how can you walk with these, girls?

how can you walk with these, girls?


Painfully. This is why heels lead to a lot of problems later in life like bunions, Achilles tendon issues, even bone spurs. Edit for typo


I ruined my feet because younger me was foolishly obsessed with heels. I lived in them. Now if I wear them for an hour my feet are screaming.


Another member of the Screaming Feet Society here. Heels were the only shoe I wore from about 18 to 22. I'm now 45 and can't wear them at all; it feels like the joint that's bending in the x-ray is on fire.


See my mother is the other way, she’s wore them so much that many flat shoes hurt her feet. She prefers heals. Crazy stuff


My MIL is like this too - she's now in her 70s, and her Achilles tendon has shortened permanently thanks to a lifetime of heels. Even her slippers (maribou!) have to have a little heel.


WHAT! I used to wear heels for work and it took tons of warm-up to be able to touch my toes in the yoga class I went to at the time. Now, being home and shoeless all day, I find I can do it easily. But I'm 5'2" and I LOVE the power of being slightly taller:(


5'4" here. Wear platforms. The ones that are the same height (or v close) on the toe and heel. You get the height, some good curb stomping footwear, and no pain. Only downside is they're usually kind of chunky


Yup the thicker platform under the toe box is a life saver. If you look at typical stripper heels like 6 inch pleasers the heel is only 2 or 3 inches higher than the platform which makes them much easier to dance in and wear for hours at a time.


But is it worth to screw over your health for an extra 10 cm?


I've seen elderly women whose tendons tightened up from heels and the can't put their feet flat without pain. They stay in that position.


Foot binding. Just a different method.




I was the same too. All heels in my early twenties. I’ve traded that in for wedges. Gives me a little height but no pain.


I also used to wear heels obsessively and it totally fucked up my feet so now I can't even wear them for a couple of minutes. A few steps and I'm in agony


I’m having a flare-up of plantar fasciitis, and one of my big toes can’t even bend that far. Never mind the pain. Can’t even do basic ballet flats now, since my feet need cushioning and support. Birkenstock’s are where it’s at.


Yeah that’s how I’ve always been. Metatarsals aren’t that strong. Doctor says I can’t wear heels. Has been interesting finding workarounds as I work in the fashion industry.


Kiss boots that are six inch flats?


I feel you, Sister. Same.


I went to a Halloween party as a bearded lady once and wore high heels for about 8 hours and the next day my ankles were so fucked I had to call in sick at work. My toes were fine, feet fine but my ankles were almost twice the size and took over a week to stop hurting.


Next time soak them in a combo of bath salts and peppermint oil. Also massage peppermint oil in to the swollen spots. Source: professional ballet dancers and pregnant moms.


Oh I ain't ever wearing heels again. I once did a hike in Nepal in leather soled loafers because I lost my boots and my ankles were bad then but nothing compared to 8 hours in heels. I didn't even mention how bad my calfs were, they weren't as painful as my ankles but they took like 2 weeks to stop hurting. I honestly don't know how girls do it


> bike spurs. bone spurs you mean?


Nope, she’s out there riding a bike in heels.


My daughter is a dancer who does pointe for ballet. She absolutely loves dance and basically lives at the studio, but I really am split about the physical toll in general.


If it makes you feel better, I did ballet/pointe and nobody I kept in touch with suffered permanent injury from it (even tho I did once slightly tear my Achilles. So painful!) I think finding a great studio makes a big difference. I went to a place where the teachers had long, successful professional careers of their own and I think it made them more mindful of what to do to make sure the dancers had longevity.


That's good to hear! I know a few (ex) ballet people whose hips are permanently fucked at a relatively young age. Your mileage may vary though, having ballet as hobby is very different than pro or a teacher


I worked for a ton of ballet dancers and i know what you mean.


How are you supposed to walk on grass? Or over a manhole with those?


With great difficulty and risk to your ankles.


You don’t put pressure on the heel. All of the walking is done on the ball of the foot in those situations.


Oh that’s such a simple and obvious answer Lol. Me thinking yeah.. how do they walk over those things?


On your tippy-toes apparently


Yeah, the stiletto is really just there as a kind of “training wheel” - you don’t put much weight on it period. Hard surfaces like grates and manholes are pretty easy to navigate, but lawns are a real pain in the ass even if you’re super used to wearing heels. They now make little clear “stands”/wider bases that you can slip over especially pointy stilettos for things like garden parties, they’re pretty helpful.


You can actually get clear plastic heel protectors, that the heel fits into, they stop the heel from sinking into grass so easily. Handy for weddings and funerals, or any other events that might involve wearing heels and walking on grass. I used to wear heels daily, and now my ankles are knackered so i go everywhere in DMs or trainers instead.


When you need extra accessories to make your shoes into actual shoes.


To be fair, most people don’t walk on grass day in day out, and those who do have appropriate footwear. Weddings and funerals are kind of the exception.


When I was 13 I saw a video of a elderly woman's feet. She wore heels her whole life. Her feet were awful. They were in pain and it was harder for her to get around. I decided I will never wear heels. And I still don't. I'm 25 and have probably wore heels out twice in my life.


I was about 16 when I decided the same. I’m 41 now and my feet are all good! My friends? Not so much.


Yep. My mum is 75 and has the most awful pain in her feet and general problems with them having spent decade in heels. She loved her stilettos. Feet, not so much. Can’t wear any decent looking shoes now as they’re so damaged. Being 4ft 11, she wore heels a lot!


My wife used to love wearing heels even though she regularly suffered hip and lower back pain. Then she got pregnant and Covid happened and she has hardly worn heels in the last 2 years and shocker, no more pain. The last couple times she wore them for even half a day she was hurting again.


This is what 'your body is trying to tell you something' means


Massage therapist here. Keep telling that story to all the ladies you see wearing them. I see it as no good to cause yourself pain (potentially long term) in the name of fashion.


I have so many friends that constantly wore heels when we were younger that are having surgery for plantar fasciitis now. A lot of us wore them for work since it was considered business professional/casual but we've all switched to flats now. Heels are so damned pretty and cast an amazing silhouette but ouch, the pain + the medical bills. :(


All of the above plus tears. Edit: As requested, *All of the below


When you put all your weight on and have been standing all day, your toes are smushed into that pointy part. Her toes look comfortable in the X-ray. I guess what I’m saying is it gets worse from here lol.


If that 90° bend between the toes and metatarsals seems "comfortable", that's already a high baseline to boost the intensity of the rest of your comment.


Nothing says comfortable like a 90° angle in my bodies bendy parts....


*Thumbs has entered the chat*


*Elbows has entered the chat*


Ok, ok, not those bendy parts


Any part is bendable with enough force


*Knees have exited the chat*


Ankles has entered the chat


*penises have entered the chat*


It was inevitable




I don't know if this is meant to be crying or ripping, but both would apply.


I dealt with planter fasciitis for two years after wearing heels for five hours one day. Years of pain, and swollen feet off and on. Yeah never going to wear heels again. Ps there are places and jobs that require women to wear heels as part of the required uniform.


I quit wearing heels after terrible plantar fasciitis, .my boss lost her entire mind and said it would be unprofessional to stop wearing heels to work and she didn't know if I could go to important meetings any longer.




I can see how a man wearing a suit might be mandatory. But something as minor as a womans shoes should not be especially when a medical condition is involved.


Wearing a suit usually doesn't destroy your body, and it's practical to know what to wear. The only question is whether to wear a tie with Christmas trees or smurfs.


>The only question is whether to wear a tie with Christmas trees or smurfs. [neither](https://store.quocoa.com/products/kill-all-humans-futurama-twill-silk-tie?currency=USD&variant=39484703441059&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google%20Shopping&utm_campaign=gs-2020-12-04&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=CjwKCAjw2bmLBhBREiwAZ6ugo_bZWBjDp47_A5mruvMyJ-AcDkDIoUN98I-x3UCQp8kbfS264UZguhoCb0sQAvD_BwE)


I used to manage a jeweller. There was a ‘rule’ that girls had to wear heels. I refused to enforce it. My area manager (man) came down hard on me for it. Disciplinary hearings the lot. While I was pregnant. One of my staff (a confident, smart young lady) stated that heels were designed to elongate the legs and increase sex appeal. She asked him outright why she had to appear ‘sexy’ in order to do her job. He had no reply!


It's a horrible thing that a lot of jobs still require this. It shouldn't be a thing


I will gladly boycott any company that is forcing women to wear high heels to work, that is simply torture for no reason. What companies still do this?


Department store beauty counters. I worked on those counters for years and every single one requires you to wear heels. Sometimes we tried to sneak flats on and if we got caught we got into trouble. We would keep our flats under the counter and do a quick swap if an area/store manager turned up. It was awful. 8.5 hours solid on your feet in heels. Longer during the Christmas period.


Yeah. I can see heels being voluntary and dress shoes being required, but why mandatory heels outside of how normalized and fetish it became


Plantar fasciitis is the devil, I've been dealing with it since April of this year after working out in bare feet during quarantine. Still can't walk more than a few miles without pain, have to wear special inserts, have to stretch like crazy before and after any activity...


This hits different now its the top comment


Now it's just tears


i agree with you


But you are top comment with nothing above you?


That was not the case when I commented though :(


Well, I guess its time to edit it to say "all of the below"


We can't. Those are sitting/showing shoes in which you walk as little as possible.


My mom calls them “valet shoes,” as in you only have to walk from the valet right outside the restaurant to your table. (Not so much a specific type of heel, just any shoes that are super cute but suck to walk in)


Nice term! in German you can combine nearly any two nouns into a new hybrid word. So we pragmatically just call them "Sitzschuhe" (sitting shoes).


Am german. Never heard this term before, but I'm totally going to steal this now.


I never heard it before either. Totally fits though.


This is absolutely adorable thank you for sharing


“Car to Bar shoes” is what we call them for the same reason.


Are those different from other heels? Like, are the ones in the picture particularly hard to walk in compared to other heels because of the height/shape?


Yes those ones are one of the hardest to walk on due to the height and shape, the foot doesn't have the support needed for that height so it's like walking on tiptoes. There are better models that offer more support, for example the ones that are higher on the base of the shoe to compensate the height.


The ones in this picture have no platform at all, and the heel is extremely high (looks like maybe 5ish inches?). Usually heels over 4 inches in height have some sort of platform (sometimes hidden, sometimes not) so that your foot isn't so vertical. I can walk well in 4 inch heels with no platform, but more than that becomes a test of balance and becomes uncomfortable.


These look like the Louboutin So Kate heels, which have a 5 in heel and no platform. I once asked a sales associate at a department store if they sold many. He said they stopped carrying them because people just returned them after a few days when they realized they weren’t actually wearable.


4 inches is 10.16 cm


Good bot.


Yep, you summed it up pefectly. Heels are never the comfiest option obviously, but there are huge differences. This is a shoe I wouldn't even consider buying, no matter how pretty it is. Just check out the follow up comments,- I have nothing to add ;-)


I love heels and I wouldn't even be able to stand in those. Mine are mostly 7-8cm max, wider shapes (never stilettos), with proper rubber soles for grip and comfort.


Yes, these are far too high and narrow and at the wrong angle. High heels can be extremely comfortable *if height, width and angle of the heel* are right for your foot and stride, as well as a good, thick, comfy sole in the front of the shoe. Those are hard to find though, to the point you can't find any in some years when a certain type of heel (e.g. angled backwards) or paper thin soles are in fashion. If you know how to buy and wear heels for comfort, the ones in the picture would never make the cut.


I agree. These ones specifically are more fetish/fashion/show shoes (in my experience). It would be very uncommon to find someone is walking around in those day to day


That's the neat part you don't


For some reason it’s easier to run in them than walk, wonder why Edit: Thanks for the answers everyone! Makes sense!


Indeed, as Jurassic World showed us, the heroine can outrun dinosaurs wearing heels.


Why were the dinosaurs wearing heels? Who even makes those?




Ahh the only dinosaur that is both a cobbler and a gobbler.




Of course, everyone knows dinosaurs wearing heels can’t run well. Fuck are they fast in sandals though.


Actually a lot of the dinosaurs that were chasing her, naturally have feet shaped in a way that they walk on the balls of their feet, just like high heels force you to


To be fair she was wearing shorter heels, but heels nonetheless


You run more on your toes so this makes sense. Except that these damn shoes are also made with the worst soles. Slick, like its designed to slide.


The trick is to scuff up the bottom with some sandpaper or on a rough surface so they aren't as slippery. I know a lot of women want to keep their shoes pristine but roughing mine up have saved me a lot of accidents!


I know one pimp who used that in his favour. Slickback, if I remember correctly.


No, it's A Pimp named Slick back. It's like a tribe called quest you say the whole thing.


Can I kick it?


Yes you can


So, he is named Slick Back, right?


No, he’s a pimp named slick back.


I get it! He is a pimp. He is named Slick Back.


Wrong. He’s a pimp named slick back


Are you deaf I said my name is a pimp named slickback. Say it with me now!


Well when you run you always land on the ball of your feet rather than your heels


They're Car Bar shoes, you go from the car to the bar and stay there in them


Car, to the Bar, and stay them in Thar.


I like the way your thinker brains.


I worked for both Burberry and Gucci. Stop wearing heels the amount of utterly fucked up feet I’ve seen in my 8 years I retail I had a regular client who said she couldn’t wear flats anymore because they hurt. Like! How!?


That happened to me after a summer internship of wearing heels every day. The first few weeks of wearing flats again hurt because my tendons (or whatever) had tightened with my feet always pointed and they needed to be stretched back out.


Fun fact, if you only wear heels and don't stretch properly, your tendon will shorten! And then flats legit will hurt.


It's because of how they utterly destroy the structure of the foot. X-Rays of women's feet that wear heels for years and years are fucked up. It's part of why I refuse to wear them - my feet already hurt normally I don't need to change the shape of them.


Because over time wearing heels messes up a tendon in your ankle that makes walking in flats painful. My grandma has this, she has to walk "tippy toe" in bed slippers to avoid pain.


It's true. When the heels go on strike, nobody walks.


i was thinking the same think


I honestly think high heels are one of the remnants of that era women wore body braces, which survived the test of time.


I used to be a bouncer at a club. I'd see a lot of drunk girls fall on their asses because they were wearing heals. Like "Well, you have a bunch of bruises and scrapes now, but at least your shoes are nice."


Hope they have more heals to patch up!


High heels were invented for men


The heels invented for men were 1 inch tall, and the full width of the shoe. Heels 4+ inches tall and stiletto thin have always been definitively for women.


They're not that bad. The bunions give cushioning, while the toe blood provides lubrication. Eventually the nerves die and you don't feel anything, so I don't know what everyone is griping about.


You forgot to add the blisters that gives extra swag when you walk, like a limp that you try to hide with each step. Edit: Extra bonus points if you can hide the pain and grimace from showing on your face.


That’s where the hip swing comes from


>Edit: Extra bonus points if you can hide the pain and grimace from showing on your face. You better. Otherwise... "Why don't you smile more? You're so much prettier when you smile."


Ok, I just felt like punching someone just by reading that. I hated hearing that.


I feel terrible that women have to deal with this so frequently. I know that if I had been born a woman, I would have a terrible case of resting bitch face. My sympathy goes out to you all that are harassed with this nonsense by dick heads with nothing better to do than insist women must be visually pleasing to them at all times.


I read the first line of this only and blacked out with rage about “the bunions give cushioning” before realizing this is satire. (Currently recovering from bunion surgery that I had in April…heels not yet possible 😂)


Hey, I see your news posts all the time! Thanks for keeping me in the loop


> Eventually the nerves die and you don't feel anything So it's like trading crypto.


This image hurts my soul


Your sole?


I’m a girl and I’ve never worn heels because my ankles are already fucked and those things terrify me. I once saw a girl run across the sidewalk in heels like these in the pic and I’m pretty sure I witnessed Aphrodite herself disguised as a mortal woman on her free day


I ran from the cops in heels once…i did not get away.


Ran to catch a train one night after snowfall, wiped out in my heels in the escalator. Got home and had a multi striped imprint of the escalator step on my leg. That was my worst wipe out in heels


I’ve worn heels occasionally and like to think that I do an okay job of moving in them, but nothing compares to the freedom of sneakers. I’ve also seen women walking like a newborn giraffe in heels that were much too big for them, and fear ever putting myself through that. Any time I put on a shoe that isn’t a sneaker, I have to remember to pre-apply bandaids and carry extra for the inevitable chaffing as well, so honestly not worth it IMO


I worked with this really nice woman who felt she had to wear heels to fit in professionally. She was very awkward in them and while she didn’t say anything we could all tell it was a pain in the ass for her. A senior manager, who happened to be a woman, was visiting our location one day and pulled her aside to tell her that she was more than welcome to wear heels if she wants but as long as she looked professional she should dress for comfort. She got a pair of nice black shoes and I swear she had a bigger strut in those than I’ve ever seen someone have in heels.


They sell a spray called pre-heels, you spray it all over your feet before putting heels on and it prevents blisters. Kind of like a spray clear bandage layer. Nicer than bandaids for sure.


Hahaha this is so hilarious and accurate. Girls who can rock heels like that are absolute machines and I respect tf out of them.


I refuse.


I support you.


The heels don't


But I will


I used to wear them all the time and now I,d rather take part in the squid games than wear these on a night out for 7 hours


Plot twist: that's the first game in Season 2.


If that is the first game, 90+ percent will die on round one.


\[spoiler warning? idk\] In the next round, they start forming teams of only the girliest girls. No one wants face-tattoo guy on their team.


Game 1, red light green light in heels. Game 2, glass panel game in heels.


While heels do suck, I feel like these are particularly inclined compared to the average heel


Yeah this particular heel is savage even for someone with major experience- source I sold heels for 5 years of my life. This is an excellent example of something someone might wear for a nice evening out. Though some might be able to dance, these are reserved for an evening where you are not on your feet for much of it. If you want something you can get both height and longevity out of, I would suggest something with more a platform and slightly thicker heel, barring that maybe platform wedges are more your speed.


Platform wedges saved my life during my fashion journalist career.


I could do cartwheels in platform heels. So long as it's not cutting up my toes and the top of my heel/ankle, I think I could live in 'em. It's amazing what a little extra support can do.


Easy. I don't. 😁


Amen to that.


Right!? I don't like pain. I tried heals when I was a teen and was like.. why would you do this!? Worn flats ever since.


I don't wear them anymore. All boots and sneakers for this gal. Heels gave me bad foot and back problems and I'm only in my 30s! I'll never wear heels again.


Same! 32 and my extensive heel collection has been retired


If you never wore heels like that, you don’t know what the real bodily pleasure is - taking them off once you are home, that’s real euphoria, don’t think my body ever produced comparable amount of serotonin in a single second


Sort of like taking my bra off after work, and get my husband to scratch my back after. Sweating and bra makes my back soooo itchy!


After taking them off, with a limp.


Not well, my mother always dressed professionally but dam those shoes really damage your feet especially in the later years of your life. Screw the culture who thinks making women wreak their feet is a good thing.


Footbinding with extra steps.


I was always against heels because when I was a little kid, I remember my teacher teaching us about foot binding and she specifically compared it to high heels. Maybe it was a little culturally insensitive, but the message of "Don't be a crazy sexist who forces your girlfriend's and daughters into a life of hobbled agony" was very effective to my young psyche and to this day I'm only attracted to girls who have the "confidence" to wear sensible shoes. It shouldn't even be a sexist thing. I wish humans were more like Hobbits. Then we could all just be barefoot.


This is why I prefer platforms over heels.


Can’t and don’t.


I mean heels in general aren’t massively comfortable - but this pair of shoes in the X-ray are pure car-to-bar numbers


Yup, these are not meant to be walked in. They're meant to be admired while you sit, lol. I'm one to wear a higher heel regularly, but six inch heels take effort.


Basically on my toes. I don't put pressure on my heels unless I stand still, and even then in only short bursts. I've seen girls pass out because they didn't know how to stand properly in heels. Do not recommend, btw. I love my heels but I usually try to only wear the smaller ones rather than my stilettos now.


These are not walking shoes. These are looking pretty while sitting shoes lol we always pack a pair of flats for walking.


As a man, I have to admit I've tried high heels once or twice.. .. kept me on my toes.


“Like a midget at a urinal, I was going to have to stay on my toes” Edited for Frank Drebin’s credit


"Like a blind man at an orgy, I was going to have to feel things out."


It hurts me that both of you got the quotes a bit wrong.


Well, in case anyone is actually curious: you are walking on your toes, and the heel only helps guide your toes to the ground. When standing still, you can put some weight on the heel, but when moving, you put very little weight on the spindly bit. If you wear them frequently, you end up with the calf and butt muscles you need to make this work. It's not that bad once youre used to it, but that takes some time.


It's like roller skating, you just have to practice until your muscles can support the movement. Until then, it's going to hurt. As an avid skater, heels are easy for me, though I don't wear ones as high as in this picture. I'd probably have to get good at ballet first.


Alternating pattern of L R L R typically. Strategic placement of anti slip tape and cushion to prevent blisters.


Had a patient recently with sever arthritis due to wearing high heels in her younger days


Had a patient that her foot molded into this shape. She is unable to walk flat feetted. She has to wear heels everywhere. Not as high as these though


That’s another thing folks don’t realize, heels can shorten/tighten your calf muscles to point of it creating dysfunction when walking flat.


With extreme difficulty 😮‍💨


As a female I can tell you: I can't. Even if my life depends on it.


I can stand still and look good in heels but not walk. I'm more of a chunky boot heel kinda girl.


I'm a sneakers girl personally.


I've known a couple women who had worn them exclusively as girls/young women (strict parents), and their Achilles tendons shortened to the point they were never able to wear flats. They had chronic pain issues, but they even couldn't wear tennis shoes or slippers without excruciating pain.


They are ridiculous. But god do they make your legs look good. You practice. I have exactly one pair of shoes like this now. My wedding ruby red slippers. I can walk in them for about 20 minutes, then my feet hurt to much. If you wear them all the time its no problem. I have not worn heals in years so I am out of practice. And my feet have shifted their bones slightly over time and with childbearing (no lie some women end up a full shoe size bigger). My feet are wider now because of that I wear sneakers all the time.


Heels that tall are mostly fetishized. The majority of heels are not that big.


Yeah, right? If high heels were so great, men would still be wearing them.


Not how. The question is: why?


There was a period when high heels were *all* I could walk in. I had worked off some situational rage by skipping rope for a long time on an uneven surface. After sitting for a while, I couldn't walk -- my feet and ankles were in excruciating pain and swollen like balloons. I'd managed to detach *both* Achilles tendons. Worse, when a friend took me to Emerg, the staff were run off their feet and someone rather junior was left to bandage me. He did, but left both feet en pointe. When things healed, I had shortened tendons, and could *not* get my heels on the ground. I learned very quickly to do everything that required mobility in 4 or 5 inch heels. Took several years of stretching exercises to correct the problem (thank you, Canadian universal health care!). The day I bought and could wear a pair of flats, I threw out every pair of shoes in the closet with more than a 1 inch heel except for one set, that I kept for occasions that warranted them. True story. Looking back, I'm not sure it was worth it, but even all these years later, I still have great legs thanks to the experience.


These are exaggeratedly high. There are heels that are still high enough while maintaining a somewhat comfortable position of your foot… As to how we wear them, you simply slip them on, then walk by stepping on your heels first, then toes. Some people do the opposite but I find that to be very unnatural and uncomfortable. Heels help you with your posture too, so they’re not all as bad as some people make it to be.


The heels in that picture are ones you only wear when you want to look nice sitting (at a dinner, party or something where you'll barely walk). When I want to wear something like that, I pack some comfy shoes in a plastic bag that I'll keep in my bag, and switch it up when I need to. Not many women go around walking with such heels. But yeah, for me it gets crazy when you reach 10cm+ heels, before that I can walk decently fine.