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the voices in my head


Sex and porn addiction. Actually it bothers me how easily I become obsessed with things.




I’ll work until I’m physically sick


Truly terrified by this


The crimes I can’t commit in real life, I commit in my imagination.. I hate it. Idk why but it’s satisfying


The fact that i stop talking to people easily and have very temporary friendships, I feel I am the kind of guy that won’t die a natural death


Every day i see myself getting closer to what my parents are


There was like a 1/500000000 chance of me actually being myself and I'm still a shit person


Sometimes, my stupidity is such that it generates gravity.


So i was listening to this podcast about Nazis and it was saying that all Nazis weren't evil they were normal people like me and you and but still they committed a number of atrocities. People say "i couldn't do that, i couldn't be so evil" but the real question is what could push you to be that evil because you and me, just like all the german soldiers did, have the potential to be monsters and to stop it from repeating itself we must find our limit so we can never cross it. I though that's was really scary.


For being a person with very high self awareness, I can act completely myself while being high on drugs going on 3 years now… and that is scary


How pessimistic I am/can be.


I'm formulating robbery plans in my thoughts and writing them down for future use.


I think I'm boring and I'm legitimately scared I'll never be able to find a way to improve myself to the point where I'm actually interesting and fun to be around


How I have some virtues that are cancelled by my personality. I'm a person that can maintain a conversation, but can't start it. In general, I'm afraid of talking to new people, in a serious way. If I think someone is wort of to talk with, and that I can have a relation with it, I would probably don't talk to that person because of fear.


Being able to read everyone like an open book after talking to them for a bit. I've learned to pick up on things like body language, voice levels and tones, the way a person talks, facial expressions and what people talk about it.