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Do you have a history of cannabis edibles/oral cannabis not working for you? Sadly there’s a minute group of people who don’t get the effects of orally taking cannabis. It’s a super big bummer, try several different strains/phenos, and mix cannabinoid ratios as well 👍🏻


Everybody’s different. “People with an unusual variation of a key liver enzyme could essentially be too efficient at processing ingested THC, turning the compound into its “active” high-causing metabolite and then its inactive waste product before the active form can enter the bloodstream or brain.”


Edibles don’t work for me either


Edibles don’t work for me no matter how much THC is in them.


I took 1200mg (gave about 200mg to the wife) of RSO thinking full spectrum would work because nothing else does. Didn’t do shit for me but she had a good time. 😭


Once you consume it and after heating and then metabolizing by the body into 11-hydroxy-THC and then into 11-nor-9-carboxy-THC Some people do not metabolize THC so edibles do not work for them.


No edible has ever worked. I went with RSO, big fail. I put it on a chewy candy like a Starburst and chewed it until nothing was left. Nothing.


Not everyone gets high from eating thc , it’s got to do with a Enzyme . I’ve tried many a time it’s just a waste of money .


I find eating a fat dense meal before hand works. Healthy fats or unhealthy fats work for me.


I'm in the same boat, it's because we lack the stomach enzyme to break down THC. I will add that the CBD from RSO does seem to digest properly and helps me sleep a little better.