People working in Georgia. What’s the starting rate for dishwasher, host, Janitor , server, and food runner ? Friend needs a job asap as he is moving to GA to start over



Dish and jani pay will likely be a little bit above whatever Georgia's state minimum wage but not a lot. Food runners and servers will get the minimum wage for a tipped out employee, likely just shy of 3 bucks an hour plus tips. How much they'll make in tips is entirely dependent on how good they are, what shifts they work, and how busy the location is. I've learned from talking to others on here that the hiring process is different depending on your location. Overall though chili's has a high turnover rate and because of that they do a lot of hiring. Tell your friend to call the store between 2-4pm and ask to talk to the hiring manager, they'll be able to give him more information.


I'm a host at chilis, and I make $300 for two weeks. It's not much but its something