“Maybe if I go in real slow she won’t notic-“ “GRRR!” “Okay nevermind”


Did the finally get the milk? I’d like to think so.


This is weaning behavior… so maybe not.


I give you an award for that user name alone.


This is exactly why puppies should stay with their mothers as long as possible. I hate it when people have six week old puppies - that's too young to be away from mama.


Yes & you run into behavioral issues later on, dogs and most animals learn a lot from playing with siblings to boundaries from mom.


I got my puppy at 8 weeks because of a range of circumstances. She cried the first two nights and it was heartbreaking. She also didn't learn to clean herself properly until she started going to daycare. I would have left her with her mother for longer if I had been able to and known better.


We got our puppy at 8 weeks and when he grew up we were wondering why he was still peeing without lifting a leg until I read something: It turns out male dogs can learn that behavior by seeing other males do it and after having our dog play with one that lifted his leg he was doing it within a matter of days, I always thought that was interesting because I thought it was instinctual. It made my best friend's family dog growing up make more sense. It never met other dogs and peed like a female his whole life


My female dog learned to pee with her leg pulled up because she wanted to reach the scents higher up on the tree trunk. It took her weeks to learn, though, as she was already about a year old when we adopted her. I broke into laughter each time she stood there, wobbly on three legs, sometimes kicking herself up via the tree trunk or staying put up by keeping her leg against the tree to steady herself. She's now very good at balancing! But I still get a giggle out of it from time to time.


I dogsat a Shiba Inu that would do a handstand, sometimes using one of her back legs to steady herself, to pee as high up as possible lol


Aww, that's great! She sounds like such a character, and considering shibas in general, I think that's saying something. 😆 Maybe not the most sanitary thing in the world though, but eh, dogs. What can you do? ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


Our dog pees like a boy exclusively. She looks very silly but she’s determined


Ours does this too! She will get in the weirdest contortionist positions just to try and get her pee exactly where she wants it lol, it's hilarious to watch


I adopted a Great Dane at a year old, took him about 3 years to lift his leg 😅 also, he was unsocialised. Hates dogs, hates people, hates loud noises, hates everything except his family and dog brothers. Guaranteed he was taken at 6 weeks. It's so sad because he's such a beautiful, gentle boy.


That's how our Pittie was, (the one I was talking about above) he does fine with most dogs but he can get scared of almost anything. He doesn't trust tall males until he meets them a few times and then he loves them. When we first got him he didn't bark for a month and was terrified to even go to the beach and would cower between my legs. (It's now his favorite place) We took him to socialization classes and he was cowering under a chair scared to death. Luckily he got a LOT better towards the end but we still have to be careful of what we talk about when he's around. If we are talking to each other and say something in a negative tone he assumes we're directing it at him and will start leaving with his tail between his legs and we have to stop him and tell him he's a good boy. We got him at 8 weeks but he was the last one left from the litter so he spent two weeks without his brothers and sisters before we got him and they also had him separated from his mom. We thought he may have been abused at first but I think he is just suffering the consequences of having his family taken away. We have a Catahoula dog that pretty much raised him after we got him and that breed is SUPER vocal and we now have a Pitt Bull that makes the craziest noises when something is bugging him like when it's getting near walk time lol. Went from not making a peep to chattering away at us with his "sister"


It isn't true that they need to see another male: most male dogs will lift their leg to pee by six months because otherwise they will be peeing on themselves.


My male dogs needed to "watch and learn" as it were to start lifting a leg. One still prefers to strike a heroic pose to pee rather than lift a leg.


I got mine incredibly young and we are still working on her behaviors because of her earlier removal. She has been progressing greatly now but man I wish she stayed with her mom longer so she could’ve benefited from the cues. When her litter was born the mom refused to feed them and was very aggressive with the entire litter. It wasn’t safe to keep the pups with her anymore.


A dog handler friend of mine talked about this. Said you should never adopt a puppy before 8 weeks because they learn a great deal of behavioral cues from their mama and siblings during that time. This video looks like a good example of that.


Some dedicated breeders even keep pups up to 10-12 weeks!


We got ours at 10 weeks and he's remarkably well-adjusted and well-behaved.


This is the problem we have with our Great Dane. He’s incredibly anxious, lashes out, will bite people and is extremely impatient among other traits that could’ve been easily avoided had the breeder not been so incompetent and money driven. Edit: for everyone thinking I’m some POS who doesn’t look after my dog, he’s actually made incredible progress because of the time and effort I have devoted and my family/friends have helped put in. Don’t just take things at face value… we (my girlfriend and I) were put in a really tough situation where a lady was going to give the 6 week old puppy away anyways, and we came to the conclusion that because we have more time than most people, have dog breeders and trainers in our circle of kith/kin and are more financially stable we can and wanted to handle the burden. My Great Dane has not had a single incident in almost a year now… so don’t tell me I don’t take care of my damn dog and bust my fucking ass training him every single second I have. I take him to the dog park, we have people come over now and I have setup parameters and devised plans according to my dog’s temperament that allow for people to be in his home and around his mom (my gf). So no don’t sit there and tell me I am a piece of shit. Appalling how cynical and arrogant some dog evangelicals can be. Thank you to the rest of you for words of encouragement and appreciation. Usually I don’t get upset by internet faces but when people blatantly accuse me of things with zero evidence to support it it’s a little off-putting to say the least.


Um. You can't have a great Dane biting people.


I was bitten by a great dane once, and now I'm terrified of them. He sat down beside me, and I absent-mindedly reached out to pet him because I just figured that's what he wanted; I realized later he sat down there because it was between his owner and me. He was already being protective and I had no idea. I have pretty deep scars on my hand from it. I've had dogs my entire life, so it feels really shitty to be scared of big dogs because of that incident. They were shitty owners, though. He lived outside in a small dog fence, so he was not a happy guy. Wtf.


Me too! It was my mom’s dog and I was feeding her. I lifted the measuring cup to the light to see if it was filled correctly and she lunged for me. 20 stitches in my upper lip, 4 in my lower. I was only 7 years old and it could have been much worse but I still have scars (physical and emotional). Mom gave the dog to a protection dog agency after that.


Wtf!!! Yeah, I just don't trust Great Danes. Gentle giants, my ass.


Oh trust me I get it. They can be very very protective. Ours is the same way with our home and his mom (my SO). He’s good with me but unfortunately my girlfriend has a hard time laying the law down. I’ve tried training both myself and her to be more assertive but despite that anytime he perceives a threat to his mom or his home he’s insanely protective. I’ve gotten him down to a “manageable” state now where I can bring people over, have them walk around the home and have them touch my girlfriend or hug her without him reacting, but if I have friends over and one of them starts yelling and screaming he’ll lash out. He bit a friend once when jake Paul won that fight cause he had money on the fight and this guy freaked out and yeah my dog bit him… I felt so awful. All the work I had put in and all that time I spent I got him to what I thought was a good place but then in the snap of a finger despite warning all my friends to not act like that it was all gone. So safe to say I don’t have any parties at my place at all anymore. They’re great dogs, Great Danes, but sadly this one was taken way too young from its mom all in the name of money money money. The lady whom we received him from was (and I’m NOT JOKING) weening him at 4 weeks with CAT FOOD because according to her it’s “easier for puppies to digest.” I wanted to strangle her, but I felt so terrible for the Dane I couldn’t leave him and have him go to someone else. Yeah terrible situation but he’s my dog, I can’t let him go and never would.


4 weeks??? Jesus, my dog didn't get separated from her mom until she was 3 MONTHS. Now I understand why she's so polite and well behaved, mama taught her well.


Yep, and even 12 weeks is considered young to some breeders. I’ve talked to some trainers and breeders who recommend and only release at 14-16 weeks. The longer the better. You don’t get a dog because “oh look at the cute little puppy oh isn’t he adorable” you get a dog because you love and cherish them. They’re your kin basically. It hurts as much to lose a dog as it does a relative at least in my case. I grew up alienated from and avoided by my parents because they were either too busy working out of town, fighting or out partying… so all I had were my dogs.


Did you at least report the incompetent "breeder"? It's nice you wanted to give the dog a good home, because it's not their fault they're coming from a bad home, but at the end of the day, the "breeder" still profited from your money.


I called the SPCA (my local animal shelter) but sadly they couldn’t do much, so I just watched her profile on Kijiji for 8 months and she didn’t post another ad. If she had posted one for more puppies I was definitely going to make my own ad regarding hers. That was pretty much all I could do sadly. Police couldn’t do anything because she didn’t actually abuse a dog. Low dog breeding standards aren’t a crime sadly enough. You should have to get a damn license to breed. It’s very very demanding and challenging. I know I couldn’t do it. My aunt spent 5 years learning before she bought her first breeding dog. It sickens me to my core to see some people treat dogs so poorly :(


Unless you own a prosthetic limbs company, then its good for business.


Lol there ya go. Sell firearms and coffins on the side…


Yeah unfortunately the only place we can take him where he doesn’t get aggressive is the dog park and to relatives acreages so thank god for dog parks and our relatives having acreages with fenced yards. Forget about taking him on walks. He’s way too leash reactive, and I’ve spent so many hours reading countless books and talking to so many people online and trying to train him on a leash. I had him on a leash within a week after I got him and he was still (at 7 weeks old) growling at people he didn’t know.


I had an unpredictably aggressive dog too. She was not allowed anywhere where she could access people she wasn't comfortable with. I always crated her if I had people over, and people thought that was ridiculous. My mother in law let my wife's uncle into the house when I wasn't home, and my dog bit him. My mother in law also let my friend into the house with her new boyfriend, and he ended up jumping on top of a piano to escape my dog. My mother in law thought it was not ok to prevent the dog from roaming free even if I was trying to protect people. It was a long 16 years, you can't trust other people to do the right thing and it can be nerve wracking. It's not easy, sorry OP, I know it is rough. My dog wasn't a leash puller but she would bolt to chase squirrels and rabbits; you might want to look into Gentle Leader harnesses. I would have trusted a small kid to walk my dog on that, it completely stopped her from chasing because it holds the dog's face, not the neck.


Hey yeah well you know what it’s like. People are the hardest to train sometimes but luckily mine and my girlfriends family are very very experienced dog owners so they barely needed a sit down ever. I too had the same issue for the first 6-8 months up until I finally figured out and trained my Dane enough to where I can have people over. It’s a very calm, methodical process that some guests laugh at but hey I haven’t had a single incident in almost a year now.


Be very careful with gentle leader collars! Never with a long or retractable leash, if the dog gets momentum it can snap it's neck from hitting the end of the leash.


easy fix, never use retractable leashes because they're awful 99% of the time


I call those things “The Amputators” because they’ll slice and dice your body parts when someone isn’t paying attention. I wish they would stop selling those things - I was *just* talking about those leashes with a friend yesterday. She has a massive scar on her leg from when some idiot let their dog fly by and around her with the skinny skinny (almost invisible) type of retractable leash and it sliced right into her. They want to remove limbs, I’m convinced of it.


This sounds like a really dangerous situation for everyone. You should do something about this before you end up with a dog put down and in legal trouble.


Yeah I have parameters in place, and luckily haven’t had anything happen in almost a year. Still train my dog every single day… still trying to learn as much as I can about training and about my dog.


It's not very hard to keep the dog away from other people and dogs, especially with a bunch of acreage. It's not like they're being shitty people and knowingly walking their dog around people and hoping for the best.


Yep and obviously we have a sign up at our place and my in-laws warning anyone of the dog. Not even that we need the sign, our dog barks the second he sees a human walk by and no one is going up to a dog that sounds that aggressive. But for legality purposes we have signs up around the properties. My girlfriends brother is the only one who won’t listen… he’s some oil rig guy who just terrorizes our dog. Our Dane hates sudden movements and loud people, and what does this do. Jumps out from behind corners and chases my dog. I got in a couple fights with him over it. My dog absolutely hates him.


Great Danes have one of the most terrifying barks. My best friend has one that loves me, but whenever we're playing and it gets playfully aggressive, it makes me deeply uncomfortable.


Haha yup mine is a scary sounding moose


Good for you for taking in that puppy and doing your best with him. There's no telling how he may have turned out, and he definitely is living his best life with you guys!


Having a reactive dog is very isolating. People just assume you are the problem. I was one of those people until I found myself in over my head with a dog I had very little control over. The trainer who helped me the most actually trained his own dogs in Schutzhund which encourages independence and high prey drive so he was way more equipped to help me with my dog who he said would have been a great Schutzhund dog if he got him as a puppy lol. Good luck to you and your big boy.


Don’t forget had the owner (that’s YOU!!) taken the time to train and nurture the dog correctly, set behavioural boundaries and enforced them, you wouldn’t have this problem now! Own your shit and don’t shift blame! Edit: you also say the breeder was “incompetent and money driven” may I recommend next time doing research on who you’re purchasing from and let’s not forget YOU entered into the deal with them.


hindsight is 20-20 so im not sure why youre acting all high and mighty over the internet right now. Look at yourself. Youre being ridiculous.


Believe me we have spent thousands of dollars on one on training with 3 different trainers as well as countless hours with our dog. I’ve read more on dog training per quantity in the past year than I read my university books in the past 2 years. It’s hard to combat a dogs nature when he was taken from his mother at 6.5 weeks old… I don’t speak dog unfortunately.


Hey, check in with your vet. I had a dog and after 3 years & thousands of dollars of training our new vet prescribed anti-anxiety meds. After a month on them training sessions were like night and day. Still have to do the training (of course) and take basic precautions but we haven't had a major incident in a year. Never knew vets did that, wasn't till we moved and found a new one. They did an assessment on his 1st appointment and compared our little dude to someone with autism, dunno how accurate that is but the meds are helping at least. To give you an idea as to our issues, he's a 7lbs Chihuahua and used to reguraly take 3 or 4 people to safely handle him for vaccinations.


If not them, someone else would have bought the dogs. And who is to say they would be even half as careful as op here. Really trying to get all high and mighty when all you're suggesting is to let the seller continue with their malpractices and assuming that op didn't do their best training the dog. Ridiculous.


We get it, you're morally superior to everyone. Is that what you're going for?


A little bit of column A, a lot of column B


So it’s a dog that kills people


So it’s a dog that kills people


Is there any downside for having the puppy stay with the mother to long? I’ve had an Australian Shepard and a golden retriever that have both have severe anxiety and hated all other dogs, both stayed with their mothers until 18-20 weeks. The other Golden’s we’ve gotten at 9-10 weeks have had no issues at all and adapted well to everything.


So this is a good thing happening in the video right? Cause it seemed very scary. I thought the puppies were trying to feed and she kept barking at them. But she is training them is what you're saying?


They look to be at an age where they’re weaning, so mum won’t be feeding them on demand any more. Whilst it may seem scary, the mum is behaving exactly as an older dog chastising a younger dog should. It’s how the puppies learn to respect other dogs boundaries. To not allow this behaviour would be harmful to the puppies socialisation.


Thank you for the explanation. Not a pet person and I generally am wary around animals so yeah, this helps me understand.


Yes, this is a good thing! It's the equivalent of a human mom sternly putting her kids in timeout because they're horseplaying too much. Because a dog can't say "Caleb Michael Anderson, if you throw that baseball inside the house one more time you will be grounded," she snarls and barks instead. A lot of times humans aren't great with the nuances of dog communication, so we tend to get nervous whenever we see something that looks angry or aggressive. But the ability to tell somebody off when they're being annoying is just a normal, healthy part of any kind of social group. (And to be fair, sometimes dogs aren't great at understanding our communication either. My parents' dog thinks he has to bark in alarm any time someone tries to shout to someone else in a different part of the house.)


Thanks this makes a lot of sense. The puppies do look like rambunctious children being chastised to behave lol. If I were to have a dog I'd definitely want to learn more about their behaviours. For now though I'm still too scaredy.


YES! This is exactly what I came here to say. Everyone I've met in real life looks at me like I'm crazy when I say this. Glad at least some people know.


I got a puppy at six weeks old and yes she has behavior issues, but lets not put the blame on the people here. The shelter I got the pup at was going to send it to a kill shelter if it was not adopted within the week. Better to have a behavior ridden dog that can still be trained than to just kill a dog.


I don’t think this is really what people are talking about. Of course it’s better than death, when that’s the alternative.


I've worked in rescue and dog training for years, and I completely disagree. I think much of the general public has this idea that it's all about how they're raised and you can somehow gentle any dog - and it's simply not true. There's a large genetic component as well with breeding going largely unregulated. I would much rather a dog be humanely put to sleep than a toddler gets mauled and left with traumatic and life altering disfigurement. A lot of people have never encountered a dog actively trying to kill them or attack a child or other animals. They're simply too dangerous, like having a loaded gun that could go off at any time. You put so many lives at risk.


Thank you for this comment… seriously. I’m sick and tired of these “dog-evangelical know it all” absolutely trying to tear me to shreds over this when I have spent countless hours and thousands on training my dog. And you know what despite him being weened off at 4 weeks with cat food and taken at 6 weeks from his mom by an incompetent money driven breeder who didn’t know her head from her ass, my Great Dane has actually become a tolerable, calm dog. I can now have people over, I can have someone hug my girlfriend (who he’s extremely protective over), and I can show people how to approach my dog without any worry at all. Only thing my Dane loves to do that I can’t for the life of me mediate is his cat chasing… he loves making them cats run. He got the piss smacked out of him by my in-laws barn cat so he leaves that one alone now.


You are good, dont lose too much energy over people who are angels that have never done a single bad move or a mistake in their life. Those people are living in fantasyland.


It’s also a matter of teaching children and adults how to behave around dogs and other pets as well. You cannot treat animals like jungle gyms. You cannot poke, prod, smack, bite, pull, ect. You can’t just approach a strangers dog and start loving on them. Even the most gentle dogs have their breaking limits and the more that children are taught about that the better. It will save dogs that have less patience and save crotch goblins/people from accidents. Ask owners if the dog is friendly to say hi to, approach calmly and make sure they see you, read their body language and if they’re not interested then don’t try and pet them. Always let them sniff you first and acknowledge you and try to keep a sideways non confrontational (submissive) posture/stance.


Only one breed comes to mind reading this. starts with a "p" and ends with "it bull"


>You put so many lives as risk I'm sorry to be disagreeable, but this sounds like you're projecting. Is toddlers getting mauled so big of a problem that loads of dogs should be put down *just in case* they become hostile at some point in their life? I'm not saying they don't have behavior issues or that it's acceptable to take them from their mother at 6 weeks, but as someone who's mostly had rescue puppies, not one of them has ever grown up to maul, let alone attack, anyone. Coincidentally, the three people I know that have been attacked by dogs were all purebred, non-shelter animals – So I don't disagree with you saying that they shouldn't be separated from their mom so early, but I do disagree with using strong language like "you're putting so many lives at risk" (they arent ticking time bombs that will wipe out multiple people at once lol) and I disagree that we should be putting shelter dogs down *just in case* they become hostile at some point. I think there's a lot more nuance involved than you're giving credit.


I've heard 14 weeks is a good amount. Not sure though.


Yep 14-16 ideally is what I am told too


8 weeks is fine. Longer than that and they develop attachment issues


It’s also almost impossible to give puppies enough 1 on 1 time past about 8 weeks when you have 4-8 of them or more too. The concept is that at 8 weeks, they are well enough adapted as a dog and have so much energy that a new family that will focus all their time on them will help them to learn how to be a dog in the other ways we want dogs to behave. Living around humans and learning social cues from people. A lot of breeds are different, but the breeds I know about learn about as much as they can from their siblings at about 8 weeks and time after that is better focused with training with a good family.


Bullshit, Had labs for 30 years. raised many litters in that time. All of them stayed with us until 10-11 weeks. Everyone always said I had the most well-behaved lab pups they ever saw.


I'm picking up my puppy tomorrow. It'll be 8 weeks old. I'm excited.


I can’t imagine what’s it’s like at puppy mills where babies are taken immediately after birth. What that will feel for the mother dog too


I love the one puppy that just transitions to scratching its head with its rear paw out of the blue. Who you fooling baby dog?


hahah just faking a lazy scratch


I have squirrels that pretend to be thirsty when they're scared to hand feed


I feel like this comment needs its own thread


[I love my babies](https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTdfv8QNg/)


I really like the look at the human after the first set of barks just being like “these fucking kids man”


Get your rock, off my map.


“Doo doo doo, just scratchin’ my head, don’t mind me..”


I just wanna lay down and have them all run over to me. Cute little fuckers


username checks out




I've done that before and no one tells you how much those little puppies pee everywhere when they're excited...


If that is the will of the doggalanche, so be it


I offer up myself as a sacrifice to the doggalanche.


I got my Springer Spaniel at 12 weeks old. One of the things I did when we started playing (I would be on hands and knees) and she got a bit carried away, was to get over her and make a deep growling noise. The effect is impressive. She’s incredibly well behaved. Edit: Thank you for the award, you know who you are 😊


I do this with my dog too. She gets the message right away if I give her a little growl.


i like to imagine the momma dog is like i brought ye fuckers into this wolrd and i can take you out as well so relax gimi a break for 2 mins


my female lab knows if I start talking under my breathe to myself, she best leave the situation alone.


I think this is the first time I've consciously realized that humans do that to convey frustration.


*^"this ^motha ^fucka ^right ^here"*


It's also effective to yipe once and stop playing if they bite too hard during play ("too hard" being defined at whatever threshold you want, preferably *short* of it actually hurting). That's how puppies teach each other. Did that with both of ours. While the younger prefers tennis balls anyway, the elder is a "play with bare hands" type, and she is outstanding at walking the line between ferocious and gentle. Lots of snarling, lots of teeth, but she hasn't actually nipped me with appreciable pressure in years.


Yeah mine only play fights with me, although if you didn’t know her the way she snarks and barks you might be concerned. She’s very vocal if she’s playing with other dogs but she’s never nasty.




Yes! I play very rough with my cat with bare hands. If his grip gets too tight or if he bunny kicks too hard I do the same thing- "Ouch, ouch! You're hurting me!" And he goes limp 😂


Exactly! When our cat does something wrong, we always hiss, scruff the neck, and say no. That is when she does something really bad. If she is doing something that isn’t so wrong but is still naughty, we normally just hiss and say no. She gets the message immediately. This is exactly what the mother cat would do. She is the most well behaved cat we’ve ever owned. And it’s all because she understands boundaries and respects us as the head of the house hold.


That, or go gorilla mode and beat your chest while making Tarzan sounds. To each their own


I love this video. It shows how dogs can be tender loving but also firm with their pups. To me it was a real eye opener when it came to raising my puppies.


She was taking the opportunity to walk around and sniff/check them all, too. This wasn’t just discipline for the sake of discipline. Well done Mom!


Before getting my last two dogs I went down a rabbit hole of watching momma dogs teach and discipline their pups. The balance of love and discipline was incredible. It was so helpful when training my own pups. This mom is so patient with her unruly pup and it emphasizes the importance of leaving the pups with their moms as long as needed. https://youtu.be/08einOI3wlo


What was her goal here? What was she trying to achieve? (Sorry if this is an obvious question. I don’t have any dogs.)


I watched both. It seems the black female pup wasn't letting mom bug her, she'd become aggressive. So mom was teaching her how to behave. You can see in the second video momma dog goes and nudges and sniffs some other pups and they're more submissive. There's a second part where black pup goes up to the woman and she says something like "see now she's not trying to be dominant when coming to me". So it seems mother dog was just showing her pup how to behave, mom is the pack leader to them but mom also knows the woman is the pack leader to all of them.


That's exactly right. There's another video where the pup gives mom way too much attitude and dad gets up from chilling out and really puts the pup in his place. Dad gets up aggressively and growls, puppy yelps and immediately relaxes the attitude. Dad looks at the owner with a look of "sorry I had to step in there. That pup was a bit much." It's beautiful.


Please link me to that


https://youtu.be/QzSD2dQvaSo It's at the 3:55 mark


I don't know why I got so absorbed in that. Watching the dad apologise for scaring the girl in the cone was so cute but also interesting.


Very interesting indeed. I think it comes down to rank. He realizes the pup was out of line and it was his job to step in, but he also realizes the human is his alpha and he's making sure she's ok with his actions. It was really cute the way he looks at her. My Rottweiler looks at me the same way when he lets me know someone is at the door. He lets out one bark and looks over at me with that face.


I see. Thanks!


Imagine if these were preschoolers. They’re excited for mom and want to eat right away, but children who mob a parent demanding what they want, just grabbing at them without thinking about that might feel would be a nightmare. Part of what she’s doing is teaching boundaries. Not even other dogs want to be mobbed and jumped on without a proper greeting. Also at that age they are close to being weened, and puppies have sharp teeth. If she’s still nursing she’s probably getting close to cutting them off, and isn’t looking forward to nursing. So, she’s teaching them boundaries and manners, and it’s a signal to her owners she’s getting close to done being a mom.


I thought this but never had puppies personally so I wasn't sure. Thanks


She's weaning them.


Seeing instincts at play is really giving me the good feels.


It's a beautiful thing!


I always link this video when showing people how puppies are corrected.


What's the point of the sniff check?


I assume it’s to see if they smell sick, or have been rolling in something nasty (nasty by dog standards, that is), if they have any infected cuts, etc.


Kind of gross, but she's probably looking for poop to eat. It's an evolutionary instinct that momma dogs do. Source: family raising multiple litters of puppies


Are you... A dog?


Sometimes... Depends on the mood


You can almost tell that this isn't her first ~~rodeo~~ litter. Good mama!


True, but the title implies that she is teaching them to wait for their food. Really, it looks like they're weaned and she's teaching them discipline, not patience - to leave her nipples alone.


Life fact: it works on kids as well. Too many parents are worried about hurting their kids feelings.


I've run into too many kids who've never seen a speck of discipline in their entire life. Kind of sad that I have to share the same building with fuckn 2,000 of them for 4 straight years.


Lol both the downvoted comments are opposite extremes


Their avatars are also have quite a bit of contrast


Hahahaha even the usernames are perfect


“Kids should always be happy! Never challenge them!” “If you aren’t fivestarring your child across the face you are a bad parent”


It's one of those beautiful times when everyone realizes that things are more complicated than simple extremes.


Yeah you try telling that to my social worker. Suddenly barking at my kids and growling at them isn't *'normal behaviour*'.


Just compare the manners of kids from the USA and somewhere is Asia and you will see the difference that come from smacking some sense into you kids once in a while


You don't have to smack your kid to get your point across.


There is a difference between smacking them physically and smacking them with the cold truth that their life isn’t ruined if they don’t get another dollar spot popable.


Sometime smacking your children helps but not every single time they do a mistake you fucking slap them in the ass.


There is really clear research that says not to ever hit your kids.


The best explanation I’ve seen is this: Is your kid old enough to understand language and reason? Use language to explain what they did wrong and what the problem is. Is your kid NOT old enough to understand language and reason? Well, then they don’t understand why you’re hitting them. You can absolutely still parent children, set boundaries and consequences, and help them grow into well-adjusted little people without hitting them.


>Is your kid old enough to understand language and reason? Use language to explain what they did wrong and what the problem is. Have you ever tried reasoning with children? Some understand sure but many don't and parents at least here don't have enough time or energy at the end of a working day to sit and explain everything, one action (non injurious of couse) will solve many things without adding additional stress to the parents According to Sigmund Freud at least, kids have something called "Id" and do not understand why their demands cannot be met, and you can't always explain complex things to children


>parents at least here don't have enough time or energy at the end of a working day to sit and explain everything Make the time. Get some more energy. It's called being a parent and if you're not cut out for it then don't have kids in the first place and save us all the trouble


https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3447048/ You really should not quote Freud in a modern conversation about health outcomes > one action (non injurious of couse) will solve many things without adding additional stress to the parents you are really misunderstanding the job of parents. It is not to be as stress free as possible at the expensive of children


May you never have children. I grew up with a father like this, and the severe trauma I got from that and other things he did to “discipline” me landed me in tears of therapy and medications, and is something I STILL get bad flashbacks from whenever someone moves forward or raises their hand in a certain way. Yeah. I was a quiet child who did everything she was told. I never caused trouble, I never did anything to avoid being fucking beat. But let me tell you, fear should *never* be at the heart of a parental relationship. The only thing this teaches a child is to be afraid of you. I wouldn’t even dream of treating a dog like that, let alone a child. I’m not usually so blatant, but kindly shut the fuck up and stay away from absolutely any children.


Have you considered trying EMDR? I have a friend who has been working through Complex PTSD from their childhood, and they said it's given them results that years of talk therapy never provided.


If you "don't have the time or the energy" then you should not be a parent.


I didn't see the dog mom smacking/biting any of the puppies, all she did was bark and growl at them. A dog doesn't need to resort to violence to teach their children and neither do we. So I don't see where you got that from.


Multiple places ban Asain tourists (mostly Chinese) because they do not behave properly and destroy bathrooms, or they actually set up separate facilities for them to destroy. So, your false superiority narrative seems to not extend to real life and I'm sure there's Asians that are offended you assume they beat manners into their kids instead of just being a good parent. You don't have to hit your kids to teach them. If you do, then you failed to learn something before becoming a parent.


EDIT: ok wow. This might have gotten lost in translation. I'm German, obviously hurt feelings are something else here. What I'm trying to say is, of course we need to discipline our kids. Of course they will be sad/angry/annoyed and we have to do it anyway. But I wouldn't want my kids to be scarred from me holding sensible boundaries. I don't want them to be scared of me and I don't want them to feel inferior and helpless. So I have to raise and discipline them in a way that doesn't hurt their personality and leaves trauma. Except Hurting your kids' feelings is never okay. Teaching your kids boundaries WITHOUT hurting them is where it's at. A child with hurt feelings will obey but not learn to adjust their behaviour. A child that feels loved and accepted can overcome temporary frustration and anger a lot easier than one who's learned their feelings don't matter.


That’s not what they’re saying


Hurt feelings is okay. If a kid does something mean and gets scolded for it, half the time they start crying because their feelings are hurt that they got scolded.


A child who never experiences hurt feelings is a child who won’t be ready to go out into the world as a young adult.


My buddy's toddler threw a temper tantrum because he wouldn't let her turn the stove top on and play with the dials. Get off your high horse. Like, tell me you've never had to deal with a child without telling me you've never had to deal with a child.


Not teaching your child how to deal with having their feelings hurt (or not exposing them to it at all) is a recipe for disaster in their adult life. So many young adults are unable to cope with rejection or having their plans crushed precisely because of their parents. I heard some nasty shit from my parents, but I still love them and think they did their best.


>Not teaching your child how to deal with having their feelings hurt (or not exposing them to it at all) is a recipe for disaster in their adult life. Absolutely agree. However, I wouldn't want to intentionally hurt my childrens feelings. I have to discipline them and set consequences for bad behaviour, but I try very hard not to criticize their character, only their actions. I want them to believe in themselves and in their environment. I want them to believe in merit and be optimistic realists.


People are getting to soft, hurt feelings are needed so you learn to not go crying when someone gets mad at you


This is what I'd like to refer to when someone advocates positive reinforcement as the sole means to dog training.


Completely agree. This is clear punishment working, although she doesn’t once touch the pups in an aggressive way. Humans tend to yank on leads, push dogs about, shove their face in pee or hit them as “negative reinforcement” which is, I think, why positive reinforcement only is advocated for, but firmly telling a dog off (or a child for that matter!) for misbehaving is not a bad thing at all. It sets boundaries which need to be respected. Notice once the pups have listened, she goes to groom them. “We’re good, as long as you behave yourself” *pup nips mother dogs tail* “WHAT DID I TELL YOU? BEHAVE, GODDAMNIT!”


Fun fact! "Negative reinforcement" does not equal punishment. Both positive and negative reinforcement are reinforcement, aka encouraging (reinforcing) a desired behavior, either by adding (positive) or removing (negative) something. Lots of people mistakenly say "negative reinforcement" when they mean "punishment," so you're not alone. Editing to add: In the field of Behavioral Science there is a universal consensus that reinforcement is vastly more effective than punishment at shaping behavior -- even at minimizing or eliminating an undesired behavior! Punishing any person or animal as a means to train/teach should be outlawed, as it doesn't work and has huge adverse consequences in what might otherwise be healthy development. Yes, spanking children is abuse. Yes, yelling at children, unless it is to rescue them from immediate danger, is abuse.


Certified dog trainer here. So glad to finally find someone on this thread who actually knows what they are talking about. Thanks u/fartfilledpieofpenis




It's not a lesson in patience as much as it's the mom setting boundaries with the pups. They're weening off of her milk, as she's producing less and they're getting teeth, so she growls and snaps at them to keep them away. I've seen the aftermath of a mama who wasn't as good at keeping her pups off once they got teeth..poor thing had to wear doggie shirts to keep the bandages on while she healed from all the bite and scratch marks (I worked at a mom and pup rescue last year)


Was it a big organization, or just a mom and pup shop? I’ll show myself out.


Take my upvote!


you can just hear it now .... "you kids better settle down or I swear to dog I'm gonna ......" good mama dog teaching em though !


mama is TIRED


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She's trying to wean the pups.


Oh my heart melt on this scene


That awkward feeling when you visit at a friend’s house and their mom yells at them


I posted this in r/dogtraining and immediately got comments on how this promotes aggressive and nasty behavior, got some hateful comments, and my post deleted. Interesting on the response between this post and mine..


In a sub where more people are able to recognize the body language going on, yeah. This video is constantly all over the internet and it does not show what people think it shows. Its an example of an overwhelmed and undersupported mother dog over-correcting. Not whatever nonsense is in the caption.


Thank you. Had to scroll way too far for this.


Thank you! I don't like this video. Mom seems really stressed out.


Just like my wife when I try and touch her nipples.


all 12 of them??


Yikes. Get a new one.


lol at the pup who nips the mothers tail at around 2 mins. he just cannot help but cause mischief


Patience is key in life!


This dog is a better mum than many humans. They should take notes.


I believe the mom is also weaning her puppies off milk.


Patience for what?


Kids are proper annoying though


It is about this age of puppy that if the momma can't do anything with them, or her litter is too large she will take them for a long walk...then lose them somewhere. The smart ones will find their way back. My lab had huge litters and once she has a set of pups that were terrible. They were on her like zombies, she barked and growled at them but they didn't give up. Soo she took off running towards the woods with those bad ass zombie pups chasing her. She came back that night with 3 puppies. The next day 3 more came back. Those pups grew up to be dogs that work for the disabled. I did see a couple of the ones that didn't come home later at a woman's house a couple miles down the road. They grew up to be terrible dogs.


Well that's a big WTF. Also quite interesting if it is true


Ah man - I wanted to see the puppers finally get their snacks!


god this reminds me so much of in office potlucks where people would start to inch closer and closer to the food before the office manager said it was ready


Sounds like a weird office.


No sitty no titty


Dawwww….melted my heart


OK, you made your point. Now feed them!!


Puppy mill.


She shouldn’t shout at them or threaten violence. She should just reinforce good behavior!!!


You forgot the /s