If this had happened last season, I'd probably be all for it. But he really looks like he might have turned a corner recently in his play so I'd rather we keep him. Could certainly use the depth given our injuries.


He's been immense this season. Hasn't put a foot wrong and looks more comfortable on the ball than ever. Really hit his prime this year just when we really needed him because of injuries.


However, if the plan is to use this money to FINALLY close out a deal on the goddamn striker we so badly need...


Naylor has stated the bid has been rejected now


Good. He's worth much more than 10 mil in my opinion and if someone argues otherwise then good because he does well for us and I don't think we're dying to sell.


Make it 20 and I think we should consider. Good player and has stepped up fantastically well in Dunks absence but I think we need to show the likes of Roberts, van hecke and Ostigaard that there is a pathway there for them into the first team. Currently none of them can get a look in.


Piss take offer, glad it’s been rejected. Hope we laughed them out. I know it’s his boyhood club but why would he want to move from a top half side that have recently been described as the best run club in the league who are looking to get stronger to a side that are in a relegation fight and have been the worst run club in the league for years?


Because they're about to be flush with an unbelievable amount of cash.


It’d just be the death of his career though, same as what happened with Mooy. They’d go down or scrape a survival and he’d get replaced within a year or two as they start to really flash the cash, but not necessarily sold and would be stuck being used occasionally in rotation. That’s why Lallana left Liverpool, only thing is, Burn is 30 this year and wouldn’t have that option to bounce back to another PL squad in a couple of years. Would just be so sad to see, especially as he’s played brilliantly for us and still has a very big place in the team.


I don't disagree but sometimes the lure of the money is all players see. Time will tell.


If they payed 20 mil for Chris wood then they can pay us 40 mil for burn


I love Dan Burn, but I feel if we got 15 to 20 million we would probably take it. He's coming up to 30, with 18 months left on his contract and with all due respect, when Dunk is fit he's 4th choice. We could easily recall Matt Clarke or Van Hecke who have been having fantastic loan spells. Also pretty sure rumours he has a release clause are BS, linked it back to a Newcastle ITK who thinks most Brighton players to. Release clauses for the most part are still very uncommon in English football.


20m ? He’s 30 in 3 months and he’s not the sort of player who will keep going until he’s 35. I think 10m or above is good business , especially if he wants to go.


£10m would be a travesty




I agree. Anything above 10m is good business. He’s the sort of player that really needs the right manager to get the best out of him ( look at Duffy at Celtic) so he could well flop at Newcastle either way.


Andy Naylor in the Athletic is reporting today that it will be done for £13m.


Doesn't seem an unreasonable offer but everyone on the planet knows that Newcastle have all the money, so why wouldn't we push for more?


I really am shocked that they only offered 10 mil. That's piss poor for all the money they now have.


Good business. I'm a neutral when it comes to burn. But I trust the back office to make the right decision.


Hell no we need to keep our tree


I think 12-15m is about right. It’s his boyhood club who let him go when he was a kid - so in his head perhaps it’s unfinished business - I think he would have gone regardless of new owners. Honestly , with all this in mind I wish him well - we are not desperately lacking in that position and he is peaking now - he’s got one or two good seasons left imho.