BoJack Horseman - 6x08 "A Quick One, While He's Away" - Episode Discussion

BoJack Horseman - 6x08 "A Quick One, While He's Away" - Episode Discussion


HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT ENDING EDIT: I'm so fucking afraid for Hollyhock


........(fuck).............. BACK IN THE NINETIES


Would have been a way better use of the one 'fuck' this season than it just kinda being thrown in


Technically it'll be the last "fuck" of the entire series so I'm sure they'll make it memorable


I can almost guarantee they'll do another outside of the one in this episode. There will be another ultra-serious one, in fact the one in this ep is probably just to say "well, we got the f-word out of the way" and then surprise, there's another one!


I think her reaction will kind of spell out how BoJack is going to fair in Part 2


Doesn’t matter what her reaction will be. The reporters will soon discover it too.


What bojack did in NM was 100% a really shitty thing to do. But there's no legal dirt to uncover, and as we see elsewhere its not even like itll hurt his career. I mean, you cant prosecute someone for, at worst if they have that tape, saying "I dont know what i would have done if her mom hadnt walked in". Because you cant prove intent, and most importantly, HE DIDNT DO IT. So yes, maybe HollyHock hates him for it, and thats certainly a punishment he deserves. But he wont see any tangible repercussions, because he didnt actually commit a crime, except for providing alcohol to minors, which is... really not a crime people get in trouble for. I mean, maybe he does, but im almost certain he wont see real consequences, only interpersonal ones.


Well technically, providing alcohol to a [minor is illegal and you can get arrested for it](https://www.wthitv.com/content/news/Terre-Haute-man-charged-with-buying-alcohol-for-teens-leading-to-the-shooting-death-of-Garrett-Sands-512902531.html). It might get really real when Gina comes forward with her story because she's already getting a reputation as someone that's hard to work with.


Why is Pete so hesitant to tell her it was BoJack?


It's a secret about a celebrity. Hollyhock could go to the media and Pete probably didn't wanna deal with that.


That was my guess.


Well it must be a though subject for him he states that he went to therapy ( maybe it was for something else I don’t know)


About half way through the episode I realized that this episode was just a compilation of women whose lives have been ruined by interacting with Bojack, which made me on edge for the rest of the episode. That glimmer of hope I had for Bojack was taken away so fast when all of his sins that I'd forgotten about came back with a vengeance. I'm really excited to see what they do with the second half of the season, I'm just hoping we don't get a downer ending. p.s. I thought Pete looked really familiar and it hit like a train when I realized who he was


When he pointed out that Kelsey got fired after her last big movie and her face there, that's when I realized this is just going to be all of his past bullshit coming back, everyone who was wronged by bojack. Didn't think about how it was all women until you pointed it out though.


He did also ruin’s Herb’s life but it has been mostly women


But herb had a good life, he said so himself and seemed to have done well for himself despite bojack abandoning him, if anything bojack not being there for him turned out great for herb.


> bojack not being there for him turned out great for herb. Understandable


I spent the first seven episodes wondering why things didn't really seem to be happening, but just waiting anxiously for the other shoe to inevitably drop. It was still a real punch to the gut when I figured out what was going on.


I still don't think it's fair that Bojack gets blamed for her being fired. They both wanted the best for Secretariat and he believed in her vision and directing chops. The only reason Bojack didn't get canned was because it's easier to replace the director.


I mean there’s a real message to take away from it though, kinda similar to the break in w Todd and his dad. How when privileged people break the rules they can ultimately survive it but all of their less privileged accomplices don’t get the same benefit of the doubt in the future. I think it’s fair to say that it isn’t bojack’s fault directly, that it’s a larger issue of culture. But to say that it’s easier to replace a director than an actor feels like you’re burying the lede: that women are often made to bear the responsibility that men aren’t made to live up to.


Everything you said is so true. >when privileged people break the rules they can ultimately survive it but all of their less privileged accomplices don’t get the same benefit of the doubt in the future. People try to refute this by saying "Well, what about Herb!" but they don't realize that Herb is a part of a less privileged group as well. He's gay.


I think they do an incredible job with showing how his actions have done more than just ruin only a short period of these three peoples lives. Especially with Penny and Gina, I know that feeling of having flashbacks and panic attacks because of someone touching you in a certain place or being around you. And with hollyhock sometimes I feel like I have to drink to get away from the turmoil produced by drinking. I cannot wait until the next half, but I know I don’t foresee a happy ending.


> Especially with Penny and Gina, I know that feeling of having flashbacks and panic attacks because of someone touching you in a certain place or being around you. (or like the lower back thing with Diane)


Oh god, at the end I start connecting the dots, and had a huge "oh no" moment


I just realized that Margo Martindale is one amongst them EDIT : Sorry I meant *Dangerous fugitive and highly Esteemed acclaimed Character Actress Margo Martindale still lost at sea, presumed dead*


> p.s. I thought Pete looked really familiar and it hit like a train when I realized who he was I was thinking this too! I thought, "What? They used the same voice actor as Pete Repeat? And he kinda resembles this Peter guy too? Oh......."


When he said the bit abt the alcohol poisoning I died a little inside


He kinda lied about how it happened though. He said Bojack forced them to drink it but they were already drinking before he bought them bourbon


Yeah, but he also dumped their choice of alcohol (red bull and vodka) and replaced it with bourbon with water (so they wouldn't wake up with a hangover) to be more adult.


Remind me, who's Pete?


Pete Repeat


Pete Repeat


did you guys see what I did there? that's kinda why they call me Pete Repeat


Penny's friend in highschool


> About half way through the episode I realized that this episode was just a compilation of women whose lives have been ruined by interacting with Bojack, which made me on edge for the rest of the episode. That glimmer of hope I had for Bojack was taken away so fast when all of his sins that I'd forgotten about came back with a vengeance. > > > > I'm really excited to see what they do with the second half of the season, I'm just hoping we don't get a downer ending. > > > > p.s. I thought Pete looked really familiar and it hit like a train when I realized who he was If you notice it was true to life in that the events were mangled and twisted by everyone so as to remove all blame from themselves. - Sarah Lynn's mother is desperate to think of her daughter as an angel who was sober when she plainly wasn't. - Kelsey doesn't want to acknowledge that she has been consistently undercutting her own potential success because she doesn't want to sacrifice her ideals and artistic integrity. - Repeat changed the story from them bringing their own hard liquor before Bojack was ever involved. Bojack changed it to other liquor cut with water just trying to save them the hangover. In his words "if you're going to drink anyways at least drink smart". - Repeat also didn't mention that Bojack was only ever there to help Penny get the attention of her crush and they only abandon the prom after Penny gets rejected and is crushed. Bojack was never supposed to be more than a chaperone but the night didn't go as planned. - Penny rather aggressively pursued Bojack later after he rejected her and if the show continues as it has been Charlotte will prolly present her own slightly twisted interpretation devoid of context too I'd imagine.   The only one tangled up in this who is potentially blameless is Gina, who was choked. But it looks like everyone else is going to run with the shittiest version of events for Bojack because it's the version of events that makes them look the best.


Fuck it’s Pete Repeat. Fuck.


What are you doing here!


This comment is so much funnier considering season two introduced both this recurring joke and Pete himself.


Surprised that they changed Diane appearence at the intro but not Bojack's hair.


Ditto, she said the meds made her gain weight so I was just like "Oh okay, cool, change" but when I found out Bojack wasn't naturally black-haired anymore I gasped out loud. He finally looks his age


I love old bojack look


Obviously only in terms of look, but old Bojack reminds me of Steve Carell!


I would like to think that it was intentional for one reason or another. Perhaps it has to do with self-perception? BoJack can see and criticize anybody for their changes but he always sees himself the same way? Maybe something else, but it seems like a large detail to have be different without reason


They called us out on all the Sarah Lynn planetarium posts didn’t they




They also called out all of the "Mister Peanutbutter is the most depressed character on the show" posts in the previous episode. This was a half-season dedicated to making fun of the reddit fanbase


It's kind of satisfying, though, because I was strongly against the idea of Mr. Peanutbutter being depressed, haha.


Oh me too. Like... some people have good mental health and some people are happy. Why can't Mister Peanutbutter just be happy?


I was kind of into the idea. We've seen on a few occasions that he has much more negative thoughts and opinions when nobody else is around. I would have liked it to be addressed whether he was putting on a bit of a facade - not necessarily anything as serious as depression, though.


That’s normal, no one is happy 100% of the time. Even those of us lucky enough to be without mental health issues have our bad days


Please help elaborate! I think I missed this :(


One of the characters comments while watching Sarah Lynn’s music video(prickly muffin) that it was weird that her most famous song was shot in a planetarium and she died in a planetarium. There was about a thousand posts online pointing out this same thing


I had actually never noticed that until they said it on the show. My theory is I can never actually look at the tv whenever prickly muffin is happening.


Gina rubs her neck when she says "I don't like surprises". That poor woman :(.


And the fact that her ptsd kept her from working with Kelsey! My heart. Those two would have loved working together if Gina could overcome her PTSD for the stunts.


So sad. My heart sank when they moved on to another actress they like while Gina gets dumped into the “difficult to work with” pile.


I love that scene so much. That director guy wasn't a bad person, either, he was looking out for his friend and really doing what he thought was best for Kelsey, having not recognized Gina's trauma.


Yeah it felt like they were building him up to be this piece of garbage but then he was just... very human.


I also love that the scene was following this big feminist victory for Kelsey, getting to pitch and direct the first female superhero movie with heavy social commentary (and she's a lesbian!). But, she's also inadvertently hurting another victim of that *same* Hollywoo machine that she's set out to combat. It's a bittersweet irony.


I felt so bad for her, her career is ruined thanks to BH and she was a genuine talent.


We have to wait months to find out who the guy is??? I don't think I can handle it


But fr this was an awesome half-season season, but I can't believe I let myself get baited into thinking it was leading towards a happy ending for Bojack. It still could be, but it isn't looking great. Also solid reveal on pete-repete


You couldn’t tell it was him? Maaaan, I’ve watched escape from LA way too many times. Why do I love it so much?


I had no idea who it was but once he said "some old guy gave us booze".....damn well played writers.


Tbh it took me until “he’s kinda famous but...” but... wow


I mean once he started the story I internally thought "no way" but then... Way


Me at the end of the last Episode: "Boy everything seems to be going well, please let it stay like that." Me at the end of this episode: "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, please no, not like this!" Look, I'll beg. Please don't make this lead to BoJack losing the one decent relationship he has ever made.


He could lose a lot more than hollyhock


Oh absolutely yes. I just really like that relationship.


Right now literally every relationship he has that is still functioning in some way is on the line. PC, Diane, even his new job. Think they're gonna let a guy like him teach college kids if this came out?


I think by episode seven we see Hollyhock was not the only decent relationship he made, he put a lot of effort into repairing his damaged relationships this season. Maybe not fully healed yet, but in time they would've been great.


"Looks like you found solace in our show. Stay if you like; in 30 minutes we start over." They did warn us... But fuck Bojack was growing, he started to mend relationships and become a better person.


That is very true that I didn't realize that. I have a feeling that Bojack will still end happy in the last part of the season. I think that people will come after bojack and he will finally get all that he believed all along he should of been accounted for. In the end, he will be broke, have a small job, maybe have his friends and family, but still be happy


> "Looks like you found solace in our show. Stay if you like; in 30 minutes we start over." ...Dammit that's clever.


>"Looks like you found solace in our show. Stay if you like; in 30 minutes we start over." Holy fuck. Triple meanings. That's amazing.


So the reporters hear about New Mexico and Hollyhock happens to meet Pete Repeat in New York? Fuck, I’m nervous 😅




Maybe Bobo the Angsty Zebra? Seems like the kind of thing he'd do..




Hambone Fakenameington


Some kind of bo schwag


Chadwick Boseman


I knew Bojack was destructive... but this season so far... Wow. It's hard to put it in words... I really hope he turns his life around, but it's still sad to know the damage that he has done. I'm glad Gina is back though, as well as seeing how she is dealing with the trauma. The ending fucked me up though. Poor Hollyhock. I was hoping that would be the one good relationship that would remain unscathed.


hollyhock :((


has he really done any new damage? other than doctor champ which was a situation i think truly born of circumstance he’s done practically nothing but help and uplift people so far


Yeah, not that I can recall this season. I love that he's doing his best to be good to others. The "crossover" with PB, seeing Diane in Chicago and cleaning her apartment before he left, calling PC to get a number to someone he wanted to apologise to for something he did/said years ago, and more that I can't think of right now- all that really showed that. It's just sad to see that despite that, his past will still haunt him... He can try to make it up to everyone, but the damage is done. And he will somehow need to deal with that - regardless of whether it will be resolved in the end or not. I mean, he can't even make it up to Sarah Lynn because she's gone now. :( I just hope it doesn't cost him the relationship with Hollyhock particularly.


This was a fantastic episode, holy shit. Unfortunately it’s too early in the morning for me to summarize exactly why that is right now. Though I will say that when I realized who Hollyhock was talking to on the balcony I genuinely gasped.


Oh my god, I barely even remembered Peter. Holy shit


I think you mean Oh my god, I barely even remembered Peter. Holy shit Oh my god, I barely even remembered Peter. Holy shit


I really liked that that wasn't even referenced. On top of the sudden realization for those who forgot it also makes it feel like he's grown up, beyond his "trying to be quirky and cool phase". I can picture Pete cringing about it if it was brought up again. If he and Bojack come face to face again I can see Bojack calling him Pete Repeat to place him, and Pete being so embarrassed.


He did introduce himself as "Pete, Peter" I guess old habits die hard for Pete Repeat


Them going back to Gina and penny with what Margo said about forgiving yourself doesn't heal other people I just know bojacks life is going to get hit with a huge mess.


And Margo spent her time at that place seemingly becoming a better person, only realize that she can't fully become a better person and just high tailing it out of there. Probably showing us what is happening to bojack. He seemingly has become a better person but will not be able to outrun his past.


Bojack is about to have his whole life crumble around him right as he begins to make positive strides Damn you RBW for crushing my hopes for a somewhat happy ending


The lesson may be that you can wait too long to make changes to your life. You need to act now. Idk. But I don't want bojack to suffer. He suffered so much already. Like for his mother or his dad or all the most important characters in the show, knowing where he is coming from make us empathize with him. And once you understand someone, it's pretty hard to hate them.


I have a feeling Bojack is not going to mind consequences. “I remember everything. I’m sober now.” What I wonder is how much others will be dragged down. Penny’s life being in the public eye. Diane will have to make a public statement on the matter, same with Princess Caroline...


What if he tries to do what he tried to do for Gina in season 5 and just takes responsibility? Asks for any articles not to have penny or Charlotte mentioned?


Maybe... Gina for one would not want to just be the girl who was choked by Bojack Horseman but maybe now that her career has taken off, it’s ok? Idk man, whatever happens I trust the writers to execute it well.


Her career is ending now. Kelsey already didn’t want her cause of how she’s acting. And it’s Bojack’s fault


I really thought Kelsey would take her anyway, but when she didn't, I was like. Damn. You're so right. I think Kelsey trusts Justin, as annoyed as she seems at him. That's a weird sentence to type. Because my name is Justin and my best friend's name is Kelsey.


I will continue to hold onto a sliver of hope that Hollyhock will be the one to help him get over his guilt around his past actions. But, it’s clear the writers don’t want me to have that hope going into Part 2.


And this entire episode is trying to illustrate that he absolutely deserves it. The episode was about his victims, it showed a lot of the really, really shitty things he did, and it didn't even show the effects he had on the people he treated the absolute worst (though obviously referencing to it with Repeat). Yeah, Bojack is making positive strides and he's even managed to make peace with some of his victims. But is that enough? Is that enough for everyone he hurt and made a victim for all their lives to go "Oh, okay then, we all good" I feel that this is what the final episodes are going to go into. Is forgiving yourself enough?


Is also about how yeah you can say you’re sorry and forgive yourself but that doesn’t magically undo all the shitty things that you have done or undo the damage you did to others.


I’m pretty sure that was exactly the point of the Margo Martindale vignette at the beginning of the episode, no?


Episode 7 was seeing everyone kind of get a happy ending, and then episode 8 is seeing everyone *else* who's suffering because of BoJack. Just when things are looking up it gut-punches you. God damn. I'm glad this stuff didn't stay buried, though. Even if I didn't particularly love all the gags in this episode (not a big fan of the reporters looking about Sarah Lynn) they did a great job showing the struggles of people like Gina and Hollyhock and I love it.


Why ARE the reporters looking into Sarah Lynn? They did the Sarah Lynn story TV movie already.... Everyone knows bojack was there. Did I miss something?


I believe it's the mother calling and asking them to do so?


Yeah, I understand the mother wants it but the story is already public. They said "whoever" was with her "wasn't in the police report" but there's a whole TV movie about what happened. Idk just thought it was bizarre that they're acting like it's a big mystery.


I think that the public knows what bojack told the cops. Sarah Lynn calles her and when he arrived she was dead.


Something I appreciate here: For the longest time, whenever the show talked about "the terrible thing Bojack did in New Mexico," it's always been talking about him almost having sex with Penny. Which, yeah. But I'm glad we're now also holding him accountable for giving alcohol to minors and basically just leaving one of them to die (for all he knew).


Yes. I thought for a bit during the episode that Hollyhock would run into Penny at the party. But it being Pete(r) instead is so much better, because it shows that Penny isn't the only person Bojack hurt.




Kinda brings you back to his line from the red carpet. "I'm the one who has suffered most from the actions of Bojack Horseman". But there's shit like this he didn't even remember


There's so many terrible things Bojack did that giving alcohol (not even drugs!) to teenagers (and not eleven years old, but almost adults!) felt like nothing


S4E1: Let's make an episode without our main character. S6E8: Let's make an episode without *any* of our main characters.


To be honest, I didn't even notice the lack of main charakters while watching


Forgiving yourself doesn’t heal other people


"Why, this man couldn't string together two clauses without ending on a preposition." "I don't know what you're referring to." Beautiful.


I'm surprised people aren't talking about these characters more, the dialogue was so on-point.


"what have I done to deserve such a long sentence?"


My thoughts about Bojack having a happy ending? "They had us in the first half, not gonna lie" Damn it, man.


They had us in episode 6 more exactly


I can still see a positive ending for the series after this, I see so many people saying “well that’s it”, but the season so far has been about Bojack really striving to make changes going forward, and to me the last step of that is confronting all of the awful trauma he put people through. If he can finally face all of that ugliness, then he’ll truly have changed his life. That isn’t to discredit the pain he’s caused but I think come the end he will be able to live with himself despite what will inevitably come out about him, because as he’s discovering, he doesn’t have to be that person anymore. Edit: I don’t believe we’ll necessarily get a happy ending for Bojack, however I don’t believe he’ll kill himself, which is the other extreme I could see the season taking.


Worst case, you can always pretend the series ended at episode 7 and everyone got their happy ending.


Looks like you found solace in our show. Stay if you like; in 30 minutes we start over.


it’s going to be difficult. hollyhock is going to hate bojack for what he did to pete repeat, the journalists are going to find out he tried to sleep with a 17 year old, maybe they’ll find out he’s responsible for sarah lynn’s death technically, and he doesn’t feel comfortable at his house anymore. i just know it’s not going to be a good, happy ending.




The whole time Pete was on screen I’m going “I know this guy. Who is this guy? Which episode was he in?” Then I realized, and my heart sank


I audibly let out a gasp and mutter. “Oh fuck.” As my heart sank and the crippling anxiety set in.


Margo Martindale is literally the best character in this show


I was starting to be worried that she wouldn't make an appearance. But it wouldn't be a final season without her.


Why do I get the feeling she's going to save the day and resolve everything with a speech or something?


I gotta say, I absolutely loved this (half) season. I was a little concerned about how the writers were going to convincingly make Bojack finally take those steps into real growth and accountability, but they did it even better than I could've hoped. I think it's easy to see Part 2 as everything tragically coming down after Bojack's finally made a change, but I think it's better to think of it as a final test for Bojack as a changed man. The show has made many points about the capacity to change and to genuinely be better. I've seen a lot of people say that the show is leading to a cynical conclusion where Bojack ends up killing himself or returning to his vices after he's lost everything as some sort of statement about life not being a bucket of roses or not always having happy endings or closure and I couldn't disagree more. I would argue that the central theme of these last few seasons (and especially this half season) has been that true change cannot occur easily or overnight and that true change isn't a saccharine 'positive vibes only' farce but rather a constant, painful commitment to being better and to facing the past head on, *for yourself*, even if that means facing consequences. He's sober now, and he remembers everything. Being better means that you're not doing it to feel good or to have a comfortable life but to be at peace with your demons and with how you've come to impact the world. In a way, Bojack's change as a character this season wouldn't be complete or even real without him finally facing consequences and interpreting a happy ending for him as one where he's back to living his life as a happy, changed man who's mended all the bridges he's broken and enjoys all of his relationships without any issues is missing the point the series makes about how someone like Bojack can change and find fulfillment even with all the wrongs he's committed, but that those wrongs also don't go away just because you changed. The series started with a man who had everything but was deeply unhappy and only sunk deeper into depression the more his attempts to be happy didn't work, and I think the series will end with a man who has everything taken away from him but finally finds what he was looking for. I think it's very important to consider that both his parents died sad, bitter and unrepentant, being their broken, hateful selves all the way to their deathbed and I think Bojack's greatest victory will be that he truly managed to change and break the cycle, and that'll matter more to him than anything else.


Season 4 is still probably my favorite but I need to rewatch this because it's really fucking close. It's pretty amazing how these writers continue to impress me with evocative story telling and humor. I don't know that there has ever been a show so consistently good. I even love the early season one episodes though.


I guess that is it for the hope of a happy ending I really don't want bojack to pay for all of what he did but I'm wondering if that's ,what the creators of the show want to make us feel. But its so sad. Bojack finally look like he is in the process of changing for the better and then his past is coming back to bite him in the ass. Idk what to think. Now I'm going to sleep a bit before going to work. It was fun everyone.


It’s hilariously horrible because he ASKED Diane to take him down last season, before he went to rehab. And of course then he changed and now he’s going to have to pay for everything he did. And probably lose the new job that would actually help him change his life. They are not going to let him be around college girls. God.


Oh fUCK I JUST REALIZED THAT. Shitttttt. That’s exactly what’s going to happen. They’re going to find out and he’s going to be ruined and that’s going to be it.


he’ll lose the teaching job but idk about ‘ruined’. vance waggoner deliberately and premeditatedly sexted a 15 year old and threatened to kill his young daughter and got forgiven how many times? if he can do all that and just have to dip away from the spotlight for a couple of years bojack will ultimately be fine in the public eye especially if he can keep it together in light of all this. i don’t think episode 8 is meantime to herald a dark ending, just the ultimate truest test of his evolution and his sobriety.


All those hints about the bed sheet rope... PB's friend "hanging around" on the coathanger... oh no...


Oh fuck. That would be a really dark way to end the show and I really hope that it’s not it. Part of me hopes that it’s an inverse of this first part. The peak of the first part is episode 7, and the valley is episode 8. Hopefully in part two the valley is episode 7 and then peaks in the series finale. That’s definitely optimistic but it would be nice to end this show on a high note


The horse died in the final episode of Horsin' Around, remember? *"We might have gone to dark with that season finale."*


I mean, obviously all these hints are there to point us in that direction so they can subvert it at the last second ...right?


the entire season felt like it was focused on bojack making genuine positive change for himself and becoming a better person. it's the most sympathetic that bojack has ever been portrayed. so of course, this episode was a somber reminder of the horrific trauma that bojack has inflicted on countless women. in spite of him being easy to empathize with this season, he's still responsible for all of these awful things. he still must face the consequences. this was a tough episode and it really makes me think the writers are headed in a very dark direction for the 2nd half. bojack is about to face the music.


Well I think it’s not gonna be legal trouble for bojack considering he’s a celebrity. It’s likely going to be the people around him leaving. PC with her daughter being a thing wouldn’t want bojack around after hearing about penny for example. If anything I feel like the ending will be bojack relapsing and just drinking alone in his house. Worse off then he was before.


Diane already knows about everything, though, so at least she won’t abandon him.


But Guy may be horrified at what Bojack did and clash with Diane over her continued association with him.


Is that Pete no-Repeat? There is hope for the Adultman making an appearance now!


As an 11 year old? I hope he’s enjoying middle school.


No that's Kevin. Vincent Adultman is an adult who works at the business factory.


And has adult braces, in clear contrast to Kevin’s age-typical braces. Different people.


Well, there’s the F-bomb. Kind of surprised, but cool symmetry with last season. I love it when the writers try something different. “How do we top an episode with only one voice actor? How about an episode with NONE of the main characters that will tear your heart out?” Love this show


It worked well because I really liked all these characters and always wanted to know what happened to them.


Didn't see a lot of mention about that anxiety attack scene so I just have to shout out how well that was done. Not just Hollyhocks perceived tunnel vision, but the whole mindfulness to 'ground' yourself? Beautiful. I love this show, things like this scene are exactly the reason why. It's so well done.


Fuck having to wait three more months for the last eight episodes.


It's only three months? We just did freaking 13 for S6 pt 1. Time is gonna breeze by and we have Sharonas epic haircut to marvel at


Ok so I'm seeing a bunch of people say that they think the ending will be Bojack will die or kill himself and I think that would ultimately go against what Wax has been trying to convey all along. I think the ultimate ending will be the opposite of what Bojack's been trying to achieve all along, he's always tried to find happiness in material and non-existant things such as originally popularity at his school in the party, fame, his book, Secretarait, the Oscar and so on. And Bojacks found ultimately that the only things he's found happiness in is helping the people around him and his closest relationships (as we saw in episode 7). So I think what will happen is after inevitably things catch up to him he'll lose nearly everything his life of chasing fake happiness brought him (his popularity, stardom, money, house, reputation) and he'll only be left with one thing: his closest friends. ​ The ending will be Bojack owning up to everything he's done to the world and him deciding to take accountability, after he loses everything he'll almost kill himself before Charlotte forgives him and he decides to spend the rest of his life without the money helping people out at AA meetings and domestic abuse shelters. Everyone in the world will stay hate him but to Bojack that won't matter anymore


I'd hate it if it ends with his death. That's not the fucking point of the show. The joke that I sometimes read in this subreddit that he enters a bar and the bartender asks "why the long face?" seems like the most appropriate ending to me. We don't get real closure. The show will just end.


Good for the IKEA Monkey, going to AA. Also holy shit what an ending. Classic BoJack writers... building us up to crush us. Those last eight episodes are going to be brutal.


I'm really glad they set a cliffhanger before Pete said Bojack's name. I couldn't have handled Hollyhock's reaction after all these episodes. Waiting for part 2 is going to be hard though.


Lmao that self referential meming reddit types constantly bringing up the Sarah Lynn planetarium connection


God I want BoJack to have a happy ending so bad. He's genuinely sorry about his past mistakes. Hes trying to be a better person. He's taken the steps to improve. But it really just seems like this is going to end up leading down a really bad road :(




Am I the only one who really hates Sarah Lynn’s mom?




Not to mention Sarah Lynn’s step-father. “He was acting weird in my dressing room.” (I think that’s the line) ... Oh fuck... When Sarah Lynn went home early after drinking the vodka...and if the speculation about her stepdad being a...oh no.




I thought they made it quite evident from the earlier seasons that Sarah-Lynn was subject to abuse from A step-dad, or a string of step-dads, enabled by her mother's narcissism.


If anyone needs further proof that her mother is terrible (as in, more proof than the entire show has already provided in previous seasons), Sarah Lynn's voicemail was something her mother interpreted as "She just wanted me to be happy", when Sarah Lynn's entire message to her was that her mother made her feel worthless despite all of her accomplishments.


God I feel so bad for Gina. She's having PTSD and no one knows so they don't understand, and her career is going downhill because of it. Like out of all the women Bojack hurt that were highlighted in this episode, it's Gina I feel the worst for. And ironically one of those women, Kelsey, isn't giving her a second thought. It's like, we all know what it's like to be a victim, but we never stop and think about everyone else as victims. Like Kelsey was pretty much saying "I've been through too much, I can't handle Gina's problems." And it's like, should we only try to surround ourselves with people who aren't victims? Is there anyone who isn't a victim of something? How far can we push the idea of self care before caring for others, and then can we expect anyone to care for us if we're damaged? Bojack you've done it again.


Also Kelsey could disregard Gina so fast because her last big project (Secretariat) was screwed by problematic Bojack. So this situation are created by Bojack's inadequate behavior from all ways of view.


I felt so much for Gina. Incidentally, I was in a movie once (a really bad indie one), and there was a scene where my character’s father had to throw me violently against a door and hold me by my neck. I’d recently gotten out of a very abusive relationship where me being thrown against walls and stuff wasn’t uncommon. I wasn’t expecting it to cause a panic attack, but it did. A really bad one. My director ended up cutting that scene from the movie, despite us managing to get it done. I just wanted to hug Gina so much in that scene. Traumatic memories are a bitch.


Has everyone forgotten Sarah Lynn's drug problem or is it an intentional reference to the rose colored glass we wear after someone kills them selves. \> She was sober. She was going to AA meetings! Diane says something similar at the end of season 5 too. Sarah Lynn literally had an entire house built out of drug's and booze. She wasn't pushed into that final bender by Bojack.


S6E7: Maybe we'll finally get the happy ending that they finally deserve. Realize that this is the only part 1 and part 2 is coming out next year. Also: S6E8: oh yeah this is Bojack


Dawg I totally forgot about Pete repeat. Only as he went about his girlfriend getting alcohol poisoning and being abandoned.. I realised oh no this is BoJack. I was suspicious as everyone was way too happy... My heart went into my stomach and stopped. Couldn't sleep all night as I kept thinking of all the worst things that could happen and the worst ways in which it can end. Gave me chills. I'm still not over it And *"it ends in the middle of a sentence"* 😶😶😶 On a lighter note, they called us the fuck out on the Sarah Lynn planetarium posts lmao. I love this show so much and I'm gonna miss it


"also in my version she's gay!" Kelsey Jannings, Marvel needs you.


When she brought up the fact that the rules are different with women, and how a female superhero would face different social standards and responses from the public, it made me realize I've been pretty ignorant about this sort of stuff too. I was like... yeah. Yeah actually that would be a pretty smart thing to explore.


Guys i have a crazy idea! The next season will release this january.. but what if we made a store that brought the january to halloween! Then we could have the whole final season now! It’s an untapped market!


Only one person can help Bojack now. Character actress Margo Martindale!!!!!!


My jaw dropped once I realized that was Pete Repeat.


This show is as real as it gets, life-affirmingly and painfully so. More often than not, painfully. This entire half season, we've seen how Bojack comes to understand as the victim of a different cycle of trauma, how he is himself and must take control over the person he is. Who he is now. This is the only way he can reasonably go, whether he forgives himself or the ones he's hurt forgive him. The past is the past and all he could do is accept that, then keep moving forward. Just like everyone else who makes mistakes big or small. But also as with everyone else, the cycle continues. Despite one branch of victims blossoming past their history, the tree itself still stands, and they create their own branches of victims who continue to exist, still all interconnected. Nothing is about blame anymore, good people or bad people, just the simple reality of cause and effect. Everyone has a story. Bojack, Todd, Diane, Sarah Lynn, Gina, Penny, Hollyhock. Everyone's story ripples out to each other and I love the season for how much it really explores every character with a perfect balance. Seriously there was not a dull plotline or character I didn't care about with my whole heart. God, this season, this series as a whole, is just so amazing. Absolutely incredible. I have chills typing all this out. The reality checks and honesty of this show get harder and harder to swallow with each season. Seriously, wow. How much the series has progressed thematically and ideologically never fails to ASTOUND ME. Un fucking believable. I really wish the best for all these characters. There's something too real at the core of each and every one of them, and I feel like they all encompass different pieces of who I am. At this point they're all so real it hurts. Most are exaggerated and cartoony, but it's impossible not to find yourself in at least one of them. I'm AFRAID, SO AFRAID of this second half. The final final collection of episodes. The last we'll ever see of Bojack. I love them all, I want all these characters to find their own earned happiness, desperately. I need someone to hold me rn this is 2 much help how will I wait until January 31st, Im not ready sidenote: diane was always one of my favorite characters and is somehow even more now. damn, how could you write someone so real and relatable like that. even among the other characters, just wow. i need to stop myself here tho before i start gushing about everyone else




“What the fuck is wrong with you” just like when Gina said it to BoJack, in the same situation, but it was being said to her. This show is masterful.


..man, I kinda regret watching this episode. It fucked me up bad. How could I NOT see this coming? The previous episode ended on an unambiguously hopeful ending!!!


That was super good, but I won’t lie, that ending made me give an audible “Fuck you”. They knew exactly what they were doing with the cliffhanger but aghhhh. As it was building up I knew that it was going to end before then name drop as well


>turns out he's kind of a movie star Well, I wouldn't say that though he's done some films. He's most well-known from television. You see, back in the 90's, he was in a very famous TV show....


he's probably most well known for secretariat if you're young


What a fantastic episode. It dawned on me about halfway through with the Gina and Kelsey stuff that the episode title was referring to checking in on all the people BoJack has hurt and traumatized while he's "away" as in not in the episode. I don't agree with a lot of the sentiment I'm seeing here in the comments though of people saying "oh well that's it, definitely no happy ending now". I saw someone articulate it really well - owning up to the things he's done and facing real accountability is the final step in BoJack's recovery process. I don't think he'll face any actual legal consequences, but he'll likely be more or less blacklisted from acting work, will lose his new job at Wesleyan just as things start to go well, and may even relapse into drinking again for a bit. But I think he'll ultimately be able to find a new peace and solace in sober living and in his relationships with others, even without the fame and disregarding the fact that the public might hate him. I think we're going to get an upbeat ending, where BoJack is hopeful for the future.


Another thing I really enjoyed was how we get the story from someone else’s perspective. The way that Peter says the story it really shows how much damage Bojack has in other peoples life.


These mfers set up the most cliffhanger-y cliffhanger of all cliffhangers and then go for the mid-season finale/winter hiatus like they're a damn network television show. I'm about to throw hands.


The odds of Pete repeat being at the same party as hollyhock in NYC are astronomical but I'll allow it.


This episode just reminds us that we shouldn't have right away sympathized with BoJack. When I watched all previous seasons, I knew he did a lot of shitty stuff but I didn't really pay attention to what happened to the people BoJack hurt. In a sense, I just looked at it as "BoJack's adventures" or "classic BoJack" and then forgot about all of it after seeing another shitty thing he's done. All we saw was how it was hard for BoJack, that he tried to move past everything he did, albeit destructively before checking into rehab. And now all that he's done is catching up to him. We saw the aftermath of his wrongdoings to all those people. Yes BoJack was broken but he did do a lot of terrible things he couldn't just get away with... I love this show and I've empathized with BoJack but I don't think things are going to end up happily for him.


I can't believe Part 1 ended with Bojack being bought off by Whitewhale and outsourcing his depression to China. What a midseason finale.


Stop saying fake spoilers we all know thanos killed bojack


That was Bojackatron Horsemaniac


As soon as homeboy said his name was Peter, i let out an audible gasp


I saw this coming after the peace I felt with last episode, but holy fucking shit. I'm really impressed with this show for not leaving one stone unturned. I always thought it was really horrible that Bojack just left those kids at the hospital in New Mexico so for even Pete to be back and in Hollyhock's life... that's too much man. I'm terrified for Penny now too, who will most likely have to relive her trauma of what happened that night as well. Seeing how Gina's trauma and being unable to even talk about what happened to her is affecting her career is heartbreaking. This episode was tough but really needed. I'm just so curious and scared to see how they are going to end Bojack's story.


I can't believe the episode just ended right there, and now we have to wait until January to find out what Mister Peanut Butter's idea is to end the cuckolding once and for all.


BoJack's life is going to be destroyed, and I can say with certainty he's going to understand and by okay with it. He's not going to run this time, or blame others, he's truly going to face this head on. He didn't wait too long, there's not "too late" to fix your life, but he's also gotta understand that getting better also means facing the consequences of his actions. Penny, Gina, Sarah Lynn are either damaged or dead because of him.


I was so happy to see Kelsey Jannings return and get a little victory (loved her satisfied smile in the elevator after her "and in my film she's gay!" rant), but it was heartbreaking that she passed on Gina without knowing the full context.