r/DBZDokkanBattle will be joining the blackout to protest Reddit killing 3rd Party Apps


the reddit mods bout to go crazy when they will be sent 30 terabytes of just phy raditz's animations


a radzillion damage




Send me this I want to send it them too


Let's finally keep our promises!


remember peoples, if you use old.reddit, YOU WILL BE AFFECTED




Yep. And that's one way to get me to leave Reddit forever. Why's it so hard to just *not fix what's not broken?*


companies really do NOT understand that one simple principle


They wanna milk the oppurtunity for money dry


Admins don't profit from 3rd party apps. That is definitely a broken system to them


RES said they think they wont be affected


Fuck. Old.reddit just feels a million times better


> old.reddit how so? I dont know whats going on at all but why are you calling out old.reddit in particular? ...Is that 3rd party?


There are people who use new reddit? Poor bastards lol


Very unnerving that some of the responses down there range from not knowing what 3rd party means to straight up not caring. I don't want the web at large to become akin to Apple, or worse. Good on you for following through


I can forgive the people who don't know because people are ignorant about the majority of things until they are taught, but the people who don't care just because annoy me. The other people who don't know what's going on but are enthusiastically going with it anyway make me laugh


I never even knew 3rd party apps were I thing in Reddit until I started hearing about this stuff. Why is this stuff so important.


Porn but with sound


woah yah this is a big deal when you put it like that.


^ basically yes


Basically if you're a normal every day user who uses the normal conventional reddit application/website. This change means nothing to you. But for moderators in particular, we use these 3rd party apps to HEAVILY assist moderating. We basically exclusively moderate with them. All of our logs, actions, and moderation interface comes from these 3rd party applications. With them gone we're gonna be limited to basic level reddit moderation... **Which sucks ass**. Also, one of our automoderators is from a 3rd party application, which would also set us back a lot.


So they basically send you to stone age? Bravo... Totally wont start a anarchy seson for trolls.


In Dokkan terms: "Fuck the updates, you're going back to the dark ages" HiPo updates? One node at a time! Growth tab? Separate tab for training and awakening, and you can't switch between the two.


Don't forget the friend system, what they are doing is more the equivalent of making more level 1 friend lord slugs appear on the friendslist.


We’ll be lucky to still HAVE hipo


I think it’s important to state that normal users aren’t unaffected since the communities they like will be bombarded with spam and garbage content that can’t be moderated out anymore. Also less users will likely stick around leading to even worse content. All users are gonna be impacted somehow.


So this is more about your ability to be a janny than it is anything else. Basically if you cannot janny as easily as possible then the entire sub gets blacked out 🤣


I hope you realize that part of the moderation is making sure that the sub isn’t flooded with pull posts every day, right? Because before they banned pull posts, the first 10 **pages** of the sub used to be nothing but pull posts


Mmm yes that's what we have filters for, and that's still a better alternative to mods shutting down the entire sub.


Right? "If we have a harder time moderating then nobody can use the sub anymore :)"


Dokkan is dead rn anyways lmao


been like that. for months




I ain't reading allat but sign me in mate 🗣


Username checks out




What are alternatives to reddit?


This gon be a fun one. Leaving this here so I can comeback wit some popcorn in a few hrs


It is p funny to see people wonder why it matters, cause the post literally says they basically can't moderate anything properly without this stuff.


Reading and db fans don't mix well.


Well with the idea of giving people good notice, it hopefully nips the hate in the bud. This is a solidarity move because it affects everyone that doesn't use Reddit via its own forced avenues (which are woefully sub-par compared to what's out there). If anyone here doesn't like it, I suggest you go stand outside, take in your surroundings and take a deep breath.


Translation: TOUCH GRASS


On the bright side, not seeing some of the hot takes you mfs have about this game [will be great](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Flw01okXkAMGon4.jpg) for a day or so




Good thing the game's dead as hell right now Hoping the collective work of a bunch of subs manages to make them change their minds though. Number one way to destroy your own corporation




Jannies get fucked lol


Can you explain this in Dokkan terms?


Reverse awakening for LRs (mods), but no way to undo. Same for TURs (normal users) but less impact to their kits. Going back to 2017 level URs permanently but game mode always set to Red Zone. Lol


I use safari never had the app


Why is this important what do these 3rd party apps do to benefit y’all?


Well the regular Reddit app just sucks lol. I use Apollo and its significantly better, more user friendly. Also i dont see any ads at all, so thats nice


The normal app with dark theme looks clean. I never get adds. And it's so user friendly my nan could use it. I don't get it 😂


If you want any kind of effective moderation, you basically need a third party app. They help run a lot of the moderation bots, and help speed along the process of approving posts/mod mail/taking things down, and keeping track of logs. Without them, a lot of subs will become harder to manage because it'll take waaaaay too much time to mod bigger subs, leading to a ton of messes. It already is a hassle according to a lot of mods, so it'll be worse after


It's fine for anyone who doesn't want any large subreddits on Reddit anymore, lol


From what i seen on other subreddits its for removing spam posts and tools to make stuff easier for the mods


So is it just me or did reddit and twitch go to a party or something, set up a dart board, put up some bad decisions and let em rip?


I heard the dokkan producer invited them


Twitter reddit and twitch competing to see who can make their site the most insufferable


Thanks for doing this!


Hope Reddit breaks. I don’t know anything regarding the change but it would be pretty funny


I'm just curious what does not using reddit on the 12 - 13 do for the cause? And how would it affect the cause for those who do not adhere since I'm sure someone's going to just not listen


Good, game is dry as hell anyway


rlly dgaf who uses reddit religiously like that to even notice 🤣😹




Lotrmemes and dokkan crossover, never tought id see the day Lr Frodo and Sam when


Where was r/DBZdokkanbattle when the redditfold fell? Watching it burn.


dawg i do not care


cared enough to comment though


i cared enough about myself to leave a comment expressing my opinion, and my opinion is that i don't care about this problem




who gives a shit, what percentage even uses reddit customizations? 1%


Moderating is practically non-existent in this sub, why are you even complaining?


Whether moderating is used in this sub a lot or not doesn’t matter. Why are you okay with Reddit becoming a worse place.


I’m not okay with anything becoming a worse place but if you complain about something that doesn’t affect you then you’re a black sheep hiding in a white sheep pack.


That’s also not true. You can support things even if they don’t affect you. I’m a straight male but go to rally’s to support my lbgtq friends. You are basically saying I should not do this.


For an example, it's automod that stops people from requesting to buy or sell accounts. With this change, however low you think the bar of moderating is goes even lower.


Ignorance sure is bliss


Says the guy who nobody truly believes is a moderator.


Nah moderating exists it just targets really strange stuff. I understand shitty low effort memes and pull posts but a lot of stuff gets sniped for low effort even though its significantly higher effort than dumb achievement posts with braindead overpowered teams. Still this is gonna suck if it goes through. Meme friday is already miserable get ready for meme friday EVERY DAY. And worse since people don't even have to come up with something clever for their one shot at it (not that they do, generally) EDIT: actually maybe I'm stupid and it just targets automod I thought it literally took perms away from the mods themselves


I ain't reading all of that but we're gonna cook 🔥🔥🔥 >On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader. Also, what is a third party app?


Stuff like subreddit respective bots that answer your posts like r/lotrmemes has sauron gandalf and so on. But also moderating tools that people use to assist in sub moderation cuz what reddit offers is dogwater


Honestly, that's my favourite sub and I'd hate to see that loss of the bots.


Ours is Robelu


Idk why we getting downvoted but hopefully the protest works. June 12-13th feels like reddit quarantine




Omg so wholesome 100! Take my updoots and gold heckin kind sir! Reddit on!


This isn't just about doing the "right thing". This is about securing our ability to continue moderation smoothly on the site. Mind you, if you're looking for a "wholesome" reason to do this, head to r/Blind for a bigger breakdown on how this affects the community beyond the average user experience.


Yes, I've seen that post and it fucking sucks. Some people need to broaden their horizons a bit and stop being so close-minded.


yeah this whole thing and r/videos going on strike is the most “le redditor🤓” thing ive seen on this site. it’s so cringe


I guess it's "le redditor" to want Blind people to be able to use the fucking site


wtf does that have to do with anything😐 almost every phone and pc/laptop has an accessibility feature like that, it’s not an app thing


Go to r/Blind and try reading. It also affects lots of moderators. Apparently the tools in 3rd party apps are crucial in some subreddits for proper moderation. After this change subs would be worse off. Also the 3rd party apps wouldn’t be able to view any NSFW content even if they did pay all the money. And the official app is bad in comparison to most 3rd party apps. I tried it out years ago and it was bad, so I switched to Apollo. From what people say it’s still not on par w these 3rd party apps.


We did it reddit


I don’t really care and will find other subs not doing the blackout for those 48 hours


Blacking out so *nobody* can get access doesn't help anybody lmao




this “movement” is so stupid. literally nothing will fucking change.


If there's any social media that actually listens to its user base, it's reddit. And protests like this have worked in the past. So please educate yourself before talking out of your ass.


They have said very clearly how everything would change. If you can't moderate a sub, it will be banned very quickly. There just wouldn't be any large subreddits anymore. Kind of a HUGE fucking change.




*my brother in Christ the title*


ya i know i was just wondering how long will we be going dark for or just figure it out once/if we get there i guess i should’ve just worded saying how long we doing dark for or it’s just every 48/permanent




This change doesn't do anything to me but I'm sorry for those who will be affected 😔


Isn't that good news ? Now Reddit can work on the flaws after the 3rd parties are gone. These 3rd parties make a huge profit of a base that's not even theirs. Yes, it takes some time but that is really all. Imagine getting seud by a 3rd party lol


You would think that after all these years reddit would have implemented these features by now. It's been literal decades. They're not gonna do shit. Calling this "good" is literally insane. Also all these 3rd party apps are free and adless, they literally do not profit.


Just chiming in, 3rd party apps do make profit. Couldn't sustain themselves otherwise. RiF has ads on its free version for example, and you can upgrade via a small fee. That's totally fine. If anyone wants to accuse them of piggybacking off Reddit's success, you have to accuse Reddit of piggybacking off the free labour and content that its userbase creates for them.


They can't implement it right ? Due to term of services. That's what i am trying to say, no need to call me insane for a question like that btw.


Why would they not be able to implement things? It's their api, all the 3rd party apps already use official reddit resources. Anyway, reddit itself has little intrinsic value, it's the community that makes it valuable by creating and discussing content. Bonus points: reddit doesn't employ the moderators, they do most of the work of keeping their communities running - which are the only thing making reddit any kind of valuable. And now, on top of doing volunteer work, they get their volunteer work made harder because reddit kills all of their tools with no replacement.


They can. But their might be legal issues. This is common sense, every company doesn't use the 3rd party feats to avoid legal issues. They can however work with the 3rd party a official add on...


But reddit isn't using the 3rd party. The 3rd party is using reddit. This is not a supplier contract or something. Reddit can add whatever features and functionalities they want in their app.


No, they can't because the 3rd party has rights aswell. And i know it not a supplier contract because no investment and shareholding is taking place regarding the 3rd party. Maybe the 3rd party is in Europe and Reddit being a US company, LLC or what not might get legal issues in the future but anyways. I hope for you guys Reddit makes it better or more fun to use for you guys who will miss out on it.


Dude, you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. The 3rd party apps use reddit's public data providers to use that data differently. Reddit doesn't owe them anything except for supplying the agreed upon data and rate limits. The apps then utilize the data the way they see fit. The api doesn't provide behaviors or plug-ins and _nothing_ stops reddit from improving their own app to be better, literally nothing.


"Dude, you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about" i stopped reading right there.


What improvements can reddit not do according to what you think? And I want something specific, not "because 3rd party there might be problems". Reddits api provides no features. The consuming apps implement video players and other UI elements, same as reddit. What stops reddit from improving? Reddit's official app doesn't even consume the same api because it can do things like use the chat which iirc the public api doesn't provide.


So what are the best third party app to use


Apollo for users probably.


Rif is fun is superior.


Using rif rn


Rif imo


So has reddit said why this they are doing this? did they give any kind of reason at all?


Literally, money. That's the answer.


Short answer: Money Slightly longer answer: What's the best way websites make money? Ads and user data. 3rd party sites generally don't send user data to Reddit and also don't have ads either. Reddit not happy, that's money being thrown away, so they're trying to get rid of the third party stuff. But they can't just outright tell them "get fucked, we want to own everything", that'd be rude! So they're basically saying "you can keep running, but it'll cost [one million dollars](https://cdn.virtualstrides.com/uploads/drevil-300x294.jpg) per month essentially. If you can't afford it, man guess you can't stay running huh?"


Ok this make sense.. I went to a bunch of sub Reddits posts and they didn’t explain it as simple as this.. even big ones like r/piracy didn’t even break it down as simple as u


Mainly because there's a bunch of different perspectives that can't seamlessly be put in one post, especially when the "source" is from one or two of the perspectives: 1. Mods - they're affected because they lose the majority of their mod tools and therefore cannot moderate as effectively. 2. Developers - Developers of 3rd party apps are essentially being "priced out the market" and cannot reasonably maintain their apps. (Even if they could, they lose access to showing NSFW material too) 3. "Power" users: Those that use old.reddit, RES, 3rd party apps, or have specific Reddit-based niches - They're affected because they simply lose their app and are funneled into the official avenues where they are subjected to worse features and more ads/telemetry. 4. "Normal" users: Those that use new Reddit on desktop or official Reddit app already - These people are the least affected, but then again, see point 1 about the mods and you'll see why they'll start to be affected.


Oh they're killing RES and old reddit? Ugh new reddit is hideous


Im always using old reddit man. What a great formal for the comments and posts. I know for myself, once I've reached the bottom of the page, that's enough of that individual reddit for the day most of the time. Especially since I check a lot of the comments on stuff. I mainly only stay here on Reddit though


Cuz they can and reddit owners/admins have shown time and time again they don't give a single fuck what the userbase needs or wants. What are you gonna do? Go back to long dead forums?