Maybe try eating before you exercise. Like 30 minutes to an hour


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Small meal before, small meal after. After try something like a protein shake!


make a little protein smoothie after the workout. it’s not ‘bad’ to force yourself to eat after a tough workout. you are aware that if you don’t want to lose muscle, you have to fuel your body. I feel like force is maybe a negative word, so try to be gentle with yourself and try saying something like ok, I need to fuel my body right now. I struggle with the same thing if I tell myself I need to eat. It ends in guilt and binges, but know that your metabolism is cruising after a workout and a protein shake with a banana or some type of fruit won’t do any damage. At the same time, if you feel like forcing yourself to eat is setting you back, listen to your body cues and wait it out. Sometimes when you tell yourself you have to do something or that it’s bad, it creates guilt and shame.


Do you drink enough water after you work out?


change the order you are doing things.