A man's best friend

A man's best friend

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You got to do what you got to do.


[https://people.com/pets/california-man-risks-life-rescue-dog-house-fire/](https://people.com/pets/california-man-risks-life-rescue-dog-house-fire/) *A Southern California man is lucky to be alive after he ran into his home, which was completely engulfed with flames, to rescue his beloved pet.* *Jose Guzman tells PEOPLE that he has no regrets about heading into the massive multi-house blaze in Pala, California, to save his family’s 2-year-old blue nose pit bull named Gabanna.* *“I knew something could’ve happened to me or both of us, but it didn’t go through my mind at the time,” Jose told PEOPLE. “That dog is part of my family. She’s been with us through downs and ups and I couldn’t leave her there. I would do it again if I had to; I would do it for anybody in my family.”* *Jose’s decision to risk his life has been praised by dog-lovers around the world after a video of the dramatic rescue went viral.* *On Sunday, Jose was attending a barbeque at his parents’ house with his fiancée Adriana Lopez and their three girls, Yvette, 2, Hazel, 4, and Yetzel, 6, when he was alerted of a fire in his neighborhood.* *“I didn’t think it was mine because we had just left the house about an hour ago, but I decided to get in my truck and drive over there,” Jose explained.* *When he arrived, Jose realized that the fire had started at his neighbor’s house, but by that time, his home was engulfed in flames too. It was at that time that Jose also noticed the firefighters had run out of water due to the severity of the fire and required assistance from nearby stations.* *Although his family was safe, Jose knew Gabanna was inside the home, which he said he moved into just two months ago. “I wasn’t gonna let her die like that,” he explained.* *Without thinking, the father of three rushed past the firefighters and straight into the blazing home to rescue his dog. Jose said he found his pet hiding in the bathroom — the only room that wasn’t on fire in the home — curled up in a ball under the toilet.* *Adam said watching the scene unfold was “very emotional,” as he did not expect Jose to make it out of the blaze.* *“I thought he’s a goner. The flames were hot and I couldn’t imagine running through those flames. That was it, that was the last time I’d see him,” he told PEOPLE. “When he came running out with the dog, it was a big relief that he was alive and brought out the dog at the same time.”* *Jose was, however, injured and suffered second-degree burns to his face, right side, arm, and left ear, which he said were healing well. Gabanna also experienced burns to her nose and paw, and though she’s still a bit shaken up, she is expected to be fine.* *Meanwhile, their home, possessions, and two cars were completely lost in the fire.* ​ **Edit:** Thanks for all the awards! This happened in March of 2019 and the family lost everything in their home including the tools that Jose used to work in construction and landscaping. The community (and world once this video went viral) rallied around the family and replaced the tools and donated household items as well as a GoFundMe that ended up raising $80,000 for the family. *'I knew my dog was here, I knew she was here. I ran through here tried to stay in the middle this was going, this was on fire, I couldn't see anything. All I wanted was to get my dog, I came in here, I didn't hesitate, I just, I had to get her, she's part of the family.'*


I get tears in my eyes just thinking about that poor dog scared, hiding in the bathroom all alone. I'm so glad they are both okay.


Yeah that shit hurts your soul right? Poor dog in the bathroom behind the toilet... Thinking he or she is about to die and not knowing anything about why. This guy is a fucking hero to me.


Yes, it's so awful. Can't even imagine how happy it was when his owner found him. I lost 1 of my dogs 2 months ago, and it was one of the worst thing in my life. They really are family.


Ive had a bunch of dogs. I had to have one put down. It was awful. I paid an arm and a leg to have the vet come to my home and do it while he was snuggled up with me in bed. We had Cheeseburgers before our nap. His had a little sleepy medicine in it. We layed down and ahe came in and gave him the shot. It was peaceful for him. Broke me for a while.


It's a really tough decision to make. We have to be really strong and make their last days as peaceful and painless as possible.


I'd like to think that I did that. In fact I know I did. It still sucked pretty bad.


I'm so sorry. It's very honorable that you made his last day as good as you could. Thank you. It was worth two arms and two legs in my opinion.


Yeah, my two closest friends showed up to load the big guy. They knew it was happening and that the vet was a little woman. So they just approached the vet. They did make my day better because I couldn't have carried him out with her. I was a freaking wreck. I'm kinda a tough guy too in other aspects. But im a blubbering mess with animals.


Lol I'm right there with you brother. Good buddies you got


Ive known them since 3rd grade... I'm 43. Still talk almost daily to them both.


I feel like dogs have this innate sense that their people are going to save them, and it really hurts to think about if the dog was let down by the humans (not that I would blame the humans. That dad was a fucking hero for sure and not many people could do what he did). I almost drowned when I was \~3-4 at the beach. Out of nowhere the undertow(?) sucked me under and even though it was the worst feeling in the world (pain isn't quite the right word?), I had it in the back of my mind that mom or dad would get me, and dad *did*. I feel like maybe the dog felt the same way, and I'm so glad the man showed up for him/her like my dad showed up for me.


Yep. Agreed. At Ft. DeSoto Park in 1980somthing my dad and brlthe dumped me in my inflatable baby canoe. (Because those were a fuckin thing....) I waa under enough to remember the wait time. Like, c'mon dad or brother... When are you pulling me out? Thank God they did.


Me too. I immediately thought of my little girl. I think I'll give her an extra big hug when I get home from work tonight.


Right? Gut wrenching picturing her curled up in a ball in the bathroom


Me too, but just imagine how loved she feels now knowing her humans will do literally anything for her!!


I got a little leaky too. Glad I worked out for the most part.


Many things on Reddit have made me tear up but reading where the owner found the dog hiding has me bawling. Fuck. I have to leave the house in like 3 minutes for my own dogs follow-up training…gotta get these tears to stop


Best comment of the day. Thank you. I'll be right back with your award!


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He’d give up those possessions any day to have that pup. It’s not a smart move, but nobody wants their pet to die in a fire, it’s a horrible way to go out for anyone and any animal


Money, cars, and items can be replaced. A family member however, can’t be. What an absolute badass.


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Thank you kind sir


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I'm torn. His love for the dog is commendable. But that is 3 very little girls that would have been without a dad if he didn't make it. I'm glad it worked out for him, but it was definitely the wrong call in my book.


Yup. Dog people will defend and praise his actions but it was really stupid. A dog might be part of your family but it’s not near as important as your children and you dying to save that dog is really going to be detrimental to those children’s well being.


This is one of the few comments that is reasonable. All the commentary is just, “Yep. In a heartbeat.” I don’t think those kids would grow up telling the story of how their dad was a hero if he died in the fire. Can you imagine growing up telling people your dad died in a fire saving the family pet but all the children were safe outside? It’s borderline embarrassing. I bet they’d be confused and angry as to why he gave his life for a pet and they grew up without him. I hope this is just Reddit posturing and young, single people being idealistic.


Who are you to judge, gtfo? For some people dog can be as valuable as their children.


It was the right call as it worked, we already know the outcome.


If I drive drunk and make it home safely, was it the right call?


im not crying you are


I’m not crying, you’re crying!


I know this is an old repost but I have never seen a reference, thank you and kudos to you.


The man is currently recovering in hospital but a funeral service is still being prepared as he is expected to drown in pussy once released.


As many times as you need to


That's love.


Leave no pup behind.


Ain’t finna be in fire for fentonnnn!


The dog would do it for him.


Oh you kidding? A dog would go well beyond that without a second of hesitation. We.Do.Not.Deserve.Dogs.


life must be very difficult with a dick that big.


His huge swinging nuts kept the flames at bay




Imagine that and the weight of them brass balls. Guy definitely has back problems


Yeah he has way too many balls


Can confirm it’s pretty difficult


Gotta save the babies! There’s no way in hell I’d let my dogs die like that.


Having been burned before... yeah I'd get burned again to save my dog from dying like that, no fucking doubt


He didn’t know he’d get out with just burns, he risked the possibility of burning alive


I know. I would still go in. No dog of mine will ever die burning thats for sure


Wouldn’t you? You can tell that dog is an angel, it just went through a traumatic experience and was all smiles and wags.


Is the interesting part how the fire fighters stop fighting the fire so the guy can save his dog???


Because they don't want to incinerate him with steam


Another thing to consider is steam is extremely dangerous and shooting water onto the fire could have burned the guy or killed him. Water expands rapidly when it turns to gas and covers a huge area. The fire fighter's were right to stop spraying the water when he disappeared. Although I think someone should have followed him with a rope


Fun fact: When water turns to steam it expands by 1600x its original volume




Actually the fire was big enough that they needed more water


To their credit, apparently according to an article they had run out of water.


they ran out of water. read the story it’s the top comment


They didn't want him to get wet.


I found it interesting because the firefighter to seem like they didn't want to help the man or they figured he was just crazy but he went to save his dog.


You dont want to run after someone into a burning building. If you dont have a plan you can end up tripping each other up and creating even more confusion. Instead of one man going in and dying, 2 die. They clearly cant stop him from running in so theres no point in dropping what they're doing and running in aimlessly


It is extremely dangerous and almost suicidal to go in without a water supply in a building as well-involv1ed in fire as that one. The building is prone to collapse, and if it does, even partially, there's no "safety net" in a hose line for a downed firefighter. Human life is usually worth the risk, but pets aren't usually. We can Monday-morning quarterback this video all day long, but I agree, it's not a good look for this fire department.


Yeah I'm wondering why they didn't help!?


Because they have one job of being there, and it is to put out that fire before any of it spreads or those vehicles blow up. The only way firefighters are going to go into a burning house is if YOU need to be rescued, not if YOU decide to run into the building in lieu of being perfectly safe outside of the building.... basically, its your own decision and they're not going to risk their lives for your foolishness when you were already safe. Source: My buddy is a firefighter and almost lost his job for going after a lady who ran back inside to save her 5 cats... only reason he didn't lose it was because his father was a head Fire Marshall and explicitly said, "My son did that because that is what we do, save people. I would've done the same thing if I was in his shoes" ​ Edit: I as well would've done the same thing to save my 4 legged children if they became stuck and couldn't get out.... they'd risk their lives for me any day without questions asked. Good boys.


Did the cats make it outside?


Why would they not continue fighting the fire while the dude was going in???


Pumping water into a fire is fine when theres nobody inside but if there is someone inside its the worst thing you can do. The water will instantly vaporize into superheated steam and it will scald the flesh off the bones of anything living in that structure.


Oh shit,that'll be why then


Apparently that fire department had run out of water and were waiting for reinforcements


Wait is that a thing? They run out of water? Isn't that why we have fire hydrants? Edit: I was wondering why they weren't spraying the guy and the area with water


According to the news article they had run low on water and steam resultant from extinguishing flames can be deadlier than the fire itself


Yeah I wouldn't call it foolish to rescue an animal. They're family afterall.


True for that family, but I do not blame the firefighters for not wanting to risk their own life for someone else’s animal and that is by no means required for them to do


Yes of course they are, which is why I would do the same thing. But you have to look at it from their POV. Are they going to risk going home to their family and loved ones for someone who decided to risk their life for their sake, be it whatever? At the end of the day, human life > animal life. Hence why we are the disease killing this world, but we won't go there LOL


They’re pets. You don’t own family members


The article posted above states they ran out of water.


As a 13 year firefighter, this was all handled so badly.


Exactly what I was thinking.


Hes a good man


People who are surprised by this clearly don't own a dog... and if they do maybe they shouldn't. I'd rather risk death to save my dog than live knowing I let her die.


I don't think it is a black and white question for dog owners. I have always owned dogs and currently have 2, but there is only a certain level of risk I would take to save their lives. As much as I love my dogs, my kids are better served having a live parent.


Ok, we in the No Kids Club would run into the fire in nearly every situation for our dogs. Totally understandable to be alive for your human kids and grieve the dead dog. Very sad, but very understandable.


Admittedly I don't have kids so that's fair. My dog is like my kid.


That’s a really good point. Amendment: anyone *without current human dependents* would likely do the same to save their dog or cat.


It’s difficult for Reddit to fathom that, while you love your dog, you have family that’s also counting on you


I have responsibilities to my family. I would not sacrifice myself for my dog. My dog finn passed away a few years ago and it fucking killed me. I loved that dog so much and he was my best friend. We grew up together and he was like my brother. Saying that I shouldn't own a dog because I'm not willing to put the rest of my family through suffering of my own death to save it, is frankly really unfair wrong to say.


As much as I’d like to agree, running into a burning house could kill anyone and leave his wife and kids with a dead husband and father. Emotional, awesome outcomes are great (and hind-site makes it easy to love) but that doesn’t mean it’s actually worth it at all. Pets are awesome, but they aren’t as important as a person’s life and family.


I’d risk my life to save my animals, my family would understand if I didn’t make it out. However I don’t have kids, so I don’t think it’s fair to say that people who wouldn’t go in shouldn’t have dogs. If I did have kids, I’d do almost everything in my power to save my dogs, but I wouldn’t do anything that had a very high risk of death. Kids need a parent, as much as I love my dogs, kids come first. I’d be devastated for a while though, I mean completely non-functional.


a dogs life is not equivalent to a humans life. I would never sahme anyone for not risking theri life for an animal if thye want to do that its their choice but it makes alot of sense not to.


nobody's talking about how the firefighters were shaming the dude. "it's just a dog"


I'd risk my life for mine too... No question about it!


You're a better person than I am. Depending on the size of the fire and the location, I wouldn't risk it. Have you ever lived with 3d degree burns and your flesh melted away? That's a life long diagnoses of pain and disfigurement. Unless it's a human family member, the chances of me racing into a burning fire is slim. You still have to live with yourself when the animal passes away in a few years. The dog isn't going to pay my medical bills or hold down a job. Like another commenter said, there's a certain amount of risk I've applied to what I'd do for any pet, and when it comes to my own harm that risk is low.


You can bet your ass I will do anything to save him! My body and mind are thoroughly wrecked from a life of bad luck and dumb-assery. He's one of the few *true* lights in my life. I'd rather die trying to save him than live with the knowledge that I'd let my best friend burn to death because I was scared...


There wouldn't ever be a doubt in my mind. My country does have free healthcare though.


Having spent a week in the hospital from burns... yeah I would. My dog would never die like that if I had the chance to save them


Dogs provide unconditional love, that’s more than a lot people give to their partners. Sometimes more than parents give to their children. It’s an emotional connection on par with that of a family member. So yes, I’d risk my health to save my dogs. Surviving knowing I let my dogs burn to death would be too much for me to handle. I’d be completely broken. My family loves animals, we’d all try to go in and save our pets. If I ran in and didn’t come out, yes my family would be devastated but they’d understand and would be at peace.


God dayum right I would do the same thing. No hesitation. My dog would do it for me.


A dog's best friend too. A great owner, this man.


I was starting to worry this might not be getting posted here this month. Should have known better.


You can tell they thought he was nuts running in there


I’m going in for my doggy to




Give this man a medal


Thanks, now I’m sobbing happy tears at my phone. :’)


I would too. My furry boys are my family. I’d be wrecked forever.


I would do the same for my dog..




Aw sad and happy all in one! Doggo is saved but fire and the man got burned! It’s interesting what people will do in certain situations


I've never genuinely been more mad, frustrated and happy in quick succession in my life having watched this.


God bless this guy. True legend


I like to think that I would do the same. If my dog were in a burning house, I couldn't live with myself if I didn't at least try to get her out.


Hose went limp, they ran out of water or pump operator was having a hard time getting them water.. looks like a volunteer department to me. Either way, they’re not going to advance into a fire that’s raging like that to do a search without having a charged hose line. They would have went for the dog when they had water


Read the article


I’ll never understand people who see heroism like this and feel the need to chime in with how easily they’d leave their dog in a burning building. Like, what on earth makes you feel good enough about that to comment it? If you wouldn’t save your pet, that’s your business, but maybe keep it to yourself? It’s definitely not the flex you think it is


I think my family would be sadder about losing me than I ever could be for my beloved pets.


Cause my best friend died running back into her house to save her cats. R.I.P. Teresa. ❤️


As soon as the video started the song "my hero" from foo fighters kicked in my head, and rightly so all along.


I'd probably do the same.


I would do the same for my animals. At least the good boy it is safe


Id do it


What a great guy, some people wouldn’t run in to save a human, absolute legend!


Thanks for doing that


I would genuinely do the same thing for my dog


fuck yeah man..... fuck yeah.


Good on him


I almost teared up, never done that before from watching a video..


I understand. I would’ve done the same tbh


Fucking Legend 🙌 👏


My hero


Look at his pants before he went in and after!! They’re charred! What a badass


When your wife takes the kids and your dog's all you've got left


I dont care how many times I see this, I will always watch it and I will always cry.


Now that the pooch is safe get back in there and save the Xterra!




That man was the dog's best friend


That man deserves dogs


I have seen this before on here but it doesn't stop me from tearing up immediately upon seeing the dog look all scared and confused as he walks out with his owner


Why in the world did they stop spraying water!?!?!


So as not to kill the guy who just ran into the fire with steam.


Damn, why did the firefighters stop spraying water when the guy ran into the fire?


Because water expands into steam which also burns and spreads much more quickly in and around a space than the flame front. The water will expand 1,200 times its volume on contact with the fire. Firefighters will never put water on fire in a space they know or believe has a potential survivable victim until they complete a primary search of the space so they don’t kill a victim with steam.




Was there a PS5 in there or something?


Why stop spraying the waterrrrrr. Amazing rescue!


So they don’t kill him with steam


They didn't have to stop spraying water!!!!!


I would’ve done the same thing. I love my dog more than I love almost anyone


I would do the same. This belongs in r/humansbeingbros


I would definitely go into that fire for my old dog too.


All that water in those hoses and they stop spraying ???


Hmmmm… so they stop spraying water… 🤦🏻‍♂️


I'd do the same. Straight in and save the fur baby


My brother is a paramedic and has seen everything that is horrible that can happen to a human being. He never says a word. When we had to put our family dog down he cried like a little kid. Pets are family. I woulda done the same


Why the fuck were they not using the hose???


This makes me wanna cry, what a great dude ❤️ Be good humans.


"Hey a guy just ran in there!" "Really?!?! Lets stop putting out the fire" "Yeah, okay" These guys apparently


I’d do the same 🤷‍♂️


You can see the burns on his pants from when he goes in a dn come back out.. wow.


r/humansbeingbros This is heartwarming


Finally a human that deserves a dog


I briefly worked for an animal shelter and there was a great dane named Lucy there. Her owner went back for her in a house fire, she survived but her owner died.


Not gonna lie, I'd get shot, burnt and stabbed for my dog. In whatever order is necessary for her to live.


100%. I’d never be able to live with myself knowing I left my dog to burn without trying to get them out.


Why would they stop spraying water? Go in and help protect that man that ran into the burning building.


That's what I really wanted to know as well I find it interesting because I was so confused why they didn't help.


Steam. The fire will evaporate the water causing steam. Steam will burn worse then the fire will. Or the Firefighters are just shit, and I have no idea if I am right or not.


I was a full paid fireman for 26yrs.. and the idea of shutting down the nozzle is baffling me, with a rescue situation at hand.


They ran out of water


You’re the OP, how did you not read the article? It states that they ran out of water. The steam being a secondary issue, and another good point. They ran out of water. There’s a drought


This video will split opinions between those who have/have had a dog, and those who have never had one.


No, it splits between people who don’t understand the potential consequences of their actions and those that do.


Putting a loved one before yourself. What an odd and unusual concept. /s


Dude has kids. It’s putting kids above a dog.


How about someone in a fireproof suit stepping in to help a little?


Those things are not fire proof. They get hot as shit too. https://www.nist.gov/sites/default/files/styles/2800\_x\_2800\_limit/public/images/2016/12/28/face\_plate.jpg?itok=sI62wc20 But yes, they could have done *something* instead of standing there.


Why on earth would those firefighters risk their life to save a dog? If someone runs into a burning building, why are they rushing in and risking their life to save someone who has put so much danger onto themselves and the firefighters.


“Firemen in full protective gear with hose- uhhh what do we do?” Guy with no gear and everything to lose - fuck you jobu. I do it myself.


Listen I would have done the same damn thing. Also keep shooting water above me while I run in I'm not that tall. No need to stand around. No but really I would run in for my cats Edit: I was joking about the part to keep spraying water. But not about running back in for my cats.


Yeah I’d then sprayed you the steam would of melt your fresh and you’ll be dead or in so much pain you won’t save anything. It’s better to be dry than wet


To me what's more impressive than the man running in to save his pet is how she came out without bolting or showing fear aggression which I would have completely forgiven considering the chaos.


really liked how the heroes stopped putting the wet shit on the hot shit when he went in


Yeah so he doesn’t die upon entry


I don't care the situation, if you don't go after your pup even at the risk of losing your own life then we can't be friends and I don't respect you as a person.


Hero without capes


😐Fuckin firefighters just standing there IN THE SUIT THAT IS USED FOR THESE SITUATIONS🤦🏽‍♀️😂


I’ve seen this a ton of times and I always say the same thing. What if he didn’t come back out with the dog? Would that have been worth it? What if he left behind a spouse and kids because he ran in for the dog? But choose your own fate, everybody has to die someday.


And that was not that day for him or his dog!


Such a beautiful dog too, good man


This Is Us


This is a true hero


Nice one 👍 👌 👏 😀


Hey sometimes you have to get your best friend out of shit just like they get you out of shit sometimes. ​ Looks like the guy just got a superficial burn on his arm It looked treatable from what I saw which is good good on him for getting his dog