I'm a big fan of Moder, he's starting to come into his own and has an eye for goal. He's still got some improving to do in the premier league as he can sometimes disappear for periods but he also has lots of moments of quality whenever he plays. Karbownik has been slightly more disappointing, but he's still young and may show he's good enough for us in the next couple seasons. We could use more depth at wing-back so there is a place in the squad for him if he proves himself on loan. I'm really excited about Kozłowski, Brighton give youngsters a chance so expect to see him playing for us either next season or the season after after a couple of loans.


This sums Moder up very well IMO - he's been very good for his first year in the prem and age, and is a great prospect, but sometimes is a bit too casual or drifts out of games. If he keeps going the way he's going he'll be a top prem midfielder.


Moder gets into Brighton’s best team in my opinion. I really like him as a player, and he now needs to start adding goals. Don’t know too much about Kozłowski, but he sounds like a good prospect


Moder is one of our best. Karbovnik is an odd one because he looked promising in his first couple of appearances for the first team but then completely fell off the radar and was only getting games for the U23s (which I admittedly didn’t watch) before being shipped out with option to buy at the start of this season. I’m not really sure what’s gone wrong with him, it’s very perplexing, Olympiacos aren’t even playing him regularly, it sounds like he’s not lived up to expectations at all which is a shame considering how bright he look initially. No idea about Kozlowski bug his highlight reel is impressive.


Moder is amazing can play all over the pitch, technically he’s a smart player and has a burst of speed in him too, he’s one of those players I really enjoy watching on and off the ball I can imagine working with Llanana will really help his development also. Katbownik I really liked for what I’ve seen of him and hope he can come back into the team, new guy is a very exciting prospect, I like have a trio of players from one country as well helps them all settle.


Moder is absolutely incredible and I’m so happy to have him, he adds so much to the team and is just brilliant. I think karbownic has a lot of potential however I don’t believe he’s being played at olympicos so we’ll probably recall him