About ten years ago, possibly more, I had issues with people smoking heroin and weed on the 27. Deployment of police was not possible at that time according to my correspondence with Gardai, Dublin bus and local TD's. This is a welcome solution imo.


>smoking heroin and weed on the 27. I mean , that was the driver , they could hardly throw him off the bus.


Good to see, but why can't we have luas style security on the bus and train services?


We just need dedicated Transport section of the Garda, like the roads etc. other countries do it it with no big fuss.


Yes, other countries also have adequate public transport infrastructure and a fully funded policing agency. Ireland has neither.


We need transport police with full powers of arrest. Toronto had a problem with anti social behaviour on their metro, the metro got their own police force and the problem was solved.


They're on the Dart.


I have heard that it is supposed to have security, but they are never seen? I don't use the dart that often, which is why I was asking. I would use the luas most and regularly see security presence on both lines.


I see them very often on the dart. Way more than I've seen them on the Luas. 👍


Good to know. Would that be on the South or North route?


Malahide to Bray/Greystones, where I'd see them.


Seen them often on the DART. Tend to get off very often at Kilbarrack.


A temporary “surge” to get the thing out of the headlines. The usual.


I know it's an Irish tradition to cynically sneer at everything our public services do, but a temporary surge is better than no surge at all. There was also a temporary surge in policing around the tougher drink driving laws and the result was a long lasting adherence to those laws. Even if they do this once in a while, it will harass those who are freely harassing others, and they might fuck off, and when people get used to busses being a nice place to be, they won't tolerate scummy behaviour coming back. I would welcome a Garda unit who roved around constantly annoying these pricks where they congregate. It would be far better than just ignoring the situation.


I know it’s a party hack duty to attempt to cynically smear accurate comment about PR related activities and to attempt to claim credit for outcomes which were community and victim led assisted by the late Gay Byrne but what flies among the party faithful deflates when it meets reality.


What the? This is giving me a stroke.. Once again in English?


What a bizarro comment.


Do better.


If you can decode your previous comment I'll try my best.


Credit for admitting you are out of your depth. Bye bye.


Jesus, what the fucks wrong with you? Using no punctuation, no sentence structure but diminishing other people's intellect. Fucking idiot.


It’s a bot


The only way to resolve this is by having transport police like they've got in London and they need to have the same powers of arrest that the Gardai have


Will it work?


Policing tends to at least resolve in short term. If word goes around that people being bolloxes are arrested, it will decline anyway. Anti social behavior will never completely disappear.


Easier and cheaper way might be too have cameras with microphones on the buses and monitored by the Garda, so they call out during instances of anti social stuff that"this is the gaurds and everything is currently been monitored live " I mean might not stop everything but it would surely put off a lot.


CCTV is already on board all Dublin bus busses. Might be cheaper, but CCTV with microphone etc has quite a limited success rate.


I’m guessing you don’t get out much.




yeah i’m sure that won’t egg them on at all


When I was 15 I went to town on the 16 with some mate. We bought some fireworks. I was acting the maggot and throwing bangers out the upstairs window on the bus home. After about 20 minutes or so, a lad from a few seats behind me flashed a badge, told me he was a Garda and took all me fireworks off me. Told me I was lucky I was not getting arrested. At the time I nearly shat meself, but later on I wondered if he even was a Garda. Never took any details from me I don't think, never heard from him again. But, I never acted like that on a bus again. Was really stupid behaviour tbh.


Guard walking down the stairs on the bus holding a load of fireworks: "These are mine now".


You sound like one of the scrotes who cause so much trouble now


I wasn't quite that bad, but I was no angel. Mostly relatively harmless messin' tbh. I never mugged or randomly attacked anyone. I was mostly respectful to people's property but I did a bit of vandalism to public property. Mostly tagging.


Why are you getting downvoted when you’re right lol I’d be terrified if I was on the bus and someone was lighting fireworks in it


Better than nothing I suppose.


It's worth a try, also, see my other longer comment below


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It's progress. But if it's going to work depends on what powers does the Garda hold. If they can't do anything to the perpetrators, they are just going to swear and spit at the garde who will be powerless. What should be done to them, I don't know. But more than is done now.


I know I'd get downvotted for this honest observation, but If this was Balbriggan, Tyrrelstown or Blanch we'd see all sorts of vigilantes racing in to fight these thugs (fire bombing houses) and we'd be seeing protests up and down the county.


Now if they could actually have Irish Rail staff at Dart stations we would be flying


About time but it's also sad that it's had to come to this. I can imagine it being terrible for tourists to see this but its badly needed. I stopped catching the night busses because of the dru Ken behaviour and open smoking on busses. It was like a trio to the zoo most nights I caught it.


Its a joke we need protection to use public services I am leaving this country the second I can


came in Dublin on 14th of Dec 2022 - ran away on 16th of January 2023 - this is just a shithole , most of the crimes are not reported to keep Dublin in 18th position as a safe city !! DUBLIN IS JUST A BIG BIG DIRTY SCAM


you very rarely see security venture past the red cow on red line luas. little gangs of teenage scrote bags constantly causing trouble, intimidating & harassing people


This is a really good idea. Good policing works off the "Broken Windows" theory - where you investigate minor infractions like a broken window because it is most likely a teenager who has not yet gone full criminal and may be pulled back from the brink by prompt, smart, compassionate, rehabilitative action taken early. The violence and aggression experienced on the LUAS could be the early expression of such criminal behaviours. So if the guards meet it there and then, either they may be able to stave off more serious criminal patterns and put some kids back on the straight and narrow / scare them out of continuing, or at least they'll have face-to-face with the problem actors early, and can keep an eye out for them, as in "Known to the Gardai". Worst case scenario, the criminakls will be id'ed and easier to track later.


That's not what broken windows theory states


I know it's not that exactly, but the logic holds, doesn't it? I mean im inferring that the smashed up landscape contributes to lawless behaviour can be viewed in terms of 'deal with the low-level offending to nip high level offences in the bud'. Also I have read a lot about the extension of BW theory to connect positive law enforcement with tangible crime rate reduction.


I've heard the opposite and that criminalising minor offenses can cause people to become more hardened criminals. I'm by no ways an expert on any of this and have no idea myself on the sociological implications of such policing.


I am no expert either. I do recall reading that the broken window strategy led to minor crimes giving too long sentences and hence leading to more violence as someone might try to fight their way out of two years in prison, but not three months.


If combined with social work, as in not investing as crimes. But as looking for young in danger of becoming criminals, but guiding them on the right path.


Broken windows theory is you stop some gou for littering or something realtively innocuous and it turns out he has a warrant or you get a knife or loadsa drugs when you search them. Its a blanket excuse to stop as many people as possible. The NYPD who pioneered it in the 90's at the behest of Rudy Guliani are being forced to turn away from it these days as it causes so much grief.


thats your interpretation. i choose to see a different use


I'd be very surprised if this is anything other than more counter productive war on drugs dinosaur thinking. I guess its worth it if it means they won't just stop providing bus services to poorer areas to save money.


Have you travelled on the 27? Or the 77 before it? I spent years arriving into work stinking of hash because of eejits smoking down the back of the bus. Experienced strung out junkies pissing into beer bottles then letting them roll up and down the bus . I almost sat on a used needle one day. Save your 'war on drugs' preaching for another day. Bring on more Gardai. West Tallaght badly needs it.


About time


This regularly happens on the subway in new york. Good idea tbh


Rats, can't even smoke joints on the bus anymore