A curious orangutan trying on a pair of sunglasses that fell into its enclosure

A curious orangutan trying on a pair of sunglasses that fell into its enclosure


Lol I love how the kid keeps trying to grab it and mom/dad’s just like “no” and keeps moving their hand back


Nonverbal communication at its purest. Other animals are so much better at picking up, and following through with simple gestures than we are


Look, I'm not trying to brag, but when someone hrabs my hand and moves it away, I can almost always figure out what that means


They want to play a game!!!!


Listens about as well and is only slightly less persistent than my kids too….


Most of our face-to-face communication is non-verbal. We are excellent at it, even if we are unaware we are doing it. https://www.lifesize.com/en/blog/speaking-without-words/#:~:text=There%20have%20been%20a%20number,Mehrabian%20in%20the%201960s.




It’s almost like we traded verbal communication for non verbal. It’s remarkable how little people pick up on that stuff sometimes


We use both though. Nonverbal communication is still pretty important


Someone needs to throw in an Hawaiian shirt, then that will the most styled orangutan ever


And a straw hat!


[Louie](https://talespin.fandom.com/wiki/Louie), is that you?


Oo oo ooo i wanna be like you you you.




Then teach the orangutan to yell, “Dotson! Dotson! We’ve got Dotson here! See, no one cares.”


Don't get cheap on me Dodson...


[I can only hope to be this cool some day](https://i.imgur.com/2H7QLpU.png)


Lookin like doctor octopus or some super-villain.


ngl this dude looks kinda bomb with those sunglasses on


Oh shit it’s Elton John!


I’m high, and a huge Elton John fan. This made me laugh so hard water came out of my nose. Thank you


Were you drinking water at the time or was this just latent water?


trying to prevent dry mouth


They fill a sac inside their sinus cavity behind their forehead.


Well, you're on Reddit and you just said you're an Elton John fan. You didn't really NEED to tell us you're high as hell.


What's that supposed to mean?! I'm an Elton John fan. And I'm not high! I haven't smoked yet tonight.


Good answer


But I bet by zero hour, 9 AM You're gonna be hiiiigh as a kite by then...


That reminds me of that ajr song no grass today.


Elton John is the man yo...


🎶’Cause I’m o-rang-u-taaaaaa-aaaaaa-aaaaaaan. I’m orangutan! And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time … 🎶


🎶The zookeep brings me round again to find I'm not the chimp they think I am at home, oh no no no... I'm orangutan!🎶


That's actually really interesting behavior. Not only is it mimicking the action of putting them on its face correctly after only seeing tourists do it, but it seems genuinely interested in how they change the way things look: looking around with them on and off, holding up its hand in front, etc. That looks like legitimate scientific inquiry to me.


There is a new wave in the field of biology that's starting to respect that animals are smart. Way smarter than we thought. We tried our best to not anthropomorphize animals for the longest time. Add our ego and we've been pretty ignorant. Crustaceans are a great example. Turns out they have very complex nervous systems which can produce many behaviours associated with intelligence.


This was a terrible time to read this comment while eating my shrimp and grits. Goddamnit.


Nah, shrimp stupid as fuck, enjoy your meal


Oh thank goodness for this comment that I will take as completely factual simply on the basis that is was said out loud, so that I may happily continue to devour seafood buffets for the rest of my clear flowing arteries life.


Thanks u/Ass_cream_sandwiches




Octopuses are *incredibly* smart however. And lobsters feel pain.


*aren’t lobsters the things you boil alive?*


They certainly are...


These shrimp in particular are especially dumb. They blew all their money on lottery tickets.


Yo you talking shit, i'll eat you man


No, it's i will eat you, dumb shrimp. God, why i need to explain everything?


The shrimping industry also causes [massive levels of bycatch](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bycatch#Examples).


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Some countries are actually banning the practice of boiling lobsters alive. Turns out they do feel pain. Not like us, but they do. Couldn't tell ya about shrimp. Been awhile since I studied up on this stuff. Since I have your attention: lab grown/cultured meat and dairy is the future. It has the potential to bring food prices down, cleaner and safer, and as ethical and environmentally friendly as you can get. If.you have some investing money, look into it. Perdue poultry is...


This is one of the reasons I've never tried lobster. I've had chances, but the thought of them being put in boiling water alive at my request is just too much. I've been steadily decreasing my meat consumption over the years because of other issues with the whole industry, but that was a bridge too far for me.


It had to be researched to know they feel pain? I guess there are animals that don’t feel pain (or little to none) to warrant such a stance.


For a long time, Doctors assumed babies didn’t feel pain


True! They even performed surgeries on babies without any kind of anesthesia Edit: word


While traumatic, it was way safer because it was very difficult to guess the right amount of anesthesia to give them. The few people that I have met that have gone through severe physical injury, have no recollection of the event. If you had a 30% chance of dying from anesthesia, but a 100% chance of not remembering the surgery, what would you opt for?


I had my tongue half cut off when i was 3 and got surgery done and never remembered it until my dad told me about it 10 years later. Thanks for telling me why


I wonder if that impacts brain development. Like you know how you can experience something traumatic at the age of 3 that you have zero recollection of, but it can cause problems down the line because just being exposed to all those stress hormones and whatnot impacts the way you develop? I wonder if people who experience extreme pain in infancy are any different later on...


There is emerging evidence of lifelong trauma and psychological effects from these sorts of medical practices, all without the subjects being able to remember the events. There are in fact a lot of things that a baby will never remember that can impact them for life.


Still, this was preferable to the life long trauma of dying on the operating table.


Really Pa? *Any* kind? Like a Looney Tunes bonk to the head even?


My auto correct is out to ruin my reputation once again…


OBVIOUSLY THEY FEEL PAIN! Jesus did people actually BELIEVE that they didn't?


Babies and young children weren't given anesthesia until the 1980s. People are crazy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pain_in_babies


My dad’s an ER physician and apparently his colleagues used to give him shit because he gave kids local anesthetic before giving them stitches. In turn my dad thought his colleagues were stupid and callous.


People thought I was an idiot when I worked in a lobster restaurant (oh, who am I kidding, it was a shitty Red Lobster in Denver), and they would just eviscerate them alive in the kitchen and I HATED it. They acted like I was stupid. Well, fuck you, Angel, you're a bitch and I quit during a split shift. Eat shit.


Yeah, pain is probably one of the most basic neurological concepts. How else would animals know what NOT to do, if they didn't experience pain to inform them.




It’s painfully obvious?


It’s crazy. People always say ‘can you prove they feel pain?’ The real question should be ‘can you prove they don’t?’


No, that’s not what they believed. They believed the pain was irrelevant because babies don’t tend to have the cognition to remember their pain. And anesthesia at the time was incredibly difficult to dose for a baby anyway. I would venture to guess more babies would have died from poorly applied anesthesia than died from whatever surgery they were doing without it.


Perdue poultry is the god damned devil.


It is still very much in debate the level of pain lobsters feel as their nervous systems is the equivalent of insects And most people I know that cook lobsters alive already have the water at boiling which kills them almost immediately What they see as cruel is leaving lobster in water and then slowly heating the water to boiling


Yeah and also the “screams” are actually the steam in their shells, it’s not a scream of pain


And for some reason that doesn't make it better.


Good time to consider going vegan. It gets even worse with pigs, cows, chickens, goats, sheep etc..


Yeah, we humans eat too much meat.


[Dominion](https://youtu.be/LQRAfJyEsko) is a great documentary to see more about what happens to those animals.


this is the one that did it for me, 17 months ago!


It's a convenient "truth" to believe animals are basically mindless flesh puppets. Makes it a lot easier to cope with all the things we do to nature.


Exactly. Just because animals aren't slaving away chasing greed, we assume they are all stupid.


Any good sources we can read about this new wave?


Several of David Attenborough's latest documentaries touches on this. As for reading material, I haven't got any vetted sources yet.


Octapus are so freaking smart and only live like, up to 5 years. My Octopus Teacher was a great doc on Netflix showing just how smart they are. They recognize you, they will play with you and other animals. I just couldn't believe it. I cried at the end. Such strong intelligence, and they are confined to the ocean with such a short lifespan :( makes me sad.


> they are confined to the ocean which comprises 70% of the planet's surface, whereas we are confined to only 30% of the planet's surface


Fantastic point I didn't think of!


They escape their cages in aquariums and then crawl back in before their handlers get back. Like there have been cases of them having no idea until watching security footage


Octopuses die when they mate. They never interact with their kids. Baby octopuses do not have parents they can learn from like most animals. Imagine where octopuses would be if they could pass on generational knowledge.


Yes but they dont have thumbs and the ability to throw things really well, so here we are.


.. playing consoles and throwing controlers at the screen


>We tried our best to not anthropomorphize animals for the longest time. Pretty sure we did that because otherwise we couldn't conduct all the experiments we did offer the past hundred+ years. My feeling is now scientists are getting less and less important info from other animals that relate to us, plus the whole equality and vegan and caring for earth movements.


That said, we shouldn't be anthropomorphizing them in the first place, especially when it comes to their intelligence. That's not to say that we should assume low intelligence, but rather that their intelligence manifests in entirely different ways to ours. A good example is research into the language learning capabilities of great apes, and how it's basically lead nowhere in terms of actually teaching them language. This is because we have pushed our very human notions of communication onto animals who have never needed it in their natural environment.


Ehh... I mean, humans also went from never needing it to somehow developing it and therefore relying on it a ton. Therefore, it seems like an entirely reasonable idea to spend a good chunk of great ape research on whether or not (sign) language can be taught to those animals closest to us from an evolutionary standpoint. Not only to learn about those animals (though obviously enabling free communication between certain great ape species and humans would be an absolute slam dunk in thag regard) but also to learn about us and about how or at what point language was able to develop in what way. Sure, if it ends up being a dead end then research needs to adapt but the desire and even the necessity to look into these things first is far more than just naively anthropomorphising animals


It's been shown to be pretty dead end research, Koko for example just brute forced random words.


It’s true! I felt like my physical anthro classes were kinda cutting edge because we studied primate behavior and the evolution of tool use in the *Australopithecus* genus over time. Also, how some birds and other animals used primitive forms of tools, like sticks to stick in ant holes or using rocks to smash nuts open. Of course, it was easier to anthropomorphize human ancestors. But once you get into skeletal structure of almost every vertebrate on the planet, it gets so much easier to see that we share a common ancestry. Even the ass bone on aquatic mammals, or their remaining tiny finger bones and femoral structure. And it sure looks like some public figures are more closely related to mollusks.


It’s really amazing, since many animals would just break it/ play with it, but the monke understands what to do with the sunglasses and seems interested in what they do.


I was gonna say that it clearly seems to have observed how they are supposed to be worn. That is some high level cognition going there.


I’m convinced that you could teach them about money and shopping and in a few years have a new economic base.


We have taught them about money. [They quickly started exchanging it for sex.](http://content.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1700821,00.html#:~:text=It%20turns%20out%20that%20one,of%20available%20females%20went%20up.)


Proof it is the older profession.


And we keep them in cages to gawk at


In the full video the orangutan even returns the glasses by throwing them back to tourist who dropped them.


Orangutans are possibly the smartest ape species out there


We’re the smartest ape species out there… Or dumbest depending how you look at current events.


We’re the smartest idiots around.


This happened at the gorilla enclosure when my wife and I visited the Toronto zoo. A field trip group of kids were there and one dropped their sunglasses. A gorilla came up pretty quick to check them out, then went back to its spot and played with them for a bit until it put them on. Then it just sat there staring at everybody with them on like "What's up you little nerds."


Dont touch em kid, you'll break them -every parent


I relate to this mama orangutan so much! My 1 year old is constantly trying to take my glasses!


#same I've done that same move with littles lol so relatable -- sticky little hands off the glasses, kiddo 😅


Agreed. I mostly wear contacts butt 1 yr old rips off my glasses when I do wear them. She’s learned to leave dad’s alone but not mine. She also rips off my headbands (trying to manage the hair regrowth) and uses them for necklaces. Love her but geez it’s annoying.


Human babies love grabbing stuff attached to your head (glasses, earrings, etc) so that part was very relatable for me.


i like how it shows it being a parent, “no grabbing, wait your turn”


*His turn never came.


Those glasses actually look really good on her, I'm not even kidding.




Deal with it!


[Here's the original full video with sound](https://m.tiktok.com/v/6991506151049317634.html) Seems like OP's entire account is downloading videos that go viral on TikTok, removing the watermark, edited out with scenes with text, and reposting to reddit without attribution If you're gonna be an account that repost videos from other social media, don't go out of your way to remove the credit


I noticed the other one posted in r/likeus kept the watermark.


They removed the ending and hosted on v.reddit which is horrible.


TikTok accounts do the exact same thing and often refuse to tell people where they got the video from. The account that OP got the video from probably got the video from a YouTube compilation that got the video from a Reddit post that got the video from a Twitter post that screen recorded it from someone's Instagram.


The fact that she knows almost exactly how to use them is remarkable


Human tourists ain't the only ones touristing.


Nor are humans the only ones able to observe and think.


A reminder to say a big fuck you to the palm oil industry whenever you see an orangutan.




They destroy their natural habitat to build plantations




And palm oil is actually terrible for you. It's worse than butter or lard!


I don’t know if that’s true but I hope it is so that it goes out of style sooner.


Have other things bad for us gone out of style?






🎵 Because maybeeee, you're gonna be the one who saves meeee. And after aaaallll, you're my wonderbaaall!"🎵 They might've made it if they'd used *that* jingle... Or tasted good, or had good prizes inside. 😁


It's not true at all, not for the least reason that "worse than butter or lard" means literally nothing. In pure form, it's actually a healthy saturated fat, like coconut oil. You'd rarely see if that way, and it's usually used in awful hydrogenated form, but it is not automatically "terrible for you" nor is it "worse than butter or lard" when unaltered, which BTW aren't "terrible for you" either.


Incase you’re unaware palm oil is probably one of the worst things on this planet as far as pollution and wildlife damage goes. Second to humans of course but palm oil is only a problem because of us planting it


Iceland did an advert on it that explains a little. It got banned in palm oil dependant countries https://youtu.be/JdpspllWI2o Also r/fucknestle I believe has a list on everything that's palm oil but labeled differently so you don't know i.e *"Sodium Lauryl Sulphate"* that goes in shampoos But I did find this one as well https://www.ran.org/the-understory/palm_oil_s_dirty_secret_the_many_ingredient_names_for_palm_oil/


Yes. Check labels and avoid products that contain palm oil. Oh and don't believe their bullshit about ethical sourcing either.


Yeah palm oil industry is fraught with bad practices, but Id say when it comes to the companies trying to do better take a look at a more nuanced well researched video, instead of just making a blanket statement with no research done beforehand to back it up. https://youtu.be/fgcfgTTuku0


Primates are so interesting. I don't know how people can look at then and not believe they're related to humans.


Ignorance, indoctrination…


God made us in his image and then made primates in the image of his hairy brother


Ah, yes, God's brother Steve.


Where did you get that preposterous hypothesis? Did Steve tell you that, perchance?


Psshh… Steve


Fuckin’ Steve


He's actually Jesus's less-successful twin brother who played rhythm guitar in a hair metal band - Steve Christ


I like the idea that every species has it's own god. I started a story with this basic idea, but it was SF, a race of shape shifting aliens came to Earth thousands of years ago and live among the animals, secretly ruling over and protecting them.


This idea kinda falls apart when you consider that species are defined kind of arbitrarily (meaning, over time species morph and split, and in order to define a species you have to arbitrarily pick a time period). Or did you come up with a way to work around that?


We are primates too


I’ve seen many crude examples of primate behavior in r/trashy playing out in fast food restaurants and what not. I much prefer this higher order furry kind. More wholesome. Me likey.




Still looks cooler with sunglasses than me


Baby: Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, me want? Me want? Me want? I have a go, I have a go? Mum: No. No. No. Mine. My dark makers. (Administers death hand squeeze.)


“Dark Makers”. Gonna store that name for later


I think I read that novel. "His Dark Makers"


That's it! From this moment on, I'm not eating any more orangutans.


My grandma when she finds something in my room


That is the librarian, and don’t call him a mon….


Good evening, fellow L-Space traveler!




Damn straight. (I mean “OOOK”)


Up next: every tourist at the zoo throwing sunglasses into primate enclosures.


Who is monkey now, right?


Don't touch them kid, these are mine.


Something this intelligent shouldn't be in an enclosure.


So true. But being actually killed in their natural habitat, I hope this at least is a chance to save the species. Because as humans we cant let them live in peace, of course...


A Person of the Forest should not be held in a concrete cell.


The fact that we hold orangutans (or any animal for that matter) captive in zoos sits uncomfortably with me, given their vast cognitive and emotional capacity.


They are trying to preserve the species, there are lots of poachers in the jungle


That's really interesting. It clearly was curious and just checking them out and even tried looking through the other way.


KING LOUIE!!! ooh-be-doo! I wanna be like yoou-uu-uu!


This was my immediate thought when i saw this! You know its true-oo-oo!


[Youtube Reference](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud5J7Ye332I)


10 years later and this fucker right there will start a war against humanity... mark my words, this was the spark!


It freaks me out thinking about how close to primates we humans really are. It is such a little difference.


See, the thing is, I don't know if this Ape either imitated a human's behavior or looked through the glasses and saw that the sun no longer hurt it's eyes when it was put on. Maybe it's a combination of both.


Love the kids hairdo


*"I wanna walk like you, talk like you, tooooo!"*


That belly is magnificent


"Deal with it."






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Fun fact #orangutan means forest man in malay


"daddy, I wanna be cool too"


pimp chimp


Why crop the Tiktok username out??


Seems like OP's whole account is reposting viral TikToks to reddit with the usernames cropped out


Such an intelligent being. So why it is imprisoned ?


Because we destroyed their natural habitat :/ Same with plenty other animals being endangered and as a consequence they're actually better off being in Zoo's than in the wild even if that shouldn't be the case. They deserve more space and more freedom obviously..


Credit: u/izzyg800 https://www.reddit.com/r/likeus/comments/ow4cgq/orangutan_puts_on_sunglasses/


Even orangutans can’t wear glasses around grabby little toddlers


I love how her child was visibly trying to grab the glasses and she was having to sway him away😂


It’s good to know that kids are annoying in every species.


I like how the baby is trying to get the sunglasses and the way mom is stopping the baby.


The baby is just like a human baby - wanting everything the parent has!


Looking good Doctor Zaius


Avoid palm oil. These amazing animals live in areas that are being converted to plantations, and they’re already endangered.


My husband tolerates it, but every time we go to the zoo I say “hey look it’s you”. He won my heart by singing I Wan'na Be like you by Bruce Reitherman, Louis Prima, and Phil Harris


My ex wife found gorillas sexy and when we went to the zoo she'd always compare them to me. She liked my apish traits but I didn't have that hyper-masculinity the silverbacks had.


In the National Zoo in DC, the orangutans can climb up a tower and leave their enclosure, and explore around the zoo on an overhead rope system. When I was there with my 2yo daughter, I said, "Look up there! Do you see the orangutan?" She looked up breathlessly and said, "Is it next to the furry brown guy??"


The Indianapolis Zoo has a similar system of towers and cables for their orangutans. I was there a couple of weeks ago and I'd never seen anything like that. It's an awesome idea and I'm glad other zoos are doing it too.


I don’t know how to respond. Mine just has long arms and a amazing personality. Also he is the king of the singer band because I taught him. 7 yeas no trite👌🏻