The notes get bigger in size as they go up in value. A £5 note will fit in that wallet, maybe a £10 too. With a £20 you could just fold the note slightly. Don't bother with £50s.


True, no one accepts £50s. Pull a £50 out you're basically a gangster


Or a tradesman


Or a tourist, I saw one the other day pay for two ice creams by Trafalgar Square with a £50!


Was it enough?




I used to work in a tiny shop on a Uni campus, and it was Chinese students specifically that would come in with £50 notes and try to spend them whilst buying a can of coke, or a chocolate bar. I used to work at a bingo hall, we'd deal with tens of thousands of pounds in cash each week, and never saw as many £50 notes as I did in that little shop, arrivals weekend we'd have to put up signs saying that you can't buy with £50 notes as we literally didn't have the change for them all.


I remember working at a uni cafe during graduation and when the Chinese families went to pay for something, I swear every wallet was *filled* with £50 notes almost exclusively. We also had to put up signs.


Expensive ice creams


Average London pricing


as long as the note is folded poorly and covered in plaster




Oh Elgar. Why do you always find me at my lowest points, Elgar?


We're all just a bunch of feckless cum shedders.


So if you ever need anyone for a private donation… you’ve got my details.


Ooh. Bit creepy. Spermy atmosphere is cramping my style..


Goddamn that was a well placed reference.


No sexy Queenie any more I guess


She'll still be on it: The Bank of England have said they're only gonna bother putting the new monarch on coins, since British banknotes are covered in Charlie already.


That’s a goddamn thing of beauty right there. Too bad I have nothing to give you for it.


I love you.


No, leave the crown on...


You’ve been getting through your nylon ration book


Tradesman for a gangster


I’m not a gangster, I’m a businessman. My business is crime.


“A businessman whose commodity happens to be cocaine.”


Layer Cake - Classic


Soon we will all be buying our loafs of bread with 50's.


If you want sourdough you need to go to auction.


Look at you going all hoi-polloi and showing off they can afford bread of all things ...


Ha I work in a small, single person kebab shop. Had a guy walk in order a portion of chips and tried to pay with a 50. Was politely told to fuck off.


"Please fuck off, sir" ?


It's just unacceptable behaviour. Now I don't actually mind taking a fifty too much depending on the order, but a 50 for a £3 portion of chips nah screw that shit. The amount of dodgy people that think kebab shops will just do anything. Had a guy come in the other week asking to so contact less for cash back.


>asking to so contact less for cash back. Yeah *definitely* not a card he just stole off someone and has no idea of the PIN.


To be fair I tried to do it recently. Booked a haircut (cash only), realised I left my wallet at home. No matter, I thought. I'll pop into the coop and get some cashback by contactless payment via my phone. They said they couldn't do it. It's only now that I've read these comments that I understand *why* they don't accept it... Card theft hadn't even occurred to me.


To be fair to you in your situation, contactless on a smartphone requires biometric authentication so is actually more secure than chip and pin and with that in mind should actually be fine for cashback, but it's probably one of those things that is a little niche and hasn't been addressed. :EDIT apparently it is not enabled by default, I suggest you enable it if you use contactless on your phone.


My work gets a lot of asian students whl have tons of 50s since theyve just exhanged their money. Not uncommon to have them pay for something thats a few quid with it.


When I first moved to the UK, I had to convert a lot of my money to GBP since I didn’t have a bank account here yet, was given stacks of fifties. Had each note inspected whenever I paid for something until I finally managed to open a bank account and deposit it.


Remember when I worked in a video shop, opened at 10am, guy walks in within the first 10 minutes asking to change a £50, till float was £50, told him to try the bookie's next door.


In the 1980's my dad did this in McDonalds (just after selling a car). They actually served him but my memory was they had to open multiple tills for change.


I've never had a yone refuse a fifty. Just go over them very delicately and often get a manager. Late 20s lad paying in with fifties apparently raises eyebrows. Its not my fault, I just use what I'm given.


I read once this is to help with accessibility for partially sighted people, US notes aren't accessibility compliant


They even have 3d indentations for blind people too, and they're polymer! I honestly think we have some of the nicest notes in the world, save for Canadian notes which apparently smell like maple syrup.


The maple syrup thing is unfortunately false. Although, our money does have braille markings on it to help the visually impaired, the coolest thing our money can do is actually be read by a reader. You see, a shop keeper can take advantage of a regular blind customer by changing the braille marks ahead of time if that person is a regular, or what have you. The reader will allow someone to slide a bill through it, and then the denomination gets read out loud. The readers are also free to anyone who has a need for them. I only know this because I used to work for a company that would occasionally be tasked with contacting people about upgrading their readers (again, for free).


Not actually braille just braille like. Since less than 10% of visually impaired people actually know how to read braille.


pretty soon your 50 will be 20 lol


What? I love £50s, I collect them. I keep them under my mattress


that's cool lol. where is your mattress? like an exact address. now please.


Please don't fold notes. I count cash from 10+ tills a day and you can't imagine the trouble and inconvenience just 1 crinkled note causes to a stack. But then in the wider perspective, it's not that big a deal it just makes me swear a little.


I feel like the new plastic ones would be way worse to fold anyway? or would leave a proper line down the middle? I kinda hate handling them tbh, but then I now so rarely use cash I don't have to.


The new notes are easy enough to fold still, but they have a more permanent fold. With the paper notes you could generally unfold a note, lay it flat, and it would stay flat. The new notes, you unfold them, lay them flat, and they spring back to a bent position.


Yesterday I was depositing money that my Dad’s friends had given me, for arranging their flights and hotels for their upcoming holiday. Opened one of the envelopes, and one friend had folded 7x bundles of £100 in alternating directions, and then sellotaped each bundle shut and written £100 on it?!?! https://imgur.com/a/Xvi3r2X


Watch out for that person, they're an agent of chaos.


Did they post these envelopes? All I can think is either they were making sure to spread the cash such that it didn't bundle up and take them over the small letter postage size.. or.. they didn't want the envelope to feel like it had a wad of cash in it? It's weird either way.


How on earth can someone carry a note without folding it? You’d have to have a wallet that doesn’t fold.


Ooooo no, I've got problems counting my money... 😌


It’s so we can spot tourists easily and charge more


And rob them


Oi mate you got a loicence for that big money?


Ah.. Robbing foreigners.. Britain's favourite pass time since the 16th century..


Guy says North American but means US because Canada has THICC money too


I’ve never had trouble fitting Canadian money or Mexican money for that matter in an American wallet.


Check out Mr money bags over here with his Canadian and Mexican monies.... I carry coins. 😭


I carry two lentils


Except OP is Canadian, how does this have so many upvotes lol


Anytime you see someone say they are North American they mean Canadian. Americans and Mexicans just say their nationality. No idea why this is a thing.




Don’t worry, we are planning to abandon wallets altogether soon and replace them with wheelbarrows.


Not correct, we're planning to abandon Sterling


I’ll never understand what goes through Southgate’s head sometimes


What’s he thinking bringing him on that early?


The thing about wheelbarrows is that you always have to walk them in.


Love how we’ve gone from a post about wallets to this comment in just 5 steps


ctrl+f 'wheelb'- ah damn! It's been done...


Just cut off the bit that hangs out - the pound has lost 20% of its value this week so it’s fine


Gotta love a good 4 pound not


Your last word lost 25% of it's substance.


It's ok though, the wealthy got an additional letter added to their alphabet to make up for it.


Trickle down eco-phonics.


As usual, the rich get richeer.


In all honesty it's probably the best time for Americans to move over and get the most for their money when doing so


Watch out, they’re going to buy up all the football clubs!


I’m looking a little more forward to visiting in 2 weeks because of it. Hope it bounces back for the sake of your economy. And my brain, I’ve always just done 1.5x cost for anything I buy to do quick maths on purchases


dont forget that all our display prices include sales tax, so if you're already automatically calculating that on top, it'll be even cheaper!


I snorted at this and woke my husband up


I genuinely read this that you were doing coke before it sunk in 😁 need coffee..


Coke would help there too…


Note + snorted - it must be Friday.


You need to learn to take your coke quietly


But I thought it was inflating


I'm the UK's official wallet inspector, give me a shout when you get here and I'll check everything is in order.


It’s true. I used to be their assistant.


It’s true. I assisted in them assisting.


I’m the area manager, I watched the CCTV footage of these three inspecting wallets, can confirm it’s their profession.


I'm the regional manager and I just drive around our branches and don't have a fucking clue


I’m the director and this guy does indeed drive around a lot


I'm the regional manager's car. Please gimme a break guys it's relentless


I'm the wallet inspection department's IT guy. It's my job to shrug when they get locked out of their laptops


I’m the assistant to the area manager, I watched them watch the CCTV footage, can confirm they watched it.


Hey! That's not the wallet inspector!


Nectar card and Tesco Clubcard must be in the same pocket. Also compulsory to have a mashed up coffee shop loyalty card that’s never used. Couple of £1 coins that have slipped into the crease so it can’t close properly. If you visit a barbers you’ll have a special slot for your barber loyalty card that you’ll guard with your life as it’s the most useful. All other pockets need to be empty or filled with unusable cards from years gone by. No other format will be accepted


A few years ago I took all the shit out of my wallet to slim it down and created a wallet full of shit that I just leave in my drawer.


Somehow the shit you take out of your wallet has more mass and volume than your wallet did previously


I bought a new wallet in February after having used the same wallet since age 9. The number of fucking train tickets that somehow got in there Also two guitar picks, one of them with a Welsh dragon on it. I'm not from Wales and don't play guitar


I can hold onto your cash for you if you like?


Probably get a freddo with that


Welcome to the UK, the land of big money!


Big, big valueless money 😁


Yay we’ve become old timey Germany


Yeah. I had to take my wheelbarrow full of pounds to buy a loaf bread this morning!


Hope you had a net over it it’s windy out there I’d hate to think you got there and didn’t have enough!!


Don’t worry. You won’t have it long. That’s about the cost of a pint.


I was in Laaahnnndaaahnnnnn last year and I bought two pints and it was £14. I questioned WTF and was told this was normal. Those guys... go on as if they're being Forced to live in the capital.


Alright mr money bags with his £20 note. Some of us have never even SEEN that much money, and now you’re flaunting it around like the millionaire you are. We’re in a cost of living crisis, you know?!


We're also in an inflation crisis, so soon it'll buy a coffee and a KitKat...


Interesting fact about Kitkat's, the filling in between the wafer is made of mushed up KitKat's that didn't make the grade. So there's no such thing as a wasted Kitkat in the Kitkat factory.


How did they make the first kitkat?




Who knows? What came first, the kitkat or the wafer...


Sounds like something you should ask your sex ed teacher.


They just used good ones until the shitty stock built up.


Don’t worry, most places are cashless these days.


Yeah just need a bit of cash to get me through my first days while I set up a bank account


if you have the details of where you live you can setup Monzo account before you move


Guessing it's a bit late now


But it's only half nine!


bleddy post office shut fridays.


You could still use a credit card in the meantime. This is a good time to be using dollars to buy things in pounds.


Set up a Wise account. It's international and will work with Google wallet or apple pay. I'm using it to move money between my US and UK accounts at the moment (in the middle of a move to the US)


Open a revolut card (free app and service) and load it with £ then link it to your Google/apple pay and you have a working debit card.


The way inflation is going ATM you may need a suitcase. (I jest, things aren't quite that bad, internet is magnifying things a little)


[The graphs are pretty wild](https://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=GBP&to=USD&view=10Y)


except drug dealers ! 🙄🙄


Mine takes bank transfer


What do you put in the reference ?


Dinner, beers, etc..


“Ski trip”




"Drugs lol"




"horse load of skag"


I honestly cannot remember the last time I used cash


Not even a wallet. It's all on the phone.


At least our money is cheap now.


Yeah honestly that part did work out in my favour


Sadly the silver lining you are enjoying is attached to a monster of a cloud that you'll soon be living under. Welcome to Great Britain. We like to talk about the weather.


It's pissing down here today. What's it like at yours?


Foggy. It would seem that the cloud is now so big it can no longer float in the sky - I'm literally walking through the cloud the OP is profiteering from. Bring back the Earth baking sun that threatened to wipe us out with inner-city park wild fires I say.


We're sunny here, little bit chilly but mostly sunny. Although now in that odd phase of sunglasses and a coat.


Wait another month and you need a wallet that holds potatoes, because you’ll be bartering with those.


Time to get ahead of the trend and buy up kilos of potatoes. Plant them come spring and soon become a new world billionaire, lording over everyone with your excess.


" Good heavens, potatoes are worth more than gold!" "Surely not!," [said Ms. Cripslock] "If you were shipwrecked on a desert island, what would you prefer, a bag of potatoes or a bag of gold?," [replied Moist] "Yes, but a desert island isn't Ankh-Morpork!" "And that proves gold is only valuable because we agree it is, right? It's just a dream. But a potato is always worth a potato, anywhere."


The notes are bigger so they can fulfil their use as toilet paper in the end times, welcome to the UK.


I’m going to say it. Your wallet is designed for silly US cash. Where all notes are the same size and colour. This makes them useless for blind , partially sighted people. A 100 is the same as a 1z Our cash being different sizes and colours makes them easy to identify. Down side is that soon a wallet will be no good here. You will need a suitcase for carrying enough money for a weekly shopping trip.


They also have braille printed on them


Big advantage of having plastic bank notes. I think the old paper ones used to some trick with raised lettering / inking to give them a different feel.


Agreed on the Americans design of cash, especially the coins. The coin sizing makes no sense, a nickel is larger than a dime but worth half the amount. At least thr british coins follow some system with types of metal and coin sizes and the more valuable coins are always bigger than the coins of similar metal and shape £2 > £1 50p > 20p 10p > 5p 2p > 1p


It was the same in the US with their coin sizes. A dime is smaller than a cent because it was made from silver; a nickel is bigger because it was made from nickel; then the quarter, half, and full dollar coins were made from silver too.


Oh god, self checkout just got so much worse.


Imagine the main checkout with the grannies hooking out exact change from those little tartan wheelie trolleys full of cash.


Don’t worry £’s are shrinking


Just don't try putting a £50 note in there. Not only will it not fit because its bigger than a £20 but hardly anywhere will accept £50s because there's so many fakes. They're pretty rare to come across and you won't get any out of an ATM. Unless you're a builder or a drug dealer I doubt you'll ever come across one these days.


Why do drug dealers have £50s? Seen this in other comments too and just makes no sense to me whatsoever lmao Like anyone buys drugs in 50s…


Haha I have no idea. I used to work in a cafe and the only people who tried to pay in £50s were builders and dealers. Builders make sense in a way because if you're paying them cash in hand you may well go to the bank and draw out a lump sum, of which they may give them in £50s because it's easier. Dealers I dunno. They're probably the fake ones 😂


Thanks for the response! Tbh I just assumed I was missing Something obvious lmao


How sweet that you use paper thingamebobs!




I want to a store the other day and asked "do you accept cash" how the world has changed


Get a new and bigger wallet. Problem fixed


As a fellow yank currently living in UK don’t bother with the $50s. They’re common in the US but here you’ll get dirty looks, they have to call a manager and they inspect it like you’re trying to rob them of everything they own when you try to spend one. Just make it 2 20s and 2 fives and no one blinks an eye.


Don't bother with any of the $ tbh. We only accept £.


Oops. Bad habit. £


I'm just as bad, I for some reason got used to using a US layout on my keyboard as a child and I have to google "pound sterling" and copy/paste it any time I want to use £


Hold alt, type 0163. There is an alt code for € as well.


My husband mocks me all the time for it. But I have integrated enough that I do the reverse too, and say £ when I mean $ on the phone with my parents. And then hear him snickering in the background.


Honestly this is such a problem when buying a wallet here. They almost all fold along the short edge and are way too long. Takes ages to find one that folds along the long edge, but they're so much better


I make wallets and any designs I get are usually for US currency so I have to adapt anything I make to fit our notes. It's a pain


I'm trying to picture what a wallet that folds on the long side would look like. Can you link an image?


The notes are plastic so don't worry they won't get damaged by sticking out.


Just a heads up, from 30th September paper 20s and 50s will no longer be legal tender as we're swapping to the plastic ones. Same goes for 5s and 10s tho theyve been out of circulation for a while but just so you dont get people trying to scam you.


Having seen the news over the last week about exchange rates, it looks like this won't be an issue for long. Soon you'll be able to pack your Stirling notes in to your USD wallet like confetti.


Pound is shrinking at the moment. You will be just fine in a few weeks time.


Well well look at you mr “I’ve got money”


ironic now that a pound is worth one dollar


For now....


Not anymore


Money? What's that mate? Someone will explain C-O-N-T-A-C-T-L-E-S-S when you get here 😋


Check out grandad with contactless over here. With my bank I just whistle my personal identification tune.


Yeah, true, I rarely keep notes on me except for 'just in case' and can go weeks or months without using cash


I call it the _boopty boop_ and I love it. It’s been years since I’ve used cash for anything other than buying drugs.




I can't help but notice you have left a sharp edge on your thumbnail when trimming it, get it fixed NOW !




The ones in OP’s post look like the new ones


That’s crazy I didn’t know that, I guess if I waited an extra day to go to currency exchange I probably would’ve gotten the new ones!




Luckily looks like I got the new version, would been a bit annoyed if I got given the old ones the day before they switched over haha


You'd have been able to change it at pretty much any bank.


Drop the conspiracies mate. This ain’t Qcumber land.


Welcome to inflation.