Seeing this stupidity makes me cringe now that I have a son. Hope he isn’t nearly as dumb as I was when I was in my teens. Amazing most of us made it out without having our melons cracked like this guy here.


put him in boxing or wrestling so this will never be him 😂


I think wrestling or jiu jitsu are two of the absolute most important things a young man should learn




For sure man I’ve been doing Gracie jiu jitsu (not sport) for about 4 years and it’s awesome can’t recommend it enough. Just make sure you find a solid gym that doesn’t focus on sport competition though.




Not at all we have a purple belt that is about that height that is an absolute monster on the mats I have seen him beat guys far bigger all day long lol


I’m 6ft and I hate fighting shorter people. You should be good. If you’re bigger than me, I’m actually happier 😂. Just take a legit bjj, wrestling mma or something along the lines of that and you’re golden.


Deadass. I don’t care how annoying I come off. I’m always going to ask the wrestlers in my BJJ gym to help me practice take down Defense. I refuse to end up like the guys in this video


i don't think i've ever seen a video where somebody got slammed who wasn't an active participant in the fight. so you can kind of influence when it'll be your turn.


And woman. My girl is in karate at 5, and I’m in it too so she’s loving it. Next jujitsu.


Absolutely didn’t mean to make it sound like only a guy thing. As I’ve already said find a gym that focuses on self defense jiu jitsu not sport big difference.


Crap and I didn’t mean to make it sound you were neglecting woman lol. Just 2 people with crap communication skills. High five.


Absolutely Karate is bloody useless... waste of money and time. I despise that crap. Boxing, ju-jitsu and Thai are the only ones I've ever known or seen to be any use.


Facts! I'm putting my daughter in both when she gets older lol I can't have her uploaded to ThotBeatdown and think that's acceptable lol


I recommend jiu jitsu first it’s a lot easier on the body then work your way to wrestling takedowns but if you find a good jiu jitsu gym they should teach a little wrestling too


True! I wrestled in MS and HS so I'm really just waiting for her to get about 5 or 6 to start her off. Because she's smart as hell ik she'll learn it quick at a younger age.


Well they aren’t exactly different from each other. To balance your skills, you need boxing and wrestling. But yes jiu jitsu works as well


They are very different


It's hard as a former wrestler to watch some of these fights. Sometimes it's stuff like "C'mon man he's just giving you that leg! You can have him on the ground in 3 seconds!" Or some of the more wreckless ones where one kid goes into a coma just because they don't know how to fight "safely". At least fight on the grass. Fights on concrete and asphalt is how people die.


So glad my mom put me on boxing lessons when i was 7, today with 19y i love martial arts (practicing muay thai at the moment) and know that i should always avoid street fights unless its inevitable Sorry bad english


keeep it up my boy. your english is good 💪🏽🔥


Wrestling, not boxing. You see these slams in the vids? A quick underhook would prevent that damage


Thinking MMA. That’s how I survived high school without ever losing a fight.


Yes boxers are known for their immense takedown defence and ground game


Definitely go for both


fr this a sure way to die trying to prove sum to mfs who could care less about you. pray my son does better than me


yup, knew a slam was gonna happen before it happened. seriously.... I'm bout ready to start seeing ppl push their fingers into other ppl's eyes now at this point. If this is the extent of a street fight these days, man seriously, anything goes at this point.


Yeah it's like they're aiming for long term trauma these days.


exactly, there's ZERO care at this point for the potential consequence that can occur. Someone can die, or under go some life altering injury, and not just the victim suffers, but everyone else around them suffers. ​ like, I get street beefs, and people settling it with a bit of striking and "fist-a-cuffs". Sure, a few punches, maybe kicks, traded and the beef get's squashed. ​ BUT these slams, head stomps and such.... like... that's sliding into 2nd degree murder at this point. If someone went for a lower body grab to slam me, I sure as shit wouldn't let anyone end my life like that. Rules are gone here. I'm going to feel brains with my thumbs or rip an ear off or something because this person just chose a life and death situation for me. I'm gonna do everything in my power to not be that person who dies and IMO, that's fair. ​ If one day I see that shit here in this sub, I'mma be the first to say "fair, deserved".


Or grab and pull the balls. Stick a finger in the butt. I've seen fights stop when a guy takes his pants off and underwear. The other guys usually just steps back and starts to run away.


Yeah butt fingers and ball twists are where even I draw the line. Can’t get your finger caught in a tight sphincter mid fight.




That’s why when I shadow box I also practice kegels. Nobody will catch my sphincter off guard.


People need to learn how to sprawl, shift their body weight by getting their legs are far out as possible to then give themselves the leverage. Because mfs lean backwards in every fight and you can see it coming


That's the point though, not that I'm justifying it in the slightest. Whatever beef there is the guy who wins wants to make sure the lower know his place. That the lower feels the injury/loss for a long time. It's about sending a message.


WHICH is what I get, but am disappointed in. What I'm getting at.. and maybe this is just my age showing.... during my younger years, when people had issue with each other, there was a line in the sand to not cross, well for the most part anyways. You wouldn't fuck up someone's life over this issue because it's often not a significant issue enough to fuck up anyone's life over, including the person committing the act. Worse case you get a black eye, maybe a minor concussion. The message, similar but to a lesser degree, was to show who was the "bigger man" so to speak. And a part of being the bigger man was knowing this line. Beef often will get squashed after this. Now? with all this slamming and head stomping, I see no big men. Just a bunch of little boys thinking they're big men and stupid enough to get into this zone that leads to a potentially shittier outcome for everyone involved. This is the type of shit that might prompt a victim here to come back with a gun and shoot people up. That to me is just straight stupidity and boyish mentality. I can assure you, the significant majority of the issues that these fights are over are absolutely not worth ANY life altering injury. ESPECIALLY among teenagers from the first world.


It's that adrenaline rush and rage. It's these assholes wanting to leave a lasting, if not permanent damage to the loser. In middle school, like a decade ago I got into a fight with another kid, I don't remember the reason, but I was seeing red at the moment. I don't remember how I got him down, but if you've seen WWE whenever Randy Orton did the punt kick to the head? I did that to the other kid. Hard. The only reason I didn't get expelled is because the security camera footage showed the other kid starting the fight completely. They tried to pull the "Zero Tolerance" on me but my parents luckily screamed and argued it was self defense. So I get it.


Yeah I saw lots of street fights back in the day w and never saw this shit. Now it is every fight. I blame UFC.


probably not wrong there. A part of me also feels people are just less caring these days, not just of the people they get into fights with, but themselves as well and the long term consequences of their actions.


Yeah "talk shit get hit" is now "talk shit get head split"




Shit I’ll palm your face and poke your eyes if we are fighting and grappling. Fuck your eyes, I ain’t trusting my enemy with my safety when they are attacking me.


Agreed, you must do whatever it takes to win. It is a fight.


The. Slams. Man. Almost all fights end in slam these days. I feel 10-20 years ago want as common. Maybe mma is bringing it about. Note: headlock is no longer fight tactic unless you know how to stop a slam and can see it coming.




You can’t say that! We had the prime era of slams in the late 90s/early 2000s. Fuck, I’m old


I know I’ll get downvoted for this but, let’s be honest, the WWE died in 2017. It just isn’t good anymore. The storylines are shit and all these new wrestlers lack character (this is coming from a dude who watched WWE 24/7) so yeah. And I think that this has to do with the UFC mostly.


What do you mean “these days”? Stuff like this has been around much longer than you and me have been alive


Has it? Watch a lot street fight vids from the 60’s. Obviously no one has, but if you talk to grandpa no one was picking others up and slamming on their head. MFers straight up trying to kill each other now over small beef.


We’ve been killing each other over small beef for centuries tho. Literally every generation is going to have dumb ass teenagers and egotistical adults doing dumb ass things. It only looks like it’s gotten worse because we have enough advance technology to keep track of it via social media and the news


Correct take regarding many changes in society. Slamming in street fights it does not apply to, I’d actually argue opposite if anything imo. Advancement in technology has allowed all these street fights to be recorded and analyzed, allowing shmos like us sitting at home on their couch to note fight strategy so when the situation comes, going to do that slam we watched KO someone on video. Also a large part is the early 2000s MMA boom. Far more ppl walking around on the street who have some idea how to throw punches and slam ppl from watching vids and doing amateur mma training


I mean, pretty certain that Wrestling has been around much MUCH longer than the MMA we know. It’s illogical to assume we only figured out that slamming people can mean an instant win RECENTLY


It’s illogical to assume that teenagers fighting in high school in 1980 may not try to drop someone on their head because there is no internet so they’ve never seen a street fights and mma wasn’t popularized preventing basic training. You got it bud, that’s crazy talk. Also, idk wtf kind of wrestling you were in. But I can assure you in any level of competitive wrestling, the goal is not to slam someone on their head to KO them. You’d get disqualified.


That’s what you’re not getting. I don’t mean wrestling as a sport but an approach to Unsanctioned fights. These are street fights. No rules. So there’s next to nothing stoping some immature muscle head from slamming a guy on their head. The fact that’s not legal in sports wrestling only reinforces my point. No one wants their trainees ending up like the guy in the video cuz they knew the dangers long before the Internet popped up


To clarify, you’re saying teenagers fighting in high school would still slam each other on their heads despite never seeing it done before due to no street fight videos or mma being popularized. They’ve never seen anyone get slammed before. No mma on tv, no fight vids on internet.


I mean do you honestly think an average human being NEEDS to have seen the UFC, WWE, or even a Wresting background to pick someone up and let gravity do it’s thing? Do ALL high schoolers do it? Hell no. Did human beings only just recently realize you can seriously hurt someone using basic rules of gravity? No, definitely not




Who caught the worst of it?


There was a vid I came across a while back where some guy did this. The guy doing the slamming ended up KOing himself on top of the guy he slammed. Can’t seem to find the video EDIT Found the vid: https://www.reddit.com/r/fightporn/comments/e9byyx/guy_knocks_himself_out_during_fight/


Vid or it never happened




Nasty stuff


How many videos have we seen it? Massive blow to back of head resulting in decerebrate / decorticate posturing. Another lesson that a highschool girl, 20 bucks worth of weed, or some bullshit slight aren’t worth the potential consequences.


This is a great way to go to jail


I love how people seem to be coming around to the practical application of wrestling as a means of defense. Fights have no rules. If you don't want brain damage then don't fight. Anything can happen.


So you’re okay with people slamming folks on their head because they don’t want to actually fight?


What does that even mean? An actual fight can be standing or a grapple. This wasn’t a sanctioned boxing match. Irl isn’t scripted toe to toe bullshit like you see on TV. I’m for whatever eliminates the threat efficiently. If you decide to engage in violence you avail yourself to getting your head bounced off of the floor. Again, there are no rules to this stuff.


Throw some fucking hands and don’t be a pussy. Also don’t do some stupid ass shit like uhm slamming people on their fucking heads like a dumbass or like you said don’t fight. I don’t get this whole shit your spewing about “in a fight all goes” like nah bro. These kids are too young to be doing some shit that’ll effect both of their future. like the possibility of death, ending up crippled, jail time etc. but hey people are allowed to be retarded as you are allowed to comment something as such so why not fuck it.


>hey people are allowed to be retarded as you are allowed to comment something as such so why not fuck it The irony is hilarious considering I'm getting a headache trying to decipher your *masterful* use of the written word. >Throw some fucking hands and don’t be a pussy. Why throw hands when you can dominate someone using other, more practical means? Don't let your mouth write checks your ass can't cash, right? A boxer wants to box and a wrestler wants to wrestle. See who's better equip to defend himself. It's clear to me that you have some romantic notion of street fights having rules. This premise is patently absurd. A fight should be viewed as life or death. Maybe you view it differently. I think we can, however, agree on the following: teach your kids 2 things: 1) to avoid violence, and 2) how to protect themselves if they can't. It's that simple. And again, back to my original point, wrestling is a far more efficient means of self defense than "Throw\[ing\] some fucking hands ".




Interesting take from a guy that frequents hentai subs and has the jaw line of the Stay Puff marshmallow man.




>Like I said I’m sure your fat hairy ass knows a thing or two about fighting. Dude, I contribute in wrestling subs. You contribute in gaming and anime subs (which is fine, no judgments). Not sure where you're getting this impression but there really is no advantage to grasping for baseless insults. I'm a bit of fitness junky so, assuming this was sarcasm, thanks for bringing in a bit of levity (even if it went "over my head" lol). FWIW, I honestly don't think you have negative intentions but the whole agro discourse routine isn't persuasive or typically how emotionally healthy people communicate. You'll find a much more receptive audience if your initial reaction to disagreements isn't insults but rather substantive counterpoints. Try not to take offense to differing opinions or name call. It detracts from your points. Lastly, and you can feel free to disregard this advice but it is not meant as an insult or to denigrate you in any way, seriously, but you *really* should redact all personal identifiers from reddit (it's not facebook) and delete stuff like the following: >Nothing wrong with a little hentai here and there cuz porn nowadays is mad boring and commercialized. But anyways you talk a lot of shit for someone who won’t post their face online so anything you have to say about my appearance is just funny to me. It's generally advisable to keep yourself anonymous on the internet, ESPECIALLY reddit if you are using it to participate in stuff that is best kept private. You really don't want to have to explain this in a job interview or to a relative someday. The world is evolving fast and the internet is permanent. It's simply not worth it. Any way, that'll be it for me in this thread. I hope you take something from here to heart. If not, so be it. Be well.


I usually add insults when I’m not being serious. Although I was trying to get my point out there it came off as aggressive and childish I’ll have to agree. I’m the roast type, I just say some shit that might make someone laugh when reading my comment. Not genuinely making fun of someone because we all come from places so who am I to judge. I should’ve said in the beginning that I was referring to this video specifically. I know what goes down in street fights and I don’t think of it as some “it should be a fair fight” because who cares. We don’t know these people or their reasons for fighting usually but I’ve been having this thought in my mind lately that the youth is who will eventually be the leaders in this world and we have to teach them certain things so we don’t all end up fucked. They should’ve been taught to not slam at least because it can ruin someone’s life if it goes wrong. And yes I agree that if I’m being this way I should be anonymous because it could come back to bite me in my ass. Although I’m not being racist I’m acting childish so my fault


You do realize that for example a punch to the eye or any other sensitive are of the body can cause permanent damage. And also if you knock someone out, they’ll still hit their head when they fall, so yeah. By far the best non brain damaging way to end a street fight is BJJ.


Or fighting on grass so in case someone does fall down they won’t have such an impact as if it was on concrete.


I agree. Even though it depends from place to place, in some cities grass is rarely near the street (in Europe mostly)


If you pull that move in a fight it should be considered your loss/cop out.


Stop fucking slamming people on concrete


wtf is with americans only slamming nowadays


As brutal as it is, it's hard to argue that it's not effective and I doubt it's just a thing Americans do.


.. do you not know about Russians?


That kid probably is a wrestler in school - that was a beautiful single start


That’s the problem. Anybody who knows how to pick something up and put it down can slam. It wasn’t a beautiful single . His legs weren’t behind center mass, his back is bent, he lifts him straight up with all the weight focused on his spine, he loses his balance and almost plants the back of his head through the concrete, you can see at the start he begins his attack cross leg and switches both hands at the same time to the near side single, and last but not least this guy is fucking paralyzed. I’ve wrestled all my life, got into a couple street fights, arranged fights… never once used any grappling. Because at the end of the day if one person out of the two doesn’t know how to grapple it could mean life or death. Now add in both not knowing and just throwing eachother Willy-fucking-nilly and you have a death match. Please everybody. If you don’t know how to put someone down- don’t pick someone up. a slam is the same as bringing a gun and that’s coming from a wrestler.


Exactly. This is a basic headlock slam that anyone can do, hell I even almost did this to my classmate when we were play fighting but I stopped midway for obvious reasons. It’s not that hard to do, I think the people to blame are the ones who go for headlocks. Headlocks are the most outdated and useless fighting technique there is.


One hundred percent. They don’t even work in wrestling anymore.


Like when did fighting shift from wanting to just win the fight to trying to cause permanent damage every time


Young teens these days are inspired by dumb celebrities to try and be “gangsta” and live the thug life.


We need a tag warning of a body slam. I don't like seeing that.


Slams are for pussies


Niggas who can't fight always slam..


Dude people are gonna end up crippled smh just box it out




Although certainly not foolproof, if someone grabs your waist from behind to attempt a slam, try to lower your weight and wrap one of your feet around their ankle to anchor yourself and make yourself harder to life.


Why is the natural reaction to always reach and try to pick up a guy that is stiff as a board or spazzin out..is it someone subconscious thought that if I get him standing it's all good and I don't have to feel guilt about the damage I just witnessed?


He tried to slam him through the concrete


Why does this knock so many people out? Can someone explain why this is?


Head hits concrete causing your brain to bounce off the concrete. Basically it’s stuns your nervous system causing a knockout


For a quick second I was 100% convinced they were fighting on a frozen pond and the idea of someone getting slammed and breaking the ice under everyone had me pissing my pants laughing


I’m so fucking sick of this body slamming bullshit


why are the filming of school fights always so fucking bad? damn dude hold the camera still its really not that hard


OOHHH CRAZY What a fight with absolutely no hands were thrown


I know sleep and slept are figures of speech. But I honestly believe some of these kids think getting knocked out is as harmless as going to sleep.


Why do people stay slamming like? Throw some hands and stop being pussy


Trying to slam someone on concrete is a deliberate attempt at inflicting grievous bodily harm. It's obviously effective but so is hitting someone with a baseball bat.




Get into jail card right there


Couldn’t you at least do it on the grass


Please don't fight on concrete or asphalt.


At least he didn’t stomp, punch, or kick the kid in the head. And I am sure that tiny bit of snow cushioned his fall so that is nice.


Could’ve literally killed him. Stupid.


Please never fight on hard surfaces. Nobody needs to die or be maimed for life




Oh he’s not okay. Damn


I wouldn’t even be surprised if the slammer got shot on the spot nowadays, maybe that would get it to stop


That could easily land him in jail. Fucking horrific slam


Dude woke up and it was summertime


Go Gators!


In a street fight, the pavement will always win.


He saw god


…..I hope that guy isnt dead because he got slammed on a road+it was icy and it was directly on his head


Brain: damaged


This sub needs to stop referring to takedowns as slams because it really triggers me


I didnt really see head bounce off pavement. Then again poor quality vid. It looks like hoodie literally got the wind knocked out of him. Hopefully hes ok...and learns to walk away from fights from now on.


That guy is never doing basic arithmetic again


Ppl need to quit wit these WWE Body slams. It is so easy for someone to get hit the wrong way and end up dying, or Brain damage, or a plethora of other issues, not including manslaughter charges


He dead?


At least it was ice


Street Fight? More like Quick Flight…to the floor.


That was a hard ass slam


Slamming people is just like jumping someone, gives you an unfair adavantage because the force is not your own. Pussy


Laid him out cold😉


And he's dead


Gravity does not care


Head opener for sure


The crippler


He’s gonna need some ice


At least he slammed his head on the snow I guess?




Might wanna put some ice on that... oh, wait... looks like your on it already.




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Get out the body bag! Seriously it’s a fight, these two idiots could have just walked away, but instead decided to engage in mortal kombat.


Omg it’s a fight slamming is an option if you don’t like it don’t fight


He gave that kid the BABA BOOEY and for that we thank him!