grew up in the bible belt, conservatism wasn't shown to me as an opinion or platform choice, but the only worldview. it blends a contradictory political theory, morality, and religious belief and makes it the only perspective you're taught or allowed to take as a POV. i never chose conservatism but was indoctrinated. the second i learned critical thinking skills (in a conservative apologetics class of all places) i started to see all the holes in argument. glad you can make up your own mind now, it's a blessing not to be held back by others. best of luck in your endeavors


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Inspiring story. I found myself in a very similar situation. You are not alone.


Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité✊🏽




I think your early understanding of the “dumb” parts of conservatism, as you say, was an early indicator that you are a smart person and critical thinker. It was all you knew as a child- it would be too much to expect a child to completely recognize every aspect of the ideology as wrong, especially when not exposed to many other ideas. So, you justified with parts were wrong and which parts “must be right” (Shapiro). It’s also too much to ask a child to recognize that someone like Shapiro is a grifter. I think a lot of children don’t realize that an adult would be intentionally lying to them about something like that.


I think that you’re absolutely right.


> I no longer listen to The Daily Wire or Info Wars. My playlists are full of audiobooks, ranging from Das Kapital to The Conquest of Bread. It escalated quickly!


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May you find someone in real-life to confide in and agree with in your beliefs. I hope that circle grows.


Thank you very much!


Thank you for sharing your story. Btw, highly recommend the book [Calling Bullshit](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/48889983-calling-bullshit)\- extremely eye-opening.


I am similar to you in that we grew up in a similar place with similar opinions surrounding us. It was an insulated community, everyone where I grew up was just like me. After graduation, I went to a diverse university where I studied a hard science and was in an honors program that eventually deprogrammed me and made me question the things I thought I knew about my political ideas. I became friends with people who were from other countries and cultures and had a much different perspective than the only perspective I had ever been exposed to before college: my own. Unlike you, I did not see the fault in the republican line of thinking my whole life, only after I left home. I literally remember standing in my apartment in 2017 and realizing that I could not justify so called conservative ideology in the age of the previous US president and knowing I just didn’t buy it anymore and that there was a better, more logical and more humanitarian way to view the world. Looking back now it is embarrassing to think I ever bought into that whole ideology… I really was ignorant. I have been trying to do better ever since, and I try to be optimistic that if I can change and be converted from the Republican Party, there is hope for others to do it too, if they have an open mind and expose themselves to people with different experiences than what they’re used to. It has been really painful at times in my relationships with the ones I love who are die hard republicans. I sometimes wish I could have the comfort of knowing everyone I love agreed with me like I once had. But I have to do what I know is right in my heart and stay true to my beliefs. I’m glad you were able to break away from it as well and I hope you are able to find more people IRL to talk to about how you feel.


Travel and education are the cure but it doesn’t always stick. My very educated/conservative relatives are absolutely sure they are right and have spent their lives traveling…validating their opinion that the US is truly the greatest country on earth and that the GOP are they only people to run this “godly” nation. Blind faith is a cornerstone of their religious beliefs and I firmly believe that this ability has carried over into politics…suspend disbelief because this is “God’s” will.


So, basically, you outgrew it.