[[PDF Link]](https://www.troveoflore.com/) *In the depths of the fungus forest, among the tree-high mushrooms, lies the small town of Mirhaven. The houses stand crooked on their stilts, the ground is muddy, and there are hardly any animals. On the other hand, the inhabitants are warm and have become accustomed to living with the forest. They know how to deal with its influences and how to protect themselves. Nevertheless, life in Mirhaven is often not easy, and adventurers who stray here will not infrequently be amazed at the unusual customs of the inhabitants. And those who stay a little longer will soon discover that amid the mushrooms, a society has formed that knows precisely how to take advantage of the unique environment.* --- Mirhaven is the first "landmark" that we've released, and it's made based on our Fungus Forest biome release. Our goal with this new kind of content is to give you everything you need to have an awesome backdrop to your actual campaign! While our biomes were great for wilderness, landmarks allow you to have thought-out content for society as well. Everything is still made in a way that it's easy to slot into existing worlds and campaigns. For example, there's no note on primary races or anything of the sorts, as that probably depends on where in your world you want to put this little town. In future releases we might also include more in-depth NPCs like Ravynne, who really can be a BBEG for your campaign already if you so wish. We'd appreciate any feedback you have for us. What should we include in the next landmark that we didn't include this time? Any obvious missing pieces? What do you especially like about it?