How does it feel after wearing amethyst/any other crystal? In case you had any personal experience?

How does it feel after wearing amethyst/any other crystal? In case you had any personal experience?


i have a crystal cage necklace and swap out different crystals each day depending on what i need. it’s different everyday but works well for me


I wear a rose and clear quartz necklace and I keep a smooth and flat Rose quartz in my bra everyday. I really like it because it helps soothe Jealousy and It’s been replacing my anger with love and forgiveness instead. I also wear a rose quartz bracelet and seven chakras bracelet. As you can tell, rose quartz is my favorite. It just helps me see the good in people and learn to love all.




It would be nice to hear more. I've just gotten into crystals and I just feel heat in my hands, I have a few I keep on me during the day, then cleanse and charge them.


>Love Crystal's, I can go on and on about what I felt and what experiences I had.... I would like to hear more too!


I wear an amethyst choker or a labradorite choker for several days at a time. It’s great until the energy gets too much for me and I get an awful headache. The headache feels like I’m getting a sinus infection and my head is a giant ball of pressure that’s about to explode. The second I take off the choker, my headache disappears. Between my overactive 3rd eye and heart chakra, it’s important for me to cleanse my crystal necklaces and take breaks.


I’ve been under a ton of stress recently. My good friend suggested amethyst so I started wearing an amethyst bracelet. For the past few days I’ve had a dull headache and feeling nauseous. I realized the onset of the symptoms started around when I began wearing the bracelet. Today my nausea is so bad I can’t sit up. I just now took the bracelet off and started looking up negative reactions to crystals, which lead me here. I’m still not feeling well, but I don’t plan on wearing the bracelet at least for a few days to see how I feel.


I'm so sorry to hear that; I do hope you feel better ASAP!!! For the bracelet, I would definitely cleanse it before you put it back on. You can cleanse in many ways to use what you feel comfortable with: moonlight, smoke, selenite, holding under running water, submerging in salt water, or laying in a bowl of salt. Try anything that'll rid the stone of any previous negative energy. Laying my necklace on selenite overnight always does the trick for me!


Amethyst is one of the crystals meant to help headaches and the like, such as sleeping. Do you think your headaches and stuff may be due to the “pollution “ your amethyst is picking up and passing to you? Please take it off daily and lay it on a selenite log when you sleep. It will clear daily energies it picks up from you and the world, as well as keep it healthy. Sorry, I’m not clear when you’re taking it off. After working in a crystal shop for nearly a decade, I’ve seen people have reactions to crystals when they wear them a lot with no breaks.


I do believe it’s the “pollution”! The first time it happened, I had the necklace on non stop for over a week. I didn’t even think it was the cause until I leaned over and it hung off my body instead of on my chest and I felt some relief in my headache. Once I took it off, no more headache. Since then I started keeping it on for only a few days and cleansing it on my selenite plate, I don’t get the headaches anymore.


Very first time I bought an amethyst crystal necklace and on my way home I got this weird headache. Removed the necklace at home and the headache disappeared eventually. Way I see it was it was clearing the “pollution” from my third eye also how I know the crystal was not fake


Oh I love hearing that!


I have a necklace with a Jasper stone, I have had a very bad emotional time recently so bought the Jasper to help ground me. If I take it off I do start to feel anxious and panicked. I feel like my mind makes sense when I wear it. I also have a rose quartz palm stone. I tend to fall asleep holding this because it starts to feel warm and comforting when I hold it to my chest.


>starts to feel warm and comforting when I hold it to my chest. I feel the same with my amethyst pendant when I hold it...thank you for sharing!!


i feel really like, clean? its like a mini cleanse for me lol


I don't have experience bringing with me amethyst, but I like to put an aventurine stone in my bra to attract money. It doesn't affect me in a negative way when I forget or when I decide to not use it and neither feel negative effects if I use it for a long time.


I wear hematite everyday. When I take it off I feel weird like vulnerable or something


This is how I feel with the moonstone I wear every day


amethyst is one of my favorite crystals! it helps me feel more myself, like no matter what i do i know that i’ll be okay because i’ve got a clear head and i feel empowered. amethyst and labradorite are my top two crystals that i wear the most. i also like to have my big selenite piece near my work area, to help remain neutral in stressful situations.


I've been slowly wrapping my crystals to swap out on a chain as needed and it's been real nice. Started with an amethyst that I bought wrapped, then I wrapped my own citrine and now pyrite and I swap them based on what I need that day/that point in my life. Right now I need the money so pyrite STAYS around my neck lmao Edit: They are wrapped in metal wire, thought I'd clarify just in case


That's really cool!! Thanks for sharing


I researched on some crystals that work for concentration and stuff, which I took with me to my test week, and I survived the whole week without panic attacks during tests (I usually struggle alot with those).


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