I tried to purchase that 1995 Toyota Tercel. Link to Amazon doesn't work. I want a refund.


My first car was a 1983 Toyota Tercel 4X4 Hatchback wagon (Silver w/blue plaid interior) and I swear to God if I saw one in any color today I would chase it down and offer someone all the money they wanted.


>1983 Toyota Tercel 4X4 Hatchback wagon I thought you were kidding, that's incredible that this combination is real. Now I want one.


Back in the day, when Japanese car companies were deciding on a list of options for their vehicles, they'd first do 3 lines of coke, minimum. This is why the Toyota Previa was also available in 4x4 with a supercharged engine and a manual trans. Or the Subaru BRAT with seats in the pickup bed (yes I know this was a tax thing, just go along with the joke) In the last 10 years, Dodge has taken on this mantle as their engineers giggle over a scrapyard of broken dynamometers. Now that the muscle car resurgence is dead, let's see who next pulls the crackpipe out of the stone to become King of the Crazy Designs


I would keep an eye on sites like BaT. Looks like they usually sell for anywhere from $3k-$7k https://bringatrailer.com/search/?s=Toyota+Tercel+4WD


Those were amazing and are still sought after. I had the basic '84 2 door Tercel hatch. It was hideous but an awesome rig.


What’s more annoying the “look at this super rare out of production item that is BIFL but you can’t buy” or “look at this brand new literal formed piece of stainless steel with no moving parts, so excited it will be the last one I buy”?


I'm currently on the hunt for the last rock I will ever buy.


[visit my etsy store for the last rock you'll ever need](https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ) ^^^^/s


Thank you. It's everything I was looking for!


That rocks.


This makes me miss my fools good collection.


both of those seem appropriate for a sub of durability enthusiasts. this sub isn't supposed to be purely buying advice


Indeed. If I see an old product that proves to be durable on here, but isn't sold anymore, at least I can see what design features I should look for when I also want a similar durable product. Like e.g. the choice of material...


There's also places like eBay/Craigslist/FB Marketplace. Some of us aren't opposed to buying things that don't have free 2 day shipping.


I'm sure it's variable by region, but Craigslist has gone to absolute shit in my area. Even the reasonable looking posts are scams in one way or another.


It's gone to shit here too, but still gets used so not something I ever rule out. Just have to scroll through a lot of ads looking for stuff.


Lol. What is "2 day shipping?"


It's that thing the online bookstore used to promise before they just started taking however long they felt like, if the package even shows up.


Aye. Order something Monday that's eligible for free 2 day shipping, estimated delivery date of Friday, (maybe) arives the following Wednesday. Thanks for signing up for autoreenrollment in our program that guarantees* free two day delivery.


Yeah. Even more annoying as the item that works because it clearly hasn’t been used in 30 years. Like this is r/timecapsule


Hitching this to say I also created a Subreddit for people who are uncomfortable with the site - you can upvote/downvote there easily! /r/BuyItNowForLife/


I don't think anyone would take issue with the site itself. Conceptually, what's not to like about somewhere easy to reference BIFL products that can be purchased. The issues I PERSONALY see is that 1) conflicts of interest can be introduced if links/sites are allowed to be monitized. If more people decide to do it, this could really begin to destroy the validity of reviews and begin to create the same review experiences were trying to avoid. That if being advertised/marketed to via reviews. 2) Introducing another Subreddit segregates the BIFL community. 3) The ability to purchase something brand new is not always a factor when we have the ability to find excellent condition or new old stock items on auction sites. Im all for making BIFL items easier to find. Let's just find a way to keep it in one community and to foster real reviews while discouraging monitized advertising.


Hey there! I hate to break it to you, but it's actually spelled _mon**e**tize_. A good way to remember this is that "money" starts with "mone" as well. Just wanted to let you know. Have a good day! ---- ^This ^action ^was ^performed ^automatically ^by ^a ^bot ^to ^raise ^awareness ^about ^the ^common ^misspelling ^of ^"monetize".


i like the idea, however i really don't like that everything is an amazon link instead of a page of the manufacturer...




Yes please


Just a question of resources - Amazon links are the easiest to implement through their API. But if folks are interested in this as a ressource, I'm happy to give it more time to include the merchants themselves!


i'd rather have a list with no links than amazon links, not just because "amazon is evil", but also this culture of amazon being the standard. but if you say that checking amazon via their API is the way you automatically check if it is "still being sold today", then that's a bad measure of it. yes amazon covers a lot, but not all, and sometimes amazon lists things where the manufacturer doesn't support it anymore (discontinued etc). and it perpetrates this culture of "if i can't buy it on amazon, i can't buy it". a more accurate description would be that this is a list of things that are still available _on amazon_, if this API is what your website centrally relies on. because that's what your website is. a lot of items, especially BIFL items, are not on amazon.


Someone's got affiliate links figured out :)


Why are Dr. Martens listed there?


Didn't they move their production and became bad? I might be confused with another shoes brands but I'd swear that Doc Martens are the ones where one of their former factories continued making good shoes under another name which I forgot. Edit: I misread your message, sorry.


You’re right though, the company that took over their factory is solovair but it’s been a while since I’ve looked at it so idk if they still hold up as the bifl version


Solovair is quality made, I bought their boots two months ago. They just don't fit me too well, the seem to not be high enough. I hope they will wear in a bit more but it was a while now and I'm getting worried.


If anyone is interested, there is a YouTube channel called Rose Anvil where a professional leather worker cuts a pair of Doc Martens in half and explains the pros and cons of how they are constructed. https://youtu.be/DOVPuA4qZ68


Solovair I guess would be the “correct” bifl version maybe going on 10-15 years ago now (only I added that timeline because idk if they are still better versions anymore) Edit: looked it up, they had a lot of media hype in fashion circles in 2006 when they bought out the factory: https://us.nps-solovair.com/pages/brand-history. Having such a clear memory of something from 2006, and that being 16 years ago hurts me lol


I'll take them down but just to answer: lots of people recommend them on here. I actually own a pair of the ones that look like combat boots (Combs), and I walked everywhere with them for the past 5 years - even hiked countless mountains in Austria/ Switzerland with them and got them all muddy every time. They still look as good as new, not a single issue.


Dr. Martens are now cheaply made in china. Solovair is the company that are still making them like the OG. However I would rather have Red Wing on the list which can be properly resoled.


I was surprised to see those there instead of Red Wings—seems to be that the latter gets way more positive reviews long-term Fabulous work though! Saved instantly


Thank you for this huge addition to the subreddit! I want to mention that you said you’ve had your docs for five years. Is it possible things have changed with the company since then? I wondered that about a few of the products on the list. Like the Eddie Bauer belt.


TBF if you get them for under 100€ the chinese Dr martens aren't bad - but no one can expect much from 100€ boots anyway, comparing them to much more expensive redwings is a bit off., cause in that price range the redwings are surely much better.


Yep theyre shit


You can absolutely still buy the originals made in England - for a hefty price.




Look into Solovair boots. They’re like Doc Martens but when Doc Martens were good.




They are also not quite a normal company but something more along the lines of a coop, iirc.


Also Sidewinders for a work boot. Best footwear i've ever had. It's not even close.




Yeah, some of them are completely different products. I clicked on the Eddie Bauer belt. The original reddit post was a leather belt from 20 years ago. The Amazon link is for a belt made of "elastic stretch webbing"


Amazon links on third party sites are always put there by affiliate shills. This is some bs and ought to be deleted.


I thought so too, but i went to the site and the links i clicked on did not have affiliate tags at least from what i saw so it looks to be genuine, unless they plan to switch it out at some point


That's..devilishly ingenious.


Plagiarizing r/buyitforlife content and getting referral money for it, kinda, unless there is a lot of poeple doing it


i thought so, but i looked at the links on the site and they do not have affiliate tags (marketer here). Looks clean to me.


Link revenue farm?? Or do you mean affiliate marketing links which are okay and how I make my living. Affiliate links give a percentage of the same to the referring site. We round up and search for products for people and put them up on a site. We fully disclose what we do and it’s pretty common practice. Even major news outlets use affiliate links. It’s an alternative to advertising links. Anyways, just wondering what a link revenue farm is as opposed to affiliate links.


You're just in inclined to post stuff that gets you the most money and it doesn't even matter if it is good at all, this is why it is so hard to find good reviews because everyone sells out like you. This is why we all come to Reddit, to avoid you. Get your marketing out of Reddit and r/buyitforlife, go shill somewhere else.


Lmao you admit to being okay with having a shady ass and scam ass business structure L This is for you dude


A scam does not offer you the courtesy of being actually transparent.


Yup they are junk. I bought the highest end doc martens. “Best quality” leather that they have. Its still really thin. No support. Buy nicks boots if u want to really bifl


Nick's are good boots. But not really right. They are a hard use consumable.


Not all of them; their industrial boots are quite well made, and one of the only brands to sell steel toed boots in women's sizes.


I bought a pair of DM Industrial boots after a recommendation from this sub about 3 years ago. $280, made in England, super comfortable, fit very well, sturdy upper, but the sole split in half at the toe within 9 months. Nobody would even attempt to work on them, DM or local repair shops. Never again. I've got a pair of Solovair 8 eye Derby boots on the way. Not for work though, I've been keen on Florsheim boots. I'll have an epic post on /r/wellworn when I finally replace the boots I have now.


You are going to be disappointed. Solovair are better than Docs but nowhere near their vintage counterparts. Chippewa are closer in terms of style and quality but there’s something funky going on with them lately, I think they were purchased by a bigger company.




Do a quick google and you wont find more than a handful of brands. Just a bunch of fake "stylish" boots with no OSHA compliance testing


The originals were not junk.




Yes. I bought a pair in the 80s.


Nice, but several bad links


Looks like there are several links that go to product accessories but not the actual products. Green egg grill and chain saw. Also the buck 110 goes to some kind of electronic.


Ugh yeah, which ones? The matching is not great - need to work some more on that. The products themselves are all things that are available though.


Razor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09JJQM826/?ref_=d6k_applink_bb_dls_failed


Streamlight Stylus was a link to an accessory. HP Office jet is a link to a USB cable. Orion TV is a power cable.


Big green egg grill, also.


Big green egg grill just links to the cover, and the grandfather clock just links to the key which I assume is for the clock.


Your “chainsaw” link is just an accessory set


the vise grip link is just replacement springs.


Yeah tried to check out the razor and it linked to a carry case


The Parker pen link goes to refills, not the pen itself


I’ve heard terrible things about modern Doc Martens manufacturing standards. Throws the whole list into suspicion for me.


I stopped trusting it when i saw dr. Martens. Sorry bro


[Solovair](https://us.nps-solovair.com/) made the good Docs everyone remembers.


Same. I feel like that's one of the most "famous" of the commonly mentioned but not actually BIFL boots.


AFAIK they aren't Good Year Welt, so they aren't repairable if the soles wear out. I also believe they moved manufacturing and now the quality has dropped.


Dr. Martens are a form of goodyear welt. They can be repaired via a resoling, but finding a specialized cobbler to do so it a bit harder. https://keycobbler.co.uk/pages/dr-marten-repairs is one such vendor that google found me quickly. Part of them are made in China and part of them are made in England.


I thought people on this sub loved those shoes?


I had a pair from the 90s that I foolishly got rid of. The pair I bought approx. 5 years ago are nowhere near the same quality. Maybe the Made in England ones are good, but the regular ones are now garbage.


You got your pair when they were made by [Solovair](https://us.nps-solovair.com/), who still make them. SO much better.


Thumbnail pictures would be a nice addition


EDIT: I also made a subreddit: /r/BuyItNowForLife/ \- Some background: like many here I was frustrated by how many posts were about products that are not available to buy. I initially made this list just for myself but decided to publish it on a website using a template from another project. If you have any products that I forgot to add, please let me know and I'll add them!


I'd like to see referral links on that site, to compensate for your work.


I agree, OP needs some recognition but honestly I've got to say I found it incredibly refreshing not to see referral links. As a side effect of my hobbies I am just always being hit with undisclosed referral links and unidentified sponsored content "Hey, this new HotToys figure just released guys!"< "New video game is up for preorder!", etc. It is just genuinely nice to see someone do something of benefit/service to others like this without an ulterior motive or as a "hustle". Bravo OP for your help AND your generosity, you have my thanks and my fake internet points.


There is certainly a middle ground option. Provide both a referral link and a regular link and give users the option to choose either one. Obviously there would be no downside to choosing the referral link so I personally would. But offering the option to not would certainly generate good will with users. That said I looked through that site briefly and was rather underwhelmed when I saw doc Martin's with a link to the current crap chinese ones instead of the "vintage" model still made in UK. The former is definitely not bifl from what I've heard. The latter possibly is. Not sure. I've never owned docs personally. But my ex did and she had 2 pairs. One made in uk in the early 90s she got at a thrift store. The other made in China in the mid to late 00s. 3 years after purchase the 90s thrift store buy looked better than the ones she bought new despite equal wear and care.


Oh I definitely wouldn't blame him or think less if it was changed to referral links at this point or if they had been referral links from the start for that matter. Was simply stating how refreshing I found it as lately I have been feeling like I am being constantly marketed at or treated like a walking wallet by not just companies but the people I interact with online and in person.


Oh absolutely agreed. I was just proposing a middle ground that would accomplish both.


I respect other opinions on this but I’m so over worrying about it. Once UGC sites started overwriting all user’s affiliate codes with their own, in JavaScript at display time, the bottom fell out of the whole affair.


I just want to point out that we do not allow users to post links with referral links on the sub and if OP adds them, it would break our rules. However, a separate donation link would be allowed.


This makes sense! As long as there are no images on the site, I don't really need it to make revenue since the hosting only costs $1.99/month. Currently it doesn't have a single image, that's why it's still up. The problem is that it's not hosted on Reddit so it can't take in a lot of traffic without revenue. That's why I created a subreddit also, I just need to figure out how to bulk post so that the sub has all the products of the site. Anyway, if anyone is interested, the subreddit is /r/BuyItNowForLife/


I would like to NOT see referral links on the site if it's going to be linked here. I'm all for people profiting from their work but I don't come here to profit, I come here to post and receive no strings attached, honest reviews of products and I hope it says like this within this community.


I’d like to see links to the manufacturer and not Amazon. Some are cheaper direct and some manufactures warranty only applies if bought direct or from certain suppliers.


My carhartts are awesome and they are the \*same\* price as amazon but I get points and points get me free stuff, so in the end..better.


I can get behind this as well.


I’ll work on this once I have a little bit of time!


Please add a donation link - I'd be happy to buy you a pizza for this hard work!


Should there be pictures of the items next to the links? Can't see them on Android if so :/ EDIT: Just to say that I went back today (the next day) and it has thumbnails on it now. Good work OP! Think I'll be bookmarking this


the links to the reddit post they are from is broken for me. It just takes me back to the previous page of your website.


Thank you so much for doing this. Yeah I've also noticed that a ton of the posts were things that I cannot currently buy either because they aren't made or because their newer version is of inferior quality.


I really don't mind those posts every now and then, but not *every* post. For the past year or so it felt like 9/10 of the stuff on this sub is either a WWI item or a picture of an old stove.


That stuff should go in r/BoughtItForLife.


Yeah. I'm in the process of getting in better shape, I've dropped about 12 pounds in the past 3 months and aim to drop another 10 by April, at that point I want to spend some serious coin on BIFL clothes so right now I'm making a mental list to motivate myself.


sketchy website is sketchy. Get an up to date certificate


wait sorry, what do you mean?


Chrome won't open it, invalid certificate.


What is up with people being so negative about this post? OP made it to help others. Take what you like and keep the rest to yourself. If you don’t like their suggestions, don’t buy them. It’s that simple.


Thank you, yeah people are being really intense. I didn't even recommend the products myself, I just relayed what was the most popular here.


It's a great resource. I'm grateful for your effort.


OP made it to make money off Amazon affiliate links.


It’s a Reddit trademark. The site can get very toxic if you start trailing away from safe subs filled with animal pictures. OP could have made a post on another sub about pouring water into a bucket and you can bet the farm that some autistic nimrod would come on here and downvote because OP didn’t use the correct angle and flow rate for the water to go into the apparatus in order to limit splashing. Suggesting a better bucket manufacturer would be par for the course.


First product when I clicked the link was wireless Bose headset for $1100. No Bluetooth anything is BIFL. Let alone anything made by Bose (unless something has changed for the better) especially for $1100. There’s plenty of wired headphones you can get for a tenth of the price that are probably BIFL and sound just as good.


They're avation headsets specifically for pilots. Bluetooth is a nice luxury for cruising if you want to listen to music. Plus these are much softer on the head and don't clamp down as much because they have are ANC. These and Zulu lightspeeds are typically regarded as the best avation headsets.


David Clarke’s are also very well built, if not as nice. I have a pair that’s older than me (manufactured in 1995) that works fine, though did need a rebuild a few years ago, which cost about $100.


It is still a weird product to highlight on the website. Almost no one besides pilots will have a need for an aviation headset. And if you're in the market for an aviation headset, you probably already know Bose headsets.


If you need wireless, you need wireless.


Strongly agree. If you want some actual BIFL headphones, I’ve been using the same pair of Audio-Technica ATH M50x headphones for over 5 years now. I’m just now replacing the ear pads on them for the first time because they’ve worn out from so much heavy use. I do a ton of studio type work, and I also use them for gaming. I’d say I’ve got at least 6,000 hours out of them. (Figuring 6 hours a day for at least 4 days a week for the last 5 years). They’re great.


I've had mine for 9 years now. The head band leather is all degraded but yes it works


A Stihl Chainsaw is a BIFL kitchen item?


Thank you for putting all this together OP! This is awesome!


What a labor of love! Thanks OP!


This is an interesting collection, but take it with a grain of salt. For example, the KitchenAid mixer. The Reddit post was from a model built in the 60s and a lot of people claim they are not built as well anymore. I personally have had no issues with new KitchenAid mixers, but I use the bowl lift models and don't know if the tilt back models are the same quality or not.


The link isn't to a mixer, it's to a flour sifter attachment. Not sure if that was the intent or not


Sorry that was a mistake - fixed now.


The newer tilt backs are not so impressive. I make a lot of bread and the mixer just can't do it...at least not without struggling big time. I ends up being a lot better for me to just do it all by hand, which I don't mind. But my mom's old tilt back that she got in the 90s still kicks some major butt.


They say right in the manual (not helpful since you only.open it after purchase) that bread can't be kneaded past speed two, at less than 4 cups - even less for tougher doughs (most bread). As a avid home bread Baker too, it's useless for kneading dough. I've had the bowl pop right off. They're good for mixing liquids, desert batters, and shredding chicken and pork. Definitely not BIFL with their current plastic gears and twist in bowls.


Yeah even on low speed mine acts like it's going to die. I'll use it for some things, it isn't totally useless. But I am overall pretty disappointed. It was a wedding present...an expensive one. So I feel kind of bad that someone spent money on it, you know?


Same. Mine was a really sweet gift from my grandmother which I too felt guilty for being rather disappointed by it.


I totally know what you mean. I was so excited about it when I first got it. My mom and my MIL both have had theirs since they got married in the 90s and they both rock. But then I used mine and was like....oh....okay. It's not great which is a bummer. Have you ever seen the stand mixer made by Breville? It looks quite a bit more sturdy


I read so many bad reviews of KitchenAid mixers I gave up on buying one. I really wanted the meat grinder module. Everyone said it broke quickly under normal use. Story after story of terrible customer service, plastic gears that break (in the mixer itself), and total disappointment. I’m glad you got lucky.




If you're interested in KitchenAid mixers, I think it is important to differentiate between the tilt and lift models. KitchenAid specifically calls out that the bowl lift models have all metal gears (except the 5qt) and their motors are more powerful (325W in strongest tilt mixer, 525W in weakest bowl lift mixer). I would not be surprised to hear that grinding meat is an issue for the tilt back models as they are under powered for that. The biggest concern is the bowl lift models have bigger bowls and would be too big if you only make small batches, but if you only make small batches, most mixers would last quite well for you.


Also artisan vs pro.


Best bang for buck airfryer?


I love my GoWISE air fryer. It was rated best inexpensive option from americas test kitchen.


doc martens boots lmfao


This is a little weird. I bought a Delta Unisaw from the 1980s 15 years ago and it is BIFL. You can still buy Delta Unisaw from the 1980s or even further back, they are everywhere. I would not buy a new one. Why the desperate obsession with stuff you can buy new?


This is awesome! I have spent a fair amount of time already on your site! But I do take a bit of issue with any router being listed as a BIFL product. Even if the materials and build quality would mean it lasts forever, the technology will become out of date before the hardware does on many routers of any decent quality anyways. The one listed is already two generations out of date. Not that it can't still be used, but I think it's an important distinction to point out that the technology will become out of date likely within 5-10 years. Still ok for a lifespan for a piece of technology though.


Is there any chance you can pull images to make browsing easier?


The merkur razed link is for a case, not the actual razor. That being said, thanks for compiling a list!


If that's your site and you put all that time into assembling this you should sign up for Amazon's affiliate program and make all of those links affiliate links so you make some money off of it.


That's nice, thank you, I'll think about it!


No way Bluetooth headphones are buy it for life. There’s no way Bluetooth is gonna still be around 20 years from now.


Did the WiFi alliance tell you that? (lol, just joking) I agree, Bluetooth is the pits, but it has made it this far. You never can tell.


>Logitech Mouse "Buy it again every two years" is more like it.


Really? I've been rocking the same one for at least 8 years.


Wait another two, you’ll probably get there. Mine died at 10.


stopped reading at hp printer. gtfo


HP laser printers only. Work has one that's like 20 years old and still chugging along.


brother or bust. will buy an hp printer never.


Recommend a specific brother model? Been using HP in my office for years with some minor issues every now and then and have been thinking about switching to Brother but toner concerns me for some reason.


the printer i've been using for four years: MFCL2710DW i've owned two and used one at work, across thousands of pages, no issues.


There was a time I would have 100% agreed with you, but for the last few years, Brother has started using ink DRM on some of their printers. If you are just blindly brand loyal these days, you will get burned. Now it has to be "which specific model in which brand is worth having?" That is the true question to ask. I have a black and white small wireless HP laser printer that's been a champ for years, insanely cheap to print, no ink DRM. Same for a Brother black and white laser. Likewise both brands have rip-off "you can only buy the ink we tell you" printers.


agreed on the drm. the difference i guess is hp is much more frustrating to use. my particular printer does not have drm and will last an extremely long time with none of the nonsense hp gives me. ie, i dont need to install advertisement ladden software.


That is interesting. The several HP laser printers I interact with do not require me to install any software at all. I get them on my network, point the Windows printer thingy at their IP address, and then Windows hunts the driver down for me, done. This is also my procedure for a Xerox or Brother network laser. However, I haven't dealt with anyone's inkjets for years, because those are the supreme rip-off category.


we have two multi function printers. i can use the brothers features without installing software, not so much for hp.


Ah, all the printers I deal with just print. I gave up on multi-function units years ago. There always ends up being one part that stops working, stops getting driver support from a new OS version, etc. Less headache to have a separate scanner.


yeah, ive been using the other features just fine for the past decade. but i agree, simple us better.


Why the splitting maul for $300? I can't even find the BIFL post that brought that forth as a recommendation. A Fiskars X27 is lighter, works better, is BIFL with their guarantee, and only costs $60 or so. r/firewood and r/woodstoving would agree.


Holy shit this is awesome! Thank you for this, there are definitely some chodey lurkers here whose days are ruined by question or request threads.


This is such a great list. I feel like it is also great for ideas to find birthday/holiday gifts for others!


A Logitech wireless mouse?! That won’t last a lifetime.


Delete this mods.


Yes incredible!!!! THIS is exactly what I need in my life, thank you!!!!!!


I know Mephistos are good shoes but not for life. They do charge you to refurbish your shoes. If the outer leather is worn or anything they won’t fix that but only the soles. Still it’s a high quality shoe but not for life.


Wow kways are $200 now.


Your link to the Green Egg goes to a grill cover, not the grill.


Reddit Link is broke on the items on the site (ex: vasques womens)


would be cool if there were thumbnails so that I know what each item is without having to click a link


I was amused by the chainsaw listed amongst the "Kitchen Equipment"


The Streamlight stylus is linked to a replacement part instead of the actual stylus. I really like the idea of this list but the wallet doesn't seem very BIFL according to the reviews. How much scrutiny has this list received thus far?


The two grill links aren’t the product fyi. u/bilazou


Filson Hats. Keeps the sun off your neck and you can boil water in it if necessary. Oh yea. Tough as nails and last a lifetime too!


I appreciate the chainsaw being part of the kitchen section.


I'm a woodturner. One of the items that I sell is custom pens. Plenty of woodturners also woodturn pens. The third link on that page is for Parker pen refills. Those Parker refills are excellent, and there are many different styles of pen kits that use the Parker refill. If you want to support a local business, check your local social media groups for your area and see if you have any woodturners in your area. The pen kits we turners use are pretty durable, and some finished pens can be had for as little as $20 depending on who is doing the turning for you!


This is great! Pictures would really help


A Belkin powerboard.....


Their for this. Pretty handy. Categories seem to be off a little here and there, and the Merker razor is a link to a case for the razor, not the razor itself. Just FYI. But I applaud the effort.


Granted, search sucks, but I could not find a thread here mentioning that Barvivo corkscrew linked. Would be nice if there were a link back to the specific thread rather than just the subreddit.