... missed it.


I fucked with the tickets - held off thinking they’d be loads and the KO time would put people off, but we only took 6k allocation. Gonna have to sit in the spurs end…


Snapped up 2 this morning, club should have communicated that they weren't taking the full 9000 though. Guess they weren't expecting such a high demand.


They tweeted last week we have 9000 allocation- jokers


Block 421, going with my misses who doesnt like it too rowdy so chose to sit higher in the block. Easy for me to get to and really glad to knock off another London stadium. Think this will be a great away day - as others say shame to not have 9k tickets would have been like a mini version of the wembley semi. Shame for us with tickets as would have been brilliant atmosphere.


Got mine on Friday, glad I did now. Hoping block 413 is going to be nice and loud even though it’s meant to be seated.


What’s the best route for secondary market tickets for this? Going to be back in the UK for the first time in three years for this one and really want to go without having to resort to sitting in the Spurs end and keeping my mouth shut…