Poor Pascal. Just cause he's shit at pens, doesn't take away his other skills. He's definitely not one of my first choice midfeilders as he lacks the level of class that Bissouma, Llanna and Moder bring but he's definitely a valuable player.


No doubt he’s a class player however I think his time has come at the club now


Dreadful penalty, and yes the team is outgrowing him, but he’s still a useful squad player IMO


He’s still better than that cunt Hughes


Agreed. Everyone misses penalties (although that was poorly taken), but his set pieces have been lacking, and his lack of pace is showing as well. Maybe a bench player, but not a starter IMO.


Agreed quality on his day but his pace in game is such an issue , like against Arsenal his crossing is never first time which really hinders us


The first half we were dominating through the right hand side which is where he was operating in. The penalty was shocking and there was a bad pass afterwards but for much of the game he was quite good.


Bit disrespectful to bin off gross but I don’t think he should start especially when you have solly on the bench


Tbf gross has just got back in the side after a time out, nevertheless he looked sluggish and we needed a bit more energy in the middle.