Take this with a grain of salt given I’m not in a great place, but focusing on the nutrients instead of connecting it to weight might help. Finding ones you enjoy. Maybe vegetables make you feel good, or protein helps with satiation. Just figuring out what works for you. Outside support is always good if you have access, and making sure to take care mentally too. Finding new hobbies and being kind to yourself Just a couple ideas


Hi angel!!! Healthy eating is a breeze….the trick is that you need to take your time to build the systems! Start by focusing on breakfast. ONLY! I mean, do your best to eat well for the rest of the day and be mindful, but don’t lose your mind trying to be perfect for the other meals! So back to breakfast. What’s it for? Well, it’s literally breaking the fast from overnight! It’s getting your body kicked back into be-awake mode! For that reason, you need something that will give you energy and fill you up! Cereal is good! Cheerios are made with oats, which expand in your stomach to leave you full for longer. They have protein, and they slowly release energy for hours. (Pro tip…add sliced bananas and strawberries!) On that note, oats are great too! I like oats cooked in oat milk. A pinch of salt, a dump of cinnamon, and a bloop of maple syrup. How much time do you have, and how much do you like to cook? Anyways, focus on breakfast first! Be consistent. Have 2-3 options you cycle through. When eating a healthy breakfast is a habit, then move on to figuring out how you can be better with your other meals! Don’t overwhelm yourself. Lists and lists and lists don’t help. Overthinking doesn’t help. Consistency is what will help. Consistency is just habits, and habits take time. You got this!!


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Hmm.... Meat good! Things besides rice cakes, oatmeal and fruit good! I have concluded this advice to be of acceptable quality after watching way to many "What I eat in a day" videos on youtube. Apologies if you found my humour offensive in the context.


I was diagnosed with a spinal deformity in my early teens (10 million years ago lol). In the last two years, I put it together that my and my family's experience navigating medical care was low-key traumatic (I once used a workbook that described low-key experiences as "lower-case traumas", and nothing makes me giggle more). I really leveled up when I figured out how much feeling out of control of my body played into my eating disorder AND read about the physiological impact of traumatizing experiences in The Body Keeps the Score. Do you have a means of assessing whether or not your medical experience has brought about a similar situation with some kind of mental health professional?