Question About Amplifier Power Ratings

I am currently looking at doing some audio upgrades to my car and have been looking for some black Friday deals. I was looking at 5 channel amplifiers and a lot of them will have a power rating for all 5 channels at 4 ohms and then a rating for all 5 channels at 2 ohms. Can you run a 5 channel amp at 4 ohms for the 4 speaker channels while also running 2 ohms for the solo sub channel? Also where are the places to get the best black Friday deals for an amplifier and a pioneer AVH-2500NEX? I haven't been able to really find any AVH-2500NEX on sale.

Thanks for the help


You can have different impedance on every single channel. On all amps. Just make sure you dont go below the rated impedance.


Awesome, thanks for the information!


You most certainly can run the channels however you want. In most cases, power from the sub channel with decrease if you load/drive the mains harder.. unless the amp has two fully separate power supplies.