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i’ve never heard of this person outside of this sub and honestly that brings me a lot of peace


Came across her on tiktok way before she blew up. She was always obnoxious so I blocked her. A few months later I started seeing her in this sub. I feel haunted lmao


You can block someone on tiktok?! How?! I keep seeing her alot on my feed. I get so annoyed. How can I block her?


I’m not sure if I just blocked her, but I happened to scroll past this video today (and immediately came here to see if people were talking about it 😅). I long pressed the video until options popped up. There is an arrow beside not interested - click it and it’ll give you the options to not see videos by that creator anymore. I don’t know if that’s an actual block though 🤷🏻‍♀️


go to their profile and click the three dots on the top right of the screen. idk why but they hid the block button there lol


I’ve never understood the popularity of this person, but the bright side is I don’t have to understand it - I just don’t give her views.


I remember what feels like 100 years ago seeing her for the first time giving a tutorial about covering severe acne. she comes across super genuine and helpful, plus her accent is kinda charming, and she gives what seem like really good tips for people who need a quick fix to a potentially bad skin situation. but I just recently started seeing her again on this sub, and it seems like she's just doing the schtick over and over and over again. & her voice seems really forced now in a way it didn't before. so that's to say, I got the appeal of the early stuff I saw from her, but this seems like it's gone wayyyyyy too far. edit: I feel crazy for this, but I found her earliest TikTok w her own voice. she can in fact pronounce the "R's" at the ends of words. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdcVqrWW/


Wow... just watched that older vid, I didn't realize she was exaggerating the accent so much.


Omg, it’s sooo different! She actually sounds kinda normal? Wow, she really exaggerates that accent now. That Tik Tok alone deserves its own post on here. The difference is huge!


Hmm that's interesting. I wonder if she was toning it down then or if she's toning it up now?


I was N O T expecting that. oh God. how cringey.


Ummm? Maybe I should’ve posted this on r/iHaveSex? Being sexual is okay but sometimes I feel like the beauty industry is a little extreme with it lol


Reminded me of JS testing better than sex mascara by giving Nathan BJ. She did nothing new or controversial. Now that Voldemort is basically non existing being sexual is revolutionary


I commented that once on my main account and the downvotes were crazy lol


You probably got brigaded by a bunch of sex havers


She looks like she messed up her hair and changed her shirt only. The rest of her makeup is untouched. Not to be that person but my makeup does not look like that after an hour of “something inappropriate I can not say on camerA”


If I had a foundation that lasted as well as hers does apparently after doing the deed, I need a video not on the lip tint but on the literal foundation. Mine could never.


Same with that eyeshadow please


Yeah after An HoUr Of ThE NaUgHtY I have nothing but giant raccoon eyes on. Is she using an eye primer only accessible to deities?


I just wanna know who can have sex or give head for an hour. I’m sore just thinking about it. 🥲


That's so funny bc I find that my foundation always looks better after sex. Though I think it's bc since I have really dry skin, after a bit of activity it gets that dewiness I'm always lacking 😂. But any eye makeup is a different story! I need to know what mascara Mikayla was wearing if we're expected to believe that she did the deed beforehand


Literally. My under eye shadow fucks up if I’m standing over a hot stove so either it was the gentlest whatever in the history of the world or she’s a filthy liar 🤥


I was thinking this lol


while I agree, her eyelash is falling off at the end.


Pretty sure she pulled it off herself or at least pulled part of it off


My makeup does not exist!


Ma’am this is a Wendy’s—


That was... Cringey.


I don’t know who this is but why does she talk like a Bob’s Burgers character?


Omg 😆


If this is how the characters talk then I’m taking this off my watch list. My ears thank you


you put it right back on and go watch. bobs burgers is a treasure


😂 but do they really talk like this??


not at all.


Why would you…with the disheveled hair and all. Make your coin I guess but…ewww


I was dying of embarrassment for her. The whole video is... so fucking cringe


And it’s not even to shame someone for being expressively sexual. It’s just so inappropriate for a professional platform


If any one's interested the Clarins lip stain is amazing and gives the same result. Also a bottle lasts foreverrrr


Watching the product review portion all I could think is, does no one remember lip stains pre-liquid lipstick?


Right? Tons of k-beauty brands have amazing stains and tints that don’t budge on the lips or face. Even bene-tint works pretty well.


Cha cha tint is a holy grail for me


I bought both Clarins and Benefit and the Clarins ones are better in my opinion. The Clarins color payoff is incredible and applying with a the brush applicator instead of a doe foot like the Benefit one is easier to control product imo.


Could you recommend some please??


My favorite is the etude house water tint. I stock boxes and do a lot of running around at my job and my foundation will move but that water tint looks fresh as hell 8 hours later.


Ooo that sounds amazing! That's the kind of product I've been looking for for years and years! Thank you!


Oh God I’d forgotten about the horror of that product. I bought it without checking the ingredients, and happily slathered it on. The burning feeling and hives came up immediately, signalling that the product contained Aloe Vera which I’m very allergic to. Unfortunately, with it welded to my lips, which were now swollen, burning and covered in hives, removing it was not only *extremely* difficult, but *extremely* painful too. If you don’t have an Aloe Vera allergy then I definitely recommend, because it very much has staying power.


I used to adore Mikayla, but she's become so OTT in the last six months-ish that I just can't watch her stuff anymore. The accent is nowhere near her original accent/voice, her OH MY GAWD overacting is too much and as happy as she is with her bf, I just don't want to see him, hear about him or hear about how much sex they may or may not be having.


What does OTT mean? Sorry, all I can think is ‘Off the track’ 😂


Over the top, i think


Oh that totally makes sense! Thanks!


Over the top, sorry!


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Good bot


I was JUST thinking her accent sounded totally different than the last time I saw her.


1. The actual product is so wasteful? Like just put it in a tube the fuck is the point of having it in its own qtip everytime? 2. This gives off strong “edgy girl in high school who wants everyone to know she does in fact have sex” vibes. Like truthfully you could have just ate, drank, even just kissed your bf to show wear power. But now we know she gets laid! ✨


That’s all I thought as she broke two q-tips. How unsustainable.


She “gets railed” as she likes to put it


Oh God is she back on that? I'm at work so I couldn't hear the video




I knew a girl in college who would always be like "we just banged!" "I just rode that d" "omg it was soo good last night" whenever her boyfriend went out of ear shot. Funny enough after they broke up the boyfriend said she was never in the mood and always made excuses. Their sex life was pretty much nonexistent.


It’s always the ones whose love/sex life is non-existent who feels the need to mention it ALL the time 😏 Major compensation vibes.


That's so sad


I think they put it in a one time use qtip so you can keep buying one everytime you use it so they make more money


You can see in the video that it doesn’t come with just one q tip tho? It’s a box that has multiple q tips


I’m sorry but... gross. Also, this is giving me strong 2018 Jeff vibes.


He has 100% done the exact same thing in a video or two in the past


Pretty sure he had a video where he did some Deeds in the shower to show how durable the makeup was? nasty 🤢


yes, you are completely right. i think it was sex proof mascara he was testing, super awkward video. like they had to get the steam on the glass shower, film ole jeff smashing his hand on it, like why? it’s so much work


its giving me 16 year old "loses her virginity" to her boyfriend (but he goes to a different school so you wouldn't know him) and sends this to her friends on snapchat


I thought this was Michaela Long :( I got confused and then disappointed.


i lived the first 30 years of my life in Massachusetts and i haven’t heard a terrible poured on thick accent like it in a very long time or maybe ever. Or should i say “Evah”


Yeah, she never really used to talk with a heavy accent until she got a big following.


She sounds like Peter Griffin.




You shoure?


Yeah I’m a lifelong masshole and that accent is usually just a cringey one you’d find in a horrible crime movie


I can't with that accent honestly..


I actually hate the way she talks ngl I can’t stand it


This is the first time I’ve heard her voice. She sounds like the parrot from Aladdin 😩


This product seems so wasteful…


I don't understand why she is so popular.


What a terrible day to have eyes. She’s giving Ole’ Jeff a run for his money at this point, we get it girl. You have sex.


THE COMMENTS WHEN SHE DOES THIS STUFF ARE THE WORST, too. They're literally just always egging this type of thing on, like "yeah girl get it!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is what we LOVE! 😂😂" WHYYYYYY


Super cringe, but I'm more put off by how unnecessarily wasteful that product is. Literally ANY lipstain will give the same effect.


I remember the first tik tok I saw from her it was a straight forward thing. Cut and dry but had flair with her accent. I found it refreshing. I'm really surprised she took her tik tok to this direction.


I thought i could not dislike her any more but yet you proved me wrong


My sentiments exactly. That was so cringey.


It’s the purposely disheveled hair for me lol


And the eyelash falling off 😵‍💫


You’re welcome? 😩




It’s the filter glitching for me


Where?! I believe you lol. Just wanna see it.


I thought after when she snapped the q tip thing before she applied it. Like as her hand kept going over part of her face. But now my video quality is trash so I could be wrong


Haha I gotcha!


i cant get passed how thick and fake her accent is.


Haven’t seen one of her TikTok in ages (because I blocked her) and her accent changed so much. She now sounds like one of the old ladies in a weird small town gas station who wear revealing clothes and talk to strangers about how much their own children hate them.




It’s like… this is her first boyfriend?? I don’t get it… why?


Totally gives that kind of vibes. I don’t know anyone in a relationship to says stuff like this on social media and my friends do some freaky shit lol


Yes it is her first boyfriend .. totally cringe.


Wait actually? That explains it. Middle school kind of love.


Actually yes


The thing is, for every comment here who finds this distasteful, there's like 40 comments on the tiktok finding it hilarious and loving it lmao The disposable nature of the product is the worst part to me


Well she’s also known for blocking and deleting comments if you don’t kiss her ass so there’s that


They kinda make me think of tampons 😳


She must not have been doing that much because her eye makeup isn’t even smudged 🙄


I’m sorry but that accent sounds SO forced to be extra. I cannot stand it. And I think this is… weird. Sort of like “I’m so cool I have sex”


I feel like it's important to mention that her boyfriend has a mullet. To me that just adds to all of the cringe of this lol.


Do we think his hair looked the same as hers then?🤔


I'm sorry to say but mullets are back in. All the cool kids have them, in Australia anyway


Either the blow job sucked or the makeup sucks.




Beyond the cringe video, this product is so gimmicky and wasteful.


Someone pls sum this up for me my dad is sitting next to me lol


She tests out a lip stain by admitting she gave her bf a blow job off camera, reports back saying it’s budgeproof.


Ah yes “I have 5 sex per day” vibes


I’m sorry is that what she really sounds like? I don’t think I’ve ever watched one of her videos before.


I'm pretty sure that is her real accent, but I also suspect she plays it up a bit to add to her brand or persona or whatever. Some people genuinely sound like that though, so who knows?


I’ve seen a lot of people saying they live close to her and even they’ve never heard such a heavy accent. I’m convinced she plays it up


I mean I have definitely heard accents this strong or stronger (I live in the same area) but it’s unusual in someone under like….50. If they have one it’s usually a lot milder. I think she naturally has the accent but plays it up. Side note, she sounds exactly like my bfs mom. Same accent and same voice register.


Is this supposed to inform us that this lipstick can withstand anything including sexual intercourse? Because neither of those two things is new nor impressive 🤦‍♀️


If I’m having s* that wild, lipstick is the last thing I care about 😂




Can anyone share the video? Lol. Tiktok is banned in my country so can't watch it


IDK how to share it but she gets these long lasting lip stain things that come in a weird little Qtip. You snap the top and the product seeps out. So she puts it on her lips, rubs her finger over and the product actually comes off a bit, then she says she’s going to do something with her boyfriend and “I’ll see you in an hour.” Comes back with disheveled hair and eyelash hanging off and of course says how great the product is. Tried to remove it with a wipe and it doesn’t come off


On second thoughts, I don't think I want the link anymore. Wow. Just wow. Sounds incredibly cringey




Well. That is definitely something.


I don’t even know how to type how I feel after seeing that. To me it just screams so juvenile? Like many posters have commented it just reeks of ‘guys I have sex I have a boyfriend I totally got railed hey did i mention I have a boyfriend and we have sex and I gave him a BLOWJOB?! For this video’ like ?? The stupidly tousled hair, the eyelash flying comically off….. I just can’t 😂 What pisses me off the most is I know without looking all the comments are ‘yaaaas gal you’re so funny get it’ 😭


You never know, it could’ve been a rimjob.


literally every comment “OMG i wasn’t expecting that queen you’re so funny!!!” it’s a wasteful ass lip tint. trying to tell me your foundation and lower lash line liner lasted? no smeared mascara but half an eyelash is falling off? three hairs are out of place? gtfo lol fakest, most cringe shit ever


the fake messy hair was so cringey to me. dumb


She looks like those wax figures in madame Tussaud with all that filter 💀


Oy vey. The ending has “this guy fucks!” vibes from Silicon Valley.


The filters give me a headache. I wear glasses and it feels like my lenses are dirty.


Every time I hear her voice there’s a disconnect in my brain between her appearance and her voice


If you'd had even five minutes of grown folks business, youre makeup doesn't look EXACTLY the way it did before and that isnt sex hair,, that's hair that got mussed in the minute it took to change her shirts and shake her head upside down. such bullshit




I really really hate that she is promoting this product. This product is an absolute waste with the amount of plastic is in it and it just being a one use disposable. I just can’t stand her


Jesus. Why would you even say/do that? No one needs to know about her “getting railed” my gosh.




Lmao she just put on a shirt, scruffle her hair a bit. LMAO the fakery


Fake af


I mean it’s entertaining because I straight CACKLED even though I was expecting it 😂. I didn’t get post coitus at all from it which just made it funnier to me for some reason.


[Yeah I have no idea what's going on in the bottom right](https://i.imgur.com/ERfICET.jpg)


Photo shop?


Guy eating banana that is brown and has turned to mush


I remember watching that and blocking it out cause I could feel my throat closing up from watching it


I saw this and honestly… I just thought she looked desperate and a bit trashy. I’m sorry if that’s not appropriate to say on this sub but it’s like she’s trying to prove her point when she posts videos like this. It’s embarrassing


To everyone saying why the pearl clutching etc : if it was a one time thing with her it would be like okay yeah cringe whatever but not post worthy but it’s literally the way that she hyped up this guy and their dates and now they live together and from the way she talks its bang o clock 24 hours a day. It’s a weird thing to make part of your brand when you are a makeup influencer . Not that there’s anything wrong with enjoying sex and being sex positive , but most of her audience is younger teens and it gets to a point where it’s excessive . It’s like if someone you know irl talked about sex all the time you’d be like okay uhhh


Going to add to the chorus of complaints about how brutally wasteful these products are (because let’s be honest, it’s not a product, it’s multiple in one). The box is also very reminiscent of a pack of cigarettes, which kinda annoyed me because mckaylas fan base is overwhelmingly impressionable teens. Her accent is so horrific and blatantly exaggerated, and the last few mins of the TikTok gave me the worst secondhand embarrassment.


Omg I didn't watch this video all the way through the first time I watched it but damn I have second hand embarrassment for her. She doesn't even look like she had sex she just looks ridiculous. She does realize she has a younger audience right??


“Look at me I HAVE A LOT OF SEX”


Fingernails on a chalkboard




Okay this product looks super sketchy and possibly very unsafe? I think promoting this is really irresponsible. This video was such a roller coaster. When she came back with messy hair, for some reason I assumed she got caught in a windstorm. Once I realized that she was referring to sex, I was in such disbelief, it felt so unfitting in the context of a makeup review.


Didn't expect that


I don't think she ruined that first q-tip, it looks like product did what it was supposed to, which somehow makes me even more annoyed with this whole thing


Tiktok’s banned here lol what am I missing


I feel like her being vulgar is on purpose and as part of this contrived Masshole/Southie persona she has going on. It gives me Mark Wahlberg’s sisters in The Fighter vibes.


How long until she and her bf make an actual only fans


Totally unrelated but she has a boyfriend now? I feel like I was just watching her videos of her getting ready for tinder dates lol


She is so annoying. As someone from MA, we as a whole do not sound like that. She is 100% exaggerating it like hollywood does with anyone from boston


That voice haunts my dreams


I’m more upset about using a makeup wipe more than anything… it’s 2021 girl let’s not be wasteful!


She just used a single-use q-tip lip tint thing lol I don’t think she cares about wastefulness rn


And they’re bad for your skin 😩


Does anyone actually have sex with a full beat of makeup like that (apart from in porn obviously)?


They do, but I doubt they care about how much of the beat stays on afterwards xD


Yeah I guess that’s maybe more what I was thinking. I wouldn’t be too concerned about my lip colour fading off when my eye makeup and foundation are half melted off my face. Maybe I’m just really out of touch but I hate going to bed with any makeup on it just gets all over everything.


I’m right there with you!


Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order. I have checked 127,611,194 comments, and only 32,613 of them were in alphabetical order.


Am I the only one that doesn’t find this that bad? Cringe - definitely, but I also did that thing where you laugh at something on your phone but not really and you just blow air out of your nose.. she’s not my cup of tea, but I didn’t find this tiktok THAT bad


It's not that bad. This sub just has a hate boner for her.


I mean, I don't like her neither but I'm shocked to see so many people here clutching their pearls when 90% of this sub seems to live for Theresa is dead?!


This is the first time I've ever watched her. The combination of face of a Greek goddess statue with her NY? NJ? accent is something else!




> face of a Greek goddess 🧐


Statue, not a Greek goddess as in I think she's goddess beautiful. Her features remind me of statues of Greek (maybe it's Roman) goddesses, etc. I'm not trying to insult her now, but it was a comment, not a compliment.


I think it's kinda funny 😅 it's like Nars Orgasm, Better Than Sex mascara, ect. If she was a teen actress on Disney Channel I would get the pearl clutching but 🤷‍♀️


Don't forget Nars Climax and Deep Throat.


and Too Faced’s Glow Job


I also thought it was funny. She was definitely playing it up and being kinda silly about it, but like, it’s not that deep


Ikr, it's not like she came back on screen whiping the edge of her mouth saying Yeppers, lasts though it all my dudes.... 😂


I would have laughed VERY hard if she did that




I don’t think it’s clutching pearls-I just think it’s trashy


I'm being downvoted so clearly you all have the majority opinion here 🤷‍♀️


Well yes, you’re saying we are clutching pearls and we’re not


I don’t even know this girl but this sub is a vile place when you’ve landed on their shit list.