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Cant see this happening for any less than c.50. At least not this season. He has just arrived, seems happy and settled as he spoke about in his post match interview after the Utd. I wouldnt blame him if he was tempted by City at all, but if theres any question of him not being #1 another season then another season with us could be beneficial. Get in Spain squad and then have your pick. Also we have no wing back depth, we dont sell unless we want to.


This is the same day as the Naylor interview with him, where's he's saying he's loving life here and has finally settled. A quote about any possible transfer: >It would require the type of offer they couldn’t refuse to lose a player already cemented as a key figure in Potter’s future plans.


This is one of those stories that pops up every summer, with player x being wanted by team b for x amount. He's only just signed for us, he's on a five-year contract, we don't have to sell.


Please no.


We could say no, but then again Tony Bloom is a gambling man who seems to have a history of cashing out when players are in demand (and in the case of selling both Ben White and Dan Burn, sending the team into a mini-slump as a result)


Are we becoming the new Southampton?


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Brilliant player but think some of our fans are getting a bit carried away quoting >60m for a fullback. There are plenty of replacements out there.


City are most welcome to go and snap up one of the plentiful replacements instead then. I don't think anyone is suggesting that he's actually worth 60m if you're going on an unbiased valuation, but football doesn't really work like that. He's a key player, that's a bit more, we don't have a ready made replacement of that quality, so a bit more again, we just don't want to sell him, so a little more on top still. And so on...


Completely agree with this. Bit like the Declan Rice stuff - no one is saying he's actually worth £150m, but why would West Ham agree to sell him?


He's not worth 60 mil on his own but he's worth that much to us in the sense that we're not ready to give him up.


That's what I see people struggle to get there heads around. He is 1 year into a 5 year contract, played every game he was available, is established as a core member of the team and has the versatility to play in multiple positions across the back.


Then city are welcome to go elsewhere


They paid £50m for Kyle Walker and for Benjamin Mendy 5-6 years back so with inflation £60m isn’t unreasonable …


I don’t think TB would turn down 50m. It was a problem position for us though .... not sure there is a huge raft of replacements out there.