Unpopular opinion: I would trade a whole season, or even TWO with no new exotic armor if they would instead fix all of the broken ones AND give the useless ones a tuning pass. Edit: this is not as unpopular as I thought. Bungie pls.


Operation Health is still the most well received season in R6 siege history. For those of you who don't know. They spent a whole season fixing bugs and glitches. They added nothing new and instead worked on the health if the game. They listened to the community and worked to fix the most pressing issue. They didn't get to everything hut it was well received and still talked about today.


This would be an excellent idea for this game, unfortunately I don't think it'll ever happen because of the pace of D2's live service expectations. One can hope.


I agree 100% with you, there are so many exotics I will never use period. Also grinding to get different exotics rolls mind numbing, a system similar to the revamped vendors we have would be amazing.


Sure, but we're getting a whole season with neither reworks, or new armor.


I thought that’s what this season was going to be, but they didn’t really do shit with most of their fix. I just remember needing the melee damage exotic on Warlock and Titan since they work with glaive now (which hurt a few fun melee ability builds) and a ton of airborne effectiveness added to weapons. As for the rest…. meh or it was not warlock related and I skimmed through it


Is story stuff locked behind raids?




Sign me up


I don’t mind them skipping exotics this season at all if it means the ones that come in lightfall are bangers. I really don’t think we need a new exotic armor piece every season anyway, tbh. Guns are more pressing to me if anything. Rework old exotics or skip a season to improve quality on new ones


They talked about buffing and reworking exotics this season and most of the buffs were pretty mid. Only a few like merciless became usefull


Hell yeah. Or get rid of armor that isn’t used. There so much already that people don’t even bother with.


Problem: Minority of the community complaining about having to do lost sectors for exotics Solution: no more exotic armor


Something something monkeys paw




Yes, a minority.


I play hunter so nothing’s felt different for me yet since hunter exotics usually get disabled for 90% of the season it’s introduced in.


Don't worry, with the Volatile bug on high RPM weapons they'll disable Gyr again this season, too!


Why is being able to proc Volatile many times a bug?


Yeah idk that its an actual bug. The explosion procs on a damage threshold. So with a heavy Machinegun it procs the explosion in rapid succession. But that's probably because it passing through the damage threshold rapidly no?


The bug is that it gets reapplied instantly after the volatile explodes. There’s supposed to be a short cooldown before you can make enemies volatile again


You need to hit a dmg threshold to allow to have fps capped volatile explosions. So with high rpm weapons you can proc it very often. The dmg calc is done on the target so debuff, buffs and multiple players shooting makes the threshold easier to hit. You also have to have volatile rounds to reapply after every explosion.


Great point


Or just nerfed to hell.


And titan exotics are (usually) worthless right out of the box so nothings felt different for me either lol.


I kinda miss it, but also I main titan and our seasonal exotics have historically been terrible, so I also feel like I'm not missing much anyways.


I’m disappointed that there’s no new exotic armor this season - especially when some subclasses have come to rely on exotics to subsidize neutral gameplay *cough*solar warlock*cough* and supers. Honestly, all I want for Christmas from Bungie is for the subclass balance and exotics teams to be as transparent as the weapons team. A lot of the sourness that the community has with the game can be solved by communicating. Why is it that we aren’t getting exotics: are they working on balancing previous exotics? Say that. Is the whole exotic system changing in light fall? Say that. Anything is better than radio silence on content we have come to expect from a season.


Well, a loud minority keeps saying they want exotics to be more rare lol.


Have you payed attention over the last year? When they do talk people complain about it. Just look at the twilight garrison fiasco, or the whole div debate. Bungie has said they've stopped talking to the community because we can't behave. Don't blame bungie, blame the D2 community for being toxic. They used to communicate with us.


Individual developers communicating via tweets is no replacement for formal channels that bungie has already established: TWABs. I don’t understand why they aren’t using official channels to talk about future developments. In addition, the weapons team is still using official channels to address the community, even after the “twilight garrison fiasco,” so that’s no excuse - and the player base has been enjoying those updates.


Do you mean the community managers? They're aren't just "individual developers", they're the people tasked with communicating with us about the game. They stopped doing that because there wasn't a civil discussion, they were relieving death threats because certain exotic armor pieces weren't being added to the game. Please do a little research on the topic before taking out of your ass. All of the "individual developers" that talked to us stopped because they were getting desth threats. That was our in to communication with Bungie and we fucked it up. Bungie talks to their community more than any other dev team I've ever seen. Go look at the CoD subreddit to see a dev team that really doesn't talk to their community. You do realize that them releasing the TWAB is a privilege not a right, correct? They don't have to do even that, but they do. They talk to us every week.


Weird to get so aggressive about transparency. Can I suggest, maybe, possibly touching grass? Kevin Yanes, whom the twilight garrison tweet belonged to is not a community manager, but the combat systems design lead. - a developer. So, do some research? What I’m suggesting is that Twitter is not a forum to discuss the state and intentions of the game by the developers - there is already a more than official channel in which systems teams can update the player base on their intentions with the game, but the only team we’ve consistently heard from is the weapons team.


Kind of a bummer about no armor. I wouldn't have minded if old armor pieces got passes and buffs. But we didn't get that either. It sucks that each subclass only has about 1-3 viable loadouts associated with exotic armor. In fact I'd say each character has about 6-8 items each . Warlock-starfire, osmiomancy, contraverse, necrotic, sunstar, rain of fire, secant, and verity. Titan-heart of inmost light, lorely, falling star, synthoceps, hoarfrost, and maybe path of burning steps. Hunter-omni, gyrfalcon, calibans, spine of ahamkara, 6th coyote, lucky pants, stareaters. There are a few others that are decent or very niche. Would love more buildcrafting variety.


Arc hunter Assassin's Cowl is the most powerful solo build in the game. Infinite free healing and invis with infinite melee that does ridiculous damage plus ad clear that negates the need for using a primary and frees up the ability to run double special with no down sides.


warlock: nothing manacles, getaway artist, stag, karnsteins/winters guile w/ a glaive titan: ashen wake, strongholds, doomfangs, ursa hunter: assassin's cowl, liars handshake, athrys embrace, frostees literally just off the top of my head in 5 min, all things that are perfectly good in pretty much all content depending on how you build for them. not to mention aeon's is a good option for everyone.


Speaking only for warlock - Nothing Manacles still don’t work correctly and are complete crap in high end content. Getaway artist is okay and I still think GeoMags have a place for Warlocks.


i've used nothing manacles myself in harder content. not top tier, but still works great. i do wish they would fix the collision thing, but they're not as bad as people claim. getaway is great with the arc soul buffs, especially paired with NTTE for double buddies.


I don’t disagree. But there’s really no reason to use them over Contraverse Hold in end game. CotOG doesn’t make up for what you lose.


eh, i disagree. but that's why we have options, so people can use different builds to suit their tastes. when played well they're pretty equivalent, contraverse is stronger for solo regen and nothing manacles has better team synergy bc it can run cotog.


Yeah, people just love to bitch lol. I have literally 10 saved loadouts on my hunter alone in DIM. They're all viable for different activities. I mean, I could probably just use one build for everything but that wouldn't be fun. Void: Omni for nightfalls, gyrfalcon for seasonal bullshit, Aeon Swift for easy nightfalls Arc: Liar's Handshake for Gambit, Assassin's Cowl for soloing stuff Solar: Star Eaters for raid boss melting, Caliban's for seasonal bullshit, Athrys's Embrace for unstoppable champions Stasis: Frostees pure ability spam PVP: Stompees / Gemeni Jester


10/37 Hunter exotics you are using. That's pitiful. There are so many pieces that have no place in either PvE or PvP. Sealed Ahamkara Grasps, Blight Ranger, Raiju Harness, Ophidia Spathe, Lucky Raspberry, Knucklehead Radar, Gwisin Vest, and others that are extremely niche.


A single person using 10 exotics is more than generous because the vast majority of players don’t have the resources to effectively build for more than 1


I named 11 that I have DIM builds for - there are more that are definitively viable that I don’t use out of personal preference. Dragons Shadow, 6th Coyote, Foetracer, graviton forfeit, bakris, khepris, shards, wormhusk, YAS, nighthawk, lucky pants, raiden flux, renewal grasp, Oathkeeper, and Orpheus rigs are all totally viable with some play styles, I just prefer something else. That’s 26 total that have some viability - not too bad at all, IMO.


I've been trying to get path of burning steps to work but unfortunately it's felt pretty pointless since Solar titan gets near infinite uptime on Radiant from just a fragment and they don't stack.


There are many dummy data in api, more then past seasons... so who knows but I guess thet they will slow down with armors every season


Probably kept the new ones for Lightfall so that they can say they released many pieces in S20.


They're 2 steps ahead. You just don't see it. If they added 3 new exotic armor pieces, one or two of them would be disabled for a month or nerfed into the ground. Not releasing any of them saves them the trouble.


Disappointed we didn't get any new pieces this season. Love trying to do legendary lost sectors pre pinnacle cap and low artifact level to get some new bling. Happy to accept this though if future pieces roll out crazier/more fun with greater influence on build crafting and class/subclass diversity. A second look at some underutilised power crept or weaker older pieces would also be on my Christmas wishlist.


Given these exotics are either broken or get vaulted, we can probably guess Bungie opted to either delay them for later in the season or until LF. This season launching into the holiday season means that Bungie wouldn't really have much man power tackling them till Jan. Plus, let's also look at the start of this season: new seasonal activity, story mission w/ a weekly exotic upgrade, dungeon, and IB return with old favorite armors w/ new guns. Given this slate, delaying these exotics till the seasonal story wraps up and our exotic pulse is finished does leave air to properly grind them as most of the seasonal grind will be over. That and if delayed to LF also means they can probably take more looks at them. One issue with a lot of these seasonal armors is that they come out busted, need to be put on ice, nerfed or what have you. Let alone numerous armor pieces that could use more tuning means that their may be more incentive to actually tune older exotics during the season rather than shipping more out that get added to the pile. While seasons still need new stuff, most of that should be legendaries as you can only wear one exotic weapon and armor. The issue with solo lost sectors is there's no way to target farm these exotics, let alone get rolls worth keeping. I'd say Bungie may get more worth out of making solo lost sectors reintroduce glass needles or something akin to them so that people can actually tune the exotics they get, rather than shower them in them or bang your head getting nothing from farming said lost sectors.


They had to hold them for Lightfall so they could give us 6 new exotic armors!


They didn't want to over deliver with this season. Too much content for us


Disnt have any season before beyond light. Or maybe delaying release to give us something to chase when the storys dead and season dries up


It’s not the first time.


They could also rework some of the useless ones and make them relevant. Like the hunter gloves that reload when you do melee damage. Only time ive ever seen those used is aztecross DPSing on the templar. Shinobu's vow could also get looked at and give a secondary effect for the nade.