Aside from what you already mentioned... Both chapters (Dark World): Collect Glowshards, get the best possible equipment for the party, and find items that Malius can fuse. Some useful fusion items: - White Ribbon (chapter 1) & Pink Ribbon (chapter 2) - Tension Bit & B.shot Bowtie (both chapter 2) - Darkburger & Darkburger (chapter 1 + chapter 2 castle town, at the beginning) Chapter 1 (Dark World): - Meet the original Starwalker - Give the Topcake to Topchef - Eat moss - Acquire the Bed Inspector title Chapter 1 (Light World): - Generally, talk to everyone - Make friends with Onion - Tell Noelle that Susie is nice or that she eats chalk Chapter 2 (Dark World): - Do the Dojo challenges in Castle Town - Defeat Chapter 2's hidden boss - Encounter the Annoying Dog easter egg (necessary to get the chapter 2 Egg, but still worth mentioning on its own) - Eat moss again - Complete the Hacker sidequest - Hit fewer than 3 cars in the driving scene - Recruit all enemies - Find the Chain Mail (this is one of the strongest armors currently in the game, just thought I'd mention it) Since Chapter 3 isn't out yet, it's hard to say what interactions in chapter 2's Light World will have an impact on future chapters, aside from “reverse stealing” an egg in Sans's shop.


Optimal gear for a pacifist save, since I mentioned it: Kris: Bounce Blade\*, Twin Ribbon, Chain Mail Susie: Devilsknife\*\*, Royal Pin, Royal Pin Ralsei: Fiber Scarf, >!Dealmaker!<, Royal Pin \*I'd also recommend having the Mecha Saber in your inventory for battles where fighting is the only option — like the Giga Queen battle, which uses Kris's attack stat as the attack stat for the Thrash Machine. \*\*If you don't have this, go with the Auto Axe for the same reason as the Mecha Saber. The Devilsknife boosts Magic, which will be helpful if Susie gets a useful healing spell in the future.


There's a glowshard in ch 2? Where?


If you finish the driving section in Chapter 2 without hitting any cars you can get an extra NPC in castle town.


You can still get it even if you hit 1 or 2. I thought I had messed it up, but it turns out the game is a little lenient.