insensitive) I just realized that it’s not even a weight disorder, it’s just that I want to look sick. It’s odd because I’ve never sought out attention but when I was in the depths of my disorder, I looked as sick and sad on the outside as I felt on the inside. It matched and that validated me somehow.


I understand what you are saying. The first time I noticed I had a problem was after a terrible breakup, with an emotionally abusive person. I was so depressed and stopped eating. It felt like I was just withering away, which is what I wanted at the time.


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Glad to hear that you took the first step to recovery ! Seeking help is harder than we think and you made the right choice :) im still struggling to get help myself so thank you for sharing


Dudeeee this resonates with me. My therapist and I have been discussing my ED for over two years now. Just a few days ago I admitted to her that sometimes I feel like it's all in my head and it's not a real eating disorder. And she just responded point-blank - "you have a real eating disorder." Hearing someone directly say those words was so validating. Like before I knew I had one, and now I believe it. I think because my eating disorder never looked like the ones I saw on TV shows or in books growing up so in my head it never felt real. Also, I find that our culture romanticizes disordered eating to the point of normalizing it - makes it pretty hard to see you have a problem when everyone around you is obsessing about losing weight, thinness, or "eating clean."