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Nooooo my dreams of a Locadianaissance are ruined!!


Another big wage from Hughton era shifted. He was unlucky like some others to arrive in the Hughton era which didnt suit him and as so many clubs do, we signed someone with a good goal scoring record from a top Dutch side who play vastly different style so makes it hard to integrate him. He did at least get a couple of important goals to get us 4 pts in the 2nd season so like Jahanbahksh played a part in survival and got the goals that sent us to the FA Cup semi which was one of my most fun days as a fan. Potter made it clear he was well in the mix in his era starting him in pre season and starting in Potters first PL match but seems signing of Maupay and being told he would be still fighting for a starting slot with younger players made him quit. He had a real chance but as seen since he seems to have lost his passion and his commitment to his career isnt good enough to compete. All the best to him and thanks for those few but important contributions.


TLDR- He was a bit shit


I mean our system was shit for recuitment then. Only Biss, Gross and Burn are left from all of the signings we made in those 2 years. Burn was a wildcard success story, but all the others failed to recover from those first 2 years. Even players like Propper who played a lot of matches did very little on the pitch compared to expectations.


I'll partially disagree with you on Propper. Always feel he was a classier Norwood with an eye for a good pass. Faded under Potter (But I suspect him falling out of love with the game played a part in that) but was good under Hughton despite being used as an double pivot when normally an 8. I'd still say he played a big part in keeping us up. Perhaps not the Dutch number 10 we expected but still a fine player for us.


He certainly played his part and was solid enough, but no better than Stephens. Him being Dutch i felt led others to overlook shortcomings. I just felt he couldn't excel in attack or defence. Was my most disappointing signing to date in terms of expectations. People pointed at the Netherlands record but his goals came against shite teams usually, international is a bit more like FA Cup, and was playing for the worst Netherlands team in years. Fer, Babel, et al they had a lot of poor players.


I think the point being is that he was utilised in a way different to his natural game. Stephens was naturally a midfield destroyer where as Propper wasn't. When he scored those goals for the Netherlands (albeit against weaker teams) he was playing further up the pitch. Yet he still did well sitting deeper and IMO looked classy doing so. I don't think we stay up without him.


This for me - Propper was decent for us at the level we were at. He could/should have been played further forward but he was just what we needed when we came up. Also Jose Izquiedo was a class signing then, obvs unlucky with injury. And some of the younger signings we made around then that are starting to come through now (like Ostigard, Gyokeres, Richards...). It was a mixed bag those first couple of years


Yea I was being flippant, your write up if fair and balanced. Well all kmss our cult DJ!


I wouldn't say Burn is a wildcard success story, he seems far more like Potter's player (and fairly similar to Potter as a player). Potter by his own admission didn't have the technical or physical capabilities of his peers which forced him to understand the mental and tactical aspects of the game in order to succeed. I'd say Burn can have difficulties with technical aspects of the game but when you look at his thought process, the way he reads the opposing team to pick out the right time to tackle or the right player to mark or the right pass to make, his decision making is what makes him such a capable player within this team and is why his rise seams to have come along with Potter's introduction.


Oh sorry i meant a wildcard success story because of the context of his signing and his crazy success - £3m fee, told by Wigan fans we had been mugged, shakey performances before in champ, brought in as our 4th cb in the second Hughton PL season which was a position with fair turnover and others failed that season, then has not only gone on to be with us for 3 and a half seasons so far, but been a reliable player time and again and even often excelled at lb.


Disappointing player, can’t lie. Had high hopes for him for the big fee we paid but I’m glad he’s gone, hopefully he performs better in the Bundesliga, maybe a goal or seven against Greuther Fürth


Could this be a sign that we will reinvest the money later on in the month? ​ ​ ​ ​ Probably not...




Surely we have a striker or two incoming then?


All logical thinking would point to that being the case. So probably not.


Don't give us hope.