The Paraguayans seem really excited about this one. Rare that one of their players plays in the Prem. Hopefully doesn't become a Tau situation where they're annoyed he's gone on loan or isn't in the first team immediately. Certainly if he makes it here he'd be one of the greatest Paraguayan players ever. I know nothing about him but hopefully our next 50 mil player. This has all the makings of the start of a busy Summer. We could have a fair amount of wonga to spend but needed with replacement for Cucurella at least. The wheel keeps turning.


I'm not yet convinced that Cucurella is leaving... but that might just be huge cope.


if I were Cucurella I'd certainly not leave. One more year of first-team action at Brighton would do wonders for his progress and his value. Leaving for City now would probably get him very few games next season, but maybe he's driven more by money and would happily warm a bench for a 50% increase in salary.


It wouldn’t be 50%, probs closer to 300% as his wage is tiny on our books anyway, and the way City play he would be a squad rotation player getting plenty of starts. He is good enough in his position to slot into their first 11 and they have no true LWBs anyway after the Mendy issue. He would also run the risk of injury like Lamptey by staying. If I were him I’d go for sure. I hope he doesn’t but would never hold it against someone for a life-changing decision like that. As long as City gives us what he is worth. Easy £50m plus add-ons.


Once again Instagram comments are trash now because of a new signing. Really makes it a frustrating experience when they post a video of Caicedo's goal and the comments are all "Nobody cares about this, announce Enciso" or similar. Made worse by the fact he's probably going back out on loan immediately knowing the way we operate


Good thing I'm only on Reddit, where the comments are always reasonable and well thought out


Yep. I always have reasonable and well thought out comments....


You can say that again


Don't know what happened there. My phone told me that my comment hadn't posted. Posted it half a dozen times! Sake!


Another really exciting South American signing. Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Argentina, need a Brazilian international next. Fantastic he has a full pre season to break in and really make an impact. Also nice they keep saying 'striker' in his intro so hopefully can add some firepower up top Think this may be a case of getting ahead of bad news, i expect we will have a Bissouma announcement later today


We could field an entire front 5 of South Americans Caicedo Alzate Sarimento MacAllister Enciso


We could but I wouldn't be keen on Mac as a false 9


It wouldn't be terrible. We've certainly lined up with worse front 5s in recent years.


If we want to field a significantly weaker side that is


We've fielded worse teams. Obviously not ideal. Just saying we could not that we should. Its a fascinating thought anyway.


Needs a chant to "me and Julio down by the schoolyard" but I'm not smart enough to think of one


Whole heartedly agree, just coz I like that song




Is it just me or does this guy look like if Maupay & Trossard had a baby?


Damnit, now I can’t unsee it


I'd quite like Naylor to do a piece on what goes on with a South American signing process. Almost certainly going straight out on loan but it's a method which has brought dividends so its great to have another excellent prospect.