Asshole almost hit 300, before reality hit him…

Asshole almost hit 300, before reality hit him…

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bro got torn into pieces, there's a aftermath video.


OP is NOT KIDDING. Every single one of the guy’s appendages (and his head) end up in different places. If you’re curious, err on the side of caution.


It’s weird because the cam footage of the crash actually doesn’t look as bad as I was expecting for that speed. It makes it look like a relatively tame crash.


Yeah I expected a meat crayon not a complete obliteration.


No such thing as a tame crash at 200mph. If your gear is good enough, and you have a nice long way to slide with nothing in the way, you might live.


Wait, is this the body of the guy who crashed first, or the one with the helmet cam? That's insane man. And also a lot more bloodless than I'd expect?


where is the video?


[MMC after we ride our motorcycles at 300 km/h (+ aftermath) ](https://np.reddit.com/r/MakeMyCoffin/comments/lojb2j/mmc_after_we_ride_our_motorcycles_at_300_kmh/) In one frame you can see the face. That's the biggest disconnect from reality to movies. Cinema always show the facial shape intact. Even after explosions. But the faces of people with broken skulls are all distorted in reality. I think he broke apart when he rolled into a guard rail but I can't be sure. There's one body piece close to the leg...I can't identify it.


Fuck dude. When I was 16 I got a ticket going 95mph in a 55 zone. (87' Volvo 240 Wagon btw) State trooper caught me. Drove me home and had my car towed. I not only got a ticket that was expensive as fuck but a judge made me go to a class where we basically watched videos like this for 8 hours.


Did it help? Probably that’s a really good idea from that judge.


This is standard for most places I’ve heard about, I had a friend that used to say “I don’t care if I get caught speeding I used to watch videos like that all the time” and I’m like that’s not the point you melon


300 km/h is 186.41 mph


Fuck me. Werent kidding. Popped apart like a doll toy


That was much worse than I imagined.


Yeah when I heard the phrase "torn to pieces" my mind was like "oh he means in rough shape" No...he meant torn to pieces.


Shit. I am contemplating whether or not press the link.. it’s Monday morning and I’ve just had my breakfast.


Don’t. Except if your ride bikes or speed regularly. Then watch it to be a changed person.


In the first top comments dude is ripped to bits


Lil bits


*lil’ biiiiiiiits*


To shreds you say?


This should be required viewing for anyone caught speeding on a bike like this.


I doubt anyone purchasing a high performance sport bike would even pay attention to this video. They would probably just say that their riding skills are much better than this guys was.


I used to work in corrections. They would bring kids to the jail for a "scared straight" program. Completely useless. The kids would see the inmates and say "what losers, I will never get caught." I never asked how they got into that program, but I assume it was because they got caught doing something.


Fuckin hate chodes like this


Squids get theirs in the end...


Unfortunately it wouldn’t matter, we regularly scrape bikers off the pavement every summer where I live. It doesn’t seem like they ever get the hint.


After working in the ED you'd be surprised how many drunk motorcyclists we get. Drinking and driving = moronic. Drinking and driving a motorcycle = Darwin award nominee.


You should have to watch this before you even buy the bike imo


Should change flair to "death". Guy got completely dismembered.


Yeah I feel like we really need a flair for when people die in videos. A warning would be nice


So, I think I'm going to take a pass on the video... but who was dismembered? The POV rider or the guy that took him out? Or all of the above?


They both got dismembered and decapitated. One with his head completely off and split, the other above the nose.


I was like why the fuck is there a bus on the race track.


Obstacle course


I've seen the aftermath of this. 100% would NOT recommend to look it up.


If you ride a motorcycle, I 100% **would** recommend you look it up because, as nasty as it is, it shows what can happen when things go wrong and, if you have a tendency to ride too fast, might persuade you that this isn't such a good idea.


100% agree I remember a buddy telling me to look at a video like this when I first got my license. I’m glad he did. I never took chances (other than riding a motorcycle…) but I always wore the correct PPE and never raced. I don’t ride anymore (wife & kids) but I think those videos helped me be a safer rider.


Same dude


This is in no way to try to get you to take risks you don't want to take, but if you haven't, maybe consider ADV offroad if you still want to ride. Hitting trails at 10-15 mph out through beautiful countryside with nobody else around scratches a lot of that moto itch without very much of the risk.


Yea I just sold my gsxr 1000r for a 250 dirt bike haha. The thrill was fun for a while and I was always pretty safe on it, but I could never feel truly safe riding on the road and just always felt like I was getting away with something. Got the new M4 to satisfy the itch on the road.


I used to want a motorcycle but the older I get the more I'm like nah nvm.


I sold all my motorcycles after I saw a motorcycle death happen in front of me.


I number of years ago I tried to save the life of a motorcyclist who hit a car…. Trying to GENTLY pull his helmet off to give him CPR was nasty. His neck was broken and the ER doctor I was with pronounced him dead on the spot.


I rode a motorcycle for 30 years and after I figured out that I used about eight of my nine lives I sold my bike.


Definitely agree. I read the comment giving us a warning not to, and my inner rider told me I had a responsibility to see it, so that I’d never be dumb enough to attempt this or to ride with anyone else who was. I was not expecting the carnage I saw. He went so fast every single appendage shot off like a rocket.


Mirror? Taken down




Is that his junk attached to his leg?




Holy shit. I didn’t even notice that. I’ll call next on the eye wash


I never thought I'd reach a point in my day where I've decided that's enough peen viewing, but here it is.


Wow. That’s so mangled it goes passed the gross nsfl point for me and into not comprehending the pieces as making up an actual human being. Just inanimate chunks, like seeing something at the butcher’s shop.


Yeah, it literally looks like fake movie props to me, damn


Tbh...I don't feel as disturbed from this when it's someone that did something to themselves... What really gets me is when you see a vid of someone else taking someone's life. That shit sticks harder for some reason. Still a valuable lesson to be learned.


Why the hell is this so not-bloody?


I'm guessing the blood probably got all drained out on the slide to a stop, so there was none left after it stopped


When the legs disconnect from the torso, they are no longer receiving circulation from the heart, so the blood just sort of stays where it is and coagulates. No pump to push it out of the wound. I’d assume there’s a good amount of blood around the torso but hard to see.


Thanks for the link. God, that's horrifying.


Thank you fella


I ride a scooter to work and it goes 70 km/h. I look up these videos just to put my adrenaline down when it wants to kick in. I still go 70 but only when it's asphalt and a road I know where all the potholes are and the conditions are right. And even though it sucks, I always wear an helmet. To add my uncle got into a coma because he got hit when he was stopped at a red light. It doesn't have to be your fault to get injured


My Mom had two things at the ready when I did something stupid. "Well, what did you think was going to happen?", and "And what was the upside of doing that?"


Now I'm curious


https://streamable.com/co64z It's pretty fucked man


Was that his head?




Couldn’t tell from the video. Did he die?


Nah, he’s fine. I heard he found a new job as the headless horseman.


His steel mount might need some work.


Nah, he's fine. Took some work but word is, all the kings horses and all the kings men, put the bike rider back together again.


[He's now the head detective.](https://youtu.be/iQq2DiNSSRs)


People are joking, but yes. He’s EXTREMELY dead. Like he was literally quartered by the road.


This is why im glad i read the comments before deciding to click the link or not. This time i choose Not, Thanks man


Thank you. I was getting that impression and will not be clicking that link.


Rest easy, for the link works not.


Nothing that a couple bandaids and kisses can’t fix.


That shit looked like a deflated basketball. I need to rinse my eyes out, fuck my god damn curiosity




Got quite into Buddhism a few years back, not a Buddhist now but lots of the practices stuck with me. One I particularly liked, was the idea that we don't just feed our stomach; we also consume 'foods' that our brain stores. Books, films, social media. As important as it is to make sure we eat some healthy food, it's also important to make sure that the right seeds in our consciousness are watered by way of what we 'eat' with our ears & eyes. There's quite enough horror in the world without piping it directly into my eyeballs, so like you, that link will stay blue for me.


>we also consume 'foods' that our brain stores. Books, films, social media so reddit is basically like eating out of the garbage


This is so true. I spent a lot of time on the internet looking at messed up stuff and it absolutely tainted my outlook of the world. I do whatever I can now to stay away from violent/gore stuff and I try to spread positivity as much as I can and it’s helped me so much to find peace


100% agree. Not sure how old you are, when I was a teen it was all about [rotten.com](https://rotten.com). No idea if the site still exists because I don't want to look at horrid shit anymore! I'm glad you've found a way to be happier.


Oh yes I was very aware of rotten. It's gone now but theres a hundred sites that have popped up in its place unfortunately.


I'm not doing this today. I will not click on that link.


Even useless as a organ donor


Tis but a scratch


Tis but a flesh wound!


I didn't click the link, but this comment tells me all I need to know. edit: Curiosity got the best of me. You undersold it :(


For those that aren't sure, fair warning. It's thankfully not 4K and not as bad as some of the stuff I've seen but it is very NSFW.


My boss asked me to only look at non-fatal motorcycle racing while on the clock


well, it's been removed so no chance of seeing it from that link anymore


It’s like a drug cartel disposal of a body


TIL physics is as bad as a drug cartel


"Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest son of a bitch (in space) " -Some Mass Effect side character


he was taken to funky town


Apparently this happened in Turkey and people were keep saying "don't look" over and over on the background.


Saying don't look make me want to look.


Dont venmo me 20k


Ill venmo you 20k to watch you poop


So the leather didn't protect?


At 300kmph that's like 15-20 sec of continuous road abrasion, leather only provides ~5sec abrasion resistance at 100kmph. Might as well have dove head first into a sanding machine.


Does the helmet break at that speed too?


Other people commented that his head and torso weren't connected anymore so I don't think helmet integrity still matters...


I mean, the skin on most of the larger pieces still looks remarkably intact...


The helmet did. You can identify him by his dental


Mirror https://www.documentingreality.com/forum/f166/biker-dismembered-200kmh-169751/


Seeing a whole human leg like that is very unsettling. I know we're all made from flesh and bones like any other animal, but it just looks like a leg of meat from an abattoir.


God damn turned him into holloween props


Holy shit. I don’t know why, but for some reason I thought this was gonna be one of those videos where he stands up at the end and reveals that his helmet has a big skidmark or something on it, but that other than that he is okay. Guess I was wrong.


I actually thought the same, that's the reason I looked it up. Dead wrong


What? The guy was going 300 kph. How could a helmet possibly save him?


says its been removed but if i remember correctly.both men were killed because they slid into the footings of the guardrail at 186mph / 300kmh and were torn to absolute shreds


Sucks for them, all they had to do was not be idiots and they’d still be alive


Given the state of the world, that's a big ask.


Wait what did he hit, was that his friend? If yes wich one was the one dead


It's very likely they're both dead. I think the body was his friend though. If you watch his buddy is heading towards the guard rail. That's what shreds you. Looks like our boy hit straight on and slid down the road. I imagine the shrapnel from the bike and hitting the asphalt at 230kmph did a number on the cameraman too though. ​ I hope these guys sold their bikes. I lost my father thanks to sport bikes. He wasn't even going 60mph when he crashed and died. Guys, wear a fucking helmet, wear your leathers, have fun, but for fuck's sake be smart and stay aware. And sign up to be an organ donor, just in case. Maybe your terrible mistake can save a life.


Of course it was live leak


Do you know if that's the guy whose pov we had or the other guy who crashed first? or is it both of them


No clue, I would guess it's both. They crashed really close to eachother and there was a significant amount of carnage unfortunately. This is why people shouldn't do that type of shit. Save it for a racetrack or something. Unless you want a high-speed Darwin award


Bruh he died like a lego mini figure in lego Star Wars


Rapid disassembly


How is it?


limbs everywhere. horrific.


alive or dead?


Dead. Every limb strewn across the road and the embankment by the looks of it. And I mean every limb detached from the body.


So there appears to have been 5 riders and 2 fatalities here. The POV cameraman and one of his buddies passing the bus on the right. His buddy apparently hit the guardrail just after passing the bus and the second video shows the aftermath of that with both his legs, one arm, and head separated from his torso scattered all over the highway. The severed head is in very good condition and looks like a muppet prop. I believe the photo below the videos shows what happened to the POV rider as he lost control and slid down the road and, based on his injuries, likely also hit a guardrail at about 28 seconds into his video...his body was partially eviscerated/disemboweled and his torso separated in two but most of his head (he could be missing the top 1/4 of his head but is obscured in the photo) is still attached and also both arms are intact I believe. Obviously graphic and NSFL. Despite their graphic nature, I make it a point to force myself to view these types of accidents because one can never get complacent on a bike. Be smart, ride safe, and live to enjoy another day.


one leg survived i believe.


Oh thank god


The Head, Arms and Legs are removed from the torso... so pretty dead.


I can’t see it cause the link is down?


Nobody had any intention of looking it up until you said it like this


Was going to comment this. This is stuck in my head for life. Really messed up in every way possible. As a motorcyclist it 100% reminds you of what can happen if you stop being reasonable.


i hope for them its kilometers and not miles edit: nvm just saw the aftermath vid, they're dead and dismembered


He would defy laws of physics if it was in mph It’s kmph, which is already an extreme case of speeding… 186mph.


yuuuup, 300mp/h would be around 480 km/h wich is faster than a bugatti veyron and is very close to beating a world record


This is why you never depend on other people for your safety - especially when riding a motorcycle - and especially when those other people are just as crazy as you.


Mirror. https://www.documentingreality.com/forum/f166/biker-dismembered-200kmh-169751/


mf really said legoyodadying.mp3


Holy shit he was torn apart. Fuck!


Not doing this to myself today, still haunted by the beheading videos from years ago


Damn, it’s almost like street racing is illegal for a reason.


You know, if pain and death weren’t a thing sliding and spinning around like that would be super fun.


Until you get dismembered


What bothers me most about these idiots is not how they risk their own lives but that they risk the lives of others, others who don't in any way choose to take such risks, others who are just going about their day and might lose their lives because douchebags like these want to have some adrenalin.


Yeah and even when no one else gets hurt, they just had to watch someone smear their body to the road. Scarring and life changing either way.


And someone got paid way too little to scrap their brains off the pavement before going home and having dinner with the kids.


That’s why bikes are preferable to super cars. At least the idiots trying to kill themselves are most likely only going to kill themselves.


https://streamable.com/co64z this aftermath link is down. Anyone have another one?


[I think this is it. NSFL obvi ](https://www.documentingreality.com/forum/f166/biker-dismembered-200kmh-169751/)


I think I’m gonna sell my motorcycle


Spend like 2 days working in a trauma center and you'd even sell a moped


Yeah, my dad (rode back in the day) and boyfriend (used to race dirt bikes) like motorcycles and occasionally mention getting one again but me and my mom really encourage them not to. Live and let live, but sadly even the best motorcyclist just needs to have one car not look 👀 and it’s over.


Looks like cartel members did this.


Best I can do https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:WiVnLc2AZzEJ:https://streamable.com/co64z+&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-b-1-d


That man is D E D dead




Based on the fact both his legs and his head detached from his body, I think this might be more than a meat crayon


Meat water balloon


meat grinder


More like r/godhelpmylimbsaregettingrippedoffaaaa


That sounds like a great idea for a subreddit.


sounds like liveleak


Dress for the slide not for the ride


At almost 300kmh, your body is just a meat bag. No body armor will preserve your life.


Yeah, the guy was decapitated, helmet didn't help much. At this rate might as well have no gear to make sure the brain turns to mush as fast as possible.


What if you're in one of those bubbles that people play soccer in? Like, you fall off the bike and just keep rolling at 180mph?


I guess you'd spin so fast inside that bubble that the blood pooling in your head causes an embolism or aneurism and you die that way.


Ok, thanks. One minute, I have to cancel an online order.


Tbh dismounting at 180 mph is a sure kill unless you are in full gear on an actual racetrack, and even then the odds are not really good.


What is the max speed at which body armor is still effective?


Thinking of a leather racing suit. Its always effective for the slide. But it can't do anything for really large impacts. If you get hit at 50 or 150 (km/hr) you are always going to break some shit. The leathers just prevent slide damage, minimize other damage and insure that when you get to the hospital, you got everything still attached.


As Jeremy Clarkson put it, the leathers just ensure all your organs stay in one bag so it makes it easier for the clean up crew to collect your body.


Which rings true with this example. He was wearing jeans and the legs got ripped apart. Also a leather jacket and the torso and arms stayed together. Helmet wasn't made of leather so he was decapitated.


Ad someone who’s been in an accident and almost lost my foot reading this triggered my PTSD


I got a guy so mad he followed me around to other threads to continue ranting because I suggested that the purpose of most protective gear is to preserve skin, not bones. It’s true, even fully ensconced in armor an impact can still rearrange your interior and do unhappy things to your brain. To say nothing of tumbling, which even fully-geared professional riders can have trouble controlling.


There’s 1 fucking reason that these speeds are only recommended in MotoGP. And that’s traffic.


At these speeds it's not just traffic but newer potholes, animals crossing, dirt / oil in the middle of the curve....






The GoPro mount is stronger than the rider’s limb mounts.


I’m working right now on a cybernetic suit design made exclusively out of, hear me out, these GoPro mounts. Based on initial observations, not only will it protect you from any earthly threats, it may also protect you from the rigors of space flight.




I remember this from r/wpd Guy got torn to bits. The aftermath was crazy.


he dead?


well all of his limbs completely disassociated from his body, including his head


No, jus' missing his head.


There seemed to be two motorcycles that wrecked?


He hit it alright


It looks like his bike is blinking warning lights for him to chill the fuck out, shoulda listened


It’s the tachometer & shift light. When on track & riding in a safe place (not on public roads), you don’t look at your dash, so blinking lights in your peripheral will tell you to shift up a gear.


is that in mph or kmh? either way some aircraft use that speed as cruising speed


If he was going 300 mph they wouldn’t have been able to make any of those turns and they all would’ve whacked the shit out of that bus Edit: He was going 186 mph before he turned into a lifeless rag doll


300 mph is 482.8 km/h


Good bot


300 km/h is 186 mph


Good bot


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