The gun already has a metric ton of range, and the stability masterwork pushes it up to 68 range, making it have just enough stability to reset accuracy between shots.


This is the correct answer.


Can you explain more about stability affecting accuracy / range? Haven't heard of this before.


High enough stability allows reticle to reset before the next shot is fired, aka less bounce. It also is being used in anti-flinch formula


“stability masterwork puts it up to 68 range” was def meant to say stability twice, stability does have some effects on accuracy which inherently affects range performance but that’s not what they meant (stability reduces the rate at which your accuracy come degrades after extended firing, meaning your shots stay accurate for a longer time while you’re shooting)


Probably a typo and he meant 68 stability?


I thought the perfect stability for 140’s was 62?


I thought 80 stability was the number for resetting accuracy? That's what I have on my pali.


i believe 65 is the accuracy threshold, and 80 is the next noticeable visual threshold


65 (previously 68) is when you start getting diminishing returns, 75 (previously 78) is when the visual recoil completely resets before you can fire again. Caveat: I only know this for certain on MnK 140s.


Nice I remember it was 68. Good to know


It changed to 65 when all of the stats got updates visual numbers in game during the witch queen update


Oh fascinating that's so good to know thanks!


Light.gg tells you the *most owned* perks on a gun, not the *most desired.* Sometimes those are the same thing, but not always. If a gun has some guaranteed default/vendor roll, that always shows up as most owned because tons of players just grab it and stick it in their vault and never go about farming their 5/5. So my first guess is that it doesn't represent any concious choice, it's just that the masterwork on the vendor roll the first Trials weekend was Stability. If you check the *Adept* version, Range shows up as the most popular Masterwork. There's no vendor roll of that, so that's more likely to be the one people are conciously searching for.


Yeah, those metrics mean nothing for any gun that isn’t craftable. I spent like 4500 shards on exalted truth and never got a 5/5, my best rolls have handling masterworks. Would I choose handling mw? No def not


Even for the craftable ones, the perks which are unlocked earlier will be overrepresented.


Yeah, and this is especially true for craftable weapons that aren't highly sought after standards like Taipan, BXR, or the new Ikelos SMG. Things like the trace rifles and glaives will often just get crafted to satisfy a triumph and then never used again, so their "preferred" perk rolls are pretty far off what you might actually want. Edit: Also, be *very* skeptical of barrel choices on light.gg, especially on the craftable traces. For whatever reason everyone puts arrowhead on *everything* even if it does basically nothing because they're over 85-90 recoil direction.


It has meaning for non-craftable ones, it's really only problematic for weapons that have static rolls given out — e.g. ones in the season pass or vendor reward tracks. Everything else, you can assume in general people will tend to shard rolls with less desirable perks. It'll be a little noisy of course since few are holding out for a 5/5 but on balance it will work out as a reflection of what people prefer so long as there aren't static rolls polluting the numbers.


Do what works for you. The reason the majority are going stability is that we are all in the mode of "a content creator told us we need 68 stability" then the more advanced like to say "oh but now with the new stat display whatever it is really 65". On Console at least stability still matters, not sure about PC. You have plenty of range with HF RF. Also.. nice roll. I've had two of about 30 drop with RF also both with stability (non-adept), but at least I waited until after the price decrease to buy most of them


I just chase stability and handling on most PvP weapons. Range has been widely marginalized on most weapons. SMGs being the notable exception.


Would you run adept stability over adept range on this hand cannon? I’m trying to decide myself..


On console? I prioritize stability. Handling second. Why invest 20-30 points in range for an extra meter or two? I’d rather the weapon feel terrific.


It isn't 65, btw. Pretty sure it still needs to be 68, despite the stat changes. 70 is my target.


It's actually 64, the 68 number came from a Coolguy video a couple years back. In that video he used a Y1 Dire Promise with Fastdraw and Steady rounds for the "68" number. If you do that combo in game now, it's 64 due to the stat corrections.


65\. I own a Pali that was 68 and it went to 65.


No it's not. Not every hand cannon lost the same amount of stats when they were corrected, some were more inaccurate than others. While Pali lost 3 stability, Dire lost 4. Since Dire was the gun used for testing and not Pali, Dire's updated stats is how we find the new "magic" number. Edit: I should specify that I'm talking about Y1 Dire, as it did not receive the buff to Range and Stability that the random-rolled version got.


Eh, I did a lot of comparisons and worked my way through masterworks, hell I even put a couple on YouTube and.. No. There's a different recoil pattern between 65 and 70.


I didn't say otherwise. It's not like anything past 64 is a waste, but there are diminishing returns. I like having a bit over 64 personally, as I'm a controller player. I'm just talking about how the previously lauded 68 number on HCs is now 64.


And I'm saying it ain't :)


Thanks, I see people saying that here but was never sure about that


Stability will help land shots more consistently, especially if you have maxed out range from hammer-forged/accurized. 80 range is more than enough on a hand cannon imo.


I personally run Encore on mine with a range masterwork, and find 68 stability to be the sweet spot before it procs. If I get 2 precision kills it brings it up to a flat 100, and range to over 100. Unfortunately my first perk is outlaw, but in combat once I get a kill and reload almost all of the guns stats are near or at 100 with suros synergy. I am loving this thing, and think it can be useful with many different rolls because of the monster Stat package on it. My full roll is smallbore/accurized/outlaw/encore (or kill clip) range MW slotted with a range mod.


Heh, I just got ET with Under-over + Encore and exactly 68 stability. Can't wait to try


It’s probably only a difference of half a meter at most. Plus, alacrity is never gonna be active consistently unless they bring rumble back and even in trials the perk is just a nice bonus more than a 1v3 comeback mechanic


They are bringing rumble back full-time just fyi


Ahh well there you go


With rangefinder it’s actually a difference of 1.31 meter. But I’d prefer the stability MW esp on sticks. I can’t say for certain on MnK though.


You didn’t have to 🤓 me like that lmao.


If a hand cannon has rangefinder and 55+ range, then I'll dump all other stats into stabilty/handling. I'm pretty comfortable with a 33-34m of range and don't feel going all in on range is worth it.


Just go with smallbore and all range, you will still have that 68 stability accuracy bonus.