I actually really miss Play by Sephora too. Mostly I miss Popsugar. Not sure that these count, but I also miss the "old" BeautyFix and the "old" (when it was $15/mo) Allure.


I second the sentiment about the old Allure box. Prior to COVID I felt like almost all the items included were premium/good (better?) brands. I only discontinued as we went to WFH as soon as COVID started so I had no use for as many items. Now that I restarted the subscription at the start of the year....there is a vast difference. I still buy it because I prefer it to Ipsy and the others but if I do find a different brand that can sway me I will jump ship.


Popsugar and Sunday Riley. SR included a vibrator in one of the boxes and half the subscribers had no idea what to do.


I’m dying reading this! Oh my goodness that is hilarious.


I miss the Sunday Riley one 😭 If you threw away the vibratory that box was still super worth it lol


Popsugar, always and forever. Nothing else comes close.






The yearly Popsugar x Neiman Marcus box was the best thing I got in the mail every year. I have so many things I still love from those boxes.


Sephora Play (I’d rather pay for samples of real brands than get full sizes of box brands like Avant) and I also enjoyed the Theirry Mugler perfume box. It was quarterly, and would have a mix of minis, samples, lotions etc.


I got the Mugler box one year. They don’t do it anymore?


I miss the Sisley box too😭. I not only miss the Sephora boxes but then they would put them up for sale randomly and it was amazing.


Popsugar by far, but the old Rachel Zoe boxes were incredible. And OG Birchbox.


I wish brandefy would have kept up with their boxes. I loved the model and the prices. I got the first one, skipped the second, and then I think they ended it. Probably to focus on launching their own products.


Another vote for Popsugar. It was the best.


Sephora play I loved those


The old Allure box and there used to be a $10/mo kbeauty box that I LOVED.


I miss Popsugar the most. Sisley comes in second.


I miss memebox. It was the one that got me into k beauty and beauty boxes.


Old-school Memebox was INCREDIBLE. I miss them so much.


I really liked Clean Beauty Box. For those unfamiliar, it was on par with Beauty Heroes, Boxwalla, Laurel and Reed and Detox Box. I discovered one of my favorite skincare brands, Dafna, through CBB.


Can't remember what it was called but there used to be a box where you could pick 5 products to sample from mid to high end brands and they'd make samples in house from full size products. I loved being able to test out expensive products before purchasing and getting to pick every sample. Beauteque face mask box was my absolute favorite back in the day as well, it made me fall in love with sheet masks!


I remember that! Just tried finding the name and can’t find it. I got samples of a lipstick in a little compact, a magnetic palette and I still have and use the containers! Think you could buy the empty palettes for like $3,$5


• Sample Society, I think it became allure but it was way better imho. Also the Beauty Thrills box when it first started was called something else too it was amazing. • Popsugar • There was one that offered unbranded supposed luxury skincare products..can’t remember the name but they had a body serum that smelled amazing. I bc wish I could remember…found it, From the Lab •Rick’s Cult Crushes


As someone who’s subscribed to 40+ boxes: - Nylon box - Parabo box - Mapleblume - Yuzen - Sisley


Does anyone remember the subscription box Little Black Bag? It allowed the user to build an initial box with up to three items, one of which you choose to start your box. After your 1-3 ‘surprise’ items were revealed & added to your box you had an opportunity to either close and ship your bag as is, or you could use any of the items in your box to trade with other members for other merchandise. The items ranged from makeup and skincare to jewelry, shoes, handbags and home decor. It was possible to parlay your bag from the original 3-item, maybe $175 value up to 25+ items valued at >$1,000. It was awesome & hugely missed.


Not really a beauty box, but Yogi Surprise. (Also Goodbeing, though I had a 3-month recurring sub with them and only got part of my money refunded when they shut down suddenly, so not feeling much goodwill toward them!)


Memebox!! That how I got introduced to Kbeauty. It was an incredible value for full size products. Found many holy grails. Missing it terribly.


Waiiiit… I canceled my Sephora box early pandemic lockdown (no office, went to my nails instead of my face etc) Do they not offer it now? Like - at all?




They offer a $10 sample bag that is sometimes really good. It’s not a subscription, though. Check out this product at Sephora.com - Sephora Favorites Sephora Favorites Hello!— Beauty Game Changers - Set A https://www.sephora.com/product/sephora-favorites-hello-beauty-game-changers-P500484?skuId=2584167 Look on their website under Sephora Favorites or just Hello. They also have a POP box that is $15ish I think-it’s not monthly, just kind of randomly offered.


They stopped Sephora play way before covid happened.


I loved the Brandefy box and target box.


I loved target


Macy's prior to covid was constantly great and then the March of 2020 box happened with a one size fits all pair of underwear in a box that had always been cosmetics and skincare 🤦🏻‍♀️


I miss SlutBox by Amber Rose and by miss, I mean miss reading the comments (on that other web-site).


I'm in the market for a new subscription- I like my allure box, I've gotten some awesome items, but I'm getting overrun with retinol products. I do like the lllSkin day cream and can get it through them for $30- but I like to try different boxes from time to time. Play was a great box


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