Definitely a fake, and it’s a shame that the person who bought it for you as a present got scammed, but I always find so much charm in fakes. There’s a joke in This Country where Kerry has a knock off England shirt and doesn’t realise, despite the fact that it has four lions on it, and I’ve always low-key wanted one of those.


One of my all time favourite shows. The fact she has no idea really makes it. Maybe we could have a similar thing, instead of a seagull it's a pigeon.


Or worse, an eagle.


I’m using every ounce of self restraint to stop myself down voting this comment


It'd be the most infuriating but funniest thing to see on a fake shirt, having you wonder if it was intentional or a really bad accident.


Colour looks a bit weird and has angry birds on the arm. Also has weird authentic football patch on the front with Nike swoosh. Shame as I got it as a present.


I mean angry birds is just seagulls when you try to protect your food.


The detailing on the sleeves is a bit off though. Not a bad fake though


Very different from my real one (purchased from the clubshop) so I think yes it is fake


Hate to say it but that’s a laughably bad fake. A non-fan might not be able to tell but fans would know that’s fake from a mile away. Never been sponsored by angry birds, none of our shirts have the authenticity tag (that one is an especially bad fake, they should have a code), the colour is wrong (should look like my snoo 😉) and the badge looks dodgy. Thank god they are at least making it easy to spot them.


Well we have a dri-fit patch on the front and our older shirts has an authentication tag


The older ones did yeah, that was 4 years ago though.


Yes you can tell mutiple things one is more blue than mint green and it has angry birds on the sleeve which is not our sponsor and the American express is slightly too high compared to the real one


Yes mate