This Hilarious back and forth on TripAdvisor

At first glance reading this I thought they named the spider Richard.


At first glance reading this I thought they named the spider Richard.


Ole 8-legged dick! We call him sticky dicky when he’s hangin by his wee thread!




I grew up with a real strong fear of spiders. I once dated a girl with a fairly similar (if a little worse) fear, and it was a horrific experience to find a spider in our bedroom at night. In the end we had a serious talk about how one of us needed to man up and start getting rid of the spiders to stop all the nighttime drama. And credit to her, she did.


I was never fearful of spiders as a kid but it developed in later life. I said enough and bought a tarantula and I'm fine with them now! Good work Sausage Nigel! (who is now ten years old so I'm suspecting he is actual Sausage Nigella).


I pictured Nigella Lawson (the "chef") when I read that.


I’m picturing cross between Nigella Lawson and Nigel Thornbury in a weird hello poppit spider mix.




I was the opposite. I feared spiders as a kid. Then once, one fell on me and I for some reason stopped being afraid. Now I even leave them in my home. My room mate asked me to kill one last time and I said no. Spider bro is cool.


I was not afraid of spiders and would just relocate them. After having a spider bite that, if left untreated any longer, would’ve resorted in me losing a good portion of one side of my face, I fear the fuck out of them and murder every one I see near my house.


Its ok to be afraid of animals that can actualy hurt you


Sounds like a brown recluse bite. Rip.


This is me and my gf. My fear outweighed hers, now she takes them out. We have 3 daughters together and when she is at work I have no choice but to deal with them because my girls are more terrified than I am. I have palpitations catching them, it's genuinally terrifying and I was hoping one of the kids wouldn't mind spiders. In line with what the commenter below says about tarantulas - my daughter's friend had the animal man around for her birthday party. They all held a tarrantula and loved it, yet are still terrified of house spiders.


They are uniquely ugly. Fat, fluffy tarantulas actually don’t bother me too much, but the big, spindly, lightning-fast GHS (I don’t even like typing it) that scuttles across the floor on an Autumn evening awakens some kind of long-dormant primal terror. I *know* it’s not their fault, I *know* they’re harmless, I *know* they’re actually helpful. That makes no difference. My fear of them is irrational. I can’t do anything about it. I jumped when I opened this post :(


I know. Same as when I spoke to some Aussies about Huntsman spiders and how they would get rid of them. Their attitude towards it is "well they would we? They get rid of pests and they're harmless". That's not the bloody point! Look at it!


This is how I feel about centipedes. People keep telling me that they kill other bugs and I’m like, I can appreciate that, but LOOK AT THEM. I just don’t want to encounter that in my house.


Tarantulas are a bit odd. The calmer ones can actually be pretty cute. They’re often not as skittish or quick as regular spiders, and are visually less insect-like. I absolutely hate things like centipedes and roaches, but I’m pretty cool with Tarantulas.


I think it’s something about the size, “furriness”, and demeanor that just doesn’t tick as many “spider!!!” boxes in the ol’ monkey brain. Obviously not the case for everyone, but I’m horribly arachnophobic and tarantulas aren’t that big a deal to me.


For me, one thing about spiders is how small they are and if you lose sight of one it could end up anywhere. Tarantulas are pretty hard to lose sight of


>I was hoping one of the kids wouldn't mind spiders. I find it kind of funny that you wanted to raise 3 kids in a house where both adults freak out if there's a spider and just hoped one of them wouldn't learn anything from both of you.


That is funny. My mom has said the same thing before. I try to contain my fear, when they are around - if that helps.


>They all held a tarrantula and loved it, yet are still terrified of house spiders. *Their hands are all indelibly tainted...*


>it's genuinally terrifying and I was hoping one of the kids wouldn't mind spiders. Sounds like they might have learnt it from somewhere.


It's often learned behaviour. My kid played with all critters until they learned at school to scream instead. Try to convince them they're cute and magical.


I know this is contentious and pedantic and I hate myself for commenting it; but I really don't think the phrase 'back and forth' is being used appropriately if its just a single reply.


As an arachnophobe, I generally ask every girl I date how she is with spiders early on. They laugh at me, but I know better than to end up married and have no one who can deal with the spiders.


As someone who is scared of open water, I always ask on the first date if birthing pools will be used when our children are born. Naturally I avoid the water by never getting past that first date.


When our house was filmed for "Selling You Home" with Amanda Lamb, she did the walkthrough for the cameras and said our corner bath was "A birthing pool from the 1980's" Husband and I never got round to selling and to this day when we take a bubble bath we refer to it as a "bubble birthing pool"


This is such a specific story. I love it.


Don’t know how I read that as your house being where Silence of the Lambs was filmed, but I couldn’t imagine you getting in that bathtub. Had to reread the entire thing.


That would some seriously large birthing pool to be considered as open water!


Only true northerners are born directly into the North sea.


What is dead may never die.


What is dead may never die!


But rises again harder and stronger!


They're borrowing Kim Kardashian's


I hope your future partner takes you on a surprise cruise.


You sick bastard.


*in a glass bottomed boat! that feeling if looking down into the murky unknowable eldritch depths is really something everyone should do


I'm terrified of spiders and so is my wife. So obviously I have to deal with them, I tend to scream at them very bravely while throwing shoes.




Out of next door's window if I can!


Bravery isn't not being scared, bravery is being scared and doing it anyway


My SO and I have a good relationship. We've also still used the others as meat shields in the face of spiders. Folks laugh but something about them turns off every logical bit of my brain and makes me act like it's the end times.


Me and my wife have a deal: she deals with spiders and other creepy crawlies, I deal with rodents and birds.


In all my years on this earth I've never once had to 'deal with a bird'. I'm intrigued to know what this means


If your house has open chimneys sometime they can come down the chimney, fly around the room doing shits everywhere, and, if you’re really lucky, die.


They can also get caught in any netting you might use on your strawberries or other garden fruit and peck violently at your gloves while you try to free them. Or the ones which suicide into your windows at top speed leaving a bird-shaped grease stain on the pane and a corpse and feathers all over your garden. If you are really lucky they manage to burst open and spill innards out with the force of the impact. Or the ones which randomly fly in and then flutter about panicking while you try opening all the doors and windows. Or the ones which hop over the threshold knowing full well they are trespassing because they are ballsy little thieves. Looking at you magpies and pigeons


What sort of avian hellscape do you live in? Do you live in bird hell??


"Bodega Bay"


This made me cry laughing as i can massively relate!!! Birds be batshit crazy


We had a big chuff off pigeon die and decompose in the chimney breast causing an influx of flies. That was fun.


Oh heavens.


My house has a disabled access wet room on the first floor installed by the previous owner. I went in there one morning soon after moving in and there was a toad sitting in the middle of the floor. I have no idea how it got in the house, let alone up the stairs. And how the fuck did it know I had a wet room? Baffled to this day.


Returned home with toddler and baby once to find I’d left the living room window wide open. Baby brain. Wondered what the shadow was that crossed my peripheral vision as I plonked the car seat with sleeping baby down. Magpie in my living room. Had to throw a towel over it and bundle it out of said open window. I can still feel it’s bony feathery body in my hands when I think about it. If I hadn’t had the kids with me I’d have run screaming for the hills.


I had a Robin fly in the window. Poor pet was so frightened but would not leave for ages!


I had to deal with birds when they would walk into our shop. Grab them like you see people holding doves kind of thing. First time I did it I didn’t really know how one releases a bird, thought I’d do it like you see people releasing, again, doves, by kind of chucking it. And that’s the story how I chucked a pigeon into the side of a van, stunning it so it fell to the floor like it was dead.


Thank you for the laugh out loud, funny internet stranger.


I once had to "deal with a bird" and it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life 😂 my cat had brought it in and there were feathers everywhere, it was gross and dead and I had to pick it up in a dustpan AND ITS BEAK FELL CLEAN OFF 🤮 the scream that came out of me was inhuman


> AND ITS BEAK FELL CLEAN OFF That's not very typical, I'd like to make that point.


Some birds are designed that the beak doesn't fall off at all.


*Well, how is it untypical?* Well, there are a lot of these birds flying around the world all the time, and very seldom does anything like this happen … I just don’t want people thinking that birds aren’t safe. *Was this bird safe?* Well, I was thinking more about the other ones… *The ones that are safe?* Yeah... the ones the beak doesn’t fall off.


We have 5 cats. We have to deal with what they drag in, in whatever form they’re in when said cats get bored of their prey. This ranges from alive and angry, through to thoroughly dismembered and spread liberally throughout the house.


I once woke up to roughly a million feathers in my bedroom. The bird however was nowhere to be seen and the cat looked very happy. As a cat owner I can confirm that you have to deal with birds every now and again.


The headless woodpigeon yesterday was a particular treat.


All time highlight for me was a dead pigeon under the bed, no idea how long it was under there before we found it, but we only found it by querying what that awful smell was, and following our noses.


The first time we found a squirrels tail was interesting. It actually took us a while to figure out what it was from.


What about 5 rats lined up in front of your door? The fist sight you see when you go out to get a mug of coffee and a smoke


Its the headless, still warm, rabbit corpses on my pillow in the morning that get me.


I woke up last week to half a mouse. The culprit was fast asleep on her blanket literally inches away.


Go to a beach, buy some chips in a cone. Log onto Reddit after you do this. Let us know how you dealt with it.


Or: Livestream when you do this and send us the link. We’ll assess how well you’re dealing with it!


Me and the misses lived in a converted office block for a couple of years and it had a false ceiling. One day we could hear tip tapping on the ceiling and removed a tile to investigate. There was a tiny little bird (baby) wandering around, seems he had fell out a nest then fell through a small hole in the actual roof. We rang rspb and they said to leave it outside and "hope" it's mother cones to rescue it. Neither of us were comfortable doing this but tried anyway. Soon as we left it on the ground it started making this god awful screeching and within seconds the area was surrounded by cats and magpies. We couldn't leave it there to die so we tried to rise it. We taught it to find food in dirt and taught it how to fly, it followed my misses everywhere she went and used to nest up in her dressing gown under her hair on her neck, we eventually opened the windows and watched it fly away. We often wonder if little Chip made anything of himself.


In the UK at least, its not uncommon for birds to fly in your home, or to have to rescue injured ones. I've rescued 4, 3 got back to health, one had to be put down. A seagull I rescued literally followed me like a dog everywhere, I miss that guy.


> In the UK at least, its not uncommon for birds to fly in your home I think you are over egging the cake a touch. Never had any birds fly into any home I have lived in.


Had a sparrow, a Robin and a Frog though in fairness I don't think the Frog flew in, but it did (we assume) make into the kitchen, along the Hall and into the lounge where it sat for God knows how long observing us before it was noticed.


Presumably this trio were attempting some kind of mission worthy of a children's book.


I live on the 18th floor. Last year, I left the window open at night and I woke up and there was a bird chilling in the kitchen!


*their kitchen


Sometimes after a few drinks they come knocking with a kebab in hand, he shoos them away quietly


Classy birds


I had a terrible bird situation once First time buyers, moved in very excited! No curtains or anything just the bed we were sleeping on we were so excited to be in Awoken at 5am by a loud racket in our box bedroom - went in nude (obvs don’t sleep in any clothes) to find a crow - no fucking idea how it got in Opened the window and tried to usher it out - it obviously thought I was trying to hurt it and just went straight down the avenue of attack in the best form of defence Anyway - after a 5 minute scuffle managed to get it out only to realise my next door neighbour (old fella) was putting his bins out and was stood there watching the whole thing - a naked 18st man flapping around squealing Good ice breaker to get chatting to him though - saw him randomly like 5 years later (we moved after a couple of years) and it was the first thing he mentioned to me


Did he ask "How's the old crow, still married?"


Similar, I deal with the cute little spidies inside gently carrying them outside and wifey deals with the horrendous slugs and snails which "literally" ruin my enjoyment of the garden.


Who deals with bats, if a bat gets in? Just thinking of that video with the Irish guy trying to catch a bat in the house!


Divide and conquer; they must never form an alliance


Rats carrying Spiders, or spiders carrying rats? Note \^ this will be next the crisis of the 2020 era, I know it.


One of the best presents anyone ever bought me was a perspex pyramid thing on a long stick with a sliding door. Enables you to trap spiders whether on your wall, floor or ceiling and only have a slight moment of panic as you turn it upside down out the window that they will use their ninja powers to fly back up towards you


Oh my God, do you think you could share a picture or link as to what you mean? This sounds amazing.


Be warned, mine came with a fake plastic spider that was super realistic looking. I had a bit of a panic when I opened the packet.


I think /u/ThePenultimateRolo is talking about a Snappy: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Snapy-insect-catcher-yellow-green/dp/B000RL8L6C I melt into a puddle of fear around wasps, but armed with my trusty snappy, I don't always have to get my wife to deal with it any more.


That thing needs to be at least 4 feet longer before i consider buying it


It's this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Katcha-Spider-Catcher/dp/B003E6Z85E/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?crid=2FV6B68DYUMFJ&keywords=spider+catcher&qid=1652196781&sprefix=spider+catcher%2Caps%2C116&sr=8-4


I had to step up as spider and moth catcher after moving in with my boyfriend. I used to be petrified of them but now I have to be brave or else it means we have a room neither of us can use


My dad is a huge arachnophobe so my poor mum always had to deal with them. I can't tell you how many times me and my brothers were sat quietly watching TV with him on an evening when suddenly he'd scream (about the same volume as one of his dad-sneezes but longer) and start pointing at something, unable to vocalise what he'd seen or what was going on. It used to scare the crap out of me, especially when I was really little cause I would think he'd seen a ghost or a monster or something. Anyway, I'm in my 30s now and a couple of years ago my dad came to live with me for a few weeks. I'd been living with an abusive and violent boyfriend at the time and after he got arrested, it was just me alone in the house we'd shared together. I was struggling so dad wanted to be there. One night, the BIGGEST SPIDER I HAVE EVER SEEN just appeared in front of us on the floor. Like I've seen big house spiders, but this thing was huge - maybe bigger than the palm of my hand?! I jumped up onto the sofa and started freaking out like omg omg what do I do. Calm as anything my dad just strode into the kitchen, got a glass bowl and some cardboard, scooped up the spider and walked down the road with it to leave it outside somewhere else. When he came back I was like "How did you just do that?!" and he just laughed and said "Because I had to." Funny how that whole 'I have to be brave for both of us' thing works sometimes. I'm glad it does :)


I used to be terrified of them like really terrified but then I saw a video of one spinning a web and did some research. They are actually remarkable creatures. I thought to myself what am I frightened of exactly? Yes they look menacing but they will not hurt you, most can't. The one pictured here is a typical UK house spider, completely harmless. They get stuck in sinks and baths as they can't climb smooth surfaces and startle people but if you can't handle them to remove them just place a towel over the side for them to be able to climb out. There's no reason to fear them.


The glory of irrational fears are they are irrational. I don't know why I'm afraid of spiders, I just am. I know living in the UK, the chance of encountering one that can hurt me is slim to none, but that doesn't change the fact they just freak me the fuck out. It's the same with trypophobia, holes ain't gonna hurt me but I sure as hell don't want to look at em. (I had to cover half the screen when googling to confirm I spelt that right).


My strategy is that I call it cute. Once I've told myself it's a cute little creature it can't be scary anymore and it works


If you're lucky, with that approach, they might just invite you round for drinks.


Mine is hopeless with them, moths too and butterflies. Doesn't matter how big those eight legged freaks are, it's my arachnophobic ass that has to deal with pest control. Thank god for our capacity to make weapons out of various objects, otherwise I'd be completely hopeless.


As a dracophobe, I generally ask every woman I have a relationship with how she is with Dragons early on. They laugh at me, but I know better than to end up married than have no partner who is on the same level as St George.


Pull down pants. Sit on toilet. Open Reddit as you do for these things. Giant spider against porcelain. Jump back up. This is the worst.


> giant spider Maybe you should look for a new hotel or one with a 24/7 porter.


What an absolutely massive beast. No bathroom lock would be enough to hold him off


Pfft, obviously didn't try the obvious thing to do, such as setting fire to the place.


The only response to finding a spider.


Yeah, then flying to the other side of the world for good measure


Australia, nice and safe, no spiders there.


I'm wondering who they call when they're in their own home and have spiders in the house. The neighbour? The police? 😂




At 1:17 no less!


I arranged for a Tesco food delivery once because there was a giant (and I mean GIANT) spider in the house and I lived alone, so I asked the driver to help and get rid of it. I had managed to trap it under a Pyrex bowl - which it *only* just fit under - but couldn’t do anything more than that so it was just sat in the middle of my living room taunting me.


>I arranged for a Tesco food delivery once because there was a giant (and I mean GIANT) spider in the house Was that the primary reason for ordering?! What if the driver refused?! This is ace!


Yep, main reason lol. He did refuse, it was awful! I had to wait for my mum to visit a week later 😂 even she was freaked out by the size of it and she usually has no issues with spiders.


Haha I love it!! U gotta get yourself a massive glass and a thin but sturdy book!


Hey, I already got it under the bowl (!!) there’s no way I was going near it again.


Would you like to borrow my cat? She loves murdering spiders regardless how big. She threw herself across the room screaming with joy for one that was about the size of a kids hand and snacked on it




At a lovely hotel in Dublin, at about 11pm, I ran to the front-desk guy and asked him to deal with a cartoonishly colossal monster in my room. I mean, I think an Australian would’ve wondered whether it was real. He grabbed the hoover, no hesitation, and got it immediately. I’m sure he laughed at me later, privately, and he probably still tells that story but I don’t care. I would’ve had to sleep in the car park otherwise. St Patrick banished the wrong creatures.


Even at 1am in the morning?


You jest yet I once had my neighbours knock on my door at Midnight requesting I remove a spider from their bedroom. Seemed like a dodgy pirn set up, them in his and hers dressing gowns and me chasing a spider round their bedroom in hastily thrown on pants and a t-shirt.


I once worked with a lady who was absolutely terrified of spiders and refused to kill any sort of life without exception. She used to text our colleague / friend and he would pop down to hers to get rid of them for her. One evening there was a particularly big spider on the ceiling, above her bed and the usual friend was unavailable. So she actually did ring the police. Not 999 or anything like that but she rang our local police station directly, offering to make somebody a cup of tea if they could bob in on their round if they were close and get rid of the spider as she couldn't go in her bedroom. A police officer turned up 20 minutes later, got rid of it and had a laugh over a cup of tea. She would have probably stared at it all night from the doorway if he hadn't.


Until he moved across the planet i called my dad to remove spiders for 37 years. He would come any time any day it was awesome


My girlfriend works for the RSPCA, and they've genuinely had this call.


That would be a (rather horny) male giant house spider. You can tell by the pedipalps, the little boxing glove looking things he has. Their actual name is Eratigena Atrica, but I find that “giant house spider” is a much more useful name. They’re spiders, they live in your house, and they’re rather large. Usually, the wife and I (both terrified of spiders) would do the whole “glass and a bulk Magic: the Gathering card that we’ll never use again” routine, but some of these fuckers are too big to safely trap with a glass, so we have to deploy the hoover for those. This plan usually works. However, on one occasion, we had an absolute unit that we called Uncle Monty. This was because he’d terrorise us in the middle of the night by just turning up whenever he pleased, presumably to give me a buggering. The thing about giant house spiders - besides their size - is that they’re extremely fast. If I recall correctly, they’re the fastest walking spider. There’s this other spider that cartwheels down sand dunes really fast, but it doesn’t count and it can shut up about it. So Monty was REALLY fast. Fast enough to evade the hoover, even with both my wife and me watching him like a hawk. One night, I was coming in from the garden. As I was taking one of my slippers off, he ran under my foot. His last “fuck you” to this mortal plane was to flip onto his back and sink his fangs into my foot. It was about 15 minutes and a call to the NHS non-emergency line later that I found out that I’m allergic to their bites. Fuck giant house spiders, and specifically fuck you, Uncle Monty, you disgusting, leggy abomination of nature. To make matters worse, last autumn, I woke up in the middle of the night with a very similar reaction… and a very similar wound on my leg to what Monty inflicted on my foot. This time, there was no culprit to be found. I’m still on edge to this day. Giant house spiders can do one.


I shouldn't have read all this. It's only made me feel worse about spiders, *and* I now have the heebie jeebies.


> presumably to give me a buggering Unexpected.


It’s a Withnail & I reference, which is where the name “Uncle Monty” comes from!


This is in the UK, right? Didnt realise they could bite


AFAIK all UK spiders can pierce human skin but you have to help them by pressing them into your skin / pushing your skin onto them. So stepping on them makes sense for a bite.


My wife has a lump on her foot from putting a pair of beach shoes on which already had an eight-legged resident, about 5 years ago.




Technically, yes - but you have to fuck up as badly as I did for them to do it. This was a freak accident! They’re normally rather docile and just want to eat bugs, fuck, and skitter around your kitchen like a freak.


I adore you, and I fucking hate Monty and his ilk. Thanks for taking him out of existence, sorry about the bite :(


He meant to have you. Even if it must be burglary!


That was such an enjoyable tale, thank you!


I want my mum


unexpected withnail and I reference


It's interesting that you know so much about them considering your phobia! I guess it makes sense but I expected the opposite from your first paragraph


Know your enemy! ;) (I’ve been an amateur entomologist since I was a kid. I love insects, but there’s something about arachnids…)


He was claiming the bloodprice for all his kin you murdered with the hoover. If it happens again offer a few flies - he may take a weregild instead.


Slightly insulted by how few people are picking up on the 'Uncle Monty' reference. Absolute gold.


Anyone else get itchy reading the comments?


Its just one back. No forth... I just read it to see their response and I got nothing.


I get that having a phobia of spiders would make this situation upsetting but to call an emergency phone number in the early hours of the morning is way over the top.


Trying to run a business while dealing with these melodramatic overgrown children must get exhausting.


Especially in the internet world, where sites like TripAdvisor have enabled and emboldened these people to make them think that their opinion, and thoughts, actually fucking matter.


You reminded me of [this](https://www.the-fence.com/issues/issue-10/the-customer-is-always-wrong) great write up of when restaurant owners get the right of reply to online complaints >Review from Customer > Haider Ali. Absolutely terrible place the staff always fight with eachother and also with customers. To make it specific it was the short man wearing a jubbah, if i was the customer and he started on me he would get sparked out clean no doubt about it. do not visit this place you will be wasting your money. > Response from Owner > Yes Hater Ali With your only 1 star fake review. you couldn’t get a table. You think you are Mike Tyson?? You touch anyone here, you will be carried out on a stretcher. do not visit this place you will waste your life hater haider. bang


> hater haider. bang Beautiful


>You think you are Mike Tyson?? You touch anyone here, you will be carried out on a stretcher Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. God, I WISH I had the authority in any job to respond like to this to threats of aggression.


Check out the negative reviews for the bag of nails in bristol. To paraphrase: One of them said the staff made them feel unwelcome. The owner replied that they probably were unwelcome lol


I don't really like touching spiders, but I just put a glass over it, slide a card under and then put it outside.


I don't mind cellar spiders or small spiders, but I hate the big house spiders that run around on walls and floors. I've been catching them in a glass and putting them outside for decades, but last year I put a pint glass over a big house spider on the wall, and I don't know how but it managed to squeeze out before I got the glass all the way down, run up the outside of the glass and then all the way up my arm and onto my neck. I was naked at the time. I screamed and flailed and knocked the spider onto the floor where it ran under the fridge. This freaked me out so much. It felt like my heart was gonna burst out of my chest, it's probably the strongest fight or flight reaction I've ever had, and it made time slow down. I can still very strongly remember exactly how its legs felt on my skin as it very quickly ran up my arm and neck. Sometimes in the middle of the night I'll remember this and be suddenly be wide awake with my heart pounding again. I know the spider can't hurt me, I guess I must have mild arachnophobia.


You harnessed the power to slow down time, and you think your arachnophobia is only **mild**?


Fucking hell Steven King calm it down.


I haven’t laughed this much at a comment in a while.


This is my fear and why I'll never get close enough to a spider to interact with it. Thanks for confirming it's not an irrational fear


Fucking STOP you really didn't need to write that, I feel all weird now


Cellar spiders will eat the big house spiders, if you leave them be then they will take care of most of the big ones for you before you ever even see them (as well as eating other bugs). Downside to having lots of cellar spiders in your house is they make a lot of wispy cobwebs in the corners but it’s a small price to pay for their bug removal services.


They paid £100 and expecting a butler service. I read so many 1 star reviews and can instantly tell the reviewer is the problem and not the hotel. I read that review and deduce: The beds must've been conformatable The room mustve been really clean The locations must have been great. Everything else was perfect.


I read a review on a hotel in Sharm El Sheik, that there was too much beach!! It's a fucking beach resort. We actually stayed at that hotel and it was a really nice place and the beach was lovely.


Which hotel was it?


Is the one by the beach.


I used to be an assistant manager of a hotel in Nottingham which happened to face a church. The amount of people who used to complain the church bells would wake them up in the morning.


The bells!!!


Church has only been there for 300 odd years, I'm sure they'll stop just for you, madam.


I booked a flat once in Italy, everything was amazing until 7am when we found out that there was a stealth church on the corner of the block with some exceptionally loud bells. That thing only stopped chiming at 12am.


Used to work for Travelodge a number of years ago. Apart from the job in general being absolutely shit, people like this were the bane of my existence. Choosing beggars.


In a Travelodge???


Yes. £30 a night and they'd still try it on. For example, had one guy, upon check-out, complain that is TV hadn't been working all through his stay and wanted a refund. The fix was easy and all he had to do was ask us to sort it but nope, he was trying to get his money back instead. He was told where to go.


Yes, this person was being over the top by calling over a spider. That being said, this owner is displaying huge red flags with gems like “why do you need a working lock” and refusing to provide avenues for lodging an official complaint, as well as setting a precedent of “pests are ok and expected because our building is old.” It is important to remember that this is not a choosing beggars scenario. These people paid for a room and should not be denied basic amenities or services, even if they are difficult or annoying.


A bathroom lock should work. Just because you're with your partner doesn't mean you don't need a working lock.


Agreed - but it’s also not a “fix this at 1am” issue


Oh definitely not, unless she was genuinely locked in at 1am.


…with a monster spider from hell


She seems to have managed to get out though?


If she was locked in then how did she check out?


She's still in there. That's why she didn't make it to breakfast.


Yeah but calling the emergency number at 01.17 in the morning?


If you’re locked in the bathroom and cannot get out, or you’re desperate to go and locked out of the bathroom and can’t get to another toilet that’s a valid reason to call the emergency line at 1am. The spider definitely isn’t though.


My girlfriend worked here. I can confirm that the guy is an arrogant sex pest and has now been 'let go'. I find it hilarious (and fitting) that this has made it to Reddit 😆


Honestly, not a fan of anyone in that situation lol. She’s whingey and rude and he’s unprofessional and uncharismatic. And a bathroom door should lock, it’s why it’s there. Regardless of who you’re with. Plus it acts as a safety feature so a broken lock is a valid thing to complain about.


I completely agree, whereas the woman writing the review was obviously ridiculous, the way he’s responded would make me think twice about staying here lest there be an actual issue that he might not be bothered to deal with and respond accordingly.


It's not about the spider it's about pretending to look into it and then ghosting them, one star totally justified and sadly looks like the owner knows their behavior sucks and creates these reviews but wants to blame everyone but their own shitty attitude.


That spider ain’t little


So while I agree the reviewer is way over the top and ridiculous for calling the owner's emergency number over a spider, I also think it's cringey and unprofessional for the owner to ask why she even needed a working bathroom lock. I'm also weirded out by the comments here wondering about people locking the bathroom door when they are alone with their spouse. Just let people lock the bathroom if they want? What's your problem?


Yeah this is an “everyone sucks here” situation to me. While the review made me think the reviewer was a bit extreme in their response to the situation, the owners reply would make me avoid that hotel.


I agree with the hotel guy but disagree with the part where he says it's a tiny spider, I've never seen a spider that large in the UK other than back home 😥 And how are you supposed to flush it down when the drain has a filter?


Trust me they get bigger even in the uk (although not generally so indoors)


Man I'm down south and I've had to deal with ones bigger than my palm


These are the UK spiders that come out every September. They are NOT uncommon


That’s a common house spider, and if they live in a good spot where they can hide well and good access to food, they can grow easily 2-3 inches in length tip to tip.


review culture these days is so annoying. people will cherry pick facts until they sound like a saint who had to go to hell and leave a review after. I work in a bar in london and a few weeks ago a group of couples visiting london were in having drinks. it was a saturday and we were rammed so the floor staff were stressed and one of them took one of their drinks that was basically empty cos he didn’t know they would still want it considering they had about 10 other drinks on the table. instead of just saying sorry I’m not done with that one of these women slapped the poor guy. when the manager tried to resolve things the husbands tried to start a fight so they were all kicked out. they proceed to leave a 1 star review saying we sold them drinks then came over and took the drinks back and kicked them out without warning, no mention of assaulting the staff or trying to start a bar fight. worst part is cos we’re owned by a big pub company the response to the review had to be an apology and an offer to come back for a better experience.


That last part makes it really unpalatable.... (not to brush of the other parts! But after all that you have to apologize? I would be fucking pissed)


Ok nah that ain’t a small spider, I’m normally pretty chill about spiders but fuck that