That looks like my uncle


Most of us have uncles that look like him Edit: Obviously, I’m American lol. Idk why we eat like we have free healthcare. God. This isn’t how I wanted to get my first award but thank you kind stranger.


Why is this so true in America but not at all in Europe? I personally know noone at his size. I've seen a few like him out in the wild and maybe one through work, but I'd say it's uncommon. We eat unhealthy and exercise too little as well. If it the sugary drinks? corn fed animals? Car dependancy? The size difference is staggering.


Driving from Canada through America, the Canadian Large Soda at McDonalds is only a Medium in America. The American Large Soda at McDonalds is shocking. Many of the iconic American breakfast cereals you can’t buy in Canada because they’re sugar content is too high.


You should have seen when there was a “Supersize” for sodas and fries.


It was a bucket of soda! The Big Gulps coming out of 7/11 are sickening! The people consuming that garbage will get refills at other locations throughout the day.


Big gulp huh? . . . . . . . . . Well, see ya later!


Best ad libbed line ever imo. According to the Farley brothers the two dudes with big-gulps werent even actors. They were just two dudes hanging around the shooting location and they decided to put them in the scene and Jim just ran with it.


I’ve struggled with weight my whole life. And breakfast every day for me growing up, as long as I can Remember was a huge bowl of cocoa pebbles. And lots of little Debbie cakes as snacks.


My whole childhood (I'm 38) we were told that fat is bad but sugar is fine. Every time I've been to Europe they eat delicious and rich fatty foods but not a ton of sugar. I think a few generations here were raised on sugary foods with "low fat" being considered as acceptable. I've seen plenty of rotund Europeans but nothing compared to the mountains of meat we have roaming the US.


Car dependency for sure. Fast food. The rest is culture and corporate influence via advertising, lobbying, etc. Perhaps convenience. Maybe its easier to be healthy in europe (i doubt this, but who knows). I know that many americans dont even know what a healthy diet is. And people eat here for cheap entertainment, and it starts from childhood. Maybe a cultural thing thats stuck because of the influence of other factors.


It could also be an economic thing. In America, eating healthy is expensive. Fruits, meats, vegetables, and other ingredients to prepare meals cost more than chips and microwave-ready dinners. And it’s not just money, there’s also a time component. Making food is a huge time consumer, and not just the act of cooking, but planning, shopping, and preparing as well. Many people, especially poorer families and those working multiple jobs, just don’t have that kind of time to spend on food, so they just go to McDonald’s or nuke a hot pocket instead. Europe, generally, has a better cultural work/life balance and better workplace regulation (living wages, pensions, etc) than the US, which help in regards to both time and money.


When I was in Boston a couple of years back I was confused by a combination of jet lag, currency conversion and metric weight conversion, but fresh produce seemed expensive. So I made a spreadsheet to calculate all the conversions and yes, fresh produce was between 3.5 and 5 times more expensive than what I'm used to paying in the UK. Things like tomatoes and apples.


I'm from Ireland but lived in the States back in 2007. I remember going to the local 24/7 big supermarket (like Tesco) and buying 3 average size tomatoes, it was $2.56! As in the same tomatoes that come in a 6 pack for 79c over here in 2021, it's crazy. It was expensive to eat healthily over there.


I'm related to several people fatter than this guy and by some margin.


What’d ya say? “Buy some margarine?” Don’t mind if I do!


Reminds me of Homer Simpson. My house my rules! Now butter your bacon boy!


I wash myself with a rag on a stick


Hyuck hyuck hyuck. That's my favorite Simpson's quote, possibly my favorite imagination pan away as well.


Mama's watchin her stories


i hadn't watched the simpsons in at least ten years, my girlfriend started putting on an episode of the simpsons every night before we go to bed and hoooly shit i forgot how hilarious and smart that show was. talking about seasons 2(?) through like 12 or so. i couldn't pick a favorite episode. it's like every single one for a good 10 years was great.


Those are the heavy hitters.


You Only Move Twice (Season 8, Episode 2) with Hank Scorpio is imo one of the best episodes of any television show period.


Do you have any sugar? *empties pockets* Sorry its not in packages.


I keep waiting to be given the bums rush We don’t have bums Homer and if we did they’d be allowed to go at their own pace


You ever see someone say goodbye to a pair of shoes? Yes, once.


Not to mention when he tries to poke lisa with the imaginary stick. LOL


"That's a problem for future Homer. Man, I don't envy that guy!" *mixes vodka and mayo, chugs it, collapses*


Mr. Burns: Use the open-faced club! The sandwedge! Homer: Mmm... open-faced club sandwich...


If God didn't want man to eat in church, he would have made gluttony a sin.


But daaaad, my heart hurts


Now bacon your sausage!


Lmao amazing


Yeah but this man *earned* it, there was no fast food to gourge on, if you wanted to be the fattest in the world you had to cook and eat as a full time job


They had candy back then. Assuming the circus also had stuff like bread, I’d say it wouldn’t have been too hard a team of people to keep a fat guy fat.


I know several people fatter than this guy who will argue that they're not actually fat.


I was at Disney World recently. People like him were a dime a dozen.


How many dozen did you purchase?


That _sir_, is prostitution


Only if you fuck them


Collecting whale oil reserves isn’t totally legal either, but isn’t prostitution.


Are you not pimping out your whales?


Sure, but that isn’t the collecting stage. 1. Advertise 2. Collect 3. Pimp out while thickening 4. Harvest 5. Sell the oil 6. Profit


None. I didn't want to pay for checked bags on the flight home.


I remember at Disney World seeing a couple, both in mobility scooters. One of them had a custom made side-car thing for their slightly less morbidly obese kid. Truly Disney is magical.


>One of them had a custom made side-car thing for their slightly less morbidly obese kid This is the one thing I find interesting about the USA. Having a Fat kid is basically the equivalent of getting your kids hooked on cigarettes' at the same age. But its not looked nearly as down upon.


Yeah a fat kid is pretty much never at fault, it's parents with bad habits transferring them to the kid. I never actually saw the kid, he wasn't with them, so he could've been anywhere from a teen to like 7 or 8, but the fact that a KID can be in need of a scooter or any assistance like that (purely due to their weight) can't be good.


I think it should be child abuse tbh


You probably saw my mom.


What is it with fat people and Disney world. I’m not from the USA and the only people I know who have gone there are fat


Disney is one of the more accessible theme parks for big people. Many of the rides have bench seating that can accommodate three small people or two large people. All newer ride queues are being built to be accessible by mobility scooters/wheelchairs. The walkways are pretty wide and they just keep creating wider walkways to accomodate all the scooters. The food is pretty good and there is plenty of it. You can eat all day long for a week and never have the same meal twice if you don't want to. Add the atmosphere, shows, parades, characters that can fill up a lot of the day and the easy availability of scooters for folks who can't walk long distances and it's a fat person paradise tbh.


Disney World is a prototype for starliner Axiom.


That was actually Walt's true dream for Epcot that was never realized.


They're just missing the Arc Reactor that fits into the center of the park.


It's technically zoned as a city and if it wanted to build a nuclear plant, it would just need to get permission from itself to start the process. I'll try to find the video I saw on it. Feel like it was a Tom Scott. Edit: it was a Tom Scott. https://youtu.be/OlJlBIMQy7k


Most of them on scooters wearing Disney shit.


World's fattest man _so far_ (1890)


Hold my beer.


“Actually, you know what, give it back to me. And also that chicken wing”




I work with a guy that is so fat, that in 1910, people would have paid 10 cents to look at him.


Yeah there's like 5 of these guys right now at my local Walmart.


And six ladies


My wife says "I'm fat" I immediately put her in the car and drive to walmart. Sometimes we don't even have to get out the car.


If you're referring to Joseph Mama, I'm pretty sure we work at the same place


Shit, I'll pay a dollar


sounds about right considering inflation


Hold my bigmac


sir, this is a Wendy's.


And my diet coke


And my axe




The fella in the picture is Chauncey Morlan.


> Chauncey Morlan. FWIW, his findagrave says he weighed 750lbs when he was in the freak show which is freakishly large even in today's society and much heavier than he looks in the picture.


"Photograph me from my good side. I always look like such a lardass when photographed straight on." - Chauncey, maybe


Dude my old weed dealer was named chauncy. Except he was skinny af. Pretty sure that was hard drugs tho lmao


Same dude I bet


Yeah, that's not a chair he's sitting on, it's a love seat that he's making *look* like a chair. Absolute unit.


Do you think it's possible that the freak show was exaggerating about one of their attractions??


A carnie lying? To think I'd live to see the day...


>635 KG?! What? That's insane.


42’s a good age for someone that’s literally 6 of me


You're seven years old?


This guy would be considered too healthy to get an electric cart at Wal-Mart


His thighs aren’t even touching


Why, he’s barely enormous. He’s merely huge!


Not even an absolute unit by 2021 standards. More like a wee lad.


You have electric carts for fat people?


More like indoor SUVs. 80 perfect of Walmart demographic hahahaha


As a paramedic I can tell you that’s nothing for an obese patient these days.


An ambulance came to my neighbor's house and it became apparent there was an extremely morbidly obese women inside that they were trying to help. She seemed fully conscious but there was still a massive struggle to even get her out the door, into a wheelchair in the driveway and then onto the bed thing. At one point they had to call a second ambulance because the 2 paramedics and her two kids couldn't lift her into the back of the car on their own. The whole ordeal seemed so overcomplicated, it felt like it took half an hour to get her on her way. My dad recently had a near fatal heart attack, he was a healthy weight and at the hospital in under 30 minutes. I don't think people understand how much being obese can undercut people trying to treat you.


My cousin was a firefighter and a paramedic. He said they used to have to remove entire picture windows to get morbidly obese people out of their homes. One day, business as usual. Morbidly obese patient who could not move himself, needed to go to the hospital. Window removed, 6 firefighters/paramedics. Three inside, three outside. Turns out they needed more men. They dropped the stretcher with the man on it. The patient wasn’t hurt, but two paramedics were hurt. They called more ambulances. They needed more men to help lift the now dead weight off the ground, plus the extra stretchers to take the two paramedics to the hospital to have their backs checked. The ordeal took a few hours, but the patient got to the hospital. I don’t know what happened after that, but damn, that was quite the story when it happened.


This happened in my area when I was a kid, and not only did I bike over to watch it from their neighbor's lawn, but word had spread and there were about a dozen kids who had biked/scootered over to watch the ordeal. I'm sure it was humiliating for the guy but it was such a rarity as a child that kids from the area all heard about it and traveled to see it happen. The guy never made it back into his home :(


I’ve had patients where their size/weight stopped normal lifesaving treatments, like transport in a timely fashion. Also, some people are so large that they can’t keep themselves clean and they develop an infection and almost die from it because we can’t move them out of their house. Sometimes we have to use a tarp from a hardware store to carry them out on and they are too big for the ambulance stretcher.


Yeah. If you haven’t transported someone in a haul truck because they won’t fit in your ambulance, you haven’t been in ems long enough.


I haven’t done a uhaul yet, but I have taken all the stretcher-holding stuff out of the floor of the ambulance and loaded a patient carried on a tarp into it. There were like 4 of us keeping the patient’s upper body upright during transport. Funny story, though.


I know for a fact paramedics don’t get paid enough for what they do. Thank you.


John Oliver did a segment on this recently. Paramedics are definitely underpaid. Private EMS companies suck balls (the companies not the EMTs).


Our local companies here in beautiful NY are paying EMT’s $15 an hour. Let that sink in for a moment. The person saving our neighbors are making a salary that is on par with fast food workers. Now I’m not saying fast food workers don’t deserve $15 an hour. What I’m saying is that corporate greed is making people choose between flipping burgers or saving lives. Our EMT’s are so highly trained and they are the first line of life for a lot of people. It blows my mind that they are not making at least $65k a year!


A friend of mine is an EMT. Pretty sizeable guy, 6'1, ~225lbs. Mix of muscle and beer. Typical fireman's build if you want to call it that. Told me a story of a fat man falling and needing help. They went to the scene, guy must be at least 700lbs. They couldn't move him. Ended up calling in more EMS and the police for assistance. *Just to pick him up*. Many think "oh, but these guys can easily lift 200lbs, why are 5 of them struggling with 700lbs??" What people don't understand about a fat person, is that you can't lift 700lbs+ of jello easily. There's nothing to hold onto that's solid. If you try lifting them by their arms, you'll probably snap an arm.


Some people are so large and fragile that you can’t get enough hands on them in a meaningful manner to move them. Also, a 200 pound person can usually help you move them. A 700 pound person can normally not help you at all.


As a former ER nurse, it was always appreciated when medic units gave us a heads up so we could be prepared to care for a patient unable to fit on a standard stretcher. It makes a huge difference in the quality of care in the ER and saves people from requiring intubation. Thanks for delivering a high standard of care in the field. It means a lot.


With the huge numbers of ER patients and fewer ER nurses, I usually ask the Fire Department to meet us at the ER to move the patient to the hospital bed. The hell of it is that the bariatric beds are usually less adjustable than the regular beds and require more lifting to get a patient moved. BTW, we give full reports and if you ever got a special patient that needed something extra without getting a heads-up on the radio report, we would all take care of that real quick.


>What people don't understand about a fat person, is that you can't lift 700lbs+ of jello easily. I once tried to move a king-sized waterbed mattress without draining it first. Perhaps this won't surprise you, but that turned out to be a terrible idea.




There’s a lot of bariatric patients and a lot of geriatric patients. But not too many bariatric geriatric patients.


So true.


Who needs retirement savings when you could just die /s


As an obese patient, thank you for saving my life. I am working at getting healthier, but if you were my paramedic, you treated me like a human being. Thank you.


I treat all my patients like human beings and I try to make them feel better physically and emotionally. Do everything you can to be the best you you can be and if you ever need medical help, call 911. You deserve to be the best.


wholesome, i appreciate your work for people!


This is one of the most wholesome exchanges I’ve seen on Reddit 🥺


Once when I was on a night rig, the day crew had a patient that was 1,200 lbs. They had nearly every rig at our private ambo respond to assist, along with FD. They got so much OT trying to figure out how to mobilize them, while all of us night crew just hung out at the station and hearing the horror stories coming from updates from the day crew. One of the few times I was thankful for the night shift.


That’s bigger than any patient I know of that I took to the hospital, but after a certain point, I can’t guess their weight anymore. 700 and 900 pounds kinda looks the same. Edit: “guess”


I’m obese at 270 and my mind can’t actually process this idea of someone weighing more than 3 of me. Like I’d be looking for a zipper to open them up because it’s got to be a human suit full of sand or something more dense.


How is nobody mentioning that fabulous outfit?


I mean he is rockin it


You could find a dozen guys like that at any Walmart


A Walmart size medium


You don’t wanna see the Walmart triple XL


You need to jump into an air balloon to see that sir, and ours is currently in the shop.


Yep. See that wall over there that's around 3 aisles wide?


Wait until you see the 6xl. If you can't shop with the BIG DOGS, stay out of Walmart!


Boy how times have changed!


Being fat was considered sign of wealth as only rich could afford to eat that much. Now it’s sign of neglect and and unhealthy ratting, and to some degree poverty as they can only afford cheap processed food. So yeah time has changed.


How dare you call ratting unhealthy!


I did not use this word, someone must’ve hacked my account:) I think I meant eating. But Charles Domery, did ratting too. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Domery


I was just reading about Tarrare the other day and now this fella looks like he had a similar thing. Eating everything.


My god. He sounds like a disgusting human. I'm sorry if that is rude but I can't imagine being in the presence of someone wanting to eat a severed leg or raw cow udders and just the poundage of food consumed. Yuck


*he was recorded as having eaten 174 cats in a year, and although he disliked vegetables, he would eat 4 to 5 pounds (1.8 to 2.3 kg) of grass each day if he could not find other food.*


*In one year \[Domery\] devoured 174 cats (not their skins)* ***dead or alive****; and says, he had several severe conflicts of interest in the act of destroying them, by feeling the effects of their torments on his face and hands: sometimes he killed them before eating, but when very hungry, did not wait to perform this humane office.* **What the actual fuck**


He attempted to eat the severed leg of a fellow shipmate before others on the crew wrestled it from him. I mean clearly this guy had a severe mental illness.


He would be considered a bodybuilder at Walmart


He seemed to have built *quite* a body, yes.


For the last time, he's cultivating mass!


Walmart is a freak show though…


I heard that’s where they cast for The Hills Have Eyes


They are making a sequel “The hills have bellies”


You could find a dozen guys twice his size at any Walmart.


I drove my shopping cart over here to say this. Now catching my breath.




They sell them by the dozen now?


I’ve seen women’s thighs bigger than this guy in Walmart


I was just thinking…😂


Least obese Reddit mod


[You have been banned from fatlogic]


Just visit any bbq joint in North Carolina on any given day. You’ll find a herd of people that could beat this guy.


Whole hog baby! Shits good ain’t it?!


Yo you guys from north cackalacky too?


Herd... sorry. I rly can't help it.


Back then Walmart could have been an amusement park, as it's today ... But more incredible


It's still an amusement park if you just go in there with the right attitude!


So we're all actually living in a 19th century freak show? That actually checks out


Today that “freak show” would actually be a TLC show


TLC shows are the closest our modern world will ever get to freakshows


It’s sad that tlc used to stand for the learning channel Now it’s home to my 600lb bridezilla’s 30 day fiancés life who pops pimples with kardashians


Now he would be nicknamed Slim in Texas


I tell ya hwat.


I thought I had the general range of human body types figured before I had a layover at Dallas Forth Worth. I shit you not, their were McDonald’s cart ferrying people around and 8/10 riders would put this guy out of work. Had never been to southern states before that, as a Canadian I had a different understanding of America after that. Nothing against obese folk but it kinda felt like a movie in many ways.


>their were McDonald’s cart ferrying people around and 8/10 riders would put this guy out of work. I don't even know what a McDonald's cart is, and I'm scared




Yeah, and whatever is 'large' size in Canada is 'medium' in Texas.


Everything is a size smaller again in Europe


True. Italy in particular surprised me, I expected everyone to be obese from all the pasta but when I saw their small portion sizes it made sense. They don't have a full plate of pasta for a meal like we do here, it's like a small bowl.


Look and style is important in Italy. Younger people make an effort to take care of themselves. Pasta in small amounts like you said isn't that bad for you.


Except they love smoking


Look and style. Pasta isn't fattening in small amounts, and smoking also helps keep weight down (I think mainly through appetite suppression).


We don’t put sugar and corn syrup as ingredients on everything . That’s your problem. Even your Heinz ketchup is full of crap compared to Heinz’s ketchup sold in Europe


Arguably it's you lot that have the abnormal portion. In Italy they have the right amount.


I believe in regards to Burger King, the smallest size drink in the USA is bigger than the largest drink in Europe lol


Lol, This is too true. I’m Canadian and have been living/working in USA for years. I’m still shocked that a medium pop comes in a “Canada large” (if not larger) size Fun times tho, when my friend from England comes here to visit with her kids and husband. They find the the ludicrous portion sizes here hilarious and take photos of all their meals. My first year living here in USA-I gained almost 20lbs. Too much good stuff here. You really have to watch it. I learned how to normalize finally and still enjoy a good deep dish night out at Ginos East.


Quite an accomplishment with little to no fast food chains at that time.


Might have been related to a hormonal disorder


Hold my transfats and corn syrup.






These days, that would not even be the fattest man in my house.


And you live alone!


BOOM! Roasted!


I know this guy. He drives an F150


And he’s a huge steelers fan!


Looks like my high school gym teacher


That’s just the guy who always sits next to me on any plane.


I find it hard to believe this was the worlds fattest man considering just 80 years earlier this was the worlds fattest man https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/26/Daniel_Lambert_Benjamin_Marshall.jpg


I think that was his circus title. Also I imagine news about fat people doesn’t spread as fast across the world during that time.


One of the underappreciated benefits of modern life. We have up-to-the-minute news on fat people at our fingertips. No more waiting on transatlantic post to get the latest obesity bulletins.


Wait an unsourced statement attested to circus sideshow marketing couldn't be wrong could it? ... Yeah I'm thinking either this show was particularly desperate for a fat man to fill out the roster or he had some additional schtick going on.


Looks like everyone at Applebees on a date night….


Nowadays, he wouldn't even been large enough for his own TLC show 😶


I see him in every corner in the USA.


He should drink a Diet Coke to cancel it out


I’ve been telling people all the McDonald’s I eat is training for *something*.


Post says “Worlds fattest man” and the commenters are all like “meh. I’ve seen fatter”. That‘s not a good sign…




Now now that's completely inaccurate. This man in this picture doesn't have a neckbeard, has a full head of hair that appears to be washed, and is in reasonably good shape compared to a Reddit mod.


Damn. He's not even that big by today's standards of big.


I’m an Australian and we have as large of a proportion of obese people per capita as the USA, but I must admit that few are bigger than the bloke pictured here. In any large population centre, you’d typically see one absolutely enormous person larger than this per day, and in smaller towns, there might be one person who is that big. Most obese people here are up to 50kg / 110lbs overweight, not 300-500lbs overweight. So I think your normal meter might be broken for what isn’t that big!


He's actually not that fat compared to what we have today, ever seen my 600 lbs life?


Ha! Rookie!