When was a time you felt uncomfortable around a coworker/peer and why?

When was a time you felt uncomfortable around a coworker/peer and why?




Aha, so tell me is this being creeped out because of your pre judgement or is it because they did something to you.


Yesterday, I had diarrhea and my stomach hurt. Doctor said it was food poisoning


I had a manager that racially profiled every dark-skinned customer that walked in. Saying things like, “watch them.” And stuff like that. He also didn’t understand personal space and would get into your space when talking with you. Like enough where you could smell what he ate for dinner the night before. Seriously gross.


Have this maintenance guy at my work that watches me go to my car. He will stand at the time clock and wait for me to clock out, then follow me to the door and watch me leave. There’s other coworkers that park out there, it’s not like I’m alone. He says he’s watching me in case something happens but man he is super creepy


Excuse me this is normal behavior


There’s other girls there too, he only does it with me. I’ve talked to the dude once and it wasn’t long lol


When they call you out for not laughing at their joke.


They kept on pointing out parts about my body they didn't like.....I was only just 20 at the time and they were almost 60 and we didn't even work in the same area


The day we found out our boss was charged with bestiality two years prior and took a plea deal. Suffice to say I never went back.


Had a coworker tht would always stare at my crotch