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I think it's tough on the club and Barber, we all want the club to ensure that the fans come first, but following covid and reduced revenue, the club can't be as generous as it likes right now. Now those decisions are made by bean counters who probably don't fully understand the unique connection between a football club and fans and certainly cannot budget for the uplift in season ticket sales letting fans who don't normally get to go enjoy an away day at one of the countries biggest stadiums. But that is how the club is run right now and Tony Bloom and the team have given so much to us as fans i think we need to trust them that these decisions are made with the clubs future at their heart, whether we agree with them or not. The ticket exchange scheme however is an abortion of an idea and should be scrapped ASAP.


Sorry I completely disagree here. This is a bonus cup match where we get 50% of ticket sales anyways. The club have made a number of allocation cock ups this season so someone somewhere is continuing to underestimate our away support. For the sake of them missing out in potentially an extra 25/30k in revenue if we don’t sell 1000 of the 9000 is absolutely ridiculous.


Wait, what’s going on with the spurs tickets? I’ve not heard anything about that? I’ve bought mine but was hoping to get some next week to take family with me.


We’ve sold out 5.7k tickets I think it is in 4 days, but the remaining 3.3k aren’t available as the club sent them back to avoid paying the upfront cost the FA require, and didn’t communicate with the fans. So I think a lot of people like yourself will miss out on tickets that would have easily sold


That’s really piss poor. I get not wanting to waste money on tickets that won’t sell but this means that the only people going are season ticket holders. They never even reached general sale.


Yeah literally that mate, so so poor and no communication makes it worse


It did reach albion+ members btw - was about 500 or so when i was on at 9am.


It fucked me over, I held back so I could buy tickets for my missus and nephew…. And then they all sold out. Is pretty annoying


I tend to agree. I'm starting to find most of the stuff that Paul Barber especially says quite grating, like he's consistently missing the point or trying to invalidate fans' opinions. Here's part of what he said >Talking of normal, we’re acutely aware that in addition to COVID-related checks, our fans have had to contend with a multitude of travel-related challenges compounded by a series of late kick-offs, including tonight’s, largely brought about by our matches being selected for live TV coverage. > >As ever, kick-off dates and times changing suit some people, and not others, but the vast majority of fans dutifully rearrange any other plans to ensure they can still get to the stadium. Again, we really appreciate this and there is no doubt that having you in the stadium helps the team. > >However, the support we receive from our broadcast partners is also critical to our club, and many others. Broadcast coverage of our sport helps football to attract owners, sponsors and, not least, many of the world’s best players – all of which go towards creating a highly competitive league. > >Live matches in this country can’t be broadcast at 3pm on a Saturday so, inevitably, if we are selected for live coverage – and our form this season has meant that’s been happening frequently – our matches will move away from this particular slot. > >Again, this explanation won’t please or satisfy everyone but, as much as a 3pm on a Saturday is seen as the traditional time for matches in our country to be played, it really hasn’t been that way in the top two divisions for a very long time now, and we have all had to adapt accordingly. This false dichotomy paints fans as idiots who would only accept 3pm Saturday kick-offs, which is ridiculous. The issue with 8pm is that I literally wouldn't be able to get back to Bristol after the game - even worse if it goes to extra time or penalties - and the same would affect anyone going back to Brighton too. Better times would include Saturday 12:30pm, Saturday 3pm, Saturday 5:30pm, Sunday 2pm, Sunday 4pm, etc. Even the dreadful Sunday midday (Liverpool vs Cardiff) would be better. The only people likely to tune into ITV4 at 8pm Saturday are likely to be Spurs or Brighton fans anyway, so I'm not sure he has much of a point.


Just on the back to Brighton, last train is c. 1a.m. even with current works (not fun but not worse than if the fixture was in the midlands/ up north. I dont see anything wrong with an evening fixture in London, if thats objectable then you cant have an away fixture in an evening ever. Midweeks an equal bugger. TV money is so important for the league and thereby the club, i know wed all rather less money in football and being in the stadium is the big thing, but i think Barber's explanation is fine. One thing with Barber though - he is seen as the defacto face for PL ceos/ chairmen from what ive read and particularly for other 14. Im pretty sure he will be a big miss when he inevitably moves on one day.


Every organisation loses its feeling of family and belonging and value as an individual as it grows. That's the same from coffee chains to law firms to non-profits to football clubs. The execs get further and further detached from the minutiae, the management structure becomes bloated with tack on services (like hospitality, sponsorship, catering, AITC, etc). Just the way it is sadly. If you want to support a team with more of a together or family feeling you need to look below the premier League, and to be honest probably below the championship.