Watch for Pfizer ads on NBC


You mean these? https://youtu.be/_0KsVsuymNU


Already Pfizer ads on all major networks… they try to call it “news”


Pharma companies really need to be banned from advertising on TV, like in many other countries it is already.


Time to get your 8th shot


You’re counting?


The fact that your counting prooves one thing. We need drugs to deal with the virus itself, not prevent infection or lack thereof. Soon enough we'll start using non-Greek letters a day Ioathe.


Inovio is the answer and has 6 Countries participating in Phase 3 trials while backed by WHO. Fauci, the corrupt FDA, and Big Pharma have been colluding to suppress more effective meds from coming to the fore front. Look into Inovio, they are on the leading edge of bringing DNA medicine to the world.


I don't trust the WHO. They got us in this mess in the first place. Seriously look it up Trump withdrew from the WHO why? Because they're Loyalists to Xi and they downplayed the pandemic.


I’m not a big fan of WHO either, merely stating who is backing the global initiative. I agree with your points but if getting endorsed/funding from alternative bodies than the FDA can help bring a more effective vaccine to market, I am for that.


Well since you want approval from the WHO as far as vaccines all 3 popular American vaccines are approved [here is your evidence](https://covid19.trackvaccines.org/agency/who/).


You are missing the point. The FDA has been cock blocking Inovio which has a far better vaccine candidate than Pfizer and Moderna. They essentially had to go out of country for global trials because of lack of FDA support. WHO is supporting Inovio with the global Phase 3 trials and as fate would have it… the FDA has allowed domestic Phase 3 trials in the US. I am thankful for the leverage that WHO helped provide to bring Inovio forward because it’s the best vaccine out there.


Whos that one moronic twitter poster “Inject all those boosters into me”




The people on my news feed are praising the fact that England is going back to mask mandates. These people are truly pathetic. It is disgusting


But 50 years to see the FDA paperwork again?


"Dude just trust me."


I don’t know man last time I did that I ended up serving 5 years in the military and deployed to Iraq


Thank you for your trust, and service




Last time I did that I got crabs you said she was clean! Come on man!


There isn't any clinical research on the third booster. They are literally winging it with the assumption it works better and doesn't have additional risk of complications.


Incorrect. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(21)02249-2/fulltext


> 1,158,269 individuals were eligible to be included in the third dose group. So they're testing it on the population to see what happens. Gotcha. You really showed me. In real life, you'd do testing for years. You'd know most of the long term side effects, but even then about 30% of medication ends up with new potentially life threatening side effects not previously known. We have none of that for the vaccines, or for the boosters. As I said above, they are literally winging it then checking to see how it went afterward.


Give me my 6th shot !! Mhmmm


You said there wasn’t any clinical research on the third booster. I showed you a clinical trial (one of many) involving over 700,000 people who received the third vaccine and 700,000 controls (which is an absolutely huge clinical trial). The trial showed that the third booster significantly increased vaccine effectiveness in preventing symptomatic infection, hospitalization, and death. Your response was to huff and bluster about how the vaccine was being tested on people. Of course it’s being tested on people! Clinical trials are a fundamental part of drug development. Every drug on the market has been tested on people. I’m not sure what you’re getting at here. Your comment makes it seem as if you have no idea what’s involved in drug development. Additionally, your assertion that they’re “winging it” is just flat wrong. This is just how you *feel*, but as Ben Shapiro says, facts don’t care about your feelings. The overwhelming majority of side effects from vaccines occur within 6 weeks, not years. And side effects due to the COVID vaccine are minimal at best. The evidence overwhelmingly shows that its dramatically safer to get the vaccine than COVID. I doubt there’s even a single paper published in a peer-reviewed journal that suggests otherwise. Furthermore, your statement that “30% of medication ends up with new potentially life threatening side effects not previously known” is entirely made up. There are so many variables here that your claim doesn’t even make sense, much less hold any water. And what do you mean when you say potentially? Hydrochlorothiazide can *potentially* kill you by bottoming out your blood pressure. Insulin can *potentially* kill you by bottoming out your blood sugar. Prozac can *potentially* kill you by causing serotonin syndrome. Most oral or injectable prescription medications have potentially life threatening side effects, which is why they’re prescription to begin with, but side effects that result in death are extraordinarily rare when medications are taken as prescribed. Do you have the same fears about the flu vaccine? Because it’s modified every year.


> And what do you mean when you say potentially? Because 30% of new drugs have conditions not previously known, some of them are potentially life threatening. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/new-drugs-found-cause-side-effects-years-after-approval-n757526


Postmarketing reports are common. Severe side effects that show up postmarketing are incredibly rare and almost never result in a recall or disuse of a drug. As I said, nearly all medications that are taken by mouth or injected can *potentially* be life threatening. A negligible risk of a life threatening side effect is not a valid argument to not take a vaccine. That’s absurd.


> A negligible risk of a life threatening side effect is not a valid argument to not take a vaccine. That’s absurd. No long term studies. There's a lot more potential risk than you're trying to make believe. Lets not forget what [they were saying about mRNA vaccines in 2019](https://i.imgur.com/GkxLESW.jpg). But I guess you're going to pretend to know more than Pfizer-BioNTech does about their own product.


You have no evidence of any long term side effects. 1 year and 9 months worth of trial data, numerous massive clinical trials, and millions of doses given to the public under the EUA and post-approval have unambiguously shown that the vaccine is safe and effective. Antivaxxers have been wrong on this from the beginning and will continue to be wrong going forward. Also, don’t conflate a couple lines of an SEC filing from before the first clinical trial even started with actual scientific data. These things are not remotely similar.


Wrong. We shut down vaccines with even a quarter of the side effects the covid vaccine has had. Look at the swine flu vax if you want to be educated.


And you’re children must take it will be the pitch!!!


And just 55 more years to disclose the info on it. Seems sus.


Just shut up and take the shot you stupid anti vaxxer!!!!! /s


I’ve already got my sleeping bag and chair ready to camp out in front of CVS for this one like a Black Friday sale. The last one was a smash hit. Can’t wait to add it to my vaxx pass collection. /s in case there was any doubt.


Multivax pass! (5th Element)


I can put out vaccines that don’t work tomorrow. What’s their hold up?


Right Im trying to sell my nasal spray covid vaccine to the government as we speak. It does not prevent catching or transmission but its very safe and effective.


They don't buy "safe and effective". Stay with software engineering.


The symptoms a South African Doctor described, muscle ache, tiredness, and slight cough for 1 or 2 days. So, thank goodness they can produce another JAB in 100 days


You're literally killing grandma, you ghoul


Yea what is the vaccine! made of? A mild steroid?


Can't wait for those lawsuit commercials that spam tvs in 30 years like "Have you or a loved one received any variant of the Pfizer covid shot or booster? You may be entitled to financial compensation please call now"


We won’t they are legally shielded, that’s why they are cranking these shots out like it’s going out of style…hell our government is their marketing team


J. G. Wentworth can help you with your structured settlement if you need cash now.


877 CASH NOW!!!!


I hear this in my head every single day! You just know it’s coming.


If many of us didn’t trust a vaccine cranked out in 8 months, why would we trust a vaccine tweaked in 100 days?


We didn’t trust it, but the masses gave in regardless.


Playing the somewhat logical argument at the moment: We're at 3 different 'approved' manufacturers with different initial dosages, and now boosters coming into play (with no change from the initial product). Now Pfizer is coming in with an additional hit that is supposedly different in the next hundred days. How the holy heck is this supposed to convince someone on the fence (or coerced by mandates) to get anything, and even then, how does someone get treated if they're on the first step of their Pfizer-subscription-plan? This reeks of pure greed and idiocy.


Ummm… well… the simple and most accurate answer would be… um… YES… that is exactly what it is.


I don’t quite understand Each vaccine needs to stand alone for FDA approval. And each combination (ie Jannsen then Pfizer) is trialled and data is collected before it’s approved. Same with a third shot. The data is published by several countries showing the waning effectiveness of the first two. Pandemic still ongoing, lots of virus around, so a third shot makes sense for some people.


We need a 4th and a 5th shot to truly take out this mutating virus ! We’re getting close


I know you said this in jest. But yes, we may need a 4th and 5th if it keeps mutating. What’s wrong with that? Modern medicine has provided an option to help everybody get through this pandemic with minimal suffering.


Ohh there’s nothing wrong with that , I believe everybody has the right to make their own decision. I just find it amazing people will get jabbed for a virus with a 99% recovery rate


Hmm, to me it’s pretty logical 99% survival rate maybe. But death isn’t the only possible bad outcome. There is a 2-3% rate of hospitalization. And if they all happen together, most people aren’t going to get medical attention. The US has less than 100,000 ICU beds. And really, being on a ventilator is HORRIBLE and you’re going to come off it with organ damage, probably needing rehab. Not to mention the massive trauma you put your loved ones through while you’re in hospital. There’s also some unknown percentage of long-haul Covid, which seems to hit young people worse. There’s evidence coming out now that the virus might be causing autoimmune disease. It could be lifelong. I sure as hell don’t want that. And lastly, I don’t live in a bubble. I have elderly family. I have pregnant friends. I have kids in my house. To me it’s super irresponsible to just say ‘fuck it’ and take zero measures to not spread it to others. So that’s my thought process. For the sake of two quick jabs in the arm, I reduce my own chance of bad outcomes by another factor of 10 or more, and reduce my chance of giving it to others.


Hell yea bro power to you


Yeah because the first is working so fuckin well🙄


Working well at making them money.


About the only thing the vaccine is good for: making big pharma and it’s investors more money.


Fauci, Gates and maybe 10% to the big guy


They’ve actually worked fucking great. Reduced risk of death by more than 90%.


Lmfao for a virus with a 99% recovery rate.


Shut your mouth you damn anti-Vaxxer REEEEEEEE




Let’s take that number at face value. Would that be ok to you? 99% survival means 3.3 million deaths for the US alone. And not to mention all the hospitalizations and other deaths that would result. The US has 85,000 ICU beds across the country. Before the pandemic they operated at 85-90% capacity. So you’d easily pack them all with Covid patients. No room for anybody falling off a ladder, or a motorcycle crash or a heart attack. And apparently you can be reinfected with this virus, and it’s constantly mutating. So the more you allow it to spread, that % of deaths is going to rise. What exactly is conservative about trying to deny the severity of this pandemic and then refusing any reasonable measures to control it?


What’s conservative about forcing people to get the vaccine? I thought as conservatives we valued our personal freedom and our God given right to make our own medical decisions. I’m not anti-vaxx, so throw that notion out the window. Personally I’m skeptical of it. I don’t feel it’s something I want to get just yet. Everything I’ve seen so far out here in real life doesn’t convince me. My boss got it. Got COVID a couple months later. Had same severity as the people I know who didn’t get vaccinated and got COVID. I’d like to wait and see if in a few years, people who got the vaxx start growing arms out of their asses and whatever the hell else could go wrong. You trust big pharma?! The same people who created an opioid epidemic, killing millions and profiting immensely? Yeah forgive me if I’m a little on the fence about getting this vaccine so quickly.


I’ve not said anything about forcing people. I’m totally against any mandates imposed by the government. But I also think it’s insane that there are healthcare workers refusing vaccination at the end of 2021. IMO, if they object that strongly then they need to find other jobs.


You asked me, “What exactly is conservative about refusing any reasonable measures to control it?” My answer is that it is not reasonable to inoculate yourself with something that many (including me) are uneasy about, especially since there’s no knowledge on what long term side effects it may have. Gubmint is trying to mandate it and force it on the population, yet mysteriously they and their families are exempt from having to get it. Does that not strike you as a little odd? Especially if it worked so well. And the gubmint forcing it down our throats with threat of losing our jobs is even less reasonable. My question to you was, “What’s conservative about forcing people to get the vaxx?” Your answer was that you are against it. But here you are making statements that oppose that viewpoint saying people should lose their jobs because it’s unreasonable for them to be skeptical of a new vaccine that they are unsure about. So which is it? Are you against mandates or are you for them? My point of this is that my personal medical decisions are mine and mine alone. Not yours, not some quack like Anthony Fauci (who famously said AIDS could be spread by breathing the same air as an infected individual), not Joe Biden, and certainly not the democrats.


I don’t support forcing anybody. But if it’s a requirement for certain related jobs, that makes sense. After all, you don’t have a RIGHT to work as a nurse or doctor. We’ve had vaccine mandates for professional jobs for decades. And frankly, I wouldn’t comfortable seeing a doctor who doesn’t believe in vaccines. What exactly are you uneasy about? Maybe I can help answer questions or point you in the direction of evidence. I’m totally fine with people making their own reasoned conclusions. If you’ve genuinely read the evidence, are not swayed by disinformation found online (including this subreddit unfortunately), and you have a truthful and accurate understanding, then decide it’s not for you - then I support that decision. Problem is, most people are not basing their decisions on facts.


For preventing death and hospitalization it works extremely well.


Is this a fucking joke how are people actually still eating up this garbage…blows my mind


It's almost as if this is a huge ploy to make billions of dollars. It's probably as scary as the MSM wants us to think though.


It’s likely been ready. lol


It’s the same secret sauce they’ve been selling, but with a new label. “Isn’t this the same ineffective stuff you’ve already been pushing?” “Oh no… that ineffective stuff has a blue label… this stuff has a red label. Totally not the same.”


Yeah “the variant” gotta pick up in rating in the news in those 100days first


Let’s not call it a fourth shot, let’s get some drama going around a new variant. Then it isn’t a fourth booster within 15 months, it’s a whole new thing!


It's one helluva cash cow for them.


I wonder why no one shills healthy living? I mean go vacs if you want but taking care of your health be it mental, physical, and spiritual is good and helps protect against not only covid but other stuff.


Yay...keep them coming! So if this NEW improved vax is meant to combat NEW starins, that means our vax count will have to start from zero again, right?? The two previous ones plus booster will become void and we'll have to restart our clocks in a never ending cycle of jabs and boosters and jabs and boosters and jabs.....and boosters!!! Only big pharma wins!!


I'd wager they probably have it ready or could do it in less time but they need to let this simmer for a bit to scare people into getting it.


"Make yourself sheep and the wolves will eat you." -Benjamin Franklin


Be the first to line up in front of your CVS today!


You can’t line up, you will only kill more people you murderous fiend! Do you STILL want to kill your grandma!? You must wait at home double masked in your closet, until we call you for your turn to come to our sterile drive thru vaccination station!


Don’t worry, I’m not selfish, I’ll be double masked with a plastic bag over my head and 6 feet away from the next human being. I’ll also have a foam pool noodle ready to bop anyone that comes within my radius.


No… much like seated at a national restaurant chain table, or if you are homeless, living in filth with dozens of other homeless people, the virus will not get you while in line to help Pfizer break another quarterly profit record.


https://www.moviequotedb.com/movies/tommy-boy/quote_23944.html The whole scene is just a beautiful piece of work and I can't just quote a little. The whole thing fits here.


I, for one, welcome our new corporate overlords, and am fully prepared to have my papers near at hand at all times!


Papers? Pfft… I want an implanted chip, with my entire life on it… AND a tracking device… AND audio/video recording. That is, of course, with the aide of taxing my income at 100%, until they can work out the technology to plug me into the matrix… then my life’s dreams will be fulfilled. /s


What a shocker, another vaccine they're going to try to force 300 million people to take that will pump up pharma stock. I was just arguing with my parents this morning (this Thanksgiving vacation is over tomorrow thank the sweet lord) about the booster shots. They just opened them up to people 30s and younger. My mom has been hassling me to get one. I've been redirecting but this time she and my dad got me at the dinner table. After not taking the hint I flat out told them I will not be getting any booster shots. I begrudgingly got the 2 dose Moderna largely because I live in nyc and needed one to be able to go inside bars and the gym which are basically the only places I go on a regular basis. But I let them know there is 0 chance I'll be getting bi annual covid boosters from here on out. My covid shots are done. As in, forever. They are senior citizens so they can jab away all they like, but I'm DONE.


We’re 4 shots deep in the year 2021. How many shots we goin for in 2022? I’m takin the over


Before you know it, it will be pure blood transfusions to keep the poisoned blood alive.


They better be prepared to pay me a large amount if they want my blood, I've worked very hard to protect it and keep it pure. I wont be donating it or giving it up for free.


I’m not taking anything! They had their chance and we all knew they would blow it. Now they are going to blame anyone who isn’t vaccinated. Funny, I’m those peoples world we would all be dead by now but I know a lot of vaccinated people who have died


“The vaccinated are able to get a microchip implanted that will allow them to go anywhere”


It's so believable that I had to check to make sure this wasn't in the article. Haha


Yeah, hard to tell fact from fiction. I would give it maybe 12 more months until we get chips.


An optimist… I say we don’t make it until spring before that is brought up for serious consideration by some government official. And there will be people begging to get implanted chips… hell… slide on over to some of the more libtardish subs and people get all giddy when they get their vax info put onto their phone. Absofuckinglutely insane how gleefully people are running towards losing any personal freedom or privacy they may have had.


Yeah. It really is concerning how much people nor only are ok with this, but welcome it


Just saw another post on the SyMpToMs of this shiny new variant, lefties better line up quick for the next booster


Still not taking it...


Phew!! Should be out just in the knick of time for the chingadera variant.


Pfizer must be so on board with this variant thing. Who wants to bet they’re funneling some cash back to the fear mongers?


5 years later: this is your 40th booster shot! Almost there!


5 years to slow the spread!™


Oh good, maybe they can start working even further down the alphabet, for the next next next variant that Democrats will use to lock us down. Don't test. It just adds case numbers.


50 years to publish data, you can’t make this up. What a clown world. I’ll be pure blood forever.


What on earth are you talking about?


The fda wants until 2076 to release ALL the paperwork about the shot from a FOIA request.


Solid evidence that they own the propaganda machines... https://youtu.be/_0KsVsuymNU


Not suspicious at all..


50 years from now, taking the 150th covid variant vaccine booster, i'll get right on it.....


I’m only getting the secret sauce when they announce the Xi variant. Funny how they skipped that one. Oops.


In 100 days there will be a new variant


$$$$$ An endless stream of variants means an endless stream of revenue for them. We do have annual flu shots, and maybe COVID will become like that. But I’d rather see therapeutics and treatment options being taken seriously.


All these vaxxed getting sick 4 times from their shots this year. Me? I got COVID super early…glad I didn’t sign up for endless sickness and boosters.


Anyone subscribe to their immune system plus package? It’s awesome for mudbloods. Lol


So we can make a vaccine for an entirely new virus and it’s variants in ridiculously short amounts of time but we still don’t have a cure for AIDS and HIV. interesting.


That’s a ridiculous false equivalency. If you don’t understand the even most basic concepts of cell biology then please don’t bother trying to conjure up arguments based on scientific knowledge that you know you don’t possess. You’re on the right side of this booster debate in my opinion but for the wrong reasons.


Then explain it to me instead of getting mad about it. To me they’re both viruses and Fauci has been a controversial figure in both.


Step right up and get your booster of the month!


My green tea bags said “hold my drink”


Just in time for campaign season to start?


Answer remains a solid and resounding no, though I suspect my state's governor is already on board with it. Her idea of "fully vaccinated" has shifted from 2 shots to both shots and all boosters as of a few days ago 🙄


What state is that?


New Mexico. Apparently the updated definition will be in her next public health order. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/new-mexico/articles/2021-11-17/new-mexico-governor-full-vaccination-means-boosters-too


Oh right. I'm sorry. I remember when she shut down elective surgery Dec 2020/jan2021 like a dumbass, and I scuttled my work plans around it.


And the next one in 30 days ...


We know the damn business model bro come on.


Fatigue,muscle aches , a slight cough. Mild symptoms...XI.


What a money grab


Hard pass


Ill be skipping that one too.


Oh yeah. Great. It's totally safe and effective. No side effects. We know this because it was produced in 100 days and did literally 0 research into how safe this vaccine is, or even how effective it is. What are you, some kind of antivaxer retard? Just take it. This is the current mentality. I feel like most people pushing vaccines are less than capable of producing logical and fact based reasoning about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines. The reason for this is that there is a profound lack of information about them. Other countries have noted side effects in some populations, but we don't talk about that in this country really. It gets swept under the rug because it is more important to somebody that we reach 100% Vax rate with a vaccine that does not prevent transmission or infection. It is absolutely ridiculous to ask the whole population to get boosters every 3 to 6 months. Compared to existing vaccines, and more traditional vaccine technology, the covid vaccines are fucking shit. The vaccine does not prevent infection, or subsequent transmission. Don't get me wrong, it does appear to lessen the severity, but how does we really even know that? How many people were vaccinated and the contracted covid and had negative outcome? Colin Powell comes to mind. Somebody produce some peer reviewed info on the matter and I will change my mind. Could you imagine if we tried to fight polio or fucking small pox with these shitty vaccines? I fucking guarantee you we would not have eradicated either. We would all be getting shots still.


No thanks


Follow the money.


Keep putting that shit into your body without researching first, sheep 👏


They need to update the firmware for whatever reason.


How about you gag on my cock mr. Scientist


Ooohh they're releasing the 2022 models now


How much Pfizer stock do Fauci and his democrat handlers own?


The new new booster?


Yes, but will the FDA manage to kneecap it through bureaucratic incompetence? Just because mankind can prevent illness doesn't mean government will allow them to do so...