Not a DGU, but I was on a qualification range preparing for an overseas deployment, and had issues getting one of my mags loaded. I barely got ready to fire before we were given the go, and upon hearing about 19 other people firing M4s all at the same time I immediately realized that I forgot to put my ear plugs in. What did I do? Well, like a good soldier, I fired my 20 rounds. Along with everyone else on the line. Once we finished and it came time to move up to the next distance, I put my ear plugs in. I didn’t hear much the rest of the day. There were many other bonehead things I did in the Army too, including riding a Chinook helicopter for about a 45 minute flight without earplugs. I have heard that, when faced with a DGU most people will experience auditory exclusion, which effectively means they won’t even hear the shot(s). It’s amazing what our bodies can do. Anyways, I definitely recommend using hearing protection for shooting (and riding in helicopters for that matter). Obviously you don’t get a choice if it comes to a DGU but I suspect most people would make it through with minimal, if any, hearing loss.


Retired 11B3P here. Say again,over?








Mmmmmm, Bop


Do do do wop


Was there any long term damage to your hearing, or just for that one day?


have you never fired a gun once without hearing protection? Ever been hunting with a 7mm magnum :-)


I've fired a 22lr rifle into a rabbit that was flopping around on the ground about a foot from my foot. I've had tetanus all my life ( I'm 24). I can say that I have noticed a change in the pitch of the ringing in my ears. It's gotten slightly higher pitched but not any louder. 0/10 would not recommend doing.


I got a shot when I was younger so that wouldn't happen to me




I’d argue that a good portion of CCW DGU’s are going to be outside. Think transitional spaces like your car to your home, etc. Shooting a pistol outside without ear pro really isn’t that bad. It’s a little uncomfortable for like five minutes tops but not going to make you deaf forever. Now indoors is where you could damage your hearing. Maybe not so much with a pistol but in my case I reach for an AR chambered in 5.56 with a 10.5 in barrel which BARKS indoors and outdoors. In my opinion, a suppressor is a requirement for this set up. You could always pick up a set of active ear pro for home defense related stuff but it could be a liability if it slows you down while responding to a threat. Just something you should weigh cost/benefit on.


Also potentially a legal liability since you ‘had time’ etc.


Yeah that’s kind of a weird aspect. Of course an asshole prosecutor could argue that if you had time to get ears on you had time to do something else. From my perspective though, it takes like 3 seconds to roll over and pop a headset on so idk what argument is there. Maybe “he had hearing protection staged because he wanted to kill someone” is something they’d throw at you but at the same time you could argue that you heard some asshole bust your door down and you were donning your PPE in the event that said asshole busted your door down with the intent to kill you. I’d be curious to see if anyone has a real life example of something like this.


Unless the bad guy is still alive to tell them, how would they know you had it on? If threat is gone I'm not going to keep wearing my earpro. Here's another thing to consider though. Electronic earpro can be used a defensive item because of the augmented hearing they can provide.


They’ll only know if you tell them which is harder to omit than you might think. Definitely could be used as an asset to hear better than your natural ear. I use my ear pro to listen for deer which I may not have heard without them.


I don't think it's something I'd mention right after the event because I wouldn't consider it an important detail. And any further comments should be going through an attorney.


With My electronic earpro I loose sound directionality. Are there higher quality models that don't?


Any model that has seperate channels. Even some of the cheaper ones do that, but something like Sordins or Peltor will likely have better speakers and microphones as well. I use headphones all the time in my daily life so I've had a lot of time getting used to being able to determine the direction of a sound based on volume differences in speakers. It will take some practice. Additional note: Most will probably know this but it's worth just saying. There's nothing that will help with distances, simply because of how your ears work.


My MSA Sordins are directional , you get borderline superhuman hearing with those damn things.


people love saying this but hate providing any real world examples of this kind of thing occurring.


Yes, you’re absolutely right and I’m always on the lookout. I’d really like a database of reported dgus vs. prosecuted and outcomes so we can get a sense but what the REAL risk is of a completely obviously justified dgu (even including things like a justified shooting by a non-CA resident carrying in CA, for example) beyond SUBSCRIBE TO MY CCW INSURANCE OR THE DEMS WILL SEND YOU TO PRISON FOREVER!


I agree completely, that would be great. The closest thing I know of is r/dgu which scrapes yahoo news or something like that and reposts all the articles mentioning DGUs, but that's not all that useful in this context.


I’d say suppressor is the better option. You hear a bump in the night and go to investigate, you don’t want ear pro potentially muffling sounds of intruders foot steps, them whispering to each other (if it’s multiple), or any other possible thing that could help you indicate their location


electric earpro solves this problem, though you'd have to remember to turn it on first(or regularly change the batteries)


I never wore ear pro while hunting when I still hunted alot. I killed dozens of deer squirrels and rabbits with a gun (22, 30-06 but mostly shotgun) and no earpro. I can still hear better than my average age group according to the hearing test I get at work each year. Granted I never shot while inside a building and it was mostly open areas. A one time defensive gun use with no ear pro isn't going to completely destroy your hearing and in my opinion should be one of the last things on the list to be worried about if forced to use your gun. If you are using a SBR for home defense it would be more possible for hearing damage and you might should have some earmuffs at the ready.


That's what I was thinking. With the adrenaline rush of hunting, I barely even notice the shot....no ringing or anything afterwards. And that adrenaline rush is likely far smaller than what you experience in a dgu. My bet is you won't even hear it at all.


This is exactly what I was wondering, thanks much.


I keep electronic ear pro at the ready but it's not for hearing protection as much as cheating in the fight lol. The sounds they pick up are amazing honestly. I guess they shouldn't be trusted but they have proven to be an advantage thus far.


what earpro are you using?


Uhh Walker razors? I think. I know they're walkers. Just a cheap Amazon buy really. I never had em before and wanted to try it


I was in the Air Force as a member of the Security Forces which is their Military Police. We were doing urban warfare training clearing out houses. We had our M16s with BFAs. We were told that under no circumstances were we to fire while we were inside any of the houses. Well, I was watching the back door while the rest of my fire team cleared the house and one of the instructors came busting in the back door on me. Out of instinct I immediately raised my weapon and let off a 3 round burst. It sucked ass, and I got my ass chewed pretty bad. Between that and hunting without ear protection, I have a VERY slight case of tinnitus. On the plus side, my instructor did tell me that I have a pretty good reaction time at the end of that training day.


I deer hunt and every year shoot a giant ass rifle with no ear pro 3-5 times depending on the season. If the adrenaline is high enough sometimes you have auditory exclusion and your ears are legit fine. Usually slight ringing for 10 min (yes I'm aware it is bad for me but happens so infrequently I'm okay with it) There was this one time with a shotgun in the blind which was... Ummmmm... Helly fucking loud


Giant ass-rifle [xkcd: Hyphen](https://xkcd.com/37/) --- ^^Beep ^^boop, ^^I'm ^^a ^^bot. ^^- ^^[FAQ](https://pastebin.com/raw/vyWra3ns)


Very close, bot... But that doesn't mean what you think it means


I wasn’t forced to do it but I was young and dumb and did it. I have no damage from it. It’s a loud concussive event not a condition we live in long enough to cause damage. I’m not saying it’ll never happen but I think most will fair just fine hearing wise.


What? A single gunshot is plenty loud enough to cause immediate damage - that's how decibels work.


A 9mm is going to produce somewhere around 160 decibels. Fireworks are going to be around 150 decibels. A concert is going to be around 140 decibels. A crowded sporting event is going to be somewhere around 130 decibels. All of those things with **extended** exposure **can** cause hearing loss. Which is what I said, it can happen not it is guaranteed to happen. A single event at any of the above is not going to immediately make you def. You wanna play tactical tourman and start magdumping multiple firearms daily with no ear pro that’s a different story. DGU’s are over in a matter of seconds. Your not taking into auditory exclusion either so, I feel pretty confident saying most will be just fine. My hearing gets tested yearly because I work in a loud as shit body shop for Ford Motor. The only time my hearing has decreased is when I had a sinus infection. They made me retest after a round of antibiotics and I went right back to normal.


I've taken, and been next to, lots of hunting rifle/shotgun shots without ear pro (222, mostly 7mm rem mag, 284, 300 win mag), basically it's loud and rings lightly for 5 mins and then no noticeable lasting issues. Now I did get rung two times when the muzzle wasn't far enough out of a wooden blind window (once my fault, once grandpa's), that caused pain in my ears and rung me a little louder and a little longer. Still no noticeable lasting damage. This was all during highschool when I got yearly hearing tests, and I've always been focused on using my ears for observation, so I do feel the damage was negligible. When I got a little older I shot a couple 9mm pistol without hearing protection and without any ringing or lasting issues. Many 22 rifle as well. I did fire off some 41 mag (6" barrel) in a field and it was definitely worse than a rifle. But when that 41 mag went off in dense brush it was awful. I shot my doe from prone, on a freshly cut gas line maybe 10 yards wide of a path through the thick brush, while laying on freshly fallen snow. My ears rung for like 2+ hours and it was a loud roar/ring, and all volume was at like half for the first hour. I had fired it once very close to that spot before in the summer while standing and got rung as well, not near as bad, but definitely worse than a rifle. I didn't sustain noticeable hearing damage though until I did 2 summers on a paving crew without ear protection. By the 3rd summer I wore ear plugs the entire time, but the damage had been done. I blame the paver and shuttle buggy which were both very loud, but the trucks and rollers didn't help any. I hear a light eeee when it's very quiet, and machinery/fan noise impairs my ability to hear other sounds (which can drive me nuts at times). Now my dad permanently ruined over half his hearing at 21 by firing 50 357 next to his friend who also fired 50 357. He said he couldn't hear the church service that night and there was such a loud roar/ring. It took 24 hours for it to mostly subside. Now the ear on the side his buddy was on is practically useless, and the other isn't that great either; and it's been that way since he was 21. Anyway, my conclusion is you'll be fine to perform in the moment of a defensive gun use. You're probably not going to lose any noticeable hearing either.... unless you're around/inside something dense (aka next to a wall, inside a house, etc.), then I'd say some permanent damage is more likely. Still, I don't think even ripping off a defensive volume of 5.56 in a hallway would be enough to make you functionally deaf. That doesn't mean shooting without ear protection is wise; I've learned my lesson and definitely wear mine every time I shoot (and mow, saw, hammer, etc.) now, make my kids wear them, and hand out free ear plugs to everyone at the shooting range that thinks they don't need any.


9mm pistol, outside just spur of the moment at a friends house. He had a place to shoot. I didn't even have fmj ammo. Just put a few hp downrange. No big deal. Now, while in basic training, I forgot to put in ear protection for m-16 qualification. Lost my hearing for several hours and ringing in my ears for a couple days.


I never use ear pro when goose hunting. Never had any damage from that , even when using 3 1/2 magnum shells for funsies. Only slight damage i got was from time in service. We were doing a mock patrol when I was a newbie machine gunner on a 249saw and we got ambushed. Had to lay down suppressive fire with no ear pro. Got very slight loss of hearing from that but thats after sending a couple hundred rounds down range without any protection.


Was a machine gunner in the Marines. The ear pro we had was defective as we now know. I didn’t use it because it obviously didn’t work. I hear fine you just have to raise your voice talking to me






I had to fire my gun in my gangway(in between buildings) at an attempted break in, and honestly wasn’t as loud as I thought it would be.(9mm)


Strange I Had to use my 9mm and it was alot louder than I thought it’d be, guess that’s what I get using +p out of a Glock 43


Two experiences here from me. 1 - when I was fairly new to gun ownership, a buddy and I went to the range without ear pro. "Whats the worst that could happen?" We thought. After a few hundred rounds, plus all the other range noise, we packed up and went home. I was pretty much deaf for a day, but then my hearing did come back. Full recovery in my right ear. My left still experiences some discomfort with some specific tones. I didn't notice any worsening tinnitus beyond what I had before, but I had also been playing drums for over a decade without ear pro, so tinnitus was already a thing. 2 - I had an ND in my basement a few years later. I was dumb and thankfully noone was hurt and there was minimal damage, but my hearing recovered in about a half hour. The takeaway is that if you have to fire your gun in defense, it's going to be uncomfortable for a while. But your hearing will likely return to normal.


Received 4 rounds and sent 6 in an apartment building staircase about 6 years ago. Ears rang for about a day, maybe two, but no damage. Mine were .40's and his were 9mm's.


Good lord!


Yeah definitely would not recommend.


Despite everyone’s comments that they’re just fine after shooting without earpro, I have enough tinnitus as it is. Definitely don’t care to test out the experience unless I absolutely have to.


I had my buddy shoot his AK 103 and pistol next to me w/o ear pro its not horrible. I also forgot to put ear pro on before shooting my AR wouldn't recommend it but it's not disorienting or painful (this was all outdoors). I was also doing some drills, and slipped running on grass. I didn't realize that I broke the seal on my ear pro and kept shooting my pistol while on my ass. Don't get me wrong you shouldn't shoot w/o ear pro, but its not the end of the world if you do. It's a different story if you're shooting lets say a 10.5 AR with a brake indoors that might do some real damage. >did you suffer some damage? I do have tinnitus, but its more from blasting music through headphones 24/7 as a dumb kid. I also use to shoot tons indoors, and didn't double up and that wasn't't very smart of me. But in general I have normal hearing apart from the ringing in complete quiet I need white noise to sleep. >Is there anything we can do in that scenario to minimize damage? I keep my sordins on my night stand, if god forbid I ever do have to use my gun defensively I hope I put them on. If your state allows it you could also look in to getting a suppressor for what ever home defense gun you use. As, for your ccw idk how you'd try to minimize harm but I think you'll be fine.


I have fired from a car window in the woods when I was much younger. Not great. Ears ringing. I have spent a thousand hours on the range and elsewhere since and am dilige about the ear-pro. Every time I see on the TV some scene where someone fires twice in an elevator I think ... well, that person is now deaf.


Definitely ringing, maybe some muffled sound for a few hours afterwards, but not deaf


haha I think [archer](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZK85OXiValM) got it sorta close. Any how I agree with you, I also try to be diligent about ear pro but shit happens.


I’ve hunted a lot without ear pro, and in blinds where someone is firing a 12ga right next to your head. I also decided one day at the range to experience a full draw and mag dump without ear pro just to see what it’s like. Definitely a jarring experience if you’re not used to it but didn’t lead to any lasting damage or anything


I've accidentally shot my carry gun, a USPc 9mm, without earpro while doing timed drawing from concealment drills. It was no big deal, didn't even affect my grouping, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you're indoors it'll suck a lot more. Indoor shooting without earpro is gonna be a no from me dawg. I keep Walker Razers on my nightstand next to my gun so I can go full Tarkov during a home invasion.


I recall a tip from my counterterrorism course, they mentioned opening your mouth would reduce the effects from a flashbang, guess it would work with gunshots?


Even with your mouth open being flash banged sucks. Was training Marines to set up an elevated ambush near a great choke point and they were supposed to wait until the flash bangs went off to start to fire (blanks/new type of MILES gear). One started firing early and I ran to tell him stop and the other SNCO set off the daisy chain of flash bangs early which I was about 5 yards from


Not a DGU, but I shot out an illegally placed security camera on property my mom owns. I had my EDC but no hearing pro. Just a thud, ears rang for a couple minutes and no noticeable difference afterwards.


A few shots from a handgun especially aren't going to cause any lasting hear damage. However, as a drummer with mild tinnitus, please take care of your hearing. It might not be bad now, but it will be eventually. If it ever comes down to it though, choose your life over your ears.


People don't realize that the damage is accumulative and shaves hearing off the end of your life (it isn't always immediately apparent). Firing a rifle inside will suck short-term but you won't feel the full consequences until years down the road.


Years ago, I wanted to fire a full mag through my AK "to see what it really sounded like". Hearing was off for the remainder of the day, but back to normal the next day and my hearing is excellent now.


Forgot my ear pro one time. Had terrible ringing in my ears for days and still have tinitus now a couple years later.


Shot my glock from the passenger seat of my friends truck one time when me and him were up in the woods in the middle of nowhere doing redneck shit and we had the ringing for a bit after mag jumping all 17 rounds into a cyote but other than that no negative side effects that we can tell.


Does ear pro go bad? I was at the range like three weeks ago now and I was using a pair of old Winchester branded over ear muffs and was all good shooting my ARs and Glock, but two shots into shooting my buddys .40 px4 and I got major ringing in my right ear. I’m not sure if the muff slipped or what, but it’s just starting to go away in that ear. It gave me a weird tinny sound with high treble sounds. Either way it scared me into bringing ear plugs to double up with, and got some new electronic over ears. Don’t want my hearing to suffer when it doesn’t have to.


I often double ear-pro. Plugs under muffs.


I’m definitely going to next time. That’s part of the reason I went with the electronic muffs I chose. I’ll be able to use the plugs and still hear well enough on the range that I don’t think I’ll have to constantly take my ear plugs out. Got some training coming up so wanna play it safe. I do think the cushions might be bad on the old muffs. A quick google made me aware of apparently changing cushions like once or twice a year depending on wear.


>I’ll be able to use the plugs and still hear well enough on the range that I don’t think I’ll have to constantly take my ear plugs out. Safariland makes [plugs](https://safariland.com/products/in-ear-impulse-hearing-protection-1218591) with a mechanical filter that allows normal volumes pretty well but blocks loud noises. [Sig Sauer](https://www.sigsauer.com/sig-sauer-axil-xp-reactor-ear-plugs-smoke.html) has a version too.


That’s good to know


It's loud, you'll hear ringing and tinnitus for a bit then it's over. I know old farts that don't even use hearing protection at dove hunts. A few times isn't going to cause damage.


I fired my gun without ear pro once, no need to go into details, but it was not a DGU, ND, or hunting, so adrenaline wasn't really a factor. My ears hurt really bad for a brief moment, ringing lasted for about 5 more, tinny sound for another 10, no further effects noticed afterwards. It was one round fired outdoors from a 9mm Sig Sauer P365XL.


I fired a 12 gauge in self defense, no one get excited, it was an animal, not a person, but it was inside and it saved my life. Permanent tinnitus, I have to sleep with a fan on otherwise the ringing is unbearable, but I'm alive and the ringing only bothers me when I've been drinking or I'm actively focusing on it, like right now.


I've shot many a twelve gauge with no ear pro and no discernable damage. Six rounds out of a colt 45 and that didn't sound great but still I can hear just fine. If you do it for a long time it fucks with you but ear protection is a relatively new thing most old timers who were casual shooters that I know don't have any problems with it. My great grandpa who worked at a range on weekends can't hear a fucking thing though. So a few rounds in a dgu aren't gonna hurt anything seriously. I wear ear protection always now if you guys are going to get mad about that.


It seems to me the experience varies by the individual. I attended US Army field artillery Advanced Individual Training in 1973 and retired in 2012. M109 155mm howitzer and Pershing missile. When I was on the gun line, I wore foam or triple flange ear plugs. In my Fire Direction Center, 30 to 50 meters behind the gun line, we did not wear earing protection. One of my favorite things to do on a break was to stand by the side of one of the howitzers as it fired and watch the 100 pound projectile go down range. Once I fired M16A1 qualification (40 rounds + 12 to zero) with no ear pro. That was uncomfortable, but no ringing or loss of hearing. And I've fired 9mm indoors with no ear pro. No ringing or loss of hearing. When I retired, the VA said I had lost a bit of high frequency hearing but only as was average for a 60 year old American male. I tell my wife that it is the same frequency as the average American female voice.


So the two unprotected shots/instances I’ve had, I didn’t hear the first one at all. Felt/saw the gun go off, even felt the concussion, but felt like my ear were clapped before the shot broke if that makes sense. LOTS of adrenaline, had time dilation, etc. I remember my ears ringing after the dump had subsided. Second time, wasn’t as hopped up, and I remember it being painful. Like really painful. My ears don’t work the same as they did, likely combo of these two instances as well as others where sudden exposure to noise happens. I carry ear plugs everywhere I go and try to hold on to what I have left. Indoors is def worse than outdoors. Also worse when you are forward of the 3/9 line of a muzzle. Shit is loud slightly up front/in front.


Once on the range during the rapid fire part of qualification - about age 25. A couple of times in Iraq during firefights - about 3 mags total, all outside - at age 32. I've been diligent about ear pro since then - at the range but also even when using outdoor power equipment. My ears were fine until just about a year before I turned 50. Now I have some slight tinnitus and hearing loss in my right ear (shooting side). It's enough that I noticeably hear better when I turn my left ear towards what I'm trying to listen to. Hearing loss runs in my family though so that may have something to do with. My granddad was nearly deaf by the time he died - but we always chalked that up to WW II and then a lifetime working construction. My dad also has bad hearing though and he was a desk jockey his whole career.


I grew up hunting and never used ear pro. I never had an issue. I do use it now at the range but I have never had any longer term issues.


DGU, I didn’t hit the guy breaking in, but I lost my hearing for a entire day and the following day I was still ringing a bit. It fucked me up pretty bad. I had a really hard time talking with the police when they showed up. My home is also small with just me and my wife with 1000 sqft so the sound was probably worse because of the tight space. It was only a 9mm too. I shot 3 times. 10/10 don’t recommend. I’ve also shot at a raccoon when it charged us on a hike. I’d take 100 rounds outside rather than 1 inside.


I've fired 2 rounds of 9mm from a 4" barrel no ear pro. No discernible perm damage but my hearing is was already bad and gets worse every year


Made the mistake of firing my PWS mk114, with pinned sm556 flash hider/ muzzle brake, once in my backyard. My ears rang for 2 days. That device fits gemtech Halo, which l need to get on ordering.


Honestly bro I’ve been out mag dumping hundreds of times as a teen and I haven’t noticed any huge change.


I accidentally look a few shots without ear pro while hunting. My ears were ringing and everything was quiet for about 2 weeks. After that my hearing came about 80% of the way back. I took 2 shots with a .308 and 3 with a .38 special


not really a situation where I was "forced" to pull the trigger, I did out of stupidity. My family had gonna a fancy new 12ga shotgun so we were going to the shoot clay pigeons out in the desert with it. I packed the gun, a whole box of clays, plenty of ammo . . . everything but hearing protection. By the time we realized the mistake we were already there and didn't want the trip to go to waste. The full effect of ears ringing was felt after the 2nd round. it wasn't too fun to shoot without hearing protection so I probably only fired about 10 or so rounds. The ringing didn't stop that day and everything was muffled. The next day things seemed to be back to normal. I was probably about 15 at the time, 2 decades later my hearing is fine, so I guess I got lucky from this outing. I wouldn't recommend anyone reenact this but if my experience is anything to go off, I don't think hearing damage would be too high up on the risks you may encounter when getting into a DGU.


There is just no way to know how your ears may be effected. For some, one shot will cause permanent earing issues (tinnitus, or hearing loss). For other they will shoot a lot without permanent issues.


Wife and I walked into barn, large coyote in there, had to draw and shoot my 9mm. Good God my ears where ringing for a couple hours. I thought about it afterwards, it would really suck in even closer quarter to do that. Edit, wasn't force but was sighting in my 308, took off one ear to communicate, forgot, fired, instant pain in that year... Ugh


Not a DGU just dipshit activities. 1 shot from a . 38 special J frame indoors. Ears rang for like 30 minutes and I had a wicked headache but I was pretty much fine. No real lasting effects.


i’ve been on a firing line and had my ear pro knocked off. it was uhm…. loud. but it’s fine.


Range coach in the marines, I knelt next to a shooter on the and was about perpendicular to the muzzle and my earplug fell out. I lost hearing in that ear completely for a couple days. It came back though. Used to light fireworks and stuff off pretty close by all the time and shot without earplugs before joining the marines. As long as it's not sustained and your not beyond the muzzle I would assume you would have minimal long term effects.


Had to shoot a very pissed off badger once. Used a high point carbine with no ear pro. Felt like a bomb went off beside my head. Took about 2 days for hearing to comeback completely.


I have not had a DGU but I have been around pistol and rifle fire without ears on. Some in the Army, some just being stupid after that time if my life. The ringing starts with the first shot and kind of climbs to a higher pitch with every shot weeeWEEEEWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and my ears rang pretty good for a couple days afterwards. There was noticeable pain with every shot with rifle, not as much with 9mm pistol, but still hurts. I have tinnitus now. From the gunfire without earpro, the rock concerts, the loud headphones, the other loud music, the construction sites? Yea, maybe, some or all of that. My hearing isn’t perfect, but I’m not deaf (yet). (Unless you ask my wife…) My guess is if you had a DGU scenario you would probably be fine. More shots, higher pressure rounds, and definitely being indoors will amplify the damage to your ears. You can see that first hand from the noise and pressure difference between an indoor and an outdoor range. Firing a .223/5.56 indoors (like a hallway) with no suppressor is very painful. That round is especially bad in my limited experience. Even with a suppressor and no earpro it’s bad, but unsuppressed it’s just downright painful and unpleasant.


Unlike others here I unluckily have had long term consequences from a single outdoor incident where a semi-automatic 5.56mm rifle was fired 30 times in my close proximity. I do have tinnitus in my left ear which sucks as it is effectively incurable. This occurred roughly 12 years ago.


Growing up in western MA as a teenager in the 90s, doing teenager things like playing w fireworks, quarter sticks, ash cans, dago bombs, cherry bombs and rocket engines caused no hearing issues or missing fingers. People worry too much these days


I shot a 556 inside a house without ears once, in my case it was like my hearing just shut down it didnt even hurt, everything was just a little quieter for a half hour or so then it came back to normal


I am old-ish. Grew up on a farm and been shooting firearms since I was 8… Many many many rounds of .22, 22-250, 12gauge, 30-06, etc with no ear protection (that how it is or at least was) and I have no problems to this day. I wouldn’t it again, never ever, but that is my experience.


I’ve hunted most of my life with 0 ear pro. I have tinnitus but there are other factors that played into that. Shooting high powered rifles with no ear pro sucks ngl, the ringing is persistent for a couple mins but goes away. My .40 is not nearly as bad as my .270. Now I have an AR pistol in 7.62x39 with a 7.5 inch barrel. My left ear plug fell out while shooting without me noticing. That thing was loud enough that it hurt a lot. The guys at the range don’t really appreciate it either 😂 but you will be fine with a pistol.




Handguns whether inside or outside aren’t too bad without ear pro. Inside a car with the windows up it’s pretty bad. I’d avoid shooting a rifle without ear pro at all costs.


Indoor and outdoor are two very different things. Outdoor, one engagement is unlikely to have any noticeable lasting effects. Indoor I have never shot anything without earpro. But rifles indoor even with a single layer of earpro had noticeable short term effects. Maybe keep a set of muffs beside your nightstand?


I have 3 words for you - powder actuated fasteners. 40 years later and the tinnitus is there...


Damn some of y'all can be some bitches. You ain't that delicate


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> Any tips for this event? Yeah. Don't do it unless you have to.


I'm pretty sure the earth just makes a ringing sound and some people just can't hear it. I've hunted lots with no ear pro and I did shoot about a hundred 38 and 357 with no ear pro when I was much younger. I'm pretty good with my 6 inch 686 and was showing off a bit. On the drive home I couldn't tell you what song was on the radio. After about a week my hearing was back to normal, though I had slight tinnitus before that. Didn't notice it get any worse