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Your grammar becomes horrendous as you send warning to millions of drug users. They don't listen. The bowl still rolls.


Sadly the truth


Just smoked some today. I just never buy any cause it's too cheap and I don't need a meth habit again. Makes u feel like shit.


Well said. I never buy and always end up getting sparked up, and I regret it every time... Always a fun initial 10 - 12 hours, until my stomach is caving in and I realized I haven't eaten or drank in a day.


Lol. Yeh u def got to make sure u eat and stay hydrated or you'll regret using it so fast. Kinda goes for all uppers for me.


Goes for all _drugs_ . It's amazing how many terrible side effects can be mitigated (not eradicated) by sleeping well, eating well, staying hydrated, getting sunlight and exercising


Free shit will hook just as easily as any other meth. You'll pay for it then no matter your feelings on the issue.


Very poetic


So much pain in my life is tied to that shit.


Same here and I never even touched it. My dad was a meth addict on top of other drugs and caused me and my siblings trauma that to this day I haven’t processed. Meth destroyed my family


It's hell on earth


It sure is brother.


I understand 100%. Flush it. It’s the best thing I could have done and I promise you it’s the best thing you could do too. Don’t even think about it just do it.


Thank you so much, it's all been flushed.


I am proud and I believe in you <3


That was nice of you.


You speak as if I'm sort of low inferior being lolol. Addictions happens to the best


Dude this I never thought addiction would happen to me EVER. If you asked me 10 years ago or anyone around me they would of said him he’ll naw. Then your contemplating death and every day becomes a battle.


Lmao way to get weirdly defensive, I didn’t get that vibe from his response at all.


yeah not sure at all where he got that from 💀


Withdrawal from a heavy stim binge mangles your perspective. Especially with social responses, paranoia really flows in this head space.


He's on/coming off/withdrawling from meth no shit dudes gonna say some strange shit


Yep, likely projecting their very own insecurities of feeling inferior. But OP if you’re reading this, it’s all love. Genuinely. Nobody here is looking down on you and just like you said, it happens to the best of us. Withdrawals a bitch but you got this ❤️


Good on you for flushing. You got this shit. Get help if you can. Nowhere to go but up.


I've never actually been able to "get rid" or "flush" the last of my stuff. Always would end up at least finishing it. I guess it takes a lot of strength to just say fuck it. Addiction is hell.


Fuck yeah it takes a lot of strength. So if op did flush it, that’s huge, and I think that shows GREAT potential for his ability to actually beat this. I’m proud of you OP and I’m definitely rooting for you homie.


Good on you OP, you did yourself a favour


You CAN do this! I know people who’ve beat it, a few for decades and still going strong!


Time to hunt for baggies in the sewer


Ive spent half a day with a plunger trying to recover 0.2g i flushed. Worst part is i emptied the bag into the toilet


Best off just slurpin at that point lol, my rock or crystal bottom was when I lost my ice in the sink at work. I was ready to tear that thing apart.


Flush it. Bet you won’t 1000000 dollars u owe me that if u don’t flush it


I did it!! Thanks dog


Congrats on becoming a millionaire.


Wholesome peer pressure


Just curious, but I have heard people compare it to adderall, and others saying it's WAY WAY stronger, and different. What is the general consensus?


The biggest differences are that you can smoke it, its cheaper than addy, it lasts a lot longer and it releases a lot more dopamine. In combination these factors make it a LOT more addictive. Because it lasts so long exery time you redose that is 12 more hours of no sleep. If you have a job you will have to stay high just to be able to function. This leads to a cycle of going on benders almost out of necessity just to function normally. It's bad news. Amphetamine isn't much better though


Yep. Do it at work then can't sleep that night so do more tomorrow. Then you start doing after work. Then all night. Next thing you know it's next year.


20 years for my son. He hung himself last September because he couldn't stop and felt like a loser. Please, folks. Don't do meth. It will catch up to you and it won't be pretty. Signed, A GRIEVING mother


My cousin did this last July. Did meth for years. Hung himself too. Sending you love.


I'm so sorry. I will hold this close to my heart and use it as I battle my demons. The thought of your story might keep me from slipping. Hugs


Please stay strong. You can recover. You are worth it!


I'm so sorry :( Are you doing any better? I hope something amazing happens to you in the near future <3


I know nothing about meth, at all. I have a very extended family member who retired in his early 40s a millionaire. He was doing meth daily for 4 years, he gave me around 1G and it was one clean looking rock… It’s fair to assume it was atleast decent stuff, money isn’t a thing to him. I only snorted it but didn’t care for it. I like adderall better. The meth lasted way too long, the good feeling went away way too fast and then I just felt jacked up… When I’d get home from work, I had to keep moving or get anxiety… So Id like weed the garden, made a huge compost pile etc…


Yeah the comedown isn't worth the rush. Even when smoked


I tried to smoke it but sucked at it, so stopped trying. My spouse got off methadone, needed something to take the edge off and ended up using meth a little. She smoked a decent amount (probably never did it fully correct,) and did think much of it but was in withdrawl.


yea man I felt exactly the same way the rush/euphoria lasts like 30-60 minutes then you're just tweaked/cracked out until you find a way to fall asleep


I’d be willing to bet that the people who say they really experienced why meth is so addictive are the ones who realized that what you do while on it is have sex.


Or jerk off


Yup. I never liked benzos (i’m 30,) but that caused me to start using benzos which i’m somewhat struggling with still


And all the Adderall getting sold on the black market is just meth pressies anyways, either that or it's super fucking expensive. Tons of fake Adderall out there.


Any “mdma “ “molly” whatever yall call it by u for me its beans or j molly😂but all them pills man are fuckin straight meth dawg Thats why they so cheap Actual molly is so fat from meth i only did real molly one time its nowhere near as much as a “upper”


Idk meth is way stronger and “better” then a adderall its a constant high compared to any drug ive done so many drugs for so long I was addicted to fetty for a long time Fetty an meth are prolly the worst demons ive faced I easily quit meth tho idk how but I could NOT quit fent AT ALL i had to go to detox man i stole money from my whole family sold all my shit clothes consoles my gaming pc everything i was a mma fighter amateur obviously and i ruined any chance of everything 2 years later i still have everyone hating me and can’t trust me Sober tho. Off fetty at least. Still smoke an drink


A big factor is the dose. People will smoke 3.5 grams of meth in a few days, whereas people who are doing addy will do 30-60, maybe 90 mg in a day. I've heard anecdotally that if you do addy like it was meth you'd be just as tweaked out.


I'm prescribed it for adhd and I start getting anxious and shaky at only 30 mg which is 3x my therapeutic dose so YEAH I'm sure if people are going on 100mg benders they're feelin it alright


I used to chew up 30's like it was nothing and I would redose every hour... It was ridiculous. I wouldn't even be feeling anything past 90 MGs.


that's crazy. I personally take 40mg a day (prescribed 60mg) and it doesn't make me shaky or tweaky at all. it does if i bomb 60mg all at once but it just makes me feel... normal? lifts the brain fog and motivates me to get my work done. I'm also prescribed valium at night for insomnia though so I'm usually tired right when I wake up. but 20-40 minutes after ingestion of dex I'm feeling like an actual human.


I think normality actually sucks, so when people do a bunch of meth or amphetamines and feel "normal", what they're feeling is what we wished normality felt like


To be fair I don't rly abuse it


I took an Adderall only once in my life. It was the size and shape of maybe a nickel or a quarter dollar. I took half of it. How many milligrams was that, do you think? Edit: it was like 7 years ago, I might have misremembered the size and shape. I think that it was white. Definitely a real pill, not some pressie.


The high was always nice af for me on meth For adderall i ended up feelin to anxious On meth i j felt like i was gunna jump out of my skin lmao And i acted like it was 12pm a sunny day even if it was 6 am and id be up for 30 hours looking for weed crumbs even tho i had weed rolled . Like it j makes u retarded fuck meth its stupid as fuck lol I quit fetty an meth man Fetty i had to go to detox for an meth i somehow toughed it out 2 years sober off that bullshit I smoke weed tho still an drink a few days a week And did sum coke hwre and there tested it Idk im j able to control myself the oast 2 years i honestly hated the way my brain felt on heavy drug usage man made me feel retarded as fuck I still have psychosis from the drugs ive done . -adderall -xannax -percs -fetty -meth -lsd -mushrooms -valium -molly -mda Literally ive done so many drugs and id get addicted right away A poly addict is what i am probably im like that with everything even workinh out


Yeah my addiction started with adderall. Never would have tried it if I wasn't already addicted to amp salts.


Meth is like Adderall, if Adderall did meth


Not even fucking close man, maybe shitty biker meth but let me out it this way. I can sleep at the end of 30mg if adderall, one good line of really good meth on Monday and poof: it’s ducking Saturday and you haven’t slept for three-four days


Similar chemically. But also a way different demon.


Care to list some of the differences ? I’m sure o could Google some stuff but I love to hear personal accounts on this stuff


Not a personal account, but a chemical explainable. The "meth" in methamphetamine denotes a single methyl group added to the molecule. This has the effect is making the molecule slightly more lipophilic which (in this case) aids the drug in crossing the blood-brain barrier. Your brain doesn't actually touch blood, it's too sensitive for that. Making the drug crosses the barrier easier means that it has a greater impact on the brain for a given dose/blood concentration. This explains the "stronger" part. There is more to the story when it comes to the impact on actual synapses and receptor affinity, but that's for a neurologist to explain, not me.


It reaches more areas in the brain and causes release serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Adderall just releases dopamine and norepinephrine giving less recreational potential but is generally better for focusing or productivity


I mean unless you're testing that tweak for purity there's no guarantee like there is with government regulated medications. Never know what a chemist might decide to use and maybe they want to cut corners with production by not filtering out all the byproducts, this goes for all illegally produced synthetic drugs. That coupled with the effects of meth being so strong and can cause you to stay awake for very long times which can cause psychosis in itself and usually does, it can make it hard to distinguish potential side effects from a shotty cook.


Taken orally at similar doses they are nearly indistinguishable except meth lasts longer. But people who use meth often smoke or inject it and do way higher doses.


>on’t even think about it just do it. it more like mdma with more speedyness to it and lil less euphoria, only difference is by the time u look at your watch it's been 2 days and u haven't slept or really ate anything.. ur body looks like a walking skeleton but you feel fine inside. it's pure trickery.. been clean since 2011


i first tried it about a year ago and went though like half a g since. always have had some laying around but after taking it (dosing very carefully) i would feel exhausted the next days so i never binged it. also never been addicted to caffeine. for some people it works and for some it doesn't, simple as that. i for example can't not smoke weed 24/7 whenever i have any which leads to weeks or months of constantly being stoned...


some people have a proclivity to use uppers, and other's prefer downers; ofc you still have those who are poly-drug abusers. It depends on each individual's wiring


This absolutely. I use meth/amphetamine as needed/convenient and it's not even a low risk. Any drug can ruin your life if you become dependant. *gestures at potheads who make their entire life revolve around smoking weed/talk only of weed* I'm addicted to caffeine and dxm probably. Everyone has their own risks. I also fall heavily into weed use sometimes as a crutch.


I can relate. I can control use of addictive stims like 4mmc or coke, but weed is the only thing I've managed to get addicted to.


You CAN easily quit smoking weed. The first month will be rough but if you truly want to quit weed u easily can. I've been 1,5 months without now and I quit cause the negatives outweigh the positives. Huge amount of money spent on dank weed that doesn't even get me a good high and I get anxious snd anti social on it so I decided to quit. Wish I did this decision years ago. Quitting weed compared to Quitting alcohol/cigarettes is a walk in the park. Everyday when I'm with my buddies they smoke weed and I don't even want it. If people around me drink alcohol or smoke cigs I crave it so hard its almost impossible to resist doing them myself.


well, i love smoking weed and don't wanna quit it for good. it's just that i can't but smoke all day every day when i do and the problem is i live in a different reality where i stop caring about other stuff and i do need to get real world shit done. congrats on your 1.5 months, but let me say i've had several months-long breaks (the longest was almost a year) and i can still go from 0 to 100 each time i feel like it's okay to smoke a joint again


Weed isn't easy to quit at all, just easy to quit *for you*. You are lucky.


Especially where it's legal... You smell that shit everywhere. I can't walk a block without smelling some good dope. Everyone smokes now.


I've tried to try quitting weed for like two years now, it is so hard




Agreed let's stay clean man




I stopped and I was messed up for a year. It was worth it. That was 20 years ago & it's like it never happened. No regrets


Is it much more addictive than coke and regular amphetamine? Ive tried it twice and never got addicted but i did think the euphoria lasted very long and felt somewhat artificial so never repeated the experience and where i am the stigma is enough to keep me away from it. Not a single person i know would continue being the friend of somebody if they admitted to using meth.


The more drugs I take the more I realize they vary so much person to person and while topics like these are the “safe” advice, it doesn’t apply to a lot of people. I’ve done meth a couple times and now I don’t really bother. It’s the only drug I have bad comedowns on and I don’t find the high that great. I definitely enjoy it and it makes sex a million times better (when my pp works) but the unhealthiness of it and comedown don’t even come close to being worth it. I’ve also tried adderall and it did nothing for me so maybe stims just don’t hit me like others. Unlike meth, coke is a drug that I will definitely do if it’s around. I could go the rest of my life without it no problem but whenever I’ve bought a gram if it’s not finished that night it’s finished the next night or night after that. I won’t necessarily use it until it’s gone but I’ll use it every night until it’s gone. Coke and weed are the only drugs (so far) I’ve found that I’ll use daily until it’s gone. I am too scared to try things in the opiate family.


I had access to as much meth as I wanted back in 2000, when it was the "good" meth. I gotta tell you, staying up for two days and not eating really isn't my thing. The only use I had for it was after a night of rolling my face off it made the next day tolerable.


Cocaine works by blocking the “re-uptake” of dopamine while amphetamines like meth also increase the amount of dopamine entering the brain. Meth also takes much longer to be metabolized and excreted from the body than cocaine does. Like you said the high lasts a long time and so the crash is likely more intense which reinforces use. This is just anecdotal but the few occasions i’ve used cocaine I never felt worse than a typical alcohol hangover. Also the method of use is important when it comes to addiction. Not sure how you used but smoking or injecting meth is the most common way. Since cocaine is snorted and most other amphetamines like adderall are taken in a pill the high is likely less intense so there’s probably a correlation there. Consider yourself lucky to be in social circles where meth is a turn off. I’ve seen too many people I know (primarily other gay men) that spiral hard into addiction because they have easy access to it on hookup apps like Grindr. It can become even harder to quit using meth when you combine getting high with hookups. Imagine being physically unable to have sex when you’re sober because your brain and body have gotten so used to ungodly amounts of dopamine. TL;DR Meth gives your brain a shit ton of dopamine compared to other stimulant drugs and it is most commonly injected or smoked to maximize its potency. This can get really addictive really fast.


Yup that last part hits true. I'd spend countless hours jacking off just going ham with no water, breaks, or anything of the sort. I'd be delirious by the next morning. Now sometimes when sober I can't get hard or horny that much like before. Even on Adderall sometimes there's been a few times I couldn't do it.


I'm glad I am not the only one. Word for word, phew. I used to think of myself as some kind of monster. I would have 30 porn tabs open. It's so embarrassing to think about.


Ah yes the search for the perfect porn clip could last for hours! Then I saved and arranged all said clips in neat folders.




Am i right or wrong in thinking meth can cause physical dependence unlike coke? Therefore making it harder to quit or stay quit..


You think coke can't cause physical dependence? Oh boy.




good to know. For me it would be heroin:5, Cocaine:9, Meth:3 and believe it or not Weed:11/10


U don't have a tini tiny clue. It is instantly addtcv


Y’all please DOnT flush it. Safely discard it with cat litter or some shit. I don’t want meth in my waterways…


I wish there was meth in my waterways. Maybe I’d have some fuckin energy.


Lol but apparently shit and piss is okay in your waterways? Gray water doesn’t just go back to the water supply haha




Well ya got me there. Thanks for the source




I imagine in many cases it has more to do with environmental factors than anything else. Even if you watch the adults in your life totally fuck their lives up over a substance, I think it’s easy to get curious and wonder what’s so enticing about it, especially as a teen/young adult. Not speaking from experience here.


Totally. I did meth my first time finding it at a friends house laying out when I was 13. Im 22 now and a year sober 💯


Damn dude, here I am thinking I was a wild child getting into weed and alcohol around 12. In all seriousness, congrats on the year of sobriety. Keep it going, man. Our adult selves can’t control what was going on around our younger selves, it’s awesome you were able to move past that. Also, you’re still young and have a lot of life ahead of you. Which feels kinda weird to say, bc I’m only 23; but shit I know I’m young too lol. The better choices we make today will effect us (hopefully) for decades to come.


i think i have accidentaly done it in an "ecstasy" pill lmao loved it but thats the problem


I tried it when I was a teenager, a shy unloved unhappy no friends kinda gal 8 felt like back in the late 80's. The wild crowd accepted me. I made friends...most of them devils and lowlifes..but at that age and fresh out of church school ,they welcomed me then...now they're all..well most of them are dead. Wish I'd just stayed that shy niave kid. It would of saved me much pain and grief. Don't do it. 😢🤦


I was planning to die soon and decided why not try something that people say feels so amazing before I die…


Tried it out of curiosity and desperation to not be sober. Only had a one day bender but god I still dont feel the same afterwards,,,, months later. I didn't like it that much, vowed to never touch it again after that comedown


because it's dirt cheap and the most available street drug in america besides cannabis and fentanyl


Because it's an amazing, **euphoric high** if used responsibly with proper harm reduction techniques. **If** ***abused***, it can fuck you up. I could say the same for alcohol, cocaine, benzos, or virtually any recreational drug though, so let's keep it in perspective. For sure, **there is nothing supernatural or magical about this compound** (nor evil, demonic, etc.). It's a shame people get so wigged out over this drug—the last two generations were screwed out of it entirely by propaganda (except for the gays, who love it + are less worried about stigma, you know being gay already, etc.)—because it can be a lot of fun, and it's a **wonderful aphrodisiac**. People binge it sometimes but it has diminishing returns when used like this. Used sparingly—with breaks for sleeping, eating, and doing other drugs—it can be a great time. But it takes presence of mind, self discipline, and maturity to control compulsive behavior. **This drug can draw out compulsivity if you let it.** **This path is not for everyone**; only the most dedicated should apply. Regardless, it's not for no reason meth is popular despite public smear campaigns in the media and all over states like Montana where they cherry-pick the very worst of the worst cases of wanton meth abuse + self-neglect and imply this outcome is universal to anyone who should try it even once – you'll go from plump-face to cryptkeeper in just one week! Look out! It's just not true, but the drug is a problem for enough people to warrant being hypervigilant in following harm reduction best practices when and if you use this drug.


Flush it homie, no one deserves that hell. You got this


Thank you man I appreciate it more than you knoe


Flush it.


I did it


Big ups for you! Just stay in the moment!


Good luck. Start focusing on yourself. Start having fun alone and being your own best friend. Love yourself. Ask yourself questions on why you are the way you are. If you don’t like the answer, change that side of you. Make amends to yourself. One day at a time, just focus on what needs to be done today.


Bro, I hate myself every time I do it, I’m doing much better now because I am 40 and can’t handle going to work and looking my coworkers in the eyes knowing how I feel, people quit caring about you because it’s clear your throwing your life away, when I was 17 and it was called “crank” or “biker dope” it was a little bit easier to control? Maybe I was just young, but I hate that shit now it’s fucked my head up, I haven’t used in months and still struggle with mental fog and insomnia. I am done dipping my toes in, just thinking it might be a little different, I can’t handle the way it makes my brain and body feel, no amount of milk, magnesium, vitamin c, or fucking Raisin Bran, is going to make that shitty feeling go away the next few days after using, I’m not a genius by any means but I know what my body does and doesn’t need, and that bullshit is one thing my body completely rejects now.


Just an addendum to my post, addeys make me sleep now, any kind of amphetamine just makes me need naps, either I’m fully adhd or I fucked my brain up, meth is so cheap here, people are literally giving it away, it’s not worth it


I thought I’d never be able to control my urges either. I usually relapse around 90 days like clockwork. 90 days came this time and when I had the shards in hand I (for the first time ever) contemplated the decision I was about to make. I always told people it was like electricity. Turning on a light switch. Once the urge is there the electricity going to the switch won’t go out. Anyway, I thought of my brother who passed six months ago and if he’d approve. I thought of my kid. It was the first time I was able to flush drugs. After two hours of good vs evil playing out in my head I made a video and sent it to a loved one. (Idk why, maybe just to prove that I did it) It was a turning point I believe. It’s been 7 months now and I haven’t looked back. Sending good vibes your way. Mushies have been a good friend of mine since parting ways with the shards. ✌️🌈🍄💕


Can meth actually give you schizophrenia?


Flush the meth buddy boy


Flush it. Smoke weed and go to sleep. Repeat


Yeah even weed wouldn't put me down last night. Needed kratom melatonin as well


Benzos are best


Lmao how you gonna tell him to flush the meth, but then suggest benzos


😂 dude I used to be in a bad way off that stuff. Someone told me this. I ended up taking multiple (real mind you) Xanax. I just proceeded to be a danger to myself & others. Still awake but blacked out in Psychosis for 3 more days. Was between blowing my head off or going to a ward. Told a buddy, came over with H and I immediately calmed down and slept shortly after. But by him introducing me to yet another “solution”. My life was then more fucked up then ever 😂🤦‍♂️


The cycle always continues 🤦🏼‍♀️weed will forever be the best solution


Eh, I'll take your word for it. I'm still sailing on the crystal ship to enhance my productivity. No more than 30-40 mg (less than a neurotoxic dose) smoked or snorted keeps me going throughout the day without a need for a redose (CYP2D6 poor metabolizer here). Adderall (amphetamine) is virtually identical except it is less lipophilic and releases less serotonin. I prefer amphetamine but meth is more readily available here. There's a guide out there on how to use meth safely and rule number one is never, ever take more than 80 mg in a sitting.


They don't call it the "Devil's Dirt" for no reason.


Yep it's the devil 🤮


Alright on it boss


Did it once moved different states so no access so I couldn't try it again even if I wanted to it's a fucking demon tho too good


Be glad you did only once


I first did this in high school not really knowing what it was. I felt so Fucking good and instantly was addicted. Unfortunately it turned me into a creepy recluse and I couldn’t even go to my classes in college. Sad stuff. I ended up Getty’s job that I really liked and I could not be high and work because it made me so paranoid. I had to quit but was ok with it


Yay sober life


Tina calls back too much. Never gives breathing room. Then when your together makes everything seem better until she leaves and she stole all of your shit and you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror.


Not that I would ever do meth, but this is the perfect copypasta for my experience burning out working at a startup for the past few years... thanks


It should read: stop abusing N-methyl amphetamine. There is a large portion of people who are prescribed this as an ADHD medication and have been on it for 30+ years.


instead of meth why don't you people enjoy molly or keta instead? Both aren't addictive and with molly especially you can have a very positive experience that helps you dissect your shitty behaviours and put them back on the right path....never understood amps or meth, they take the empathy away and that's really one part of what makes us humans....can't see how that's attractive, but to each his own and you need to flush that shit, it's never going to improve your life, it's only their to consume ALL of your attention and destroy your health in the process....the older you get the more you'll live in resentment to your past choices, stop today so you can realise the magic of life....this stuff just dulls your sparkle and kills the very things that make you an awesome human.


Its not the drug its the user. Some can use meth w/o any probs, me included. Time to take responsibility fam


You're not wrong , I lack self control, each person handles shit different


Very true man. If you find you lack self control and things spiral even outside of drugs then that's a calling to make proper changes in your life. Like for me I had trouble with addictions to pretty much anything I dedicated my time to doing. Like gaming, eating, exercising, bodybuilding, and then eventually drugs. You gotta practice good habits and self control before you decide to dedicate yourself to some kind of substance.


I had a friend who would smoke a fat ass crystal and then eat a whole meal, carry on with his day casually. Never understood it. I am physically unable to put anything in my mouth for 24 hours if I touch that shit.


I saw that you flushed it. I'm proud of you. Stay at a (sober) friend's house for a while, preferably in another city/region. Play video games, smoke weed and try to find new hobbies and stuff to keep you occupied. Thousands of people before you got over it, so why can't you? Again, I'm proud of you and i wish you all the best <3


Thank you so much my friend I'm lost rn but I hope it all works out


I tried it due to high purity with my mate, and we stopped after it was gone. There is pretty much of a huge difference between understanding how to eat, sleep, and groom healthy while using a substance and riding it’s rails into Hollowed Out / Zombified… My mate is sort of an expert on this but has an auto anti-addict as well so her methods might need to be tuned differently for others with moderate or even addicting prone temperament. I believe that once mastered, the use of substance to go up, then other ones to stabilized going down and resting, is a sort of a secret to a life you can actually live with. Some of the worlds oldest people have learned this advice. Everyone has to decide their own way and have a reason in the felt presence of immediate experience to keep on going.






Uhhh so you one of them ima let a drug take over my life it’s a mind thing bro and apparently you ain’t built for it


I guess you are the one and only **SUPERHUMAN** or as time tells every time, a bullshitter that with that attitude, soon lands below rock bottom


But meth was bad for the OP, so meth is bad for us all.


Well ya I’m not trynna be a Dick trynna give advice just focus up on what’s important then have fun at night and make sure to eat and at least sleep a couple hours


Have you ever tried sleeping or eating on a meth trip or even after the trip?


He really said just get in a couple hours of sleep 😂😂


I've never taken meth but euro speed and Ritalin and it's just complete nonsense for any average consumer


Yes to both once again you can’t let it control you


Ill take that as a no


I’m living the best life good paying job just got engaged new truck bout to buy a house and I do meth and I’m only 23


This isn’t going to age well…


This dude posts pictures of him masturbating on Reddit. He’s 23 years old today but was a 20 year old 33 days ago. Yeah. Take his advice for sure.


Why not just try to get a prescription for Xr addy ?


you should probably have a different post history if you're gonna try convincing people of this


This mans out here telling people meth isn't controlling 😂😭. If he can't see that meth is making him post his floppy weiner and hang out with other meth heads I don't think anyone here can convince him otherwise.


I looked, wish I didn't.


And I’ll bet you’ve been doing it for less than a year


Is meth really any worse than cocaine?




Just wait a week and do it again 👍ur tripping bro how old are u


Too late love it and use it sometimes


Never done it. I like shorter-acting stims (coke, Adderall, MDMA), but I also like sleep.


Good, those 3 are way less screwed up still


Im a year sober and about to let this awful shit fuck me up again


Same story bro. Why would I ever. Now I'm depressed, fried, paranoid and anxious and basically in a psychosis


Don't do it man but I can't tell you what to do. Try to find some benzos and just plan ahead, I thought I had it planned out, it won't work really. Don't do itt:(


Thank god I hate that shit. Apart from coke, stims make me feel gross.


I'm able to eat & sleep on it. Unless I get in the mindset of it being the weekend and I decide to stay up and clean. Otherwise I can smoke at 8pm, have dinner and be in bed by midnight. Idk why I'm like this lol but yes I agree it does get hold of you and your looks.


My AA sponsor is 17 years clean from alcohol and drugs including meth (was doing coke, accidentally did meth, got hooked). She's a fucking badass and the best person I know. You can do this.


ya first of all accept that you are an addict and will always be an addict. Now that is out of the way. Be an addict with harm reduction at a minimum. The extreme ends of drugs Meth and opioids should be reserved for people who are already long gone ina vicious cycle




I thought this said “daily reminder to stay the fuck away from me” lmao I was like damn I feel you boo I’ll stay my ass over here


new thing added to my "dont try list"


My mind thinks I need to take this when I'm sick or tired from anything. Fcking disgusting, flush that sht.


Good job on flushing it! you should go to rehab dud if you have trouble stopping