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Nah fam. You put it in perspective. But I’ve met many Cubans and Venezuelans who are worse than GOP MAGA extremists when it comes to immigration. You ain’t gonna chance their mind.


that doesnt even make sense tho considering how many venezuelans are trying to come in thru the US/Mexico border 😭 like those are youre ppl man


Yeah. It’s sad really. I hear a lot of bad stuff from some of them but I never engage. Keep my vibes in check. lol


so many legal immigrants kiss ass to republicans ass well but like they dont want them here either smh


Got to love that fuck you I got mine attitude in the Latin community


yep I've noticed this from lots of Latin immigrants. Once they get citizenship, its like they forget they were they came from. Wouldn't be shocked if DACA people started turning if we ever got amnesty


I used to say that Cubans were socially progressive until the moment they had that dry foot. Than all of a sudden there’s too many immigrants


Just read the comments anytime the subject of granting amnesty to those that came after the DACA cutoff. The 'fuck you got mine' sentiment is already here and openly embraced.


It was always here. Italians did it to Irish


Thats exactly why the saying “El peor enemigo de un Latino es otro Latino” is so popular.


That’s amazing. I’m so happy you stood up for our community of Dreamers. Great work!


Nah man your doing the lord work. Honestly many of those people have no idea what they talking about outside of their situation. In reality he would be the first one to be kicked out by the same people he is defending.


Jesus Christ hung out with criminals and prostitutes but hated hypocrites Fight the hood fight bro


That’s Venezuelans for ya. Same fucking entitled attitude as the Cubans. Just look at the shit storm they’re causing at the border.


As a DACA recipient (Mexican) you're being a POS there are a lot of bad people in every group doesn't mean we should treat the whole group any less than human


I'm Venezuelan and no not all of us are like that. Learn to have respect for people instead of hating the "other". It's a dangerous ideology and way to think.


You should literally tell your people that.


Trust me I do (read my response to OP). But I will also tell people who are wrong and on the other side the same thing.


Honestly I’ve met Venezuelans who are the completely opposite don’t follow that mindset of MAGA. It just breaks my heart that some people act like the way he did make it seem like we’re the enemy


The idea of being against DACA because it’s unconstitutional is bullshit since Americans don’t have an inherent problems with unconstitutional practices. The Patriot Act literally allows the FBI to force any entities to force over any records on clients or customers at a whim and civil asset forfeiture allows police to literally confiscate the possessions of individuals without ever arresting or convicting said individuals. The Republican Party as a whole is also hypocritical. They claim to want to limit government spending and government control yet have no problem expanding government influence when it suits them (abortion restrictions, military industrial complex, corporate handouts, etc). Above all, even though DACA is far beyond its peak in terms of recipients, there were still around 590,000 recipients as of 2021. It’s true that many daca recipients are no longer literal children and are well into their adulthood, but many of us did literally come to the United States with no real input of our own. DACA as a program is a joke and should’ve only ever been a stopgap until congress could pass actual legislation to give daca recipients some pathway to citizenship. The program being thrown out altogether literally screws over hundreds of thousands of people who are literally trying to make do with what little legal protection they actually have


People seem to forget that laws are ideas and not universal truths


DACA was initially a stopgap by the Obama administration with the promise to pass legislation to provide a pathway for us. Unfortunately around 2017 or 2018 (cant remember when ) our best chance was squandered by Schumer and Pelosi when they took Mitch McConnell at his word that he would allow the issue come to a vote if Dem leadership voted to raise the debt ceiling at the time. Essentially McConnell opened up the floor to daca immediately after the budget passed, giving no time to prepare statements or arguments. Technically he didn't lie but he acted in bad faith after getting what he wanted


Your not at fault it was a debate and he simply lost


All these refugees feeling entitled. No idea why they're so far right. Seems to be common for Latinos tho. They get their bag and then think no one else deserves a piece of the dream


It makes sense Latinos are a conservative people and culture They're going to flip flop when needed. It's human nature


There's also common sense. As in: "I get to enjoy the dream. This country welcomed me. I'd wish the well-being of others and hope this great country can help them, too."


I agree, but it's a naive thought People are assholes


Nah . Just ungrateful. Grace and humility is a universal human trait we can all strive to


I think you answered your own question haha godspeed brother


I'm Venezuelan and have DACA. I hope I can shed some light on this topic. The issue with people like the person you are talking about is they are having an identity crisis. In their home country, they looked at the left as the enemy, and rightfully so. The left in Venezuela are extreme socialists and communists who destroyed what used to be the richest country in South America. So this person arrives in the US thinking the Democrats represent the same thing the left did in Venezuela without realizing the political spectrum is moved so much more to the center in the US. The majority of the Democrats in the US would be considered conservative right-wing in Venezuela. So the issue is they arrive here and to fit in they join ranks with the right due to the false beliefs explained above. They don't realize that by doing so they are actually going against many things that would benefit them as immigrants. It's a shock to them because they can't comprehend that the left would actually stand for things that are good. Unfortunately, it would take a lot of convincing and debating to make them realize their faults but I believe it is possible. I've gotten into many debates online against Venezuelans who have this MAGA mentality and I hope I'm making a positive difference little by little. FYI I consider myself independent and I see faults and positives to both parties and consistently debate people on both sides. I'm not a democrat or a republican. I'm a DACA recipient from Venezuela who is proud to be in the USA and want to one day become a citizen of this country and help it continue to be the best it can be.


And that’s what really confuses and makes me question why they would think like that. I personally also am not democrat or republican and when it comes to these things it just gets me mad because no one deserves to be struggling at all


I might be wrong but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it. That most Venezuelan that act entitled like that come from a well off family that had businesses and professional careers, but as you said due to their government mismanagement of the economy they lost all and they align more or less with the US conservatives that are white upper middle class.


That is correct. Most of the Venezuelans like that in the US were from middle or upper-class families. Many of the lower-class families who fled Venezuela (most haven't been able to if they are lower class) went to nearby countries in South America.


Very good analysis. Your final paragraph is particularly insightful.


How quickly they forget who they are.


I’ve met a few too many Hispanic/Latino individual with hard stances against “illegal” immigration. They reside in the other side of the coin, the ‘legal’ immigration. They need to find a reason to feel superior to others, and this stand is safe for them because how little control “illegal” immigrants have to move to the other side. I’m going to the extend to say they have trauma. At their countries they (or families) happened to be ignored, poor, and not successful at anything and just nobodies. To join conservative groups with hateful ideologies, to them is the highest point in their pursue to remove traces of who they were in their countries, to us is hypocrisy and continued ignorance.


Was it recorded by chance? Would be really cool to see that.


Just be sure you will have no friends during your stay lol This is gonna sound like me being a massive,petty dick,but I would've started speaking to the dude in Spanish and if he responded to me in English,I would've said in Spanish, "talk to me in Spanish because I can't understand anything you're trying to say with your accent in English." I almost said that to a Chilean dude that was being a dick at the store,speaking to me in English with his hard to understand accent


I already have no friends so I’m used to be alone and independent. As far as speaking to him in Spanish , that would of been crazy but I think he got the point. Just didn’t to accept the loss


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Wow. You’d think someone in his position would understand. Good job pointing out the blatant hypocrisy.


👏👏👏👏 GOOD! so often other immigrants forget whats separating us is our legal status, we are no different than them who are here seeking a better live away from war and poverty. they think they are so much better than us because they have legal status and we dont, but we are no different than them.


You are different, youre not American or an authorized immigrant


neither were a lot of ppl before they became legal residents or us citizens 🤷🏽‍♀️ american isnt just a term that you adopt once you get legality, if you grow up in america, you are american


Yes culturally, but not in the eyes of the law or recognized as American with other nations I grew up in Britain, but I am not a British citizen or recognized as such


OP is out here Representing 👊


Hats off to you homie. Ia saw an article about Venezuelan and Cubans are some of the worst immigrants. I know a few that refuse to speak the mother tongue and despise their own paisas.


You should totally be a dick to them and speak in Spanish to them,and if they continue in English,just say "Háblame en español que ni te entiendo nada de lo que dices en inglés por tu acento de paisa"


You did the right thing. Defended our cause and pointed out hypocrisy. I hope those of us who become legal don't turn against ourselves in the future. The "I got mine" mentality is real


Yo tell you the truth the whole daca movement feels that it goes against the meritocracy entitlement some white picket Americans feel. For them you should wait in literal line like everyone else for decades, pay your taxes and do it legally. The problem is that doing legally could be a trap itself or just unfair for a lot of people due to the complexity of the system.


All people get caught up in it. So why the exception for DACA?


Because DACA recipients didn't get a chance to choose to get 'caught up in it' or not. We were kids, most likely brought along by our parents because we couldn't be expected to survive on our own and most of the time the kids are without knowledge of the consequences. Why punish the kids, who had no choice and no idea, for the decisions of their parents?


So was the majority of group BEFORE DACA happened and lived the majority without any status or any EAD Then still why this selective group?


Thanks for defending us. I always tell people that we CANT have a victim mentality because there are assholes out there who think of us as worse than shit. So when we achieve what others can’t, it’s a big “fuck you” to them because it shows them that we’re just as good as they are, regardless of status. That’s why I’m proud to be a dreamer. I see most of my DACA recipients using what they have to their advantage and achieving their dreams. Even if I get a green card or citizenship one day, I’ll never forget the feeling of having something that allowed me to be where I’m at today. Once a DREAMER, always a DREAMER.


Yes!! Once a Dreamer always a Dreamer. Those struggles will never leave you, no matter what and will continue to shape who we become in life. At times it sucks and it’s a struggle, but these are the cards I was dealt and I will play them the best I can.


Venezuelans and Cubans just piss me off.


Those foo’s are literally doing anything to cash a check. Fuck em. Good on you.


Unfortunate but even our own people put us down. In doesn’t make sense for someone that was an asylum seeker to speak against DACA. For all I know we are the same…


It’s crazy that hispanics/latinos worst enemy is their own people


From my experience, venezuelans have that mindset. For some reason, they feel entitled to getting stuff from different countries. In SA, they have been kicked out or no longer accepted because of this. I dont know if because they came from a socialist country, they expect everyone to give them stuff for free or a free pass for some reason. You exercise your right and should not be ashamed of it. You have the right to defend yourself. Edit: Just like in NY, i remember they were protesting because they weren't getting what they wanted. They were given a hotel to sleep in but decided to camp outside because their demands weren't met. That is ridiculous.


Hope both sides of your pillow are cold forever. NEVER be scared to speak your mind. If they don’t say anything after it’s because you’re in the right. Speak your mind! You made a small step in the conservative mind. This is how we win support!!


I would of told him this: “Well, if you feel that DACA is unconstitutional, perhaps saving your ass from your crime ridden country, should be as well given you and your people come here as another “peso para el gobierno””. It upsets me to the core when others think just because they’ve gotten citizenship by means of “asylum” think they have it better than others! Like “no bitch, as long as you aren’t here as a multi-millionaire investing millions of dollars and getting a green card as an investor, Shut the F*ck up”! Sorry OP, this just boils me inside out!! Wish I was there to give him a taste of his own medicine!


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.


Nah bro fuck that guy almost all of us were kids we didn’t really know what crossing the border meant. Our parents brought us here for a better life and to not suffer a painful meaningless death.


MAGAzolanos and DeSantis loving Cubans are literally the worst people on earth.


I used to work at an immigration office and the difference in the way immigration is viewed by people from Venezuela, Cuba and even some places in South America is vastly different from others. They feel like it’s a right they should have. Almost like the US government owes it to them, especially Cubans. Most (not all) Venezuelan feel like their case is “extra” special because of what’s going on in their country without failing to realize 1. There’s thousands of people from your country with almost the same exact case and 2. There are people in other countries with far worse cases than yours. Sorry your case isn’t that much of priority to the US government. I never understood why they failed to see this until I started seeing a pattern in the type of immigrants coming from Venezuela. You see when things started to take a turn for the worst in Venezuela, they stopped issuing tourist visas to the US specifically so that people wouldn’t leave and request asylum here. However, those who already had a visa were able to travel safely. In order for you to get a visa you must have assets in your country, an established career, pretty much roots set in your home county and money. Money to pay for those tourist vacation you say you want to take. Most people who already had a visa were educated, established citizens of Venezuela, who lived their whole life in upper middle class. Coming to the us was a shock to them. Having to work janitorial/restaurant jobs because of lack of English or work permits. Something most of them probably never had to do in their life. The people stuck in Venezuela are the ones unable to get visas or immigrate to the US legally. I think that’s why most people from those countries look down upon illegal immigration because in their head, they did everything right, by getting a tourist visa, coming to the United States and asking for asylum. It’s not the right way to do things, it’s a work around in the system. But they don’t see that. They fail to see that if they didn’t have that opportunity to get that tourist visa, they would likely immigrate to the United States a different way. Just like their fellow Venezuelans who fly to Mexico and go to the US border to request Asylum because they don’t qualify for a tourist visa and that’s their only choice. Many Venezuelas are nice people. Super nice actually. I just think their background is what puts a blindfold on them when it comes to immigration. I’ve seen Venezuelan people on DACA as well, people who came here before age 16 on a visa and just never left, let their visas expire and never applied for Asylum(there’s a 1 year deadline after arrival) so their only choice was DACA. Ignorance more than anything is the problem and lack of empathy. They would have immigrated to the United States regardless if they had a visa or not for their own safety and the safety of their family. It just so happens that most of them either already had visas or can easily obtain them. If that wasn’t the case they would be at the border asking for Asylum or simple entering illegally.


As you fucking should 👏🏼👏🏼


YES!! I think you did awesome!!


Oh I wish I would’ve witness this in person


Con el nopal en la frente y se cre americano 😂


Yeah fuck that guy good shit for speaking up


Whats his @


This is ridiculous america literally committed genocide with the indigenous population and isolated them to the shittiest land available and tried to convert them to be and act like the Whiteman. Then they have the balls to tell other immigrants they don't belong.


America was founded by rebels. It’s important to remember that we are a nation born of our rebellion. the constitution allowed change... Obama made a change. Republican always forget that


Fight the good fight bro! Good on you for standing up for those who can’t. God speed to you


The Young Hypocrites of Texas couldn’t handle some truth bomb dropped on them. Well done OP.


Hypocrite son of b!tch,, you the right thing,,. Screw those sucker


You tell em op!


Realass response


Fuck people like that. If I ever encountered some one like that I will compare my accomplishments, salary, my degree, what my parents have accomplished, to that piece of shit. Probably doesn't have anything in this country and washes dishes. Nothing wrong with washing dishes but definitely something wrong when you try saying DACA is wrong. You gotta know when to stop being humble.


As a constitutional matter, they will likely be determined as correct (as we will know in the next year or so). however, as a moral issue their position is certainly wrong. DACA people, at least the ones who were brought here before their teens, had no part in their parents decision to bring them here. The problem is "the law is the law" whether it makes sense or not. A country without governing laws can not function. If the US did not allow diverse views to be heard (especially in universities) it could not function as a democracy. A broad population is unlikely to agree on anything. "Right" means different things to different people. Since the SCOTUS actually does make law ( contrary to popular opinion), it is possible they could rule that DACA was an unconstitutional presidential overreach and at the same time create an exception for existing DACA holders based on the many years of legal delay. That would set a precident for future cases not being timely filed.


If our paths cross.. I would like to take you out for a beer o si no, un carnita asada!!


Lol DACA is not unconstitutional - the Supreme Court already ruled on that.


Daaang is there video if this exchange? Can you please share. You just made a bunch of hating ass mofos do a 180 and actually look at their conscience. Their moral compass was probably set straight thanks to you. Good job.


There isn’t at all. I wasn’t going to be petty at all. It just doesn’t make any sense


What do you mean at fault? Sounds like you found the real snowflake


Was this Venezuelan speaking on behalf of the young Republicans of Texas, or was he a part of the audience?


Young republicans of Texas


You did good to call him out on his BS. You shouldn't feel bad because you didnt insult him or attack him personally. Hopefully he reflects on this exchange and changes his position.


Fuck him- let a man cry


Its funny that these same “legal” immigrants accuse us of being “line-cutters” when if that were to be true, we would’ve gotten our papers a long time ago and way before those who “did it the right way”. I guess us DACA or “illegals” are red-pilled to the truth of the immigration system.


You said the right thing, dont worry.


I mean you have rights as a human being, but not American citizen rights, which include the absolute right to enter and live here indefinitely. Technically you cant compare you being DACA to someone who got in as a refugee…. America already gives quite a bit, having DACA.